Obama’s Disrespect for WWII Veterans!

by Richard H. Frank

Yesterday, June 6, 2012 marked the 68th anniversary of “D” Day, the 1944 invasion of Europe by Allied Forces under command of Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Coincidentally, our  General Motors Retiree Club met for our semi-annual luncheon and reunion with hundreds in attendance.  The president of our organization opened our meeting by honoring the bravery and sacrifices of those brave Americans that stormed the beaches at Normandy opening the path leading to the eventual defeat of Hitler’s Nazi forces.

Additionally, he recognized the presence of five WWII veterans in attendance at our luncheon.  These individuals, all in their 90s, are representative of those thousands of brave men that participated in the historic armada leading the way to freedom for Europe 68 years ago.

Those of us that know these men personally can attest to their love of Country, responsibility to family and community and their abiding belief in God.  These humble individuals make up the fabric of this great nation and represent the values and principles upon which America was founded. Today their numbers have dwindled from more than 16 million in the service of their country during the war to a mere estimate of 2.5 million. We lose approximately 1100 of these individuals each day and it is projected that they will be gone by 2020.

Once again, the day passed without our President, Barack Obama, recognizing and paying respect to those veterans of the “D” Day invasion.  Instead, our narcissistic Commander-in-Chief chose to participate in fund raisers to support his re-election five months to the day away from the anniversary of “D” Day.

The measure of a true leader is evident in his character and his integrity.  By his actions, Barack Obama shows he is lacking in both of these virtues.  His proponents excuse such a blatant affront to the heroes of “D” Day by expounding on how difficult his job is and how busy he actually is.  The truth is our President is ignorant of history and in spite of his holding the title of Commander-in-Chief harbors contempt for those individuals that sacrificed to assure the very freedoms that he personally benefited from.

No apology or excuse is acceptable to forgive Obama’s disrespect for our veterans.  Obama is oblivious to how his actions reflect upon his prospects for re-election.  Veterans, however, will Remember in November and play an important role in replacing the President with someone of character and integrity that shows respect for those that have sacrificed to preserve the freedoms in our Republic.

A Tribute to the Greatest Generation

By Richard H. Frank 

It was the Saturday before Christmas 2009 and my wife Jayne and I had stopped at one of our favorite breakfast places along Florida’s Nature Coast. The restaurant was jammed, as usual, with retired seniors that appreciate good food at reasonable prices.  The difference today was that there were two gentlemen wearing caps with military insignia and lettering indicating they were World War II veterans. These men were not together and it did not appear that they were connected in any way other than having served their country.

As the first man approached our table, along with his spouse, my wife inquired about his cap and stated how proud she was of his service. He smiled broadly and stated that he was now 87 years old and thanked us for our interest. His wife laughingly said, “we shouldn’t praise him too much as his head was already too big”. We all chuckled and they wished us a merry Christmas as they left the restaurant.

A few minutes later the second veteran approached our table and Jayne inquired if he knew the other individual we had spoken with. He said no. His facial expression became somewhat wistful as he said, “there aren’t too many of us left any more.”He and his wife also wished us a merry Christmas as they departed.

We looked at each other realizing that we had just experienced something that our grandchildren may never have the opportunity to appreciate. Meeting two individuals from the “Greatest Generation” and their spouses, who proudly displayed their patriotism and recognition of God by having wished us a merry Christmas.

I can only imagine what thoughts must go through the minds of those veterans, who fought to preserve our liberties, as they witness the actions of our Federal Government today. The words of the second veteran echo in my mind; “There aren’t too many of us left anymore.” Not too many left to impart to the “Now Generation” the values and principles that they and millions of others put their lives on the line to protect. Not too many left to explain how their work ethic, after the war, and appreciation of our free enterprise system made America the envy of every other nation on the planet. Not too many left that can attest to the true meaning of, “ONE NATION, UNDER GOD WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.”

It only took us 60 years to acknowledge their service with a memorial in Washington D.C. I fear however, that our high school text books and curriculum fail to teach the principles and values contained in the Declaration of Independence and enumerated in the Constitution that these men served to protect and defend. Today, if we are not vigilant, big government will continue to erode our freedom and liberty and move this nation toward socialism and not the America our Greatest Generation fought to preserve.

May God bless all of our veterans and service men and women today. May God continue to bless this Republic and keep it truly free.