October 16, 2013-Groundhog Day in Washington, D.C.

by Richard H. Frank

The politicians in Washington D.C., especially Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, are marking October 16, 2013 as a victory over Republicans in the House of Representatives with the passage of an extension to the CR and the debt limit extension until after the first of the year. In reality, the Senate Bill accomplished absolutely nothing and was a replay of the 2011 budget crisis. Just as in the movie “Groundhog Day” every American can prepare for a replay of the same old “crap” – just another day.

The only accomplishment of this legislation is to incur an additional $1 trillion of debt over the next 60 days for Obama to spend and redistribute as he deems appropriate.

I seem to remember his statements and vote against the debt limit increase in 2006 as such actions would be irresponsible and un-American. Now he has the audacity to proclaim that extending the debt limit does not increase our debt by a single dime. I wonder where he studied money and banking. Obviously not in the Wharton School of Economics. I also seem to remember he appointed the Simpson Bowles Commission to study and make recommendations on how to bring Government spending under control and eventually balance the Federal budget.

Because the Commission recommendations addressed entitlement reform, Obama immediately rejected the recommendations out of hand and for the past four years has ignored his own Commission’s findings.

Following the loss of control in the House by Democrats in the 2010 mid-term election, Obama’s solution to our economic woes was to appoint a Super Committee charged with solving the ongoing problems of continuing deficits and structuring a “grand bargain” that would raise revenues without reducing the current out of control spending.

To assure success of the Super Committee, Obama and his administration championed the creation of the “Budget Control Act” passed and signed into law in 2011 that contained a provision for across the board spending cuts in every branch of government known as the “Sequester.” When the Super Committee failed to reach agreement and eventually disbanded, Obama and his administration freaked out as sequester took over and they predicted Armageddon for the nation. Two years have passed and the spending reductions have been implemented without Armageddon taking place.

The government shutdown of 2013 began on October 1, 2013 with the furlough of some 700,000 non-essential government employees. If my math and understanding of the English language is correct, that means approximately one-third of the Federal Government is non-essential; then it seems to reason that one-third of the Federal budget should be scrutinized for elimination.

One-third of our current spending in a $3.2 trillion budget equates to $1 trillion in reductions that brings the Federal budget close to balancing. However, Congress would never consider addressing the obvious as some special interest might be put at risk when logic prevails over politics.

The real answer to the Government’s spending problem is to rid Congress of the professional politicians through strict term limits that would rid the Government of those who put personal advancement over doing the work and will of “We the People.”

Unfortunately, this would require that someone sponsor a Constitutional Amendment to achieve that end. This, along with a Balanced Budget Amendment, although talked about, are much like the mythical unicorn – beautiful to imagine but far from reality.

So following October 16, 2013, another groundhog day, our nation is taking a giant step along the path to becoming Greece.

May God have mercy on our children and grandchildren who are destined to bear the burden of debt thrust upon them by a Federal bureaucracy concerned only with their ideology and egos.

Should we fail to fundamentally alter the makeup of Congress in the 2014 mid-term and put a stop to the devastating regulation of our economy and redistribution ideology held by Barack Obama and his minions, he will have achieved his stated goal to “fundamentally change America” to become a European-style democracy and cease as a Representative Republic.

Terrorists Among Us!

by Richard H. Frank

The media feeding frenzy is gaining momentum as the leadership failure continues in Washington, D.C. to resolve the 2011 budget by Congress.  Listening to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and other Democrats expound upon the results of achieving fiscal responsibility is equal to taking food out of the mouths of children, condemning our senior citizens to certain death and ceasing of non-essential services constituting Armageddon is laughable.

Suddenly, Barack Obama and the Democrat leadership in Congress have religion when it comes to Government spending.  They all sing the same words from their hymnal of hypocrisy stating that out of control spending must be curtailed everywhere except for their ideological, Progressive pet programs.  How stupid do these arrogant, pompous individuals think “We the People” are?

The budget presented by the President contains $1.65 trillion deficit spending, the majority of which is driven by the Obama signature legislation “Obamacare” and his agenda to achieve green energy and curtail climate change through legislative fiat.

Our President and the Democrats in Congress could care less about senior citizens and the welfare of our children and grandchildren.  Their only agenda is to impose control over each and every individual in this Country until we achieve their utopian ideal.  Power and punishing achievement in the name of fairness through redistribution of wealth is their means to achieve their end.

Have the leaders of this Nation strayed so far from the values and principles upon which we were founded that we are now a nation of “takers” dependent upon the handouts provided by Big Brother to sustain our meager existence?  What will happen when the “takers” outnumber the “makers,” those that make this Nation survive? The answer to this question has been provided by both the President’s Commission on Deficit Spending and by Paul Ryan in the 2012 Congressional Budget.

Yet, there are the fear mongers that use the scare tactics of evoking children and senior citizens as the straw men to support their inaction to resolved our fiscal dilemma.  These people, aided by the liberal media, constitute the “terrorists among us.”

Americans are not children and are fully capable of making the sacrifices needed to bring our Nation back to prosperity and retire our debt.  The leaders we elect to represent us need to set ideology aside and get to work bringing our fiscal house in order.

It seems to me that they should begin with those Government services deemed unessential in the event of a Government shutdown to eliminate spending.  If unessential, why are they needed in the first place?