Distortion of Reality

by Richard H. Frank

Over the past nine months the American public has been force-fed a steady diet of political rhetoric as we  rapidly approach the 2012 General Election.  Cable news and networks desperate to fill 24 hours of broadcast air time call upon a never-ending legion of pundits to predict the outcome of votes in the primary election race to pick candidates for the respective political parties.  Should you believe the pundits, the process would be all over with the results from Iowa and New Hampshire.  The reality is that these votes and caucus results choose less than 2% of he delegates needed to establish a candidate.

Today, the talking heads are quick to state that no candidate for the Republican nomination has caught fire with the electorate and assumed a commanding lead to secure the nomination.  Somehow, they have lost perspective that eight individuals were seeking the nomination as recently as last week.  Under these circumstances simple math would indicate that any candidate receiving 12.5% of the vote or more should be considered a serious contender.

The news media however, with their liberal bias has skewed the debates away from addressing the issues facing our nation and purposely structured their questions to foster attacks by one nominee upon the other.  The underlying purpose of their distortions is to tilt the momentum away from whomever the Republican nominee eventually emerges toward the re-election of Barack Obama.  Their bias is plain to see, not only in questioning of candidates during the debates but in the post-debate analysis by carefully selected pundits.

Fortunately, for Republicans and independents, the field of prospective candidates for the Republican nomination will be pared down significantly following the Florida primary.  That is when media distortion and bias will be evident for all to see, especially as they “position” each GOP frontrunner as wanting to kill the benefits given to senior citizens, a huge voting block of that state. If you think the primary race has been ugly, just wait until a Republican candidate has to go up against Barack Obama.

The media distortions will kick into high gear as the media places Obama on a pedestal for his “achievements” in foreign policy, his leadership as Commander-in-Chief and his accomplishments in fostering economic recovery, all of which are distortions of reality.  One only needs to look around to know the truth about Obama’s socialist policies.  Unemployment and under-employment about 25%, foreclosures accelerating at a rate to reach 6 million or more, 47 million American families receiving food stamps; inflation creeping upward to decimate our middle-income families and senior citizens, and  a national debt of 16 trillion.

These are the realities given to us by Barack Obama and his administration.  I for one do not believe this Nation and our Republic can withstand four more years of Barack Obama and his administration’s policies.

Keep these realities in front of you as you endure the continuing media onslaught of distortions over the coming eleven months  before the November, 2012 General Election.


When Adolescents Govern!

by Richard H. Frank

It would appear that the 112th Congress has picked up where the 111th left off with one major difference.  That difference is now exemplified by the House and the Senate attempting to demonstrate which body possesses the bigger balls.  Like two tough guys feeling the effects of puberty and the rush of testosterone when confronted with something they do not like or agree with, they have drawn a line in the sand daring the other to step over and join their position for resolution of the matter.

The latest example has filled the news and talk shows as both Houses of Congress agree that an extension of the payroll tax holiday, extension of unemployment benefits and associated deferment for reducing payments to Medicare doctors must be passed.  The House of Representatives passed such a bill allowing these measures to continue for one and two years respectively.  The Senate, however, amended the House Bill to extend for 60 days during which time the Senate would tinker with language that they are not in agreement with.  Further, the Senate under direction of Harry Reid, refuses to participate in a conference committee to resolve the issues between the House and Senate versions of the Bill.  This even though such a measure is prescribed under the Constitution.  Instead, our elected Representatives have manufactured yet another crisis and elevated the blame game to a new level that accuses the other side of being the Scrooge or the Grinch as we approach the Christmas season.  In addition, we see a complete lack of leadership in our President as he Christmas shops with his dog instead of demanding that the Senate get back from their holiday and get the job done of passing a one-year extension.

How sad for our Country and stupid of the politicians to play their political games with an issue they supposedly all support.  let’s face it, this is just creating political fodder to demonize their opponents as we approach the 2012 general elections.

This childish display by the Congress in Washington may just be the catalyst for the elecctorate to clean house on both sides of the aisle in November, 2012.

The Politics of the Destruction of America

by: Richard H. Frank

The latest crisis created by the Washington, D.C.  elites is the impending default on the National Debt, which according to the Obama Administration would put the world’s financial system into irreversible  collapse.  Having  reached the existing debt limit of $14.3 trillion established by Congress, Barack Obama has resorted to the fallback tactic of “fear” to frighten seniors and military personnel in hopes they will call upon their representatives to increase the debt limit by $2.5 trillion.

Barack Obama’s statement that he could not guarantee payments to Social Security recipients and military personnel is ridiculous and Congress should call his bluff by drafting legislation that forces prioritizing payments for interest on the national debt first followed by the military and Social Security in this order with all other program priorities established in order of importance by the Department of the Treasury.

Passage of such legislation in the House of Representatives will insure the  nation’s priorities are established and assure the full faith and credit of the nation.  If  either the Senate or the President refuses to pass and sign this legislation, the public will become acutely aware of where the political priorities of the Administration may be found.

To quote Paul Ryan “We don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem!”  Barack Obama states that he will support a “big picture” program that cuts $4 trillion from spending over the next 10 years while increasing taxes on the rich.  The rich are those Americans earning $200,000 annually.  His proposal has no specifics as to what programs will be cut to avert the crisis but insists Congress must increase the debt limit by $2.5 trillion now so he can save $4 trillion over the next 10 years.  Where are the savings (spending cuts) to come from Mr. President?

The House of Representatives has identified $2.5 trillion in cost cuts over 10 years.

Consider a sampling of 55 programs and question why they are included in the budget in the first place.

  • Eliminate duplicate education programs.  HR 2274 removes 68 at a savings of $1.3 billion annually.
  • Amtrak subsidies $1.6 billion  annually.
  • National Endowments for The Arts – $167.5 million annually, and Humanities $1.675 million annually.
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting subsidies $445 million annually
  • Legal  Services corporation $420 million annually
  • Community Development Fund $4.5 billion annually
  • Federal Travel Budget – Cut by 1/2  – $7.5 billion annually
  • Department of Energy Grants to States – $530 million annually.
  • Title Xx Family Planning – $318 million annually.
  • Federal Office Space Acquisition – $864 million annually.
  • Repeal of the David-Bacon Act – $1 billion annually.
  • Repeal of Obamacare – $1.0 billion annually

Elimination of Government wasteful spending in itself could eliminate the need to extend the Nation’s debt limit.  Instead of forcing the President to cut spending, Senate Mitch McConnell is suggesting that Congress support increasing the limit by $2.5 trillion through the 2012 elections.  This action in essence is unconstitutional and gives that authority(the power of the purse) to the Executive  Branch, instead of Congress, and to his Majesty Barack Obama.

The President is using the budget and debt limit crisis as his ticket to re-election and furthering the transition fo America from a democratic Representative Republic  to a European Socialist style democracy.  The artificial deadlines set by Obama are a mythical drop-dead date made to make him appear as in control of a situation which he has no conception of how to solve.

Congress must stand firm and accept no increase in the debt limit without substantial cost cutting to specific programs coupled with a Balanced Budget Amendment, and no increases in taxes; anything short of these major  reforms will ultimately lead to the Destruction of America.

America Cannot Afford Another Four Years of Barack Obama!

by Richard H.  Frank

It is now 18 months prior to the 2012 Presidential election and already paranoid politicians and the liberal media are in full campaign mode.  The most paranoid individual, in my opinion, is our neophyte President, Barack Obama, whose double-talk is evident in every speech he delivers.  The blame game is in hyper-drive as Obama attempts to divert the realities of his failed policies to the worn-out campaign rhetoric of distortion and outright lies about the opposition.  His call for civility and transparency without vilifying individuals or organizations is laughable when in the next breath he reverts to using these exact tactics.

Somehow, the media and Democrats seem to believe that Barack Obama has proven his leadership ability to America through the assassination of Osama bin Laden.  Eventually, the truth will be known and show that in the face of the evidence provided by the CIA and military intelligence, Obama was forced to give the go-ahead to the plan conceived, not by him, but by the military, or be shown as the indecisive individual he has shown himself to be in the past.

President Obama and  his administration have a major problem to deal with in the upcoming 2012 election.  That problem is their dismal record of driving America rapidly into bankrutcy and the eventual collapse of the dollar.  Their failures are evidenced by the disasterous results from stimulus sending, corporate bailouts, increases in the deficit and policies that have prolonged the recession which now has all the signs of entering a double dip with new claims for unemployment exceeding 1.0 million last month.

The President’s position is that he and his Administration did not realize how bad the situation was when they assumed office, that his campaign promises such as reducing the deficit by half during his first two years and keeping unemployment no higher than 8% could not be achieved.  The truth is that America elected Obama to the highest Office in the land, an individual with zero experience at running anything, based on his rhetoric of hope and change and fundamentally changing America and the world.

Only now are “We the People” beginning to feel the impact of Obamacare and are coming to the realization of the distortions and outright lies told to America about the legislation.  I can only pray to God that our Supreme Court finds this disastrous piece of legislation Unconstitutional before it can be implemented further.

Obama’s latest target is once again to focus upon “big oil” and its enormous profits.  His latest attack is to remove any subsidies given to oil companies while demanding subsidies for solar and wind energy development.  If subsidies for oil are eliminated then so should those for solar, wind and electric vehicle development also be eliminated.  This will not happen as solar, wind and electric vehicles cannot compete economically with petroleum-generated energy.

When Government endeavors to pick winners and losers in the economy they alter the competitive playing field in favor of their ideological preferences through subsidies.  Unfortunately, the American Consumer pays the price for Government’s ideological preferences as opposed to free market principles of supply and demand.

Consider the impact curtailment and regulation of domestic oil production has had on the price per gallon of gasoline we pay at the pump over the past 25 years.


Nominal Avg

Inflation Adj.



Pr@2010 Dollars

























































Between 1986 and 2008 domestic oil production in the U.S. dropped by 43% and we saw a corresponding increase in the cost per gallon of 215%.  Critics of increased domestic production say the increase is primarily due to inflation and Mideast oil cartel manipulation of the price per barrel produced to meet worldwide demand.  They fail to acknowledge that energy prices have a dramatic influence upon inflation as well as Government’s recent move to monetize our debt by the massive printing of dollars that reduces the purchasing power of every American.

If we accept the argument of those that oppose domestic oil production but had just maintained the 1986 level of production, the price at the pump today would be $1.70/gallon, not $3.98.  Instead, we have wasted 25 years and cost our economy trillions of dollars transferred to the Mideast and lost millions of new jobs for Americans in the process.

Yet we see His Majesty Barack Obama while in Brazil pledging financial support to Brazil’s oil development industry and pledging the U.S. as a customer to their economy instead of pursuing domestic development at home.

One final point to be made about Obama’s vilifying big oil.  In 2003 there were 28 energy producers operating in the United States.  These firms had operating income of $828 billion dollars and paid Federal taxes of approximately $38 billion. The total capital employed by these firms was much larger – $638 billion which translates to a return on capital of 12.8%.  The average annual return on equity between 1973 and 2003 was 12.6% for fossil fuel companies and 13.1% for the S&P industrials.  In either event the oil producing companies’ return has historically been less than S&P companies due to the huge development costs for exploration and eventual production.  Let us also not forget that big oil accounts for 9.2 million jobs that contribute to our economy and the Federal revenue stream.

The opposition to Barack Obama and the liberal Democrats in Congress need to learn the facts and confront the lies of the Administration headon over the coming 18 months.  The barrage of half-truths and lies being gathered and edited into sound bites and talking points will not stand the test of the facts.

The record provides the evidence as to why we cannot afford to re-elect Barack Obama and the liberal Progressives in Congress and America should be forewarned that Barack Obama will do everything in his power to smooth talk, persuade, and “charm” his way into office and we must remain vigilant and continue to educate the uneducated about this man’s lack of qualifications for the Office.

These Mid-Term Elections are Painful!

by Jayne D. Frank

These mid-term elections are painful to my husband and I for a number of reasons.  We have worked very hard for the last several months trying to educate the some  40% of Americans that are still infatuated with Obama and his policies, in the hopes that they will get out in November and vote for the checks and balances in Congress that our Founding Fathers envisioned, thereby negating or at least stopping some of the Progressives’ agenda items for the next two years.  To that end, we have written blog articles, become poll challengers, prepared and passed out literature, attended rallies and fundraisers, put signs in our yard, worked and communicated with our college campuses and are very active in our Traverse Bay 912 Project with like-minded citizens who are concerned about our Government’s overreaching and destructive policies.

But even with the winds of change blowing more favorably for us in Congress by ousting politicians that do not represent us and the election of principled men and women who we feel represent America’s values, there still isn’t a sense of excitement or fulfillment, and I doubt whether the euphoria we feel on election night will last through the next day.

On November 3, if We the People regain the majority in the House and possibly the Senate, we still have a corrupt Washington environment that won’t take long to snare the newly elected into their plush surroundings and perks, special interest lobbyists at their doors with their hands and money out, and a “Go Along to Get Along” mentality that protects Congressional members for voting in direct contradiction to the will of the American people.

I  have not been pleased at all with the Republicans in Congress over the last few years and only hope that the “young guns” in Congress will take the lead in November and start to roll back or stop the onerous legislation that is killing this economy such as health care, and will get the cojones to do what is necessary on immigration.  They must secure the borders first, and then and only then can a dialogue take place in America and Congress about how to handle the millions of illegals in this country that are taking our states down the path of bankruptcy. Entitlements and spending also must be tackled and prompt and bold action taken, but I don’t feel the Republicans in Congress have the backbone and will to do what is necessary to protect our children’s future.

Perhaps I am just tired of working so hard with my fellow concerned Americans for the last couple of years to save our Republic.  Being in my 60s and with my husband in his 70s, this was supposed to be our ‘Golden Years’ when we could enjoy each other, an occasional trip now and then, dinner out once in awhile, and not having to worry about our children and grandchildren.

My question to you Congress is “What are you willing to give up to make America a land of opportunity again for our children?”

Bill Clinton’s Attempt to Distort History.

By: Richard H. Frank

Bill Clinton, at a recent Democrat fundraiser, made a statement that the same forces are present today in America that were present at the time as the of the bombing of the Oklahoma Federal Building.  This is indicative of how out of touch he and his Party are with the citizenry. His remarks were timed to counter the grass-roots protests taking place in Washington against President Obama’s policies. Typically, he inferred that the protesters were against diversity within the government and although he did not say as much his comments were meant to label them as racist.

Somewhere between 1994 and today Mr. Clinton has had a lapse of memory with regard to the onerous taxation, heavy-handed tactics employed by His Attorney General,  Janet Reno, in Waco Texas and with regard to a nine-year old orphan forced to return to Cuba as opposed to remaining in the custody of relatives in Florida. He certainly must feel vindicated by the passage of health care legislation by the 111th Congress, over the protests of America , since Hillarycare failed with the same disapproval level during his administration. He also renewed his attack on the First Amendment’s protection for  freedom of speech by further asserting that “Talk Radio” and now internet “blogs” such as this one poison the minds of Americans through misinformation and proporgating lies against the policies of the political party in office.

The Democrat Party elite such as Mr. Clinton will carry the message loud and clear between now and November that the Tea Party and the 912 movements represent only the far right fringe elements of the Republican Party and their radical agenda. Demographics for the movement paint an entirely different picture. According to a poll conducted in March 2010 by “Politics and Pucks” 74% of members are Independent leaning Republicans, 45% are men. 77% voted for McCain, 15% voted for Obama, 88% are white and 61% have high school and some college education. These percentages are certainly not representative of the fringe elements within any political party.

The Obama Administration in concert with the main stream media have now been joined by the voice of Bill Clinton in their orchestrated attempt to suppress any opposition to President Obama’s socialist policies. Their plan consisted of three strategies. First “Ignore”, and should that not work then “Mock” and lastly “Attack”. The first two strategies have only caused the movement to grow in strength and size. What the Democrats and Republicans currently in power have to fear is the real agenda of this grass-roots movement which is a return to the values and principles contained in our Constitution, small Federal government and responsible spending on the part of Congress.

The demographics represented within the Tea Party movement are truly representative of most informed Americans. We want and demand individual accountability for our lives; not government mandates and regulations by the government that stifle economic growth and prosperity. We want and demand a return to free market principles and the right of every individual to succeed or fail at whatever endeavor he decides to undertake without government interference.

The last time I looked the United States of America was still a “Representative Republic” where government was the servant of the people and not the reverse. Whenever any politician identifies himself as a “Progressive” he is admitting to an ideology that is counter to the Constitution and should be rejected by the electorate. When any people are rewarded by government without making any contribution to society those people will eventually lose their liberty and become slaves to the whims of those men in the government. Redistribution of wealth and creating a society totally depended upon big government is what the Tea Party and 912 movements are opposed to and pledged to defeat.

Why Americans MUST change this Abusive Government!

by Richard H. Frank

In the period between February 25 and March 21, 2010, America witnessed Government at its worst.  The Presidential health care dog and pony show, touted by Obama supporters as his attempt for bi-partisanship and transparency, was a sham in that none of the Republican initiatives are included in the reconciliation bill language.  Because of public outrage against the Democrats’ attempt to pass the bill without a vote, or the “Slaughter deem and pass” process, Nancy Pelosi was forced to resort to bribes and pressure tactics in order to secure the votes to pass the bill.

Bart Stupak and his pro-life Democrat Caucus caved to pressure of the Party and now contends that a promised “Executive Order” has set their fears to rest.  If you had the intestinal fortitude to watch C-Span on Sunday, the lies concerning insurance premium cost reductions, job creation and deficit reduction were glaringly apparent.

Paul Ryan’s presentation of the real costs of Obamacare were completely ignored during the debate since the Democrats could not refute his analysis.  With each passing day the public will become acutely aware of the special deals cut by the Obama White House and the pharmaceutical companies, the unions and specific states in order to obtain their endorsement.  Drug companies are protected against their brand name products from having to compete with generic products.  The importation of drugs from outside the United States is also banned unless they are registered with our health care bureaucrats. Costs to the consumer must rise as competition has been virtually eliminated by this Bill.

The CBO has once again been co-opted into presenting an analysis based on false assumptions.  Even the CBO has attempted to couch their analysis as being “preliminary” and wholly dependent upon Medicare cuts, double counting some revenue streams and/or spending the same dollar twice and an unlikely growth in GDP based on today’s economic conditions in America.

The real travesty was eloquently summed up by the House Minority Leader John Boehner when he stated that the House of Representatives had betrayed their constituents.  The process being used to orchestrate the outcome desired by the White House brought shame on the institution of “The House of Representatives.”

The integrity of our elected representatives in Congress has been put to the test and those that have voted for this legislation have failed the test.  Nancy Pelosi invoked the Declaration of Independence in her closing remarks for the debate.  She asserted incorrectly  that the right to health insurance equated to that of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”  Speaker Pelosi, let me remind you of some other pertinent quotations from the Declaration of Independence:

“Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just power from the consent of the governed.”   You will find you no longer have our consent.

“That whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it  is the right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and institute a new Government…”  Ms. Pelosi, prepare to be replaced!

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, presuming invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”  Obama’s pledge to fundamentally change America is an affront to our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Nancy Pelosi and the liberal progressives blindly supporting Obama’s agenda must, and will be overcome in the 2010 Congressional Elections.  “We the People” are the ultimate sovereigns according to our Constitution and must exercise our right to change this abusive Government.

The Declaration of Independence and our Constitution provide all the tools to fight and their preservation is the reason  why we must continue the fight against statism.!