The Fall of The Golden Boy

By Jayne D. Frank

In 2007 we all witnessed a phenomenon in our Country which I will not see again in my lifetime.  We elected a man completely unexperienced and unqualified for the Office of the Presidency.  Why?  The main reason was that he was black and for many of us who grew up in the era of “true racism” in the 50s and 60s, this was our chance to assuage our guilty consciences for whatever wrong we as a Country may have done in the past, so we leapt at the chance to elect our first “Black President.”

The remainder of the electorate who voted for Barack Obama grew up in peacetime – in an age of tech gadgets, Facebook and social media.   Many of these young adults did not learn anything from  American History (or chose to ignore it) and voted for this young inexperienced man for President because he was The Golden Boy, “Mr. Cool” as they could identify with him.  He used the Blackberry, he used social media and Facebook to engage them early on in his campaign.  So yearning for someone or something that they could identify with and could give purpose to their lives, they became infatuated with this bigger than life Messiah that came their way, promising jobs for all, help with college tuition, an equal playing field, and peace on earth.  Quite a feat even for our real God.    The remainder of voters in 2008 were unfortunately, our Independents who just thought we needed a change from President Bush and this black man promised a new, more optimistic America and John McCain’s campaign had fallen flat on its face.  They had no choice but to vote for Barack Hussein Obama because of his promises of “hope and change.”

After four years, the Golden Boy’s image as a Presidential figure has been completely tarnished, through no one’s fault but his own.  He was not qualified, under any circumstances, to be President and to lead this country; secondly, he had an extreme Marxist agenda which was for the most part hidden from voters.  Except of course, from those of us who are students of history and remember vividly what Marxist and socialist regimes do to a Country.

Barack Obama’s list of wrong moves for the Country, economically, politically, and on the world stage, are staggering for the past three years.  Several websites have kept complete lists of his hundreds of Executive Orders,  bows to foreign leaders, weak military moves, and attempts to redistribute hard-earned wealth of Americans to those less fortunate, and yes – those unwilling to do anything but “take” from others in order to sustain their life style.  That is not the purpose of this article to rehash his disastrous actions.  This article is about the true “character” of the man who wants another four years from us to further his agenda.

I for one am sick of hearing that President Obama is a “nice guy” or that he is “a good family man.”  Such behavior should be expected and strived for by every man espousing a Christian faith in America.  President Obama should be judged not only on his political actions but by on his character which is evident in the following:

1)   He routinely lies or distorts the character or actions of others, especially those who threaten his agenda.

2)   His speeches and his words divide men and women of America based on the color of their skin or where they came from, and he makes no effort whatsoever to try to bring those people together for the good of the Country.

3)   He makes a mockery out of the Office of the Presidency as he spends lavishly on dozens of vacations and golf outings at the expense of the taxpayer,  has dozens of photo-ops drinking beer with the common man,  repeatedly tweets underhanded comments for the eyes of the young generation,  fundraises and hobnobs with the elite of Hollywood while the economy stagnates, and has set such a low expectation of our Government officials that permit the GSA and Secret Service scandals to exist as well as the Fast and Furious debacle which resulted in Obama’s Attorney General being held in contempt of Congres.

4)   President Obama consistently blames others for his lackluster performance on the economy and will not, and has never, taken serious responsibility for performing the duties of his Office as set forth in the Constitution.

These events indicate serious character flaws and no amount of praising President Obama for being a nice guy or good family man can substitute for the character required to hold office as America’s Commander-in-Chief.  Mr. President – America is beyond being conned by a President flashing a smile or who has the ability to sing.  We must have a President who has the strength of character to lead and take this Country back to its values and its Constitution and who will spend the next four years fixing the economy – not blaming other people for his having no clue how to do so.