Seniors and Millenials Voting for Obama – Don’t You Get It, or Are You Just Stupid!

by Jayne D. Frank

Apparently everyone in this country except you seniors and millenials voting for Obama’s re-election recognize the Democrat lies and distortions of this year’s election, and perhaps the only thing that will make you wake up is the truth (unless you can’t handle the truth).

  • Barack Obama has NOT protected Medicare like AARP has lied to you about.  Medicare Advantage is going to be terminated which is the system that many seniors have.  The reason?  Obamacare cuts what AARP and many other companies providing Medicare Advantage get from the Government.  The result will be that you are either thrown out of the current plan you are in so that you can pay more for a Medigap policy, OR you will be thrown into a pool of people covered by “Big Brother.””  Is this what you worked so hard for all these years – to be lied to be your Government and your insurer?  AARP is only in this fight because if you use your head instead of your emotions, you will see that they stand to lose a lot of money from your current participation in their plan.  Obama raided Medicare at the tune of $716 billion to put that money into Obamacare so that the people he wants covered, get covered.  Believe me, that’s not seniors because in his own words (to paraphrase) seniors and babies are not productive to society!  That money taken from Medicare will result in bureaucrats telling you what care you MAY receive and paying your doctor less so that eventually he can’t care for you.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the ONLY ones which will allow you to keep the Medicare that you have in place now but will change it for your children and grandchildren so that they have Medicare when they get older.  Obamacare will cost another $1.6 trillion more than the trillions that were originally anticipated to cover the amount of Americans (and illegal immigrants) who Obama promised to cover.  Are you really so selfish that you won’t use rational thinking and protect future generations?  Only repeal and replacement of Obamacare will preserve the current coverage of seniors already in the system. Seniors are NOT getting their familiar annual physicals free — this is a lie (see my Annual Physical articles).
  • Barack Obama’s agenda is to have the Government CONTROL the internet, including YouTube videos and social media content.  Recent legislation for this failed in the House of Representatives, but Obama is going to circumvent Congress and the rights of Americans by issuing an Executive Order taking away your internet privacy rights.  His ultimate goal is for State control of all media and he currently has this Executive Order being finalized using the recent idiotic Innocence of Muslims trailer.  Millenials, your future is just about set in stone.  You will not be able put videos online that you want; you will not be able to look at whatever YouTube videos interest you, and you will be watched by the Government for anything on social media that does not agree with the positions espoused by the Democrats.  Say Goodbye to the status quo.
  • The Obama Administration wants to control what Americans see on television and hear on the radio, often proposing that the Fairness Doctrine be imposed.  This would mean that the Government alone would have the right to take off the air whatever they felt did not agree with their draconian positions and could impose mandated television programs for Americans.  It is the case in many third-world countries and is not very far away.  Only our Republican House and the calls of furious Americans have stopped legislation in Congress to impose this.
  • Teenagers and Millenials – do you think your phone will be exempt from the above Government mandates in the future  – it certainly will not and the Government will move in to monitor who is called and the conversation of your call.
  • Both seniors and millenials are already the victims of Obama’s policies not to protect and promote our natural resources of oil and coal in this Country.  This Administration would rather see themselves as globalists giving offshore contracts and business to other countries and shutting down any possibility of our own energy independence.  Can you afford to keep chosing whether to eat or put gas in your car?  Remember Obama’s administration said that gas “should” go up to $10/gallon in order to further their agenda. This is the decision you will continue to be faced with if you re-elect Barack Obama.
  • Do you want Government telling you what kind of car you must drive, what kind of house you will be able to afford or whether you can only get a good job if you belong to a union?  That is where we find ourselves in 2012 and President Obama’s redistribution agenda will make sure that your opportunities are stopped or limited until the poorest in our Country are raised to “your standard of living” without their having  had to work for it.
  • Do you like meeting your friends for beer and a pizza, taking your children to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal or gathering around the TV for a sports event with all the makings for a great night – popcorn, chili, hamburgers, dip, cheeses, etc.  Think about the good times you have had with your friends because once the Obama Administration’s “food agenda” is in full force you will not be able to eat what you want.  Mrs. Obama has already interfered with your loss of freedom by depriving families of the choice of what their children will eat at school, taking sugar out of products or limiting the amount you can buy.  All this under the guise of “knowing what is good for your family.”

I personally will vote to retain my freedom as protected and assured by my American Constitution and Declaration of Independence and I will vote to allow Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to get us back on an “American Way of Life.”  Should this fail,  I can only pray for the America I love and know and this will be just the beginning of what Barack Obama has described as “his flexibility in his second term (to get done what he wants).” He ignores the rule of law, ignores the Constitution and won’t work with our Legislative Branch of Government (both Democrats and Republicans).

I implore seniors, new voters, Millenials and all previous supporters of Barack Obama to look beyond themselves and their needs.  This an America of more than 300 million people, 69 million of whom are senior citizens (your parents and grandparents) and those just trying to enter the workforce and whose parents have described the “American Dream” to them.  This is THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION in my lifetime, and I have been through many decades of Presidential elections.  Do the right thing and pull the lever for America’s future on November 6.

I have a Job – “I’m on Unemployment”

by Jayne D. Frank

The reality of the burden and consequences of Congress once again extending unemployment insurance benefits without any concurrent cuts to pay for these benefits, hit me as I encounter everyday examples of its abuses.

My husband and I were lucky to winter in Florida for a few months this year.  Our home is in a large modest neighborhood made up of  people who live and work to eek out a meager living having little or nothing in the way of assets or the “typical” middle income trappings resulting from their labors.  They do with less and they drive cars much older than the median age of cars in this country.  Since my husband and I worked and contributed for over 75 years between us in careers that demanded up to 70-80 hour work weeks, I see this segment of the Florida population, and their struggle for survival, as an example of “everything that is wrong with Obama’s policies.”

Further, I ache for the immediate implementation of Newt Gingrich’s policies which he indicated would give citizens “unemployment insurance in exchange for the participants getting training to qualify them for a real private -sector paying job.”

Yesterday, I ran into a neighbor who used to be employed full time at Wal-Mart, often working  late or long hours, and my husband and I thought his goal was to work his way into a position of  management at this company.  So dissappointed was I when we ran into him and asked “Do you still have a job?”  His answer was “Yes, I have a job – I am on unemployment!”  When asked why he was unemployed, he said he was given “warnings” by management, and eventually lost his job.  Undoubtedly he has been on unemployment for most of the past 2 years that we have not seen him.  Saying “There is nothing out there” we immediately knew that he is not pursuing any full time employment because there is no urgency in his voice and it is obvious that he is enjoying his days filled with doing nothing so long as he remains on the dole.  Later that day our postal delivery person asked me if he is still working because he obviously gets benefit checks and checks for “on-the-side-employment that he is not claiming.

Florida itself, with a 9% stated unemployment rate (probably much higher in reality) is filled with other examples of people squandering their unemployment benefits.  When I was fully employed and not retired, the only time you saw people on the street was during lunch time.  Today in Florida, it is like “lunch time” or a Saturday every day of the week with young people milling about in flea markets, gathering at eateries to chew the fat, at guns shows or festivals, or filling the bars starting at 3:30 to party and play with their friends.  These people don’t have mortgages or other fixed payments, so much of every single dime taxpayers “give” them goes into these activities with very little going to purchase food or other necessities.  Florida’s Governor was right to want to require “drug testing” for acceptance of continued benefits as drug use is also prevalent here.

When my husband and I were in our careers, finding yourself on “unemployment” was embarassing to us.  Surely if you were given a “warning” one time by an employer, you took heed of the warning and never let it happen again because of your need to keep your job.  The one time I found myself on unemployment for two months because of a headquarters move, I spent every waking hour calling, sending resumes and contacting employers in person to find something to put me back in the ranks of the employed.  There is none of that now  – no resumes, no cold-calling and very often you can go down the street and find signs in businesses yards advertising for “jobs available” or “now hiring.”  The work ethic that we grew up with just doesn’t seem to be there any longer.

Wake up Congress and Americans!  If this was an insolated case of fraud and abuse, it would be one thing, but our Country is going the way of Greece – we are broke and cannot keep governing with our hearts and forking over money to people that refuse to find employment or get retrained in our community colleges.  You have no problem telling your kids “No” or “We are broke” when they ask for candy or playthings.  Say “NO” when it really counts for the survival of our country! We are fast approaching a country of “takers” and not “makers”, and President Obama’s intended fiscal policies are feeding that entitlement thinking.

Fearless Paul Ryan Possesses Great Presidential Traits of Character and Integrity

by Jayne D. Frank

So I will start with the immediate arguments against Paul Ryan becoming a possible GOP Presidential candidate:

Paul Ryan is so young.  At 41, he is my son’s age and the first thought that comes to my mind is: “Would I trust my son with the governance of my beloved United States?”  You’re damn right I would.  Both men were raised with the same core midwest values of hard work, respect and love for your family, the belief that God is our Creator and our Savior (and isn’t afraid to say so), a great education, and an understanding of what it takes to make America prosper again.

Paul Ryan doesn’t have the machine behind him and wouldn’t get the GOP support.  Great!  That just makes me believe that he could operate outside of the good old boy network in Washington and think for himself; more importantly to make the hard decisions for our future prosperity.

Paul Ryan has too much on his hands now to even think about the Presidency.  Watching Paul Ryan’s lashing of President Obama in the debt commission debate gives him immediate credibility, and the respect of his peers for his 2012 Budget Proposal that he presented and had passed in the House is the ideal platform from which to pound the message home in a Presidential election.

Paul Ryan couldn’t win.  Paul Ryan is the ONLY politician on Capitol Hill that Barack Obama is afraid to run against and he most surely would beat Barack Obama.  Most importantly, 66% of the 2.2 million young voters who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and have been disillusioned by the lack of credibility, truthfulness and competency in Barack Obama would vote for him more than any other candidate in the arena at this time.

Paul Ryan has young kids-we couldn’t ask him to give up the time he has with his young family for America.  Sorry, there is no sympathy with this author about his possibly giving up the good life as I am giving up what is supposed to be my “golden years” to fight against Barack Obama’s Marxist agenda so that children in America, like Paul Ryan’s children, may grow up in the America that I grew up in.  It is my firm belief that without senior citizen’s support, hard work, involvement in the 2012 President Race and our financial sacrifice, America could continue down the path of destruction under another Obama Presidency.

Paul Ryan doesn’t have enough experience.  I won’t even justify an answer to this after our having elected our present neophyte, completely unqualified President.  The difference with Paul Ryan is that he will listen and take advice and more importantly, he loves  America.

Paul Ryan isn’t running.  Yes that is right, but things change….

The Most Feared Words in America

by Richard H. Frank

Each time our President or member of Congress addresses the nation with a proposed solution to some social issue, we should immediately place a firm grip on our wallet.  The dreaded phrase to look out for is “I’m from the Federal Government and I am here to help.”  I thought “We the People” elected our Government officials to represent  the values and principles enumerated in our Constitution.  It now appears as though the Constitution is dead and political ideology has taken its place.

When Government usurps the free market in seeking solutions to social economic programs, those solutions ultimately come at a cost for bureaucratic administration far less efficient than within the private sector.

The classic example of Government’s destruction of a system and creation of a crisis is the Social Security system.  The facts speak for themselves and demonstrate how political ideology has destroyed a system and imposed escalating costs upon Americans far beyond the original intent of legislation.  This is a prime example of “the Federal Government is here to help!”

  • March 4, 1933 to April 12, 1945 Social Security Program introduced by FDR – a Democrat, as a completely voluntary program with contributions limited to 1% of the first $1400 of annual income. The money would be placed into a “Trust Fund,” not the General fund, and only would be used to fund the Social Security retirement program and the annuity payments to recipients would never be taxed as income.
  • In 1958 the Democratically controlled Congress voted to deposit funds collected for Society Security and put it into the General Fund for Congress to spend.  The logic was that the “Trust Fund” was so large that it could never run out.  So much for their promise to “We the People.”
  • November 22, 1963 to January 20, 1969, Lyndon B. Johnson’s Democratic Party first raided the “Trust Fund” and put it into the General Fund which was the beginning of $2.4 trillion of Congress’s theft from our senior citizens.  Additionally, the Democratic party eliminated the income tax deduction for Social Security (FICA) withholding.
  • January 10, 1993 to January 20, 2001 under the Clinton Democratic Administration.  Albert A. Gore cast the tie-breaking vote to begin taxing distributions from the Social Security annuities.
  • January 20, 1977 to January 20, 1981 under the term of Democrat Jimmy Carter, Congress voted to begin payments from the Social Security annuity to immigrants, moved to the U.S., at age 65, regardless of any participation within the Program.

In the interim, Government has created crises in Medicare, Medicaid and the Prescription Drug Program in their never-ending quest for coming to the aid of Americans by “being  here to help.”

Now the 112th Congress is faced with the enormous task to restore fiscal responsibility to the out-of-control Government spending, while attempting to retain the safety net for seniors envisioned under the original promises of Social Security.  Barack Obama and the Democrats, after repeatedly violating the original contract with “We the People,” turn around using fear tactics and tell you that the Republicans want to take Social Security away and eliminate Medicare as we know it.  The worst part about this claim is that many uninformed citizens believe this propaganda.

The 2012 Budget Proposal by Paul Ryan is the only plan of substance and detail that lays out a path to returning our nation to fiscal responsibility and prosperity.  Yet, Barack Obama and members of the Democratic Party will demonize him and his Plan as destroying the entitlements for seniors when in fact just the opposite is documented to show that they are responsible for creating the current crisis.

Thomas Jefferson, our 3rd President and Author of the Declaration of Independence had it exactly right when he said “A Government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.”

We should keep these words in mind when politicians state “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help.”

These Mid-Term Elections are Painful!

by Jayne D. Frank

These mid-term elections are painful to my husband and I for a number of reasons.  We have worked very hard for the last several months trying to educate the some  40% of Americans that are still infatuated with Obama and his policies, in the hopes that they will get out in November and vote for the checks and balances in Congress that our Founding Fathers envisioned, thereby negating or at least stopping some of the Progressives’ agenda items for the next two years.  To that end, we have written blog articles, become poll challengers, prepared and passed out literature, attended rallies and fundraisers, put signs in our yard, worked and communicated with our college campuses and are very active in our Traverse Bay 912 Project with like-minded citizens who are concerned about our Government’s overreaching and destructive policies.

But even with the winds of change blowing more favorably for us in Congress by ousting politicians that do not represent us and the election of principled men and women who we feel represent America’s values, there still isn’t a sense of excitement or fulfillment, and I doubt whether the euphoria we feel on election night will last through the next day.

On November 3, if We the People regain the majority in the House and possibly the Senate, we still have a corrupt Washington environment that won’t take long to snare the newly elected into their plush surroundings and perks, special interest lobbyists at their doors with their hands and money out, and a “Go Along to Get Along” mentality that protects Congressional members for voting in direct contradiction to the will of the American people.

I  have not been pleased at all with the Republicans in Congress over the last few years and only hope that the “young guns” in Congress will take the lead in November and start to roll back or stop the onerous legislation that is killing this economy such as health care, and will get the cojones to do what is necessary on immigration.  They must secure the borders first, and then and only then can a dialogue take place in America and Congress about how to handle the millions of illegals in this country that are taking our states down the path of bankruptcy. Entitlements and spending also must be tackled and prompt and bold action taken, but I don’t feel the Republicans in Congress have the backbone and will to do what is necessary to protect our children’s future.

Perhaps I am just tired of working so hard with my fellow concerned Americans for the last couple of years to save our Republic.  Being in my 60s and with my husband in his 70s, this was supposed to be our ‘Golden Years’ when we could enjoy each other, an occasional trip now and then, dinner out once in awhile, and not having to worry about our children and grandchildren.

My question to you Congress is “What are you willing to give up to make America a land of opportunity again for our children?”