Candy Crowley’s Performance at Presidential Debate was Outrageous!

by Jayne D. Frank

-Martha Radditz during the Vice-Presidential Debate did such a non-biased professional job controlling the Debate.  In contrast, Candy Crowley’s performance last night was totally biased, disrespectful, outrageously intrusive and obnoxious.  Talk about a has-been trying to gain the spotlight for her own advantage.  It would be one thing if she had chosen substantive questions from the audience or if she had her facts correct.  Her actions would also have been excusable in part if she really was trying to facilitate the answers from the candidates.  But she was so much in the tank for President Obama that she couldn’t help herself.  And that was not her role as a moderator and she should never be chosen again for another prominent assignment such as this..

The time she gave Obama was 9 minutes longer than was given to Mr. Romney.  She cut off Mr. Romney on several occasions and in fact told him to sit down.  She was emotional instead of professional.  She chose questions from the audience that are totally progressive in nature and would lead to discussions about contraception, abortion, women’s rights, equal rights.  That was her goal and she had no intention of giving the millions of Americans suffering under President Obama’s economy answers to their most pressing questions.  The most egregious of her errors was that she herself “answered” a question posed to President Obama, and her “answer” was wrong.  President Obama lied to the American people for 14 days about the attack on Benghazi being conducted by terrorists.  There is a concerted effort on the part of this President to paint himself as an appeaser and as having gotten rid of the terrorists by constantly taking credit for the death of Bin Laden; so much so that he no longer can tell the truth.  Candy Crowley participated in this falsehood again by “answering” Mr. Romney’s question.

The American people were robbed last night of a sound, professional debate on the most prominent and important issues of our time; the debt and deficit, broken promises from Obama, lack of jobs, and the future for our country, and I put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the person who lost control of the debate – Candy Crowley.