Prognosticators, Politicians and Fear Mongers.

By: Richard H. Frank

In today’s world of the 24 hour – 7 day news cycle we have come to expect the coverage of any disaster, occurring naturally or man-made, to be transformed into theater for the consumption of viewers around the world. Political unrest, demonstrations and even revolutions are covered with the same theme as the movie of the week and many times lose their message in the reality they are meant to convey. The most recent phenomenon is the 8.9 magnitude earthquake followed by a killer tsunami  impacting the island nation of Japan.

Natural events such as these illustrate just how insignificant man is when compared to the forces of nature. All the special effects available in Hollywood to depict a natural disaster pale in the face of reality as demonstrated by images of destruction following the events in Japan.

Now we will bear witness to the throng of prognosticators that will attempt to give voice to their particular theory with regard to consequences, unintended or otherwise, arising out of this natural tragedy. The situation regarding the wisdom of using nuclear power generation in Japan is the case in point. Logical discussion concerning the status and condition of these various facilities located on the island nation has escalated from that of concern, to rumor of melt down and fueling of hysteria, instead of a measured controlled response to the conditions at these nuclear generating plants. Cooler  heads recognize that these facilities were designed and constructed to provide for containment in the event of a reactor melt down. Irresponsible reporting on the part of the news media can only serve to misinform the public and elevate fears of the “China Syndrome” around the world.

Politicians and their spin-meisters are cautiously observing events in Japan as they unfold to situate themselves to be on the right side of history with any statements or policy decisions made as a result of this natural disaster. There is no doubt that the future of extending nuclear power usage in the United State will be set back significantly.

Fear mongers are already at work looking for evidence that connects the earthquake and resulting tsunami to the actions of man on earth. Global warming, now referred to as climate change, is being used to demonize mans progress on the planet as destructive and attribute the forces of nature to his greed and destructive quest for power. It is this arrogant view of man’s domination over the planet which over the centuries has only retarded civilization’s advancement and not enhanced our existence.

We can only imagine the awesome power and energy released by an earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale. Measured in pounds of TNT the force would have been equal to 238 megatons ( 238 million tons) of the explosive. Placing this number into context consider that the seismic yield of the Atom Bomb dropped on Nagasaki measured a meer 5.0 on the Richter scale and produced a force  of only 447 metric tons of TNT. Had the earthquake not occurred off shore and under the ocean the forces released would have been sufficient to obliterate the entire nation of Japan in under 3 minutes.

Perhaps our creator is sending  a wake-up call to all the arrogant leaders on the planet for them to understand just how insignificant they really are and that their priorities are in need of a major adjustment.

Therefore, all of you prognosticators, politicians and fear mongers need to take heed just in case there really is a God that holds domain over the universe who will hold each of us accountable on the day we stand before him to receive our final judgment.

Political Waterloo!

by Richard H. Frank

Every politician that aspires to the Presidency of the United States of America needs to recognize the need for establishing a concise, cohesive policy to achieve energy independence within the next decade.  Concise and cohesive means achievable and not the “pie in the sky” green initiatives championed by the Obama Administration.  President Obama’s prediction is that 85% of energy generated by 2035 would be produced using green technology.  Today,  lacking a massive breakthrough, green technology is incapable of meeting such an aggressive targeted projection.

Over the past four decades Government under control of administrations from both political parties, has done nothing to create a plan for energy independence let alone maintain the status quo relative to supply. Government has, in the name of protecting the planet, mortgaged the income off every American to support Middle East oil.  Our dependence  on foreign oil has risen from 40% in the early 1970s to over 60% today.  Each time we pump gasoline for our personal use we must recognize that our dollars are being sent abroad and not utilized to stimulate our economy in America.

The untapped natural domestic resources in the U.S. are sufficient to power our economy for more than 100 years.

Instead of stimulating exploration and development of our existing recourses to meet the energy needs of American, our Government has spent over $820 billion to create or save jobs through unregulated stimulus programs.  According to the CBO, each job saved or created cost us, the taxpayer, $228,000.

So now, with chaos in the Middle East, we see oil prices per barrel skyrocketing.  Forty-five years since our last refinery was built and fifteen years since the last nuclear power generating plant was commissioned.  This represents the dismal record of our Government in the U.S.

Like it or not, oil is the life blood that has nourished and sustained our way of life in America.  Should Government continue to stand in the way of offshore drilling, shale oil extraction, clean coal technology and expansion of nuclear power generation, we will be relegated to Third World Nation status.

“Drill Here, Drill Now” and  “all of the above” with regard to efficient productive expansion of our natural energy resources must be the basis of our energy policy.

It is not just the cost per gallon of gasoline that we need to be aware of, but every product that is derived from fossil fuels.  Food, clothing, chemicals, plastics and synthetics used in our daily lives will skyrocket.  When we can no longer afford to fill our automobiles with gasoline, heat our houses and afford food for our families we may get the message.

Energy is destined to be the Waterloo for any political movement that does not wake up and step forward with a plan to achieve energy independence.

What will it take for America to wake up?  $5, $6 or $10/gallon  gasoline and increasing electric costs per Kwh to cause us to make a choice between lighting in our homes or putting food on our tables?