National Security and Our Borders-When Will It Become our Government’s Priority?

by Jayne Frank

Now that the mid-term elections are almost history, I know that one of the most contentious and inaccurate debates Congress and the President are going to have in the remainder of 2010 and through 2011 will be about legislation giving illegal immigrants amnesty.  Keep in mind that more than 60% of Americans have repeatedly said that they want legislation passed to secure and protect our borders before any dialogue or debates happens about what to do with the 15-22 million true illegal immigrants here in this Country.

A person could spend days on the internet searching for accurate information and statistics about Americans murdered in Mexico and illegal immigrant crime in the U.S., and it would be safe to say, all of the data available is compromised by the intent or agenda of the person, firm, organization or governmental authority reporting the data.  The U.S. State Department is one of the worst in keeping to itself what is actually happening here and in Mexico as it relates to murder, cartel and human smuggling across the border.  The most serious compilation of material and facts was gleaned from a site called  If you take the more than 45 minutes to read all of the factual and informative sections of this site, you will have your eyes opened to the true devastation happening along the Mexican/American border and the cost in lives and treasure that we can expect to see in the coming years if the U. S. Government does not act swiftly and decisively, without any thought to the political fallout of doing so.

The number of Americans murdered in Mexico is low but growing every year and is often compared to the number of people struck by lightning.  2009 saw approximately 78 people murdered in Mexico, and 90 struck by lightning in the U.S.  So I guess that makes it acceptable.  2008 had 50 Americans murdered and in 2007 there were 37.  What number of American lives snuffed out in Mexico is acceptable to our Government before they will take this threat seriously?  Perhaps we should wait until the number equates to the number of h1n1 deaths per year in the U.S. or 4,000 people or some other similar arbitrary and meaningless number.  There have been 50 kidnappings of Americans in the last two years as well with that number increasing every year.  The State Department says that there are approximately 1-1/2 million tourists going to Mexico every year; again trying to imply a small number of murders is acceptable.

You will also not see any verifiable statistics on the number of deaths in the U.S. attributable to illegal aliens, because our Government will not grasp what the meaning of “illegal” is.   What happened to this Country and this Government that destruction of human life, property rights, living in fear, and more importantly the total disregard of our existing laws does not rise to a point of alarm in which we say “no more?”  Just today, there was little or no coverage about the first beheading of a man in Chandler, AZ, a thriving, populous city adjacent to Phoenix; just thrown aside as just another drug-related murder when this is one of the methods of murder employed by Mexican cartels.

California is almost bankrupt, is mostly an entire entitlement state, overrun in Los Angeles alone with over 400,000 gang arrests made up of Latin American gang sectors, and they have the highest number of crossings, smuggling, and drug problems in the San Diego/Tijuana sector.  Arizona and Texas are not far behind with murders, shootings at our own Border Patrol Agents, bounties on the heads of our Sheriffs, kidnappings, human smuggling and gun running, all at levels not able to be combated with the current resources on the border.

In this coming lame duck session of Congress and in the 2011/2012 Presidential campaign season, all of us must be vigilant and put Border Security and deporting of criminal aliens and those that repeatedly cross our borders illegally, as one of the first priorities of the work for the American People, not only so that our economy will start to heal, but to prevent deterioration of our national security,.  We must hold each and every one of our Senators and Representatives’ feet to the fire to come up with legislation to accomplish this and to make sure President Obama does nothing in the way of “alternative” legislation (e.g., Executive Orders, Bills passed without voting) to appease his base.  The American people are fed up and we must stand with our Border States and make our Federal Government enforce the laws in place for our national security and stop the constant flow of money that America does not have, into illegal aliens’ health care, education and into sanctuary cities.