Seniors and Millenials Voting for Obama – Don’t You Get It, or Are You Just Stupid!

by Jayne D. Frank

Apparently everyone in this country except you seniors and millenials voting for Obama’s re-election recognize the Democrat lies and distortions of this year’s election, and perhaps the only thing that will make you wake up is the truth (unless you can’t handle the truth).

  • Barack Obama has NOT protected Medicare like AARP has lied to you about.  Medicare Advantage is going to be terminated which is the system that many seniors have.  The reason?  Obamacare cuts what AARP and many other companies providing Medicare Advantage get from the Government.  The result will be that you are either thrown out of the current plan you are in so that you can pay more for a Medigap policy, OR you will be thrown into a pool of people covered by “Big Brother.””  Is this what you worked so hard for all these years – to be lied to be your Government and your insurer?  AARP is only in this fight because if you use your head instead of your emotions, you will see that they stand to lose a lot of money from your current participation in their plan.  Obama raided Medicare at the tune of $716 billion to put that money into Obamacare so that the people he wants covered, get covered.  Believe me, that’s not seniors because in his own words (to paraphrase) seniors and babies are not productive to society!  That money taken from Medicare will result in bureaucrats telling you what care you MAY receive and paying your doctor less so that eventually he can’t care for you.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the ONLY ones which will allow you to keep the Medicare that you have in place now but will change it for your children and grandchildren so that they have Medicare when they get older.  Obamacare will cost another $1.6 trillion more than the trillions that were originally anticipated to cover the amount of Americans (and illegal immigrants) who Obama promised to cover.  Are you really so selfish that you won’t use rational thinking and protect future generations?  Only repeal and replacement of Obamacare will preserve the current coverage of seniors already in the system. Seniors are NOT getting their familiar annual physicals free — this is a lie (see my Annual Physical articles).
  • Barack Obama’s agenda is to have the Government CONTROL the internet, including YouTube videos and social media content.  Recent legislation for this failed in the House of Representatives, but Obama is going to circumvent Congress and the rights of Americans by issuing an Executive Order taking away your internet privacy rights.  His ultimate goal is for State control of all media and he currently has this Executive Order being finalized using the recent idiotic Innocence of Muslims trailer.  Millenials, your future is just about set in stone.  You will not be able put videos online that you want; you will not be able to look at whatever YouTube videos interest you, and you will be watched by the Government for anything on social media that does not agree with the positions espoused by the Democrats.  Say Goodbye to the status quo.
  • The Obama Administration wants to control what Americans see on television and hear on the radio, often proposing that the Fairness Doctrine be imposed.  This would mean that the Government alone would have the right to take off the air whatever they felt did not agree with their draconian positions and could impose mandated television programs for Americans.  It is the case in many third-world countries and is not very far away.  Only our Republican House and the calls of furious Americans have stopped legislation in Congress to impose this.
  • Teenagers and Millenials – do you think your phone will be exempt from the above Government mandates in the future  – it certainly will not and the Government will move in to monitor who is called and the conversation of your call.
  • Both seniors and millenials are already the victims of Obama’s policies not to protect and promote our natural resources of oil and coal in this Country.  This Administration would rather see themselves as globalists giving offshore contracts and business to other countries and shutting down any possibility of our own energy independence.  Can you afford to keep chosing whether to eat or put gas in your car?  Remember Obama’s administration said that gas “should” go up to $10/gallon in order to further their agenda. This is the decision you will continue to be faced with if you re-elect Barack Obama.
  • Do you want Government telling you what kind of car you must drive, what kind of house you will be able to afford or whether you can only get a good job if you belong to a union?  That is where we find ourselves in 2012 and President Obama’s redistribution agenda will make sure that your opportunities are stopped or limited until the poorest in our Country are raised to “your standard of living” without their having  had to work for it.
  • Do you like meeting your friends for beer and a pizza, taking your children to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal or gathering around the TV for a sports event with all the makings for a great night – popcorn, chili, hamburgers, dip, cheeses, etc.  Think about the good times you have had with your friends because once the Obama Administration’s “food agenda” is in full force you will not be able to eat what you want.  Mrs. Obama has already interfered with your loss of freedom by depriving families of the choice of what their children will eat at school, taking sugar out of products or limiting the amount you can buy.  All this under the guise of “knowing what is good for your family.”

I personally will vote to retain my freedom as protected and assured by my American Constitution and Declaration of Independence and I will vote to allow Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to get us back on an “American Way of Life.”  Should this fail,  I can only pray for the America I love and know and this will be just the beginning of what Barack Obama has described as “his flexibility in his second term (to get done what he wants).” He ignores the rule of law, ignores the Constitution and won’t work with our Legislative Branch of Government (both Democrats and Republicans).

I implore seniors, new voters, Millenials and all previous supporters of Barack Obama to look beyond themselves and their needs.  This an America of more than 300 million people, 69 million of whom are senior citizens (your parents and grandparents) and those just trying to enter the workforce and whose parents have described the “American Dream” to them.  This is THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION in my lifetime, and I have been through many decades of Presidential elections.  Do the right thing and pull the lever for America’s future on November 6.

Mitt Romney is Becoming Another John McCain!

by Jayne D. Frank

It is 2 p.m. EST on June 28, 2012, the day the Supreme Court came down with a ruling that the Obamacare mandate was a tax; in direct contradiction to President Obama’s speeches to the American people that this was not a tax and no one would find their taxes raised.  More importantly, President Obama directly lied to the Congress and the Supreme Court in his speech that this was not a tax.  Clever – perhaps.  Dishonest and deceitful – most certainly.  And all the middle class in particular, will suffer greatly from their employers dropping their coverage and from rationing of care by this Government.

Looking at my email reply from Mitt Romney’s camp and his reaction to the SCOTUS ruling in public, I am certain that the Republicans will lose this election for the same reason John McCain lost the election – apathy.   Mr. Romney has been so entrenched in business his whole life, and his character is such, that he thinks that the 2012 election can be won much the same as if he were negotiating for a new merger, acquisition or acquiring a new client for Bain.   He is dead wrong and I am sure that he has advisors telling him as much.  Barack Obama did and said anything to be President and he will do and say “anything” to stay President and spread his redistribution agenda and further expand the Government to the point of no return.  The result of another Obama Presidential term is the loss of our liberty and a Country that few of us 50 and over will ever recognize.

To say that I am  furious about the fallout from this SCOTUS ruling and Mitt Romney’s reaction is probably understated.  I literally cried for my country and our children and grandchildren who will long survive me and who will have to live with the disastrous results of Obama’s agenda.

If Mitt Romney is at all serious about winning this election, maybe he should take his advice from the women in his life and surrounding him.  I’m sure their advice will be the same as mine.  Fight, damn it, fight!


The Conditioning of America!

By: Richard H. Frank

Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign pledge to “fundamentally change America” has been launched and implemented little by little over the past 3 1/2 years. His administration’s initiatives to achieve “fundamental change” have been marked by a three-pronged assault upon the free enterprise system and our Constitution itself. The coordinated attack starts with onerous legislative efforts, which usually fail, followed by pushing the proposed objective through executive and or administrative fiat. If either of these approaches raise the ire of Congress , or the electorate, the administration turns to the Justice Department to challenge and intimidate those that oppose their initiatives.

The liberal progressives are tenacious in pursuit of their socialist ideology. They have persisted in pushing their agenda for nearly 100 years and with the election of Barack Obama have virtually brought this nation to its knees as a result of the accumulated burden of unfunded entitlements, out of control spending and a national debt on the fast track to $20 trillion over the next four years. A debt that outstrips GDP and burdens our children for generations to come.

Achieving energy independence is a prime example of how the liberals condition the population to accept “fundamental change” and their agenda. The Obama administration stands directly in the path of the free market initiatives to develop our own natural resources through exploration and development on Federally-controlled lands and offshore paying homage to the special interests that support their agenda. New sources of fossil fuel and environmentally-safe technology for extracting these resources are demagogued as unproven and a threat to the environment. As a result the increasing demand for oil world-wide increases the price of crude and sends gasoline prices soaring along with every commodity requiring transport to the market place. The Obama administration contends that there is little they can do to impact oil prices and that lifting restrictions and increasing permits will take too long to impact the world market. This is the same story we have heard for the past 30 years when, if we had acted, we would not be faced with a looming crisis for future supply at a price dictated by supply and demand as opposed to that determined by the far east oil cartel.

Until the price of a gallon of gasoline approaches $5.00 and the electorate rebels against the government inaction and their outright obstruction to increasing domestic supply the administration resorts to short-term actions like releasing oil from the strategic reserve as a means to manipulate prices just enough to cause the price to drop just below $4.00 per gallon. In the interim the President condemns big oil for raping the public and making obscene profits when the truth is big oil makes about 8 cents for every gallon of gasoline sold while the Federal government makes 26 cents, more than three times that of the oil companies.

This shell game orchestrated by the Obama administration is intended to condition the public to accepting $3.50 per gallon as the new normal and forget that just 3 1/2 years ago we paid only $1.80 per gallon in 2009 when Obama took office. Over time just as a trainer does with his dog, the public is conditioned to gladly accept the 100% increase as a good thing.

Then we have “Obamacare” sold to America by liberals in Washington in support of the President as the panacea that would provide “affordable” health insurance to every American. For over two years Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama preached the following rhetoric until many Americans believed them.

  • If you like your current health care plan and doctor you can keep them.
  • The average family will save $2500.00 per year in premiums under Obamacare.
  • Obamacare will not increase the deficit – not by a single dime.
  • The Affordable Health Care Law mandate is Constitutional under provisions of the commerce clause.

The first three statements above have been proven to be untrue and we will soon hear from the Supreme Court if the fourth is in fact Constitutional or not.

Three and one half years after Obama and his administration assumed power the standard of living for many Americans has deteriorated. We are told that the new norm for the middle class will include limited opportunity for jobs and sustained unemployment levels of 8% or higher. Higher taxes will be required for all income levels to support expanded entitlement programs with food stamps alone growing to include in excess of  50 million families.

For those senior citizens living on a fixed income the prospect for the future appears bleak. The inflationary impact from energy prices coupled with the necessary rationing of health care under Obamacare are the first harbingers of the “fundamental” changes yet to come. The conditioning process for the elderly includes loss of equity in their homes and the value of their pensions earned over all their working years. Expendable income vanishes rapidly for this segment of American society more quickly than for any other.

The conditioning process will proceed even faster should Obama be reelected until the standard of living we experienced in the 20th century will just be a fading memory. The “fundamental Change” Obama seeks is to achieve a social democracy where we are dependant upon government for survival. Statism fosters such dependency on government for subsistence. When that dependency can no longer be supported through taxation of the free enterprise system those conditioned to rely upon the so-called entitlements eventually turn upon their benefactor, the state, and rebel. We are witness to this in Greece and many other European social democracies.

Generations yet unborn will not know how this nation was conditioned to give up freedom and self-reliance in the name of fairness and turned America into a nation of mediocrity from the vibrant , exceptional free society experienced in the past.

Those of us that have experienced the blessings of freedom embodied in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution must stand firm against “fundamental change’ in America and return to the conservative values and principles that made America the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

Women, What Are You thinking?

by Jayne D. Frank

Perhaps I always think that women all have the same life experiences that I have had. Or that in today’s modern world, women no longer think and make decisions with their heart alone.  But as I keep reading that Mitt Romney is having trouble with attracting women in this Country and that they are either split for some other GOP primary candidate, or most distressing are going to vote again for President Obama, I cringe at the lack of real intelligent reasoning that  must be going into their thought process.

Any woman who has been in the workplace for a number of years or has a family with children who either votes for Obama or fails to vote for the GOP front-runner, has, in my opinion, not put an ounce of thought into this crucial 2012 election.

Forget all the reasons you wanted to hate George Bush or the feminine side of you that wants to save the earth.  Forget the charming, boyish smiles of Barack Obama which he flashes to detract from his dismal failure as a President. You need to think about your future and the future of your children as you contemplate your next Presidential choice. Over the past 3 years, there hasn’t been one concrete, substantive thing that President Obama has accomplished that will brighten your economic future in the workplace; he has refused (until he now recognizes a real threat to his Presidency) to encourage business and entrepreneurship in this country and now America has the largest corporate tax anywhere in the world. Do you think corporations will continue to do business here under an Obama Presidency, and where do you think your job will be when they leave the Country?

President Obama has done absolutely nothing about preserving and expanding upon America’s energy independence, so your cost of driving and heating your homes will do nothing but increase under another Obama Presidency. You see him every day make comments about there being more drilling and exploration in this country than ever before. This President has gotten so use to lying to Americans, especially about energy independence, that he no longer knows the truth, nor does he care.  He has cut off any future coal plant production in the U.S., his moratorium on oil drilling cost this  Country hundreds of thousands of jobs, and he flatly is doing nothing to bring our gas prices down.  He has blatently refused to allow the Keystone XL pipeline which will keep oil here and bring about thousands of new jobs. He is so flagrant about his agenda – green energy ONLY to the exclusion of everything else.  Can you as a woman sustain the high cost of energy and gas consumption for your family?

Valerie Jarrett is President Obama’s puppet master and she has pulled the strings in the White House for the past 3 years. To get and save the woman’s vote, the Presidential speechwriters have repeatedly put forth all the initiatives and spewed their caring for women’s issues.  It is a diversion and a scam. Women have actually regressed under the Obama Administration. Where once we had choices of whether to work or stay at home and take care of our children – those choices have been taken from us; woman can’t afford to stay home.  The worst slap in the face to women has been the disastrous consequences of Obamacare.  This piece of garbage has been peddled to women, young and old in this Country, as a savior to all of your healthcare woes. You can go into emergency rooms now and get seen by the doctor of your choice without a hassle.   You will be able to keep your doctor, especially specialty doctors as in the OB/GYN, osteoporosis, pain, or fertility fields. That is a bold-faced lie!  There is an arbitrary board of non-medical representatives, that will decide if you need this care and if it is cost-effective under Obamacare if it is not repealed.  You were promised that your premiums will not go up.  As a woman, you have seen your premiums double as you see your family’s quality of life suffer. This will not end under another Obama Presidency but will get worse as he gets his “flexibility” in a second term.

Once independents and women look at the reality of Barack Obama and not the facade that he puts on for gullible voters, you must choose for your family to vote positively for their future and the future of this country. Many GOP candidates for the next couple of months will present a desperate, narrow-minded and finally vindictive character as Rick Santorum has recently shown.  Newt Gingrich who has lived his life largely on the government dole and has immersed himself with lobbyists and special interests throughout his career, holds on to his last chance of taking Obama’s place, and that is exactly what he envisions, just a change in the Oval Office, despite his anti-big government rhetoric.

Mitt Romney becomes the only true consistent, free enterprise, pro-American, pro-jobs and pro-women candidate. Take a look at this man’s personal life. His dedication to family, to his faith and his work ethic alone would qualify him over Barack Obama.  But his experience in the private sector, working through companies to make them stronger, building new companies along the way, is exactly the type of dedication that women need for a prosperous and happy future for themselves and their family.  Mitt’s promise to repeal a Federally-mandated Obamacare is real, his passion and love for this country are real. And his promise to cut spending, reduce the size of government which is currently 37% of our economy, and start balancing the budget are real.

I’ll ask you to step back and remember the time you made the most important decision of your life – your choice of a husband or life partner.  You didn’t choose the flashy guy that won you over with expensive dinners and cheap talk. You didn’t choose the man who spent everything and had no sense of personal responsibility. And you didn’t choose the man who promised you the world because that is what you wanted to hear.  You chose to share your life with a rock solid, hard-working fellow that was reliable, trustworthy, steady and caring about your future.

That is your choice in this election and you must use your head!  Mitt Romney is steady, consistent, hardworking, and singularly focused on restoring our economy and America’s standing in the world.  Unlike President Obama, to squander taxpayer money on frequent date nights,  frequent vacations and taking off to explore golf every week with his buddies, is beneath Mitt; he doesn’t need it to inflate his own ego and importance.  You also cannot find one instance in the last 2 years of exposure to the public in which Mitt Romney has said a personal negative word about someone – he only comments on policies and actions or inactions of others – truly a class act. He is not flashy; charisma is not important to him, but care he does.  Just look at his wife, Ann Romney, who has stood by him all these years, and you see the man behind Mitt Romney.

I hope women really consider carefully their votes this year because it will take women to make the difference in whether we keep slipping backwards or whether we go forward and restore our Country. I hope I don’t have to wake up November 7, 2012 and think “What were you thinking?”

Choose a Nominee on Substance Over Style!

by Richard H. Frank

Observing the Republican Presidential nominee debates over the past few months has solidified the notion that voters are swayed by the 60-second sound bite or the passionate, sometimes angry response to a question posed by the Debate Moderator.  The closer to the election, the more influence such events have upon the election outcome.  Undoubtedly, some of these “spontaneous” responses or outbursts are orchestrated to create the desired effect to cause voters to switch their preference to some other candidate in the race.  Likewise, depending upon the organization and network sponsoring the debate, the focus of questioning shifts from “real issues” that are of substance, to personal attacks upon one another by the participants.

The advent of super-PACS has raised the art of misinformation to a new level and distortion of facts hinging on outright lies to a level never before seen during the election cycle.  Unfortunately, the average voters accepts as truth much of what these negative attack ads allege.

The undisputed fact is that people remember the latest impression made by a candidate and their rhetoric as opposed to studying the record and positions taken on issues of substance.  Typically, voters only remember three things about a candidate when they make a selection upon entering the voting booth.

In South Carolina, Newt’s performance attacking the news media overshadowed any previous consideration given to issues of substance and propelled him to a victory overcoming a 10-point deficit just days prior to the election.  Undoubtedly, this was the “red meat” rhetoric directed against the mainstream media having little to do with defeating Barack Obama in November.

Primary voters in Florida and the coming battleground states must be cautious and not allow a single “flash in the pan” during a debate be the emotional reason to vote for a particular candidate.  After all, looking back to 2008 and the Democrat’s Primary that is how Obama secured the nomination.  Three years following his election we are witness to what all his soaring rhetoric has wrought upon our country.

No one individual can alter the course of this nation.  A President must have the support of the House of Representatives and the Senate if his agenda is to be implemented.

The substantive issues upon which a Presidential candidate must be selected are:

  1. Upholding the principles stated in our Declaration of Independence and enumerated in the Constitution.
  2. Protecting the nation against all threats both foreign and domestic to sustain our freedom through strength.
  3. Provide support for policies that foster free enterprise in America and energy independence for the nation.
  4. Restoring fiscal responsibility in the form of a balanced budget and eliminating the national debt.
  5. Returning Government to the States as enumerated in the 10th Amendment thus assuring we remain a nation “governed for and of the People.”

Listen carefully to the candidates and if their policies support these five principles that have made this country great and prosperous in the past.

Regardless of what any of these candidates say relative to creating jobs, remember only a free market creates jobs; Government regulation deters and destroys job creation.

Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich did not create 16 million jobs in the 1980s, nor did Bill Clinton and Newt create 11 million jobs in the 1950s.  The free market and the American entrepeneur created those jobs.  Government can only serve to provide an environment for growth or depression.  We are living the result of Obama’s environment.  Listen carefully to the policies of substance  each candidate  embraces and how they differ from Barack Obama’s.  It must be those policies and not debates or speeches that drive our selection of the Republican candidate for President.

Three years of speeches from Obama have resulted in a country poisoned through his promotion of class warfare, a disregard for our Constitution and a disdain for capitalism.

Make your selection based upon substance and not style as you participate in the primary election process!

Rick Perry’s Distortion of Venture Capital

by Richard H. Frank

Rick Perry needs a lesson in economics and the role of venture capital and private equity firms with regard to growth of our free enterprise system.

Private equity companies such as Bain Capital are in business to make a profit for their shareholders from the capital they invest in private enterprise.  Their mission is simply to “create value” through the free market system and eventually divest of their interests via a sale or IPO (initial public offering) in an effort to recoup their original investment at a profit.

Rick Perry would have you believe Bain Capital uses predatory means to acquire ailing companies for the sole purpose of looting their assets, destroying their capacity to produce at a profit and forcing them to liquidate through bankruptcy.  Any person with an ounce of business sense would consider Governor Perry’s explanation of venture capital as the height of stupidity.

With regard to Bain Capital I think I am more qualified than Rick Perry to talk about the process they employ for making a decision whether to invest in a particular company or enterprise as I actively participated with the Bain Capital process from 1995-1999.  Venture capital or private equity firms conduct exhausting due diligence investigations before making any decisions regarding a potential investment.  They are provided with hundreds of prospectuses from companies seeking venture capital.  Not all of these companies are distressed and facing eventual bankruptcy.  In fact, the opposite is true for many institutions seeking additional capital.  Many small companies that are profitable need new capital to expand, to increase market share, create new employment opportunities and create lasting value for their shareholders.  Others find themselves participating in a market that is over capacity and struggling to achieve a profit on their limited market share.  For these companies, buying out competition to make better use of existing capacity and eliminating duplication of overhead becomes their only road to survival and private equity firms play a larger role in achieving the objective of consolidation in some particular industry or market.  In the long term, this consolidation helps keep jobs in America.

Buying losers for the sake of bankrupting them in no way creates value in the market place nor a profit for investors.

The marketplace and potential growth is the ultimate criteria upon which companies such as Bain Capital make their decisions for investment.

My experience in dealing with Bain Capital proved to be both educational and rewarding.  The due diligence process extended over a period of four months and assessed every aspect of our business including our market segments and prospects for growth, financial performance for past years and future projections, strength of the management team, reputation with our customers and of utmost importance the ability to manage growth and change.

Between 1995 and 1999 with the financial backing of Bain Capital our business grew from  $300 million in sales to $1.2 billion.  The phenomenal growth came from a combination of acquisitions and organic market growth.  The process of consolidating capacity and elimination of duplicate overhead structures impacted approximately 300 positions across 5 states and 10 manufacturing locations while establishing upwards of 5000 highly paid positions for both union and non-union people.

Were it not for private equity firms such as Bain Capital, the industrial consolidation process in this Country would have been considerably more painful and much slower.

To be sure, Bain Capital had an exit strategy when they first invested in our industry.  That strategy included creating value for present and future shareholders from their initial investment, supporting growth through new capital from the sale of bonds and/or a future IPO.  And finally, divesting of their holdings at a profit when it appeared feasible to do so without impacting the company negatively.

According to Rick Perry, this is a portrait of “vulture capitalism.”  From my prospective, it is a portrait of the free enterprise system in action rewarding those who take a risk on the initiative and expertise of the American worker.