Perfuming the Pig – HHS’ Latest Attempt to Sell Obamacare!

by Richard H. Frank

The latest ploy devised by the Department of Health and Human Services under Secretary Kathleen Sebellius is to sponsor a contest to create a video extolling the advantages of the Affordable Care Act especially for young people. The prize offered for the winning video will be $30,000 and paid for by the taxpaying public. Just another slap in the face to the more than 70% of Americans that oppose this onerous legislation.

Adding insult to injury, as we now learn according to Nancy Pelosi what’s in the Bill having passed it, this monstrous law consuming 2700 pages has grown to over 30,000 pages of Rules and Government Regulations which remain incomplete as of this writing.

The sterling performance of our Federal Government in failing to meet 50% of the deadlines specified in the original law is evidence of the ultimate collapse of this piece of ill-conceived legislation.

Thus far, every argument against the Act has been proven to be true with unintended consequences such as the destruction of the 40-hour work week, a pillar of our free-enterprise system, being destroyed.

All of this under the guise of fairness with the premise that health care for everyone has somehow become a Constitutional right. In fact, the Affordable Care ACt is the lever with which Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi will use to fundamentally change America and our free enterprise system.

If any further evidence is required to convince Americans of how “Big Government” is eroding our freedoms, look no further than the current scandals involving the NSA and the IRS. The Department of Health and Human Services is becoming paranoid at its inadequate attempts to launch this titanic piece of legislation and convince the public of the benefits that will flow to every American, legal or illegal, from the law.

Then there is President Obama, who in his narcissistic view of being a Monarch issues waivers to implementation of the law whenever it suits his political purposes. Please, show me where that power is embodied within our Constitution. Yet in Congress, our elected representatives sit idly by and do nothing to stop the blatant abusive of Executive Power. So much for our Constitution and equal branches of Government under our system of a Representative Republic.

As long as the Senate remains under control of the Democrats and Obama is our President, there is no chance of repeal or replacing the Affordable Care Act. Our only hope is to have Republicans take control of both Houses of Congress in the 2014 mid-term elections. In the meantime, all the contests and celebrity endorsements will do nothing to sell America on this purely partisan-driven piece of legislation. The more we learn about Obamacare, the greater its stench as lies are exposed.

The only way we can stop Obamacare over the coming two years is through nullification beginning at the local and state levels of Government. The 10th Amendment to the Constitution remains alive and well if “We the People” demand that our state representatives take a stand against this unjust law and cause it to crash under its own weight. Remember what is at stake in this battle and the broken promises of Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi:

“If you like your insurance you can keep it;”

“If you like your doctor you can keep him or her;”

“Your health care premiums will drop by $2500 for a family of four;”

“Government will not interfere between you and your doctor;”

Medicare will be strengthened under the Act;”

“Care will not be rationed under the plan; and

“30 million uninsured will now be covered under Obamacare.”

Each and every promise has been documented to be a lie and chronicled in Nick J. Tate’s “Obamacare Survival Guide.” Massive cuts to Medicare and new benefit rules for seniors. Rising premium costs in the form of new taxes to be borne by every American in the form of hidden taxes, levies and fees. Doctors making the decision to exit private practice rather than conforming to the bureaucrats in Washington. Finally, businesses across the country eliminating full-time 40-hour employees to avoid the 30-hour definition established under the law as constituting hours worked for a full time employee.

What will be the next surprise to come out as we have “passed the Bill to see what is in it?” America, bend over and grab your ankles as we are in for one hell of a ride as the Nation is “fundamentally transformed” using Obamacare as the catalyst for change to our Representative Republic.

Update: What You Need to Know About Your Annual Medicare Wellness Exam

by Jayne D. Frank

As a person that routinely has had an annual physical since my 40s, I was horrified last year (in my 2nd year of Medicare) about how that visit with my doctor had changed in accordance with the pending Obamacare implementation. Please read my previous post “Obamacare’s Free Yearly Exam.”

This year, everything we have been warned about regarding Obamacare, Medicare and the new standards imposed upon our personal doctors has been confirmed and every senior citizen must make themselves aware of the new notion that everything you say, everything you do, and who you are, will be documented in your personal record and shared with the Government through CMS (Medicare). Also, record input by your doctor is probably being done through Wolters Kluwers Up to Date Website, based in Copenhagen, which centralizes the reporting to CMS. Please stay with me on this article as I relate my experience to help you understand what I learned after returning from my doctor’s office yesterday.

Upon arriving at the office, I was given a slew of paperwork (even though it had been updated earlier that year), and among that paperwork was a document asking about my state of depression, amount of times I am depressed, whether I am ambulatory or need help with any functions, etc. Since the personal visit is where I would ONLY discuss any possible depression with my doctor, I refused to fill out this form. When the doctor’s assistant saw that I left this form blank (taking up 10 minutes of my allocated time with my doctor), I informed her that it was “none of the government’s business” and she didn’t pursue it. Then before the doctor could see me, I was given a bunch of preprinted paperwork on asthma (although mine had been controlled for years), and Preventative Plans for Women.

Then it was time for the remainder of my allocated time with my doctor. He came in, went over the “filled out forms,” and only through personal questions to him could I get him off the “script.” My “fully clothed” physical came next and then I was dismissed. Once again, how on earth can a doctor see the signs of more serious problems (i.e., skin lesions, skin color changes, water on the legs, lumps, etc. if he does not personally exam your body?

I consider myself to be very informed as to the implications of Obamacare on all of us and especially those mandates and regulations for senior citizens. Knowing all of that, I was still not knowledgeable on what I was to find out through my research today. Keep remembering Obama’s phrase “If you like your doctor you can keep him.” I found and read the entire PDF document by the CMS (Medicare) which in a nutshell mandates that if doctors want to keep treating Medicare patients, they must adhere to a number of core rules and mandates regarding inputting your personal medical records into a database which will eventually be reviewed and “scored” by CMS. Why? So that our doctors and providers (including dentists, podiatrists and chiropractors) can “rat on us” to get $44,000 from the Government over a five-year period, just for our privilege of seeing him. There are actual benchmarks and information the doctor must input in order to “qualify” for this incentive. Information such as your race, ethnicity, and other demographic information. If the doctor does not follow these Government regulations on electronic records and reporting, he will not qualify for this incentive and his regular Medicare allowance will shrink by up to 5%.

Get the picture? It’s at the same time NOT about you and your health anymore, AND it’s ALL about you and your health. There will be assessments done and reported on any asthma you have, any depression you have, weight, and of course smoking. It is not how you and your doctor can better improve your particular health situation. So in the end you leave the doctor’s office feeling “used,” not by the doctor but by your Government. By the way, had I not had 6 questions on my iPhone in front of the doctor insisting on these individual answers, I am sure I could not have gotten those answers because of the time he has to spend on the computer during my presence.

Some senior citizens know what is going on and where this is leading; others are in denial or refuse to take heed and do something about it. I for one am going to fight tooth and nail to see what can be done by Congress to “defund Obamacare,” or to dismantle this program bit by bit. I owe this to our children and to myself.

It seems that the $750 billion reduction to Medicare under Obamacare could be avoided if these intrusive standards and the cost of massive data collection centers were eliminated instead of sucking the life-blood from Medicare and ultimately the care provided to seniors.

Seniors and Millenials Voting for Obama – Don’t You Get It, or Are You Just Stupid!

by Jayne D. Frank

Apparently everyone in this country except you seniors and millenials voting for Obama’s re-election recognize the Democrat lies and distortions of this year’s election, and perhaps the only thing that will make you wake up is the truth (unless you can’t handle the truth).

  • Barack Obama has NOT protected Medicare like AARP has lied to you about.  Medicare Advantage is going to be terminated which is the system that many seniors have.  The reason?  Obamacare cuts what AARP and many other companies providing Medicare Advantage get from the Government.  The result will be that you are either thrown out of the current plan you are in so that you can pay more for a Medigap policy, OR you will be thrown into a pool of people covered by “Big Brother.””  Is this what you worked so hard for all these years – to be lied to be your Government and your insurer?  AARP is only in this fight because if you use your head instead of your emotions, you will see that they stand to lose a lot of money from your current participation in their plan.  Obama raided Medicare at the tune of $716 billion to put that money into Obamacare so that the people he wants covered, get covered.  Believe me, that’s not seniors because in his own words (to paraphrase) seniors and babies are not productive to society!  That money taken from Medicare will result in bureaucrats telling you what care you MAY receive and paying your doctor less so that eventually he can’t care for you.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the ONLY ones which will allow you to keep the Medicare that you have in place now but will change it for your children and grandchildren so that they have Medicare when they get older.  Obamacare will cost another $1.6 trillion more than the trillions that were originally anticipated to cover the amount of Americans (and illegal immigrants) who Obama promised to cover.  Are you really so selfish that you won’t use rational thinking and protect future generations?  Only repeal and replacement of Obamacare will preserve the current coverage of seniors already in the system. Seniors are NOT getting their familiar annual physicals free — this is a lie (see my Annual Physical articles).
  • Barack Obama’s agenda is to have the Government CONTROL the internet, including YouTube videos and social media content.  Recent legislation for this failed in the House of Representatives, but Obama is going to circumvent Congress and the rights of Americans by issuing an Executive Order taking away your internet privacy rights.  His ultimate goal is for State control of all media and he currently has this Executive Order being finalized using the recent idiotic Innocence of Muslims trailer.  Millenials, your future is just about set in stone.  You will not be able put videos online that you want; you will not be able to look at whatever YouTube videos interest you, and you will be watched by the Government for anything on social media that does not agree with the positions espoused by the Democrats.  Say Goodbye to the status quo.
  • The Obama Administration wants to control what Americans see on television and hear on the radio, often proposing that the Fairness Doctrine be imposed.  This would mean that the Government alone would have the right to take off the air whatever they felt did not agree with their draconian positions and could impose mandated television programs for Americans.  It is the case in many third-world countries and is not very far away.  Only our Republican House and the calls of furious Americans have stopped legislation in Congress to impose this.
  • Teenagers and Millenials – do you think your phone will be exempt from the above Government mandates in the future  – it certainly will not and the Government will move in to monitor who is called and the conversation of your call.
  • Both seniors and millenials are already the victims of Obama’s policies not to protect and promote our natural resources of oil and coal in this Country.  This Administration would rather see themselves as globalists giving offshore contracts and business to other countries and shutting down any possibility of our own energy independence.  Can you afford to keep chosing whether to eat or put gas in your car?  Remember Obama’s administration said that gas “should” go up to $10/gallon in order to further their agenda. This is the decision you will continue to be faced with if you re-elect Barack Obama.
  • Do you want Government telling you what kind of car you must drive, what kind of house you will be able to afford or whether you can only get a good job if you belong to a union?  That is where we find ourselves in 2012 and President Obama’s redistribution agenda will make sure that your opportunities are stopped or limited until the poorest in our Country are raised to “your standard of living” without their having  had to work for it.
  • Do you like meeting your friends for beer and a pizza, taking your children to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal or gathering around the TV for a sports event with all the makings for a great night – popcorn, chili, hamburgers, dip, cheeses, etc.  Think about the good times you have had with your friends because once the Obama Administration’s “food agenda” is in full force you will not be able to eat what you want.  Mrs. Obama has already interfered with your loss of freedom by depriving families of the choice of what their children will eat at school, taking sugar out of products or limiting the amount you can buy.  All this under the guise of “knowing what is good for your family.”

I personally will vote to retain my freedom as protected and assured by my American Constitution and Declaration of Independence and I will vote to allow Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to get us back on an “American Way of Life.”  Should this fail,  I can only pray for the America I love and know and this will be just the beginning of what Barack Obama has described as “his flexibility in his second term (to get done what he wants).” He ignores the rule of law, ignores the Constitution and won’t work with our Legislative Branch of Government (both Democrats and Republicans).

I implore seniors, new voters, Millenials and all previous supporters of Barack Obama to look beyond themselves and their needs.  This an America of more than 300 million people, 69 million of whom are senior citizens (your parents and grandparents) and those just trying to enter the workforce and whose parents have described the “American Dream” to them.  This is THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION in my lifetime, and I have been through many decades of Presidential elections.  Do the right thing and pull the lever for America’s future on November 6.

Obamacare’s “Free Yearly Exam” by Your Doctor is a Fraud!

by Jayne D. Frank

If there’s anything senior citizens hate, it’s being lied to.  After 3-1/2 years of putting up with the Obama Administration’s song and dance about how great our economy is, how selfish America is, or that we must all pay “our fair share,” we should be used to the lies.  Everyone recently saw the grandiose commercials on TV for Obamacare’s new free annual physical that seniors will be able to get, but it is an outright lie!

I regularly take good care of myself:  I’ve never smoked, I exercise and I keep my weight down.    But for many decades now, I have had an annual physical by my doctor.  I request this so that I can have my blood checked for any signs of trouble.  I actually have my physician do breast exams and have him look at any questionable spots on my skin for early signs of skin cancer.  Also,  during this physical, we discuss any new potential issue I may have encountered such as joint or muscle pain and he takes the time to thoroughly go over my medicines and to discuss any other questions I may have.  This is MY hour, MY exam, and MY health, so leaving his office, I normally feel great about the state of my health and having received answers to the medical questions I may have.

Obamacare is the END of our annual physical as we may have known it.  To state otherwise is a blatant lie to seniors and those family members that may eventually have to care for them.  In the mail today from my doctor was a description of what my new physical (wellness exam) will look like.  I will have my clothes on the entire time.  He will measure my weight, blood pressure and my waist circumference (as if I don’t have a tape measure and scale at home).  He will discuss my risk for falling.   Really?  I am too busy enjoying living and finally enjoying retirement that falling is the last thing I am thinking about and am perfectly capable of  taking care of my own risk assessments around my house.   I will not be able to get my yearly blood work done or breast exam under this new “wellness” exam unless I pay for them separately at a different appointment.  Most assuredly, I will not be able to get my bone density tests (even though my mother had osteoporosis) nor will I be able to get medication to prevent the same from happening to me. There will be no way without taking your clothes off that a doctor can detect a mole that is precancerous, or notice your legs are swollen or changes to your normal skin tone.  These all are indicators of a more serious problem that might be going on.  But you DO get  a screening for depression, and God knows by now, you will be depressed when you start to get medical bills to pay which Medicare or your Medigap Insurance won’t pay because you have “opted” for your regular yearly physical instead of the Government’s “wellness exam.”

The most obnoxious of these “Medicare”-sponsored commercials shows a grandfather telling the world that thanks to his annual physical under Obamacare, the doctor detected a serious life-threatening condition that otherwise could have prevented him from seeing his grandchildren grow up.  Obviously, under Medicare’s new rules, he would have had to have been on death’s doorstep in order to have been diagnosed using the prescribed annual exam under Obamacare which precludes doctors from using the latest diagnostic tools during your annual physical.

The Government now expects doctors who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and years as interns for their education and who put up with years of grueling medical training, to now waste their valuable time and “sit” with fully clothed Medicare patients for 45 minutes once a year and talk about the time of day, and for a discounted payment at that.  Don’t forget that included in Obamacare is the requirement that older people be made aware of their “options” should they not like the care the doctor is able to provide. What ever happened to “if you like your Doctor and insurance plan you can keep them”; but at what additional cost?

I for one, am furious at this lie by the Obama administration.  I have already seen our insurance Part B and Medigap insurance payments go up by about 30% because of Obamacare, and for what?  So I can ignore my body and my health and keep myself well by having the kind of physical that I want and need.  Every senior and the children of seniors should be infuriated at what is coming if Obamacare is not stopped and repealed.   If you want to see what this looks like in the future, rent the movie Soylent Green and see how Government treats seniors who are no longer considered “relevent or productive”  – it’s awfully close to sitting for 45 minutes with your clothes on talking with your doctor about nonsense.

UPDATE:  So, opting for a complete physical instead of the Obama Wellness Exam, I had my appointment yesterday. Out of an hour set aside for my physical, I can honestly report that I had all of TEN MINUTES of my physician’s undivided time for the exam and to answer my specific questions about my health.  The other 50 minutes was spent by my doctor and his nurse on the computer, filling out MANDATED questions by the Government’s HHS Department.  As a result, I did not have eye contact, or even felt the presence of my doctor, during all of those questions.  Be VERY AFRAID of the kind of questions they ask, because ultimately they will result in another mandate from HHS based on your answers.  For instance, you might expect one question of whether you have experienced any depression since the date of your last physical.  But if you do answer you were depressed about an incident (in my case a personal family matter), you get many followup questions that are written for the physician about the number of times you are depressed every day and whether you ever feel like killing yourself (I think they worded it more tactfully).  In the future, perhaps President Obama’s words will come true – that “sometimes it is better to take a pill…(for grandma).”

Because I have had very controlled asthma for years (thanks to the preventative inhaler that I use), there was now a separate asthma section that took several minutes.  Those questions mainly focused on whether you felt your asthma was out of control or fully controlled.  What’s going to happen when they get 3 years of “fully controlled” from seniors – will they insist upon your expensive inhaler being dropped?

Then came the written question about my sex life and if I had one.

Were there any questions in HHS’s mandated questionnaire about what my nutrition or healthy living plans were?  No, because that is not their goal.  The questions they ask are frankly none of the Government’s business and because they are now a public matter are more egregious to ask a patient.  The doctor and nurse apologized for having to ask these questions and the doctor specifically said that he was frustrated that “he couldn’t get back to what he was educated to do – be a doctor and had to spend time answering computer questions which he hated.”

Since so much time was spent wasting an hour of the doctor’s time on the HHS’s mandated questions, it ended up that ordering my annual prescriptions was screwed up because they were trying to get done for the next patient.

Kathleen Sibelius has stated that this information is confidential and cannot be viewed by the Government.  If true, then why have they mandated this information be disclosed in order for Medicare to cover the annual physical cost?  For my own personal view, I was infuriated because this is MY private time with my doctor for which I am required to pay to secure relevant information about my current state of health such as blood tests.  My monthly Medicare and separate insurance payments which I pay are not intended to support the Government’s agenda but are for my own health.

*Make sure to read my Update: What You Need to Know About your Medicare Annual….” just published August, 2013

The Real Truth about Obama’s “Truth Team”

by Jayne Frank

On a daily basis, the Obama campaign team emails all the millennials, blacks, Latinos and other “groups” that supported him in 2008 to deluge them with lies about Obama’s record and why he should be given another chance.  It would be funny if it were not so sad.

The most flagrant and dishonest email I have ever seen is the one yesterday that there are 5 truths that Obama wants people to “put on their refrigerator” and pass along to everyone they meet.   The Obama groupies are encouraged to spread Obama’s five truths as follows.  The real truth about each one of these points is highlighted in red thereafter.

1)  Romney is the most radically anti-women candidate in a generation having supported the ban on Planned Parenthood and supported a ban on some abortion procedures.

Truth:  Unlike the Democratic talking heads, Romney has never demeaned womanhood, either in the workplace or in his capacity as Governor.  He treats all women as equals as not “victims” which flies in the face of everything the DNC and the Democratic party stands for.  The Democrats must, in order to be re-elected, portray women in America as victims unable to get fair pay for their work (unless a law demands it), and as an entitled group that must be given contraceptives and abortive services for free as they wish.  They also now have demeaned stay-at-home moms as not being productive in society.  This from a man who stated in his past that he would support Muslims whose entire life is devoted to making women subservient and second-class people.  This from a man who, through his own economic policies, has made women one of the largest unemployed groups in  America and has  put back decades the ability for women to work hard and progress in the private-sector marketplace.  

Knowing that the President of the United States represents all women of the U.S., not just the underprivileged, Romney supports NO FEDERAL FUNDING sent to Planned Parenthood.  We can’t afford it and Planned Parenthood can exist on private donations alone.

2)  Romney will repeal Obamacare.

You bet he will!  And he will have Congress replace it with a health care reform that will protect people with pre-existing conditions and make sure that doctors in America have the ability to treat their patients and not have to ration care for the less productive portions of our population (according to Obama), our precious seniors.  America is broke, has almost a $17 trillion deficit, and the Congressional Budget Office has already said that Obamacare will cost over $1.3 trillion more than the projected $1 trillion that was projected in the Legislation.  Quite truthfully, Obamacare is socialized medicine and will kill the quality of care for all Americans.

3)   Romney doesn’t have what it takes to be Commander-in-Chief because he shifts positions on foreign policy!

Are you serious?  This from a man who had zero experience to be qualified for this high office other than organizing community groups to protest inequality and to keep the entitlement system in place.   Due to his bowing to the entire world, continually apologizing for America, we are the laughing-stock of countries, especially in the middle east, who continually “test” Obama’s resolve.  I admit that Obama is steady in his foreign policy – he has none other than portraying America as a weak country not willing to stand up for its Allies or picking and choosing which human rights issues are worth taking a stand on.

4)  Romney’s economic plans would take more money from the middle class….

I won’t even finish this sentence because of the disgust this writer has for this repeated lie.  47% of Americans don’t pay taxes, and the top 1% of taxpayers pay almost 50% of the taxes in this Country.  There is nothing more to be said.  This President has made his 1st priority in his Presidency demeaning private sector success (unless it is from one of his wealthy donors such as a Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Warren Buffet).  His own admitted policy as stated in his campaign was to “redistribute wealth.”  So why young people in this country would not see that there will be no opportunities under this Administration to work in the private sector and make a success of themselves financially, is beyond me.  Is sitting back and “taking” from our Government more satisfying than working hard and putting your hard-earned money in your pocket more satisfying?  I think not.

5)  Romney would end Medicare as we know it

Obama and the Democrats are once again resorting to the only tactics they know – trying to scare seniors, knowing that they are a very crucial voting block for the Presidential election.  The truth is that Medicare is on a downward spiral.  With millions of new baby boomers hitting the Medicare program each year, and with fewer and fewer people in the workforce able to pay into the Medicare system, Medicare WILL end as we know it with the help of Obama.   With a country in this much debt, the Medicare program must be overhauled so that our children and grandchildren have a program that will be there to supplement their medical care as well.  The perception is that there are seniors just waiting until they can get Medicare so they can then leech off the system for the rest of their lives.  In truth, seniors hate being forced into a Federally mandated medical health system and it is certainly true that the majority of us cannot survive off this benefits alone without spending a great percentage of our fixed income supplementing this Federal program.  Seniors are not stupid and we will overwhelming vote for a President, and a Congressional team, that is supportive of keeping benefits intact for seniors already getting Medicare, but who will lead and make the hard choices necessary to save Medicare for our kids and grandkids.

One of the most abysmal omissions in this emails is the effect that Obamacare will have on seniors’ healthcare.  You are starting to see rationing and decisions made by non-medical care boards within the Government on what care is appropriate and which procedures will be turned down, spiraling costs for our Medicare contributions that seniors are already making, and huge 30% increases for supplemental insurance that seniors must carry.   None of us, under Obamacare, are going to be allowed to see specialists if the “Board” thinks it is not warranted, and our own private doctors are being put in the position of either declining to see us anymore because of lack of payment under Medicare or because of the onerous regulations being placed on them under Obamacare.  Remember, under Obamacare, it is prohibited for you to pay for any procedure or doctor if you have the money to do so!  You bet Mitt Romney or any other Republican being elected to office will repeal this onerous legislation passed without a majority of Congress or the American people, and in the dark of night.

I know that some young people in this country see the President of our Country as a rock star – someone who feels their pain and can technologically keep up with them.  But I feel that is a huge minority, and that young people want the same prospects for their lives as I and my parents and grandparents had.  The prospect that if we worked hard,  persevered, and were good citizens and dedicated to our families, that the quality of life would be good for them and that life would be rewarding.  They are not willing to buy this “Bill of Goods” that the Obama administration is trying to sell, and that they will help elect a President in 2012 that is willing and able to put America back on the path to prosperity and freedom that I so enjoyed in my lifetime.

Obamacare’s Secret Attack on Senior Women

by Jayne D. Frank

For those of you that dismiss articles like this because you are young and otherwise busy, this affects every one of your parents, especially your mothers.  Since Obamacare was passed, seniors have seen severe changes which have been unreported by the media and unpublished by many blogs and newspapers.  Specifically, I can only talk about what has occurred in my life with regard to this draconian law.  I am 65 and in good health, mostly because 1) I have had and paid for my own insurance premiums since the beginning of my work life, 2) I have had my regular checkups with my family doctor as well as my gynecologist, and 3) I try to eat well and keep active.  In other words, I have taken full responsibility for my medical care and health for many years and have never abused the system such as going to an emergency room for anything short of inability to breathe or anaphylactic shock.

Here’s the gripe people like me have with Obamacare:  we are being denied healthcare, even as early as 2011.  I will give you specifics to back up my claim:

1.  In my doctor’s office immediately after passage of Obamacare, I saw a posted sign which said that the office was changing the way it operated (keep in mind what the law contains).  Paraphrasing, the sign said that the doctors would not always be available, but that other professionals in the office would be sure to take care of you “as a team.”  It indicated that records would be changed to electronic and that you could access your records by email.  Keep in mind that for many people in their 80s and 90s, they have no computer skills, don’t own a computer, and would never sit down to email about their blood test results or health records; therefore, they will be forced to neglect their own healthcare.  The most egregious part of the sign indicated that “in the future we will be discussing “your goals” versus “our goals” for your health to give you the care you want.  In other words, the “death panel.”

2.   Our insurance premiums for the two of us have gone up 30% in one year just for the supplemental insurance that we pay.  Now we find out that the cost-of-living increase in 2012 will be offset by the increased Part B and Part D premiums; in fact, the cost will be higher for those parts of Medicare.  During this same year or two, our cost of living has increased for everyday items – our food, our heating costs, our gas for our cars; a real crunch for American families that are working and have a family, but a severe drain on the fixed income of seniors.  This eventually will translate into a decision not to go out to dinner or to travel; for those under the poverty level, that translates into whether to eat or take prescription medicine.

3.   During my annual gynecological visit, I was told on this my 65th birthday, that medical experience suggests that women of my age stop having gynecological exams because the incidents of ovarian cancer or cervical cancer are rare.  These are the latest statistics on both types of cancer for women 65 and over:

Cervical Cancer:

  • Women ages 65 and older account for nearly 25 percent of all cervical cancer cases and 41 percent of cervical cancer deaths in the United States.
  • Women ages 65 and older have a cervical cancer incidence rate of 16.8 per 100,000, compared to 7.4 for women younger than 65. The incidence rate is the number of newly diagnosed cancers per 100,000 population during a specific period of time (usually one year).
Ovarian Cancer:
  • In more than 50% of cases, ovarian cancer occurs in women over the age of 65; but younger women can also be affected. The incidence dramatically increases with age, reaching its peak in the late 70s. Approximately 70% of women with ovarian cancer have extensive disease at the time of diagnosis.  Many times, doctors are trying to get away from regulations for not addressing ovarian cancer in the older age group by suggesting that women just remove get a hysterectomy.
This advice by the gynecologist was also reiterated by my family physician.  What accounts for this sudden change in the push to stop women from staying on top of their health at all ages?  Surely, the new restrictions and mandates  upon doctors by the massive Obamacare law. Doctors have to cut their costs somewhere; why not on their aging patients.
As a woman, I am infuriated with what is happening to our healthcare system.  I don’t blame the doctors so much because the new mandated paperwork and switch to electronic records by our Government, as well as reductions in payments to doctors under Medicare, are costing them excessive time and costs, when they could have devoted this  time to patient care.  I place this blame directly on the costs inflicted by Obamacare and call upon all women in this country to fight for repeal of Obamacare and as a result fight for their right to adequate healthcare for their entire lives!   We must also have new leadership in this country that will pass a bill for tort reform to take the shackles off doctors caused by fear of malpractice suits.
Get off your butts seniors and fight back!

Obama’s Agenda IS on the Backs of the Middle Class and Elderly

by Jayne D. Frank

Listening to President Obama’s lies once again today in the Rose Garden, I cannot help but wonder how many elderly people in this Country still buy his “crap!”  Having worked all my life in the corporate world and owning a small business during my semi-retired years, I have seen first-hand the affect of his policies on my family and my neighbors.  We lost our small business in the wake of the mistrust and economy downturn following the election of Barack Obama in 2008 and since that time have seen our own standard of living, as senior citizens, as well as that of our children, decline to a point approaching poverty.  We might as well not have worked and paid taxes all of these years ; perhaps the hippies had it right in the 60’s – “If it feels good – do it!”  We could have enjoyed not working, searching the world over for our “other selves” and just had a good time, instead of being productive Americans, taking care of our parents along the way, and hoping to finally have that “good time” during our retirements.

Now that we have arrived at our Golden Years, we find ourselves, like millions of senior citizens, in 2011:

1)  Paying 3.66/gallon average price of gasoline over the $1.67 in 2008; we can’t afford to take trips anywhere.

2)  Looking at another 3.5% increase in cost of our stay-at-home grocery bill, caused almost entirely by crops diverted to biofuels and smaller yields caused by EPA regulations on farmers; that leaves us nothing to ever go out to dinner with each other.

3)  Looking at a future where doctors are to be rewarded for their cost-saving, performance-based, rationing of our medical care, as most recently repeated by President Obama in his speech today;

4) Incurring Medicare premium increases in 2012 through 2014 which will offset any COLA increases seniors may get, caused singularly by Obamacare; again keeping seniors locked in their homes unable to spend any money and help spur the economy.

5) Investigating ways to pay for our prescriptions in 2012 and future years as Obamacare and the Obama administration make it harder for us to pay higher increases in our insurance plans.  Perhaps, somewhere in Obama’s vision is a “Soylent Green” kind of world where we can all peacefully get out of the way to make room for younger generations;

6)  Worrying about our children and grandchildren losing their jobs without any future for rehiring, losing their real estate investments and not having a committed Congress who will ensure that our children will not be paying off our governmental debts forever.

I wanted to travel with my husband, to pay my way in life, to not have to worry about my children and their futures, and to be able to stay well.  I fear that unless seniors wake up in this country, get their voices back and resist President Obama’s efforts to reshape our beautiful Country in HIS vision, that this will only be a memory we once had.

What I want is for the class warfare and the lies of this Administration to end so that we can get about healing the divisions in our country and make America better for all Americans.  43% of Americans pay nothing in this country, not counting all the millions we are spending on people that have never paid into our system and are not citizens.  But instead of addressing the real problems that are facing this country, such as the true cost of immigration (legal and illegal), a true “welfare class” that has never worked and don’t want to work, and an obsolete and ineffective tax system, as well as Government spending, the Administration is now targeting seniors, who are the real victims in this scenario playing out in Washington.