Hypocrites Among Us!

by Richard H. Frank

The media feeding frenzy with regard to sexist remarks made by Donald Trump over a decade ago is an example of “Clinton’s Campaign of Personal Destruction.” There is no doubt that Trump’s remarks were crass and disrespectful to women and to anyone hoping to respect a leader with high moral convictions. Unfortunately, human beings tend to reflect attitudes prevalent during various times in their life’s experience. I say this having grown up and worked in circumstances not unlike that of Donald Trump.

Dr. Donald Massy’s book “What You Are is Where You Were When” sheds some insight as to how our beliefs and morals are established and ingrained in our thinking. This is not to say that we are racists or sexists or antisemites and cannot evolve and alter the effect of the environment which we grew up and matured within.

Now in the heat of the tightly contested election of 2016 with less than 30 days before we cast our votes, pundits ascend to the moral high ground to cast aspersions on the character of Donald J. Trump. Men like Geraldo Rivera, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan seek to set themselves morally above Mr. Trump expressing their outrage to evangelicals and female voters in particular. I challenge men like these to examine their own past and swear that they have never uttered anything akin to the words used by Donald Trump.

The left-leaning media and these men and their ilk will never accept Trump’s apology not because it is insincere but for a whole list of political and personal motivations. These individuals hold themselves up as devout Christians and condemn Trump as being without remorse or redemption. I would remind them of two lessons from the scriptures that they must be familiar with:

“Let he that is without sin cast the first stone,” and

“Judge not lest ye be judged.”

If you can search your soul and are convinced that the statements made by Trump in 2005 while entrenched in his business dealings disqualify him to be our President to take care of our big economic, terror and immigration issues, then you are either naive or a hypocrite. Those that oppose Trump will say that “words matter.” I contend that although words are important, “actions matter” even more. Think about that as you evaluate Hillary Clinton and her past as the alternative and prepare to cast your ballot on November 8, 2016.

Herman Cain Tried in the Court of Biased Media!

by Richard H. Frank

Today’s environment of the 24-hour news cycle, coupled with the media feeding frenzy to exploit “breaking news,” whether factual or not, has served to subvert our system of criminal justice in America. The presumption of innocence is overridden by reporting of here say, inference, innuendo and in many instances outright lies.  Even when allegations and charges have been proven to be false and maliciously concocted against some individual, company or entity, the media fails to retract their charges and correct the record.  Unfortunately, the damage caused by such irresponsible reporting, intentional or otherwise, is irreparable.

The latest example of the media’s quest to be first with reporting concerns the charges of “sexual harassment” leveled against a Republican candidate for the Presidential nomination in the 2012 General Election, Herman Cain.   The current charges made against him cover a span of approximately 15 years and range in specifics from “He made me feel uncomfortable,” to “He attempted to grope me.” Herman  Cain vehemently denies the charges while those women making them insist they are true.  As with the majority of such cases, we are faced with a situation of “she said, he said” with no one to corroberate the truth for either side.

My personal experience in business spans more than 50 years and over that time I have witnessed past interactions between individuals of the opposite sex once accepted as normal somehow assume the impetus for asserting sexual harassment.  Certainly there was ample cause to legislate protections against sexual harassment in the workplace but such legislation opened the way for disgruntled employees to extort from their employers for alleged real or imagined violations of the law.  Unfortunately, once the charge of sexual harassment is leveled, the stigma of that charge remains long after it is resolved between the parties.  In some cases careers spanning decades, long marriages and entire families have been destroyed resulting from the mere allegation.  Like cancer, alleged sexual harassment is insidious and almost impossible to combat.

In the case of Herman Cain the motive to level such charges must be examined especially considering the lapse of time between the alleged harassment and making the charge public.  High on the list of possibilities might be the following:

  • Political – in that he is in the top tier of candidates seeking the nomination of the Republican Party.
  • Monetary – a chance for 15 minutes of fame and fortune from bringing the charges against a high-profile individual
  • Racist – a means to prevent a black man from becoming President by charges of harassment coming from what now appears to be exclusively white woman.

The story has served to suck all of the oxygen out of the 24-hour news cycle and may be seen in reports having a ratio of 5-10:1 over any other story.  Facts don’t matter – only that the media involved is the first to air any and all allegations, true or not. Further, this tabloid journalism has detracted from a debate in this Country about the crises that we face and the solutions to solve them.

Such is the world of Politics in America today.  Herman Cain will be charged, tried and convicted in the court of biased media.  Is it any wonder that those persons truly qualified to run for office and solve America’s problems hesitate or back away in light of the personal scrutiny they must face from the media?  This is especially true should that person be a conservative that upholds the principles of  our Constitution.

I truly don’t know if Herman Cain is guilty or not of sexual harassment.  He may be just a product of the environment he grew up in where being himself was once viewed as normal when interacting between individuals.  I do, however, question the motives of those making charges against him at this late date and point in time.

Media Manipulation of Bin Laden Death!

by Richard H. Frank

The national news media in the United States is intent on setting the agenda of importance for news commentary for the American public.  The editors of reported stories in today’s 24-hour/7 day reporting by both national, international and cable news outlets has created an atmosphere of creative, speculative and entertainment reporting as opposed to presentation of fact.  Even Fox News that reports under the banner of “Fair and Balanced” has fallen into the trap of presenting the sensational and “one-upsmanship” in an effort to capture viewer ratings.

The latest example is the announcement of the killing of Osama Bin Laden on May 1, 2011.  Certainly this story carries a significant level of importance for the families of those killed in the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, or Shanksville, PA as well as for those brave people who spent a decade in pursuit of this despicable terrorist.  Unfortunately, those persons that choose to politicize the killing for purposes of advancing their individual careers, ideology or personal gain as opposed to having served the principles of justice demean the accomplishment of America’s brave military personnel.

For the past three days, mainly due to the insatiable appetite of the media, we have set aside reporting on all major issues confronting this nation and focused on the killing much as with a continuing soap opera.

Little, if any, reporting has taken place regarding national disasters from fire, flood and tornadoes occurring here in the United States. What of the Government actions with regard to the 2012 budget, soaring deficits and the impending debt ceiling deadline?  Oil prices continue to soar resulting in record high gasoline prices that translate to punishing increased costs on the very survival necessities for life in America.

Emotionally the death of Bin Laden is something to be celebrated.  Practically, it does little, if anything, except create a martyr for terrorists to affect the war being waged against radical islamic terrorism.

The media loves to embrace the practice of distraction from the real issues facing America when it comes to the Obama Administration. The most recent examples are the week spent reporting on Obama’s long form birth certificate now followed by the incessant, unrelenting reporting on the Osama Bin laden attack and his subsequent death.

The media needs to pack it up and get on to reporting the important issues of the day.  Like it or not, following the liberation of Kuwait, President Bush “41”  ‘s approval ratings were in the 90% range.  Sixteen to 18 months later the dismal economy cost him reelection. The same forces are present today to a greater extent but are not reported by the media.  Distraction from the economic, fiscal and Constitutional issues are the agenda of the media.  Their attempt to manipulate the news will fail as the facts of continuing unemployment, deficit spending, the foreclosure crisis, high taxes, and soaring energy prices are felt by every American family.