Obama’s Revenge – A President in Panic!

by Richard H. Frank

Any American voter with a minimum of common sense must admit that Barack Obama has become a candidate in panic.  His actions in light of the Benghazi, Libya murders and  his photo-op following Hurricane Sandy are continued evidence of his narcissistic attitude about this Nation.  If it is not all about Obama, the Messiah, the mainstream media fails to report the truth in an effort to run out the clock until after the election on November 6.

An incumbent with no record to run on, who has governed against the will of The People and treated the individual states as serfdoms of the Federal Government under the reign of his Royal Majesty Barack Obama, has reverted to characterizing the election as the means to seek revenge.  Revenge upon who? Mitt Romney?

The truth is that Mitt Romney bears no responsibility for the economic situation and devastation piled upon Americans over the past four years by the policies imposed upon us by the Obama Administration.  Additionally,  Obama as Commander-in-Chief  has accepted no responsibility for the collapse of the Arab Spring leading to the murder of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya but continued to blame a video until Fox News reporting uncovered the truth.

Moreover, Obama’s energy policies have added significantly to the Nation’s deficit and placed our national security in jeopardy.

According to an article entitled “The Air Force’s Fuel Problem” in Air Force Magazine’s July, 2012 issue, it stated that in 2009 the forecast for a gallon of fuel in 2011 was set at $2.37.  However, it reached $3.40 creating  a deficit of more than $3 billion dollars.

Unfortunately, the Air Force, just one branch of our military is left to find solutions to mitigate fuel cost increases that include reducing flying hours, seeking engine upgrades at an immediate cost and cutting back on operations and maintenance. The same is true of the Navy Department now saddled with purchasing huge quantities of Bio-Diesel to power the fleet at costs exceeding oil based Diesel by more than 25%.

These actions are dangerous to say the least in light of the unstable situation existing in the Middle East.

The Obama campaign is built upon a series of lies in an effort to hide the President’s dismal record over the past four years.  Obama, in his fog of narcissism believes the following:

  • Over 5.2 million jobs have been created as a result of his policies over the past 27 months.
  • Health care costs for every American will fall dramatically as Obamacare is implemented.
  • Having tried his ideas we are on the right track proving that his policies work.
  • Al Qaeda is on the retreat, Osama Bin Laden is dead and democracy is on the rise in the Middle East.

Compare his imagination to that of reality:

  • The U-6 unemployment rate still remains at 14.6% with 23 million Americans unemployed or underemployed.
  • 47 million people are currently sustained on food stamps.
  • The Annual Deficit continues at over $1 trillion.
  • Health care costs have risen by over 30% since the imposition of Obamacare and are expected to add over $2.5 trillion to the deficit over the next 10 years.
  • The Islamic Brotherhood is in power in Egypt and threatens the entire middle east with a move toward Sharia Law and radical Islamic control.

Given the reality as stated above I think it is obvious who is the target for Obama’s revenge.  That target is “We the People.”

Only your vote can stop the madness by making Barack Obama and his Administration a “One-Term Proposition” to quote the President.

The Color of Barack Obama’s Character!

By: Richard H. Frank

Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. in his “I have a dream speech”, stated that we should judge a man not by the color of his skin but by his character. Each of us may define character differently. Although the dictionary defines “character” in vague adjectives that cover a wide assortment of situations and conditions, there is one definition upon which I feel we can all agree upon. Character among men is embodied within the action you take to carry out the “Values, Ethics and Morals” you believe in.

  • Consistency between what you say you will do and what you actually do.
  • Championing and putting ethics into action.
  • Moral strength. It takes moral courage to do what is right when it may cost you more than you are willing to pay.
  • Who you are and what you do when no one is looking.

William Penn put “character” in terms we can all understand when he said, “Wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it. Right is still right, even if no one else is doing it.” So what may we conclude from the above? Character is predicated upon the values and principles which a person’s beliefs are founded.

Politically, we use terms such as ideology, the rule of law and transparency to measure our leaders’ character against. Unfortunately, most politicians fail to live up to these measures and the values and principles embodied in the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. The latest and most revealing look into Barack Obama’s character and that of his administration is evidenced in their explanation of what occurred in the Benghazi, Libya consulate the evening of 9/11/2012 leading to the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

It is amazing how quickly our President and his administration placed the blame for uprisings on September 11th in more than 20 middle east countries on a video trailer mocking the Islamic prophet Mohamed. Any evidence to the contrary was suppressed for over one month as it would prove to undermine the Presidents foreign policies in the region. One month following the attack as the truth continued to emerge we see that there was no uprising in Benghazi resulting from the video trailer and that the attack was indeed a planned coordinated terrorist assault upon the consulate. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice even in the face of undisputed evidence continued to insist the killings were the result of a mob gone out of control protesting the video.As the truth emerged the spin merchants in Washington began to construct their smoke screen to protect the President and his administration against voter retaliation with the general election just under 4 weeks away.

Following the explanation given by Obama and Clinton on September 12th the President boarded Air Force One to attend a fund raiser in Nevada leaving family members of the murdered Americans with a myriad of unanswered questions. So much for what the President says and what he does.

This week, a full month following the terrorist attack, the professionals within the State Department decided to come clean and admit they knew the attack was a planned terrorist assault from the outset and not the result of any video trailer. They apparently decided they would not become the fall guys for Obama, Clinton and the administration’s flawed foreign policies. Now that the can has been opened the administration is scrambling to keep the worms from escaping  before the election takes place on November 6, 2012. Unfortunately for Obama and his administration the lid has been removed from this scandal and the truth will be pursued beyond the election regardless of the outcome of the November vote.

Those of us that experienced the Watergate scandal and the eventual resignation of President Nixon for covering up a burglary know that the breech of the consulate in Libya and resulting murder of four Americans is much more serious than any break-in. No one was murdered as a result of Watergate but we have four dead patriots as a result of Obama’s policies in Libya. Congressman Issa’s oversight committee must diligently pursue the truth and hold those in government accountable for not providing protection to our men and women overseas in service to this nation.

If the color of Obama’s character and that of his administration were to be defined by the events on 9/11 in Libya, I believe it would be labeled as “YELLOW”.

America-At the Mercy of the Middle East Islamic Fanatics

by Richard H. Frank

The Islamic extremist faction in the Middle East has turned Obama’s Arab Spring into a charade using the guise of seeking democracy to suppress freedom and impose Sharia Law upon the oil-producing countries in the region.

Those of us old enough to remember the oil embargoes of the 1970s imposed by OPEC understand that our nation’s economy and national security is dependent upon the continuing flow of “black gold” or crude oil from the Middle East.  Unfortunately, over the past 40 years we have chosen to elect representatives to Government that have failed to understand this reality or have caved to the special interests and placed achieving energy independence as something only worthy of lip service.

Only when the price of a gallon of gasoline places a financial burden on the average American do politicians suddenly become indignant over the public protests and seek to place the blame on everything but their own inaction to clear the path to achieving energy independence.

Barack Obama and his Administration of academic neophytes believe that they can appease the radical factions rising to power in the Middle East through diplomatic appeasement.  The events over the past three days with attacks upon our Consulate in Libya resulting in the death of four Americans and the breach of our embassies in Egypt and Yemen have come as a rude awakening to Obama and his Administration.  President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton both know the devastating impact that the cutoff of Mid East oil will have upon the economy and the security of this nation.  That is why they are so adamant in placing the blame for the attacks upon a “YouTube” video allegedly mocking the Prophet Mohammed.

Obama, 53 days before the election, will do nothing that will inflame the Middle East governments of Islamic oil-producing nations and is prepared to apologize and capitulate to their demands however onerous.  That is why he will not withhold aid in the billions of borrowed dollars to these countries under the guise of helping these fledgling governments to take hold as democracies in the Middle East.

The Islamic fanatics such as the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood have Obama by the balls and he will cave to their demands as soon as they apply the slightist pressure.  Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle-East oil-producing countries is in shambles and the boot of the Middle East oil producers is placed firmly upon the neck of the United States as a direct result of the Obama Administration’s failed foreign policies and with respect to achieving energy independence.

Should these oil-producing countries limit their exports to the United States or increase the price of crude oil to extreme levels they will bring this Nation to its knees in a few short months.

Civil unrest, the likes of which never before experienced in this Country would result, even as we contemplated having to go to war to protect our national interests in the oil-producing regions of the Middle East.

Once again, America appears to be the sleeping giant that must be awakened and jarred into taking action to protect ourselves.  The time to wake up has long past and the incompetent leadership in Washington continues to flounder about in endless debate on what to do and how to preserve this Republic.

Whether we realize it or not, America is at the mercy of the Middle East Islamic fanatics holding sway in positions of power inside unstable governments.  Should we fail to act they will drain our financial system and strength by regulating the flow of life-giving oil at devastating prices while simultaneously creating civil turmoil within our civilian population.

Obama is a dogmatic ideologue and will not confront the crisis head on but insists that his policies will solve the Middle East uprisings.  He is wrong and the only solution to the pending crisis is to replace Obama in November and assume a position of strength through new leadership in the White House and Congress dedicated to the proposition of negotiation through strength and quickly achieving energy independence from the Mid-East oil-producing countries.

Time is running out and we can ill-afford four more years of Barack Obama and his failed policies.

J. Christopher Stevens Left for Dead because of Obama Campaign Agenda

by Jayne D. Frank

As Americans remain shocked and outraged at the senseless and planned murder of our Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, I fear that he will have died in vain.  He will be swept under the rug by the Obama Administration because of the continued appeasement rhetoric of both President Obama and especially Hillary Clinton and because this is an election year.

Today’s speech by Hillary Clinton once again tried to blame the planned and coordinated attack on America’s embassies by Islam extremists on an video and shockingly said that the reason any video of this sort cannot be stopped by their  Administration is that “it is because of a long-standing tradition” in America that we cannot do so.  In fact, that right of free speech is strictly protected by our U.S. Constitution, a document that this President has declared to be “fundamentally flawed.”

What is at play here is a sad combination of events which will render the death of J. Christopher Stevens “collateral damage” in the eyes of Obama and Hillary Clinton.  President Obama made no bones about stating early on as a candidate for President, that if the political winds turned against the Muslims, that he would “stand with the Muslims.”  Combined with his continued agenda to reintroduce the “Fairness Doctrine” and have the Government control the internet, they both pounced on this senseless murder of our Ambassador to hone in on that agenda.

We have waited for two days now for a strong American reaction and response to terrorists attacking our embassies around the world, but it will not come out from this very timid and apologetic Administration.  President Obama will continue to “stand with the Muslims” and Hillary Clinton, his puppet and surrogate,  will continue to apologize to anyone that might be offended by the mere existence of Americans.  Thus far, his comments have been solely with regard to the attack on the Libyan Consulate while avoiding any mention of desecration of the American flag at the embassy in Cairo, Egypt.  His typical response is to condemn “in the strongest terms” the actions of the Islamic radicals while tiptoeing around the fundamental ideology behind their actions.  This is the same President who when confronted about his not wearing the American Flag on his lapel said that he felt it represented a symbol of repression to some countries around the world.

Until these so-called nations of the Arab Spring accept their responsibility to protect American interests under International Law, all funding of support of their governments should be suspended immediately.  Should the President fail to act in this regard, Congress must assume their Constitutional authority to do so.

So once again, what did our Ambassador and 3 others die for?  So that radical Muslims who want Americans to die can have their right to say so?  So that The Muslim Brotherhood who stands for nothing but Sharia Law can take over these countries and take our millions of dollars in aid for furthering their own agenda? Stevens was put in his position in Libya by an Administration with no strength or leadership in America’s foreign policy, by a President who will do anything for the Muslims at the expense of our national security, and quite frankly had to know that the region was so unstable that Stevens would never get out alive.  Obama should hang his head in shame!

Update:  Today on September 25, 2012, in front of all the United Nations’ countries, Obama refused to say the words “Ambassador Stevens was murdered” or “Ambassador Stevens was assassinated.”  This President made the deliberate choice not to say that “terrorists” did this to Stevens in order to placate and “make nice” with the Arab countries around the world.  He once more pulled out the “video was responsible” theme instead of warning Arab and Muslim countries never to let this happen again,  therefore Ambassador Stevens did die in vain as the title of this blog indicates.  The facts are:  1) Ambassador Stevens had no security around him from the United States and the servicemen who rushed to his defense and were murdered with him were not assigned to guard him; 2) Instead of at least mourning the loss of Stevens or declaring his murder to be perpetrated by terrorists, the day after he was murdered, Obama left for a Las Vegas fundraiser and rally and did not participate in any Intel Briefings; and 3) President Obama and Hillary Clinton do not honor his memory by allowing his murder to be an everyday occurrence in the rise of the Arab Spring – they dishonor his memory and dishonor all those who serve as U.S. Ambassadors around the world.

Obama’s Continued Disregard for The Rule of Law and Our Constitution!

By: Richard H. Frank

Friday May 20, 2011 marked the deadline for Barack Obama to request Congress to sanction Americas involvement in the Libyan conflict under the War Powers Act. True to form the administration chose to ignore the law and instead sent a letter to the Senate in an effort to circumvent the Constitutional power of Congress as the only body empowered to take this nation to war. The arrogance of this administration is beyond belief when the President stands before the Nation and chastises middle eastern countries for not respecting their people and governing using democratic principles established under the “rule of law.”

He has in effect abandoned Israel under his administration’s policy to supposedly promote democracy in the middle east when in one breath he confirms our commitment to that nation and in the next attempts to set the agenda for their negotiation for  peace with the Palestinians. What sort of deals has this administration made behind closed doors with Arab nations that impact the security of Israel, in exchange for enhancing  the prospects for Obama’s re-election?

His speech on foreign policy for the Middle East was filled with the Obama code words such as “investment” and promoting enterprise at the local business level through “grants” to encourage employment. All this coupled with forgiving $1 billion of Egypt’s debt and providing an additional one billion dollars for stimulus (investment) in the non- oil producing economy. It seems to me that the middle eastern governments have enough revenue from oil production to provide their own incentatives for stimulating employment in the private sectors of their economy. After all, just look at how effective Obama’s $816 Billion stimulus has been here in the United States.

It is time for Congress to take a stand against “His Royal Highness” and assert their equal Constitutional powers over the Executive Branch of government and reign in his attempts to circumvent Congress and the law. How long will our elected representatives allow this President to walk the narrow line that borders upon just cause for impeachment?

Contact your Senator now and demand that Obama follow the law or face the consequences for his illegal actions.

Obama Defies the Constitution and Congress!

By: Richard H. Frank

The Constitution of the United States of America is crystal clear with regard to Presidential powers as they relate to war. Specifically, only Congress has the authority to take this nation to war via congressional declaration. Only after such a declaration is the President, as Commander-in-Chief, authorized to conduct war against a defined enemy.

In 1973 Congress passed “The War Powers Resolution” which placed restrictions upon the President to make war. Those restrictions included  evidence required of an attack on the united States, its possessions and protectorates, or armed forces. The President is required to consult with Congress prior to committing troops and continue such consultation until our forces are no longer involved. Also, he is required to file a report to Congress with in 48 hours seeking authorization and after 60 days from the time the report is filed must withdraw such forces.

Further, it has been specifically documented that United Nations Security Council approval does not constitute authorization by Congress pursuant to the War Powers Resolution.

President Obama addressed the nation on March 28, 2011 attempting to establish his authority and leadership role by leading the NATO coalition against Muammar Qaddafi of Libya for crimes against his own people. According to President Obama his leadership and that of those of his diplomats resulted in a swift formation of a coalition of 28 nations and the placing of sanctions against the Libyan regime. Those swift steps took 31 days during which Gaddhafi’s armies devastated the revolutionary forces.

Obama stated that it was not in our national interests but would be against our values should we not have initiated action against the Libyan forces. During his entire speech he failed to identify the conflict in Libya as either a war, or a civil war, which in either case does not constitute an attack upon the U. S., our possessions or protectorates, or our armed forces. Thus his intervention in this civil uprising is unlawful and unconstitutional.

The President contends that his actions have freed 700,000 people seeking freedom from fear, unwarranted arrest, assault and slaughter and having stopped the deadly advance of qaddafi’s forces against the Libyan people. He attempted to couch his position by stating he had consulted with members of Congress before committing American forces to the conflict although this remains to be confirmed. The estimate that the initial dollars spent is more than one billion in unauthorized treasure for the conflict to date.

He stood before the nation and declared that genocide would not be  allowed to take place as long as he was President and Commander-in-Chief. If that statement is meant to define the Obama doctrine then what about genocide taking place in Uganda, Kenya, Darfur, Jordan, Syria, Iran and on and on all over the middle east and Arab countries? The truth is that we have a President worried about his prospects for reelection in 2012 because of his dismal record on domestic matters and sees Libya as a pawn to use in his never-ending election campaign.

If ever there was a situation that shows his contempt for our Constitution and the rule of law it is this reckless venture into Libya under Obama’s leadership. Perhaps our President needs to be reminded of his oath of office to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.”

Make no mistake regardless of the outcome in Libya Barack Obama will have sufficiently insulated himself from bearing any responsibility for failure but is sure to take the credit for any success.

America – A Once Proud Nation Set Adrift

by Richard H. Frank

How much incompetence will the citizens of this once great nation suffer at the hands of the Congress and the Obama Administration before we take action “to alter or abolish” this government as enumerated in the Declaration of Independence.

During the 2010 mid-term elections the electorate sent a loud and clear message to our government that fiscal responsibility and smaller Federal government were the agenda of the voting citizens.  The course set by the Obama Administration and the 111th Congress was firmly rejected by “we the people” and a major shift in the balance of power in all legislatures, state and federal, occurred all across this nation.

The mandate to reduce the size of the Federal government and return to responsible fiscal policy have been totally ignored by Barack Obama and the Democrats in the 112th Congress.

Every attempt to cut spending and reduce deficits both at the state and federal levels is violently opposed by Democrats that fight for their special interest groups including unions and government employees being asked to participate in actions to achieve balanced budgets.

The Congress is so afraid of the leftist media and maintaining their elected office that they will not risk forcing a budget for FY2011 and continue to vote for continuing resolutions containing token spending reductions.

Then, there is our neophyte President, Barack Obama, the Master of Insulation, that purposely remains disconnected from finding resolution to domestic and international problems.  he steadfastly proclaims that we are a nation of laws and blatantly ignores those laws to suit his purposes.

He and his Administration have invented a new vocabulary to sell his socialist, progressive ideology to Americans, particularly the youth.

  • “Fundamentally Change America” equals european-style democracy and redistribution of wealth.
  • The “War on Terror” equates to man-made disasters and international contingency operations.
  • “Investing” equals more big spending
  • “An Act of War” is now a kinetic action.

The liberal media in America compares Barack Obama, as Commander-in-Chief” to those great leaders in  history including Dwight D. Eisenhower, Harry Truman, John Kennedy and the most absurd comparison to Thomas Jefferson and Lincoln.  Those writers prone to make such comparisons obviously have no personal knowledge of these leaders, aside from that written from the viewpoint of liberal, progressive historians.  Barack Obama, as President, is not fit to fill the shoes of any of this American icons.

The Obama Doctrine seems to be that as a nation we must separate our social interests from or strategic national interests.  Former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, correctly states that these interests are inextricably intertwined and cannot be separated from each other without creating a serious risk to one or both.  As a result the mixed messages coming from the White House, Pentagon and State Department create confusion and ultimately show the lack of planning and leadership on the part of Barack Obama as Commander-in-Chief.

America is seen internationally as the Titanic without a rudder.  Notwithstanding all the power we possess, like a ship unable to steer a course, we plunge forward and backward wasting our precious lives and treasure until we will be  hopeless adrift as a Third World power submitting to the tides of the United Nations or a One World Government.

The 2012 national election is the time for us to return to Government under the values and principles enumerated in our Constitution.  Any candidate, President down to the local dog catcher, that does not support, protect and defend those values and principles, is not fit to hold public office.  The destiny of this once great nation rests with each and every American as they cast their vote in the coming 2012 elections.  I pray that we have learned the lessons of Obama’s “Hope and Change” over the past 2 years and the disastrous course upon which it has placed our nation.