Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie!

by Richard H. Frank

Fourteen months have passed since the New York Times broke the story exposing the existence of Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a private server to conduct official State Department business. Since then the FBI and Justice Department have played a coy game attempting to describe this obvious breach of the law by Hillary Clinton as a “lapse in judgment” or in Hillary’s words “a mistake” wherein “she never received or sent any classified emails.” That firm assertion by the former Secretary of State has morphed into “…any emails marked ‘classified'” although over 2,000 emails were received or sent that were obvious and deemed to be classified or above by the FBI and Statement Department investigators.

The Director of the FBI James Comey and Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch both seem to be singing from the same musical score when questioned about the status of their investigations and the potential of indicting Clinton for her actions while serving as “Secretary of State.”

In April, 2016 Barack Obama enters the debate during an interview on Fox News with Chris Wallace stating that he believed Hillary did nothing that impacted our National Security negatively and in essence sent a message to the Justice Department that an indictment would in his estimation be inappropriate. He may as well have stated “If indicted and convicted he would sign an Executive Pardon prior to his exiting office.” Should there be any possibility of impaneling a Grand Jury to hear the case for indictment, that action would have certainly have taken place before the month of May. Under no circumstances will Obama allow the Democratic candidate to proceed to the General Election under threat of indictment.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at the FBI and the Justice Department as their officials struggle to manipulate the language contained in existing law to justify not indicting Hillary. Once again, as with Bill Clinton, it will eventually come down to the definition of what “is” is.

“We the People” are about to witness the demise of a nation governed under the law to a nation governed by the will of the political establishment. Once that happens we may as well change our national anthem from “The Star Spangled Banner” to “Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie.” And God Have mercy on us all!

Obama’s State of the Union Speech More Appropriate for February 2 (Groundhog Day)!

by Richard H. Frank

Prior to the President’s address to a joint session to Congress and the Nation on the State of the Union, I reviewed my blog following last year’s speech entitled “Reality vs. Campaign Rhetoric.”

I fear, as in the movie ‘Groundhog Day” we are destined to relive his speech over and over again until he gets it right or until the electorate gets it right and votes Obama out of office.

The true measure of the “State of the Union” is outlined in last year’s blog and if anything has changed since then, the change has been for the worse.  I expect the Obama speechwriters labored tirelessly to find some undistorted facts for him to claim as his accomplishments.  Obama lives in a different universe than does the rest of America.  Unfortunately, Congress shares much of that same universe as Obama and is willing to accept the myths he spreads as accomplishments.  Half truths are obvious throughout his 65-minute performance to convince America that he deserves 4 more years as President.  Consider these statements compared to the facts:

  • Three million jobs have been created over the past 22 months.  According to the Administration’s own labor statistics, 1.7 million jobs have been lost over the same period since he was sworn into office.
  • His Administration saved the auto industry and GM is once again the world’s #1 producer of automobiles.  The truth remains that last year GM sold an estimated 9 million vehicles worldwide, a number that includes sales of manufacturers in which GM holds minority investments such as in China.  Volkswagan and Toyoto would be the first to challenge Obama’s claim as holding the sales title should their numbers include figures from Scania and truck makers like Man.  As for Toyota, their 2011 sales haven’t been reported for the full year and their estimate is that sales will be down by 7.9 million units as a result of the natural disasters and tsunami experienced in Japan and Thailand.  Should  Toyoto include Wuling sales they will outperform the new GM. As with the employment figures in the U.S., if the numbers don’t support your position, just change the base until they do.
  • “What’s happening in  Detroit can happen elsewhere!”  May God forbid this will come to pass.  Detroit has been transformed into a ghetto as the result of liberal, Progressive, Democrat Government over four decades.  This once proud city with a population making it the 4th largest in the nation in the past has degraded into a wasteland and now occupies 18th position in the nation.  The intercity population has fallen to under 800,000 and is surrounded by decay and a failing infrastructure, and vacant buildings and home line the city’s neighborhoods and provide a magnet for crime.  This area has a 28% unemployment rate under Obama.  Once known as the “Motor City” and the “Capital of Democracy”, it acquired the title of “Murder City” in the 1980s and has continued its rapid degradation since then.  If Detroit provides Obama’s vision for this nation, something is radically wrong with our President’s vision.
  • “Oil production in  America is the highest it has been in 8 years.”  I recall reading an article indicating this increase amounts to less than 2 million barrels a day.   The existing capacity to produce is somewhere between 10 to 20 million barrels per day if it were not for the onerous Government Regulations stifling production.

His statement that he has directed Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to purchase eco biofuel for the Navy once again provides a subsidy to an industry that cannot compete in the free market environment.  Official estimates are that this biodiesel will cost the American taxpayers up to 38% more than diesel fuel derived from crude oil.

Since our President has virtually no record of accomplishment to base his campaign for reelection upon, he must resort to tactics that attack Congress, demonize his Republican opponents and avoid at all costs a debate on “Obamacare.”

His tactics were evident with his every utterance last night:

  • His subtle accusation that Congress is not doings its job in comparison to our military completing its mission in Iraq and Afghanistan shifts the blame to others for his lack of leadership.
  • Stating that every American must do and pay their fair share and play by the same rules is pure class warfare and anti-capitalism.
  • His statement that over the past decade, the rich have benefitted and the poor have suffered due to a tax structure having rates that favor the rich is a distortion of the truth and blatantly false.  An individual having $1 million earnings from investment pays tax at a rate of 15% or $150,000 on those capital gains.  This is over and above the original 25-36% they paid on their investment when taxed as wages.  That amounted to between $250,000 and  $360,000 paid in taxes on those investment dollars.  When Obama compares the total $400,000 to $510,000 paid n investment income to Warren Buffet’s secretary paying 28% on $50,000 income, or $5600, the distortion becomes ridiculous and not worthy of our President.
  • Following his pledge to open 75% of Federal lands and offshore regions for energy production, he qualified the promise by stating he would not walk away from his promise of clean energy and development fo safe energy.  He avoided any mention of the Keystone XL pipeline in his remarks and took refuge behind the “BP horizon” incident in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • In one breath he advocated smaller Government and less regulation when in the next he advocated appointment by executive fiat three new agencies composed of a “trade enforcement unit,” “executive order to remove red tape for infrastructure projects ” and creation of a special unit in the Justice Department to investigate financial crime, sounds  like growing the Government and more regulation to me.
  • His call for “comprehensive immigration reform” came against a statement that our southern borders are safer and more secure than ever.  A claim heavily disputed by Arizona, Texas and New Mexico.  Although not mentioned by name, his proposed reform smacked with elements of the “Dream Act” or amnesty for the children of illegals presently here in America.

The only positive to be found following the President’s address was the focus groups composed of Republicans, Democrats and Independents are no longer swallowing Obama’s rhetoric.

During the 2010 mid-term election “We the People” made our voices heard loud and clear.  Returning to the principles embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the limits of government defined in our Constitution is imperative in this Republic is to survive while individual freedom to prosper is the opportunity provided for every American.

When two-thirds of Americans believe this country is on the “wrong course” under the Obama Administration, it is their duty in the upcoming 2012 election to change course by removing that Administration and replace it with individuals dedicated to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

Barack Obama-Post Racial President – In A Pig’s Eye

by Richard H. Frank

The mainstream media proclaimed that the election of Barack Obama to be President of the United States in 2008 ushered in a new era of post-racial politics in America.  Eighteen months into his presidency, we have witnessed our President accusing the Boston police of “acting stupidly” relative to the arrest of Professor Gates before having reviewed any facts associated with the incident.

This incident was followed closely by the Acorn scandal for voter fraud and alleged financing of housing for illegal purposes.  That investigation has been mysteriously abandoned with no explanation from the Justice Department.

Then we have the charge of “voter intimidation” by the “New Black Panthers” in the 2008 Philadelphia, PA election.  The default judgment against the defendant again was mysteriously dropped.

Now we learn of the alleged Justice Department policy not to pursue civil rights cases involving black crimes against whites.

Next, we learn Eric Holder is threatening to bring a second law suit against Arizona based on discrimination from racial profiling resulting from implementation of the law. Allegations of this type might be brought against any law and is ripe for fraud.

The Obama Administration, short of legislating reparations as such, for past crimes against minorities is pursuing the same result through redistribution of wealth which is the underlying agenda for all their proposed legislation.

The modus operandi for Obama is to divide and conquer.  First he has attacked the “haves” in the form of taxes to be redistributed to the “have nots” through increased entitlements (i.e., health care reform)  Next, he has attempted to set Hispanics against Whites by asserting that enforcement of immigration law by the states is racist.

His assertion that he only wishes to level the playing field  between the races lacks legitimacy as his policies have only served to destroy the free enterprise system, discourage job creation and ultimately bring more misery to all races in the middle class of America.  This, coupled with the moratorium on oil production in the Gulf of Mexico, will increase the burden on every economic sector in the  Country.

Chaos, mistrust between the races and vilifying business and the financial industry serves his agenda to pit people against people, race against race and government against free enterprise.  According to Obama  and the Democratic-controlled Congress, the answer to all the above  crises, real or fabricated, is more government intervention, oversight and control.

By his own admission Obama says our Constitution is fundamentally flawed and that civil rights’ law failed to properly address  redistribution in solving civil rights problems.  His policies are anything but “post racial” and his actions covertly inflame racial tensions largely eliminated over the past 40 years.  Post racial – No!  I expect his motives are to use racism as the means to achieve his agenda and are tearing this Country apart.

“Liberty and Justice for All!”- Not With Eric Holder as Attorney General

by Richard H. Frank

These words hardly seem appropriate today if the Obama Justice Department under the leadership of Eric Holder is allowed to pursue its recent course and ideology. Over the past 18 months we have witnessed a series of convoluted actions and statements that seem to turn our justice system inside out.

Enemy combatants and terrorists are afforded all the Constitutional protections afforded to American citizens.  Upon apprehension and questioning, they are mirandized and told they have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. Admitted terrorists are being prosecuted in Civil Court as opposed to trial by military tribunal as has been the custom.  His refusal to acknowledge “radical Islam” as our enemy and “jihad” as war, not just a crime, shine a bright light on his ideology. Being politically correct is more important to Holder than is adherence to the law.

He is a strong proponent of closing Gitmo and interning those enemy combatants in U. S. prisons which would make them automatically subject to U.S. civil law.  Additionally, he has supported reopening the probe of the CIA enhanced-interrogation techniques as torture with the potential to prosecute the agents involved in such acts.

His position against pursuing charges against the Black Panthers in the 2008 Philadelphia elections, to launch a full Justice Department investigation of ACORN for voter fraud, coupled with his refusal to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate White House influence or interference with candidates for office during primary elections (Romanoff/Sestak) are all examples of his political leanings interfering with justice and the law.  Somehow the sum total of his actions point to racism tipping the scales of our blind justice in favor of minorities.

His statement that “America is a nation of cowards on racial issues” is very revealing in light of his actions over the past 18 months.  When he commented on Arizona’s illegal immigration law, he made no reference to its constitutionality but only upon its potential for racial profiling and infringing on a person’s civil rights.  I fear Attorney General Holder is guilty of racism of the highest order if the recent testimony of Christian Adams, a former Justice Department lawyer testifying before the Civil Rights Commission is true, that the Obama Administration’s policy was not to pursue black against white crime.

Now the Justice Department has filed suit against Arizona on the basis of the Constitution’s supremacy clause to stop enforcement of the law.  This in effect stops enforcement of the existing Federal law by a State.  How crazy and convoluted can this Administration get?  It’s not about the law to them.  It is all about politics and votes.   This is one case that when the Supreme Court rules, it should be unanimous against the Federal Government and in favor of Arizona.

In the interim, Holder should be preparing his Letter of Resignation and including an apology to the American people for his malfeasance while in office.