Obama Panders for the Jewish Vote!

by Richard H. Frank

On Sunday March 4, 2011 our Campaigner-in-Chief, Barack Obama, gave a 20-minute address at AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) a Jewish lobbying group that advocates pro-Israel policies to Congress.  The speech did little if anything to address pro-Israel policies of this Administration but instead was a blatant attempt for Obama to convince AIPAC members of his unflinching support for Israel.

After five minutes listening to his usual rhetoric given in Obama oratorical style, I lost count of the number of times he used the pronouns “I” and “me.” as he attempted to convince the audience of his sincere admiration for Israel and its leaders.  The major portion of he speech focused on  how he supported Benjamin Netanyahu at every turn of events over the past three years.  The announcement that he will award Israeli President, Shimon Peres, the Metal Of Freedom later this year felt like a back-handed compliment and a bribe for Jewish votes in November. His attempt to convince Jewish voters of his unending support of Israel seemed to fall upon deaf ears and I am surprised there was no laughter when he said “Measure me not by my words but by my deeds.”  All the bluster and bravado contained in his speech became hollow when measured against his deeds.

Washington “double speak” permeated his address as he attempted to convince the audience that diplomatic solutions, sanctions and “all options are on the table” were the answer to dealing with Iran. Thus far Iran has rebuffed his overtures for a diplomatic solution and even Obama’s closest advisers tell him the current sanctions imposed have done nothing to impede Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon.

When push comes to shove and Israel is forced to take action against Iran where will President Obama stand?  I believe Obama has given us the answer in his book “Audacity of Hope” when he wrote:  “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

The last time I looked there are not very many Muslims in Israel.  Thus, in addition to his writings, his actions have tended to support the Muslim factions over Israel.

The meeting between Obama and Netanyahu today, scheduled for all of one hour according to the White House, appeared icy at best with Obama insisting he has Israel’s back and was continuing to pursue diplomatic solutions while acknowledging Israel’s right to defend itself.  I think Netanyahu was sceptical to say the least. It will be interesting to see if he addressed congress again during this visit so we can get the straight story about the meeting.

Hopefully, whomever the Republican candidate is to run against Obama, must expose his lies and outright bias against Israel for exactly what it is stating clearly that  he has “pledged to stand with the Palestinian Muslims.” His speech on Sunday was “Words, just Words” to borrow a phrase from Obama himself. Deeds not words are the mark of a true leader. I know a true leader when I see one and Barack Obama is no leader!

UPDATE: The evening of March 5, 2011 Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the AIPAC with a sobering speech where he said, “I will never let my people live in the shadow of annihilation.” “That is why Israel must always have the ability to defend itself, by itself, against any threat.”

His address was marked with thunderous applause from the audience and his passion was evident in every word. He exemplified the characteristics found in a true leader dedicated to his country and people.

President Obama’s State of the Union – Reality vs. Campaign Rhetoric

by Richard H. Frank

On January 25, 2011 Barack Obama will stand before a joint session of the 112th Congress and address them and the Nation, reviewing the accomplishments of his Administration and the 111th Congress, indicating that they saved the United States of America from the “brink of economic and financial disaster.”  Among the praises he will bestow on his Administration will be passage of a stimulus that saved or created millions of jobs under his leadership, legislation that provides government-run health care for 30 million previously uninsured Americans, and saving the American Automotive Industry through forced bankruptcy of General Motors and Chrysler Corporation which in essence nationalized these industry giants at the expense of the shareholders, bondholders and creditors.  He will praise the ratification by the Senate of the arms reduction “START Treaty” between Russia and the United States.

He will attempt to label these achievements as bipartisan, when in fact they are the result of a liberal, progressive-dominated House of Representatives and Senate that has legislated against the will of the people since 2006 when they achieved the majority in both houses of Congress.

The message delivered by Barack Obama will stress the need to suppress uncontrolled spending in Congress and fiscal responsibility.  Don’t be fooled by his apparent move to the Center.  Words are just words and Obama has no compulsion to tell the truth.  Only his actions show his true motives and after two years we know where those motives are rooted.

Step back and examine “The True State of Our Union:”

  • Our Government tells us unemployment is somewhere between 9.6 and 9.8% and appears to have bottomed out.  We know the real number is approaching 18% when those who have exhausted their benefits and dropped from the rolls and are no longer counted.  Additionally, new claims for benefits continue to reflect no improvement in private sector hiring taking place across the nation.
  • The Nation’s debt is rapidly approaching $14 trillion and the existing limit will have to be increased in order to meet current obligations with spending requiring $.40 borrowed for every $1 spent by the Government.  This situation is unsustainable and the Administration has no plan to reduce the debt nor the trend to stop borrowing.
  • Our Government would have us believe that inflation is non-existent.  They calculate the CPI excluding the cost of energy and food which have increased at a rate of 5-7% annually for the past 5 years.  Just ask those Americans that live on fixed incomes what the impact of our non-existent inflation has had on their lives.
  • Health care costs are skyrocketing due to “Obamacare.”  Companies are incurring 20-30% increases in their premiums and seniors are seeing the first wave of rationing of services and the exodus of doctors participating in Medicare and Medicaid programs.
  • The Dollar is on the verge of collapse and is being challenged as the world’s reserve currency.
  • The unrestrained printing of currency by the Fed will ultimately create hyper-inflation and forever alter the standard of living for every American.
  • The United States has no cohesive energy policy to counter the Middle East oil cartel’s stranglehold on our economy.  Energy independence is a must if our Republic is to survive.
  • Government regulation by various agencies usurps the Congressional balance of power and jeopardizes the very security of our nation.  There is no recognition in our Constitution for Czars appointed by the President.
  • Federal tax polices are anti-business and current corporate tax rates are the second highest in the world and have forced industries to look outside of the United States to invest and hire workers.
  • Illegal immigration along our southern border poses a major threat to our national security.  Our Federal Government refuses to enforce existing immigration laws in favor of amnesty as a short-term fix to the problem.
  • The housing crisis looms heavily and Government-sponsored programs to provide home loan modifications are a joke.  Today 5 million homeowners are 60-75 days delinquent with 1.2 million foreclosures forecast for 2011.  Banks will not loan money for new construction without requiring down payments approaching 40%.  They delay underwriting requests for modifications in the anticipation of foreclosing and pocketing late fees until foreclosures may be executed.
  • The Government continues to function under Continuing Resolutions and has not yet provided a Budget for the current fiscal year.  What business would be allowed to function under these circumstances?
  • We have spent  $787 billion in stimulus dollars with no improvement to our economy and easing of the unemployment situation in America.  Jobs  created or saved as reported by the Administration is a sham.
  • Lastly, the nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia weakens our defenses in light of Iran and North Korea’s programs for nuclear dominance in their sphere of influence.  Where is and what is our policy to enforce the promise by the Obama Administration of a “no nuclear Iran?”  What level of extortion will we pay to North Korea to restrain their nuclear initiatives?

No doubt the Obama speech writers are burning the midnight oil looking for the words to turn lemons into lemonade” and the proper adjectives to best describe “The State of the Union, ”  a single word that will be reflected from the teleprompter through Obama’s eloquent delivery to take its place in history.  For me, the proper word, one which he dares not utter, is “devastated.”  In my entire life, spanning three score and ten years, I cannot remember a litany of problems equal to that I have listed in this blog.  The issues (problems) are the result of the electorate  swallowing the hollow promises of the liberal Progressives clamoring for power to govern over our great Republic.  The problem rests in the election of a President, unqualified to fulfil his office who has expressed disdain for our Constitution, the very document he has sworn to protect and defend.

I pray God will guide and lead the new 112th Congress in their initiatives to reverse, suspend and ultimately eliminate the damage done to this Nation by the Obama Administration and the congresses that preceded them.

During the 2010 elections “We the People” have spoken and made our desire for returning to the principles embodied in the Constitution and limited Government crystal clear.  We must assure our elected representatives do not stray from this course to restore a truly representative Government!

Obama’s Lack of Resolve in the Middle East

by Richard H. Frank

Having lived through WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf Wars, I find it incredible that the Obama Administration would invite Iran to the negotiating table to participate in talks between the Taliban and the Government in Afghanistan.  What is even more incredible is the fact that General Petraeus briefed those present, including Iran, on the U. S. strategy in Afghanistan.  Was Petraeus ordered to provide the briefing by the Commander-in-Chief or did he do so willingly?

The White House’s denial that Obama’s strategy was to find a rapid exit from Afghanistan as stated in the latest Woodward book seems ingenious given the latest disclosure coming out of Richard Holbrook in Afghanistan.

I also seem to recall that all the Presidential Candidates in the 2008 election (Republican and Democrat) stated that we (the United States) could not allow Iran to become a nuclear power.  Today it seems that the Obama Administration is resigned to Iran’s steady march to become a nuclear power in the Middle East.  The policy adopted by the Obama Administration in essence abandons Israel and leaves that country to defend itself against Iran’s threat to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.  So much for America’s meeting their commitment to defend their allies.

Not if, but when, this Country is attacked by radical muslim terrorists using a nuclear device, dirty bomb or biological weapon supplied by Iran or their allies we know where the responsibility will reside.  Should this Country, while at war with Germany, had invited an ally of Germany to be briefed on “D” Day, we would have called that action “treason.”  Yet today, we have an administration set on a policy of appeasement willing to sacrifice the blood of our children and the nation’s treasure for political gain.

It seems that since the United States adopted the policy of allowing the United Nations to negotiate the cease-fire in Korea which has never been signed by North Korea, we seem content not to win a conflict but spent 60 years playing policeman around the world.

We have abdicated our responsibility to our allies and our sovereignty to the United Nations at the price of 100,000 dead Americans.  Let us pray that the Obama Administration’s latest policy shift in Afghanistan and regarding Iran does not result in even more loss of life and treasure for American in the future.

Negotiating from a position of strength has been shown as the most effective strategy to achieve peace.  The only language radical elements of any nation understand is strength backed up by the resolve to use that strength if necessary.  History has shown the wisdom to “speak softly and carry a big stick.”