“Why would you put people in charge of government that don’t want to do it?”

by Jayne D. Frank

The very caustic and belligerent Congressman Alan Grayson from FL gave me the perfect line today, as my Title, for this article about President Obama’s failure to protect and defend Americans.  This past week has shown how very weak the President is on national security.  His Director of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair, was asked to leave his position by the Administration obviously because he is a true professional, former Admiral, who took his duty and job seriously with his advice and positions to the President, and that advice feel on deaf ears as Obama’s global strategy is to coddle terrorists, dismantle America’s strategic defensive capability, apology for our Country, and placate radical Muslims around the world.  Forcing someone out of this critical key national security position at a time when obviously threats are being ratcheted up to pre-911 levels, is a dereliction of Obama’s oath as President to defend our country.  Mr. Blair served 34 years in the Navy, ending it as Commander-in-Chief of United States Pacific Command and was a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Defense Analyses.  He obviously had more knowledge about intelligence, terrorism and strategy for the defense of America than all of Obama’s left-wing staff put together, but it is obvious that his confrontations with President Obama on matters on intelligence are what led to his resignation.

In another well-planned maneuver, certainly with the blessing and prodding of Obama (so he can stay undercover), John Morton, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, this week proclaimed that “he might not process and deport people handed over to him by Arizona law enforcement officials.”  Is that right, Mr. Morton?  Are you publicly stating in front of all the American People and your President that you will not uphold the law on the books of the United States to properly screen, process, detain and/or deport illegal aliens that are caught in this country?

Not only is Arizona’s law a mirror image of, and less stringent than, the Federal law regarding our border security, but this law is necessary because the President and this Administration refuses to do their job, putting citizens in our Country, especially the vulnerable border states such as Arizona, in fear for their safety.   This failure of the Federal Government also affects the economic future of our very nation because we just can’t illegal immigration anymore!

Mr. Morton, in his March 18, 2010 Testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee on the Budget for ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement), said these very words about his duty as Asst. Secretary of Homeland Security and as the head of ICE:

  • “ICE protects the security of the American people and the homeland by vigilantly enforcing the nation’s immigration and customs laws.”
  • ICE officers enforce civil immigration laws to secure the homeland and protect our communities who support terrorism, criminal aliens, alien gang members, and human rights violators … and by removing these aliens… provides integrity to the nation’s immigration system.”
  • ICE is strategically located … in border cities… to support the nation’s border security efforts… by combating trans-border crime by securing our borders.
  • “Border enforcement and combating border violence are key components of our mission.”
  • “Improving coordination and partnerships with federal, STATE, local … law enforcement, particularly in the border region, is essential to securing our nation against the threat of cartel violence.”
  • Ice “continues to reverse the practice of catch and release” at the border.
  • “We enforce criminal laws related to immigration in an effort to reduce the pressure at the border.””
  • The Secure Communities program continues to …support the identification, arrest, detention, processing and removal of criminal aliens…” in our communities.
  • “…we have established that participating local law enforcement agencies pursue the criminal charge that originally caused the offender to be taken into custody.” Dhs.gov/…/testimony_1271443011074

So where is the outrage over the happenings of this week?  Mr. Morton should be fired for his subordination of duty by his statement this week, and President Obama cannot go unchallenged because his silence on the matter is deafening.

National security of this Country has been a low priority for this Administration.  Instead, it is being used as a political lever seeking support of Obama’s agenda by the Hispanic community.  70% of Americans favor enforcing the existing laws on our borders and support Arizona’s legal efforts to do the job our Federal Government won’t do!

I feel violated!

by Jayne D. Frank

Just as any victim of sexual abuse will tell you, you go through a long period afterward of feeling violated, shocked and helpless.  Then there comes a period somewhere down the road that you’ve had enough and you get tired of being the “victim.”  Well, this is my analogy of what it has felt like the past year and a half as a citizen in Barack Obama’s America!

Despite my best efforts to fight back, I have seen ruthless and secretive actions by our Congress and President pushing a healthcare bill down our throats that America cannot afford.  We have endured months of a coordinated effort on the part of the Administration’s cronies and associates to push an excessive, costly, energy bill through, which is now in the Senate for consideration (H.R. 2454). This bill is nothing more than an attempt to control every part of our property rights and our ability to live as we choose.  On over three separate occasions,  people were nearly killed in huge numbers by radical Islam Extremists (but by the Grace of God), because this country’s national security has become a very low priority for the Obama Administration.  The President has done everything in his power, especially if you look at the bills and resolutions flowing through Congress, to take care of his “global” image and weaken the image of America as a world leader.

Now, after one of the proudest moments I have had when Arizona passed a law to enforce the Federal Government’s responsibility for border security, we see his Administration chastising the great Arizona people and their State government, for getting tired of being victims and standing up for their legal rights to preserve their state.  All we hear about is how sad a situation it is that all these illegal immigrants and their kids are here, and how they are truly misunderstood because they came here to work, get healthcare and live a better life.  What about the quality of life for American citizens, our children and grandchildren?

I for one, will continue to fight for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” of the people legally in this country, remembering the hundreds of thousands of soldiers that died for that very liberty in many wars and battles.  They did not fight and lose their lives so that our borders could be sponges allowing untold numbers of illegals, many of whom are criminals, to penetrate our hospitals, schools, work places and cities, and then turn around and demand their rights.

If liberal Americans can just get past their bias that says that people who want to uphold our Constitution, are either racist, unfeeling or dispassionate, we might have a chance to fix this problem by open and honest debate.  But for now, looking at  the course our country is on, I do feel violated, and hope that every legal American registers to vote and goes out to the primaries and elections this year, to reaffirm that they too, are tired of being victims.  We have to vote for honest men and women with integrity and a true love for this Country who honor and will uphold the Constitution in their actions.  We have so much work to do right now in this Country, and it can all be done.  We need to close our borders, get jobs back for the citizens of this Country, stop the wasteful spending in our Government and get our economy back on track, as well as refocusing our efforts on keeping America safe.

Immigration Law and the Constitution

by Richard H. Frank

The debate continues to rage at both ends of the political spectrum concerning Arizona’s strict enforcement of immigration law.  The debate centers around any state possessing authority under the U.S. Constitution to pass a law which essentially enforces a Federal statute.

It is undisputed that under Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, Congress is charged with and responsible “to establish uniform rules of naturalization.”  This enumeration was necessary to avoid the “several states” from enacting different laws affecting immigration and thus a uniform standard was and is necessary for the nation.  However, Article I, Section 8 makes no reference of responsibility for enforcement of those uniform rules.

Constitutional scholars contend that enforcement of uniform immigration rules is covered under Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution which in part holds the Federal Government responsible to protect the states …”against invasion and domestic violence” upon application of the Legislature (Congress) or the Executive (President) when the Legislature cannot be convened.

Some political and Constitutional scholars interpret these sections of the Constitution as placing the responsibility for making the law and enforcing that law, on the Federal Government.

If this is in fact true, what happens when Congress and the President (the Federal Government) fails to act to enforce their own law when illegal aliens continue to break that law?

Arizona has decided to put the Federal Government to the test with regard to upholding its Constitutional duty by passing a state law which “mirrors Federal law” and assuming Arizona’s right of self-protection under provisions of the 10th Amendment to the Constitution.

Thus, the battle lines have been drawn!

Arizona claims injury from the Federal Government’s failure to protect their border with Mexico from illegal entry.

The Federal Government claims Arizona’s law is unconstitutional and makes the argument that the “Supremacy Clause,” Article VI, Section 2 of the Constitution holds Federal Law as the “supreme law of the land” over any state law to the contrary.  This argument fails in light of the fact that Arizona’s law says nothing contrary to the Federal statute, but places enforcement of that law in the province of local and state agencies in support of the INS and Homeland Security.  The Federal Government is faced with a dilemma caused by their own abdication of responsibility.  Arizona is not attempting to preempt the Federal Law, only to enforce it.

Past Congresses and Presidents all have egg on their faces and the political posturing and blustering begins anew as opposed to enforcing the existing law.

All the talk of Comprehensive Immigration Reform is meaningless unless we have the courage to enforce existing law and take control of our borders.  The cry for amnesty and charges of racism amount to nothing more than political posturing and noise created to pander to the minority vote or some other special interest group.

Even though our elected Representatives don’t get it, the People do understand the real solution to “illegal immigration,” and that is secure our borders and enforce the law!  We don’t need comprehensive immigration reform….just enforcement of our current laws.

Maybe it will take Texas, New Mexico and California to join Arizona in passing similar laws to wake up our massive Federal agencies and bureaucracies to do their jobs.  If not, the states will just have to resort to the next level of their power under our Constitution, and change those in the Federal Government.

No threat, just a promise from American citizens tired of Big Government trampling the Constitution!

What Price for Citizenship?

by Richard H. Frank

Observing the hysteria being fomented in this Country by activists in support of illegal immigrants, one would wonder when America became subject to the Will of Anarchists as opposed to the Rule of Law.  “Hysteria,” as a description for what has occurred as a result of Arizona’s tough stance against illegal entry into this Country, hardly seems the appropriate term in light of politicians calling for boycotting the State and attempting to extort the legally elected representatives of the Arizona people for doing their bidding.  Last but not least, is the use of the race card by opponents of the law, mostly outsiders, to incite racial discord among the citizenry.

The outcry of racial profiling and discrimination against Hispanics, by requiring them to show some form of identification, when and if law enforcement has probable cause to suspect a violation of law, is now considered comparable to Nazi Germany.  Those activists that are crying foul in the case of Hispanics need to consider the “legal” requirements and responsibility placed upon those natural-born citizens of all races, creeds and color in the United States.  For instance, natural-born citizens:

  • Must abide by the law and show proper identification if suspected of having violated the law or be penalized accordingly
  • Must pay taxes legally imposed under the law
  • Must give service to their Country in its defense and register for the Selective Service upon reaching 18 years of age
  • Must respect the rights conferred upon others by our Constitution
  • May choose to participate, or not, in the electoral process
  • Must provide identification and proof of residency when appropriately requested by law enforcement agencies
  • Must provide proof of citizenship to obtain certain legal documents, participate in Government subsidy programs and obtain security clearances when required by law
  • Must provide identification to obtain a Social Security Card.  For children 12 years of age or older, they must attend a personal interview as well as producing evidence of citizenship
  • Serve on a jury when selected and legally qualified
  • Must provide a valid Passport upon departure and re-entry to the United States

Gosh, natural-born citizens seem to be held to the same standards and even higher than is the standard for aliens, legal or illegal.  Under the province of Homeland Security in America today, what may an illegal alien who entered illegally expect to participate in?  How about:

  • Access to a job
  • Being issued a driver’s license whether or not they can read and speak English
  • Issuance of a Social Security Card
  • Participation in welfare programs, food stamps, SSI, dependant child assistance, etc.
  • Subsidized rent or home purchase assistance
  • Free education
  • Free healthcare
  • Welfare payments up to $30,000/yr

Comparing the responsibilities of natural-born Americans against the social welfare handouts for illegal aliens, is it any wonder there are between 10-12 million illegal aliens in the United States today?

When the facts are presented showing that existing law does not discriminate against or is anymore oppressive of immigrants than is the law for natural-born Americans, the straw man built by the activists can not stand and their arguments are proven false.  Their only remaining weapon in the anarchist’s arsenal is to play the race card and fan the flame of bigotry.

Politically, it is all for show in coercing the minorities to receive their support in the form of a vote.

Constitutionally, it is a wake-up call to the Federal Government that they have failed to protect this Nation through secure borders and the states will exercise their powers under the 10th Amendment to do the job if the Feds won’t.

Any candidate seeking office in the upcoming 2010 midterm elections needs to examine their conscience with regard to their position on immigration reform and demand the borders be secured before considering any new law or change to existing immigration legislation.

This Nation cannot afford unlimited, uncontrolled immigration financially and to protect our National Security against those forces that promote the destruction of America.

The answer to the question “What price for citizenship?” is “Any price!”  The  Founders pledged their fortunes and their very lives to achieve and preserve freedom.  Answering a simple question and providing documentation as to our legal status seems a trivial price and nothing to fear for those that are in the United States legally.

The Art of Political Distraction.

By: Richard H. Frank

Just as magicians have used distraction to create their illusions and make us believe the unbelievable, so have the politicians in Washington. No sooner had the 111th Congress and President Obama passed and signed the Health care legislation into law, which remains opposed by the majority of Americans, than a new crisis in the form of Arizona’s State immigration law is now being used to distract the attention of America.   The mainstream media, in concert with the Obama administration, attacks the Arizona law as being oppressive to the minority Hispanic population and all those of “color” and compares it to the Nazis in WWII Germany. This type of rhetoric comes directly from the Progressive’s play book and is used to inflame and misdirect the attention of the population from their true motives. Nowhere in their reporting does the media acknowledge two basic truths. Firstly that the Arizona law mirrors existing Federal law, and secondly, that the law is supported by in excess of 65% of Americans.

The Federal government has failed miserably to control our borders from illegal immigration for the better part of 40 years and has acknowledged the same in every political campaign since the law was “reformed “ and amnesty granted to millions of illegal aliens in 1986. Politically it is of greater advantage to focus on demonizing those that demand the law be enforced than on the problem itself. Potential votes residing within the Hispanic community in America are more important to politicians in the Border States than is upholding the rule of law. Their assertion is that the Arizona law suppresses “social justice” for those immigrants seeking a better life. They fail to recognize that illegal entry into this country violated existing law and if allowed to continue overrides the very “justice under the law” afforded to every citizen.  It is now being used as a distraction and represents political hypocrisy of the highest order.

The spot light has been switched from challenging the constitutionality of Health care to the emotionally charged issue of Immigration reform. Could it be a coincidence that both issues have overwhelming public support against health care and in favor of enforcement of immigration laws? If so the Obama administration and the 111th Congress seem to be on the wrong side of both issues. Their tactic to distract the voting public from these issues that really matter and focus on some new crisis will undoubtedly play out in the months leading up to the November mid-term elections. No doubt the off shore oil drilling spill in the Gulf of Mexico will serve to lessen the public focus on the Obama agenda and provide the administration with another demon in the form of oil companies to attack.

Keep focused on the real issues and trends in government attributed to this Congress and the Obama administration that must be reversed. Run away spending, the ballooning national debt, nationalization of American industry and natural resources and redistribution of wealth are all part of Obama’s agenda to fundamentally change America. The 2010 election must be the turning point to bring our country back to its roots as a Representative Republic and away from a European Socialist democracy. Do not allow the “Art of Political Distraction” to take our attention off of the “change that really matters”; defeat of the Obama agenda.

The Truth About Immigration Reform!

By: Richard H. Frank

Any individual interested in learning the truth about immigration reform in America should take the time to study the history behind existing immigration law in this country. The Legal Information Institute website is an excellent place to start educating the public about immigration law.

The law is intended to determine if a person is in fact an alien and if so, the rights, duties and obligations of an alien within the borders of the United States. The law is intended to serve as the gatekeeper for our borders, making a determination as to who may enter, how long they may stay and under what circumstances they must leave. 

Congress has complete authority over immigration and contrary to some interpretations Presidential power does not extend beyond refugee policy. Congress created the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and defined an “alien” as any person lacking citizenship or status as a national of the United States. Today politicians take pains to distinguish between documented and non-documented (illegal) aliens. The terms refer to whether an arriving alien has the proper records and identification for admission to the United States. Proper documentation can come in the form of a valid passport, a visa, border crossing identification card or reentry permit. Border jumping or stowaways are expressly refused entry as aliens to the U.S.

Current immigration law requires all aliens to carry identification indicating their status for being in this country. Failure to comply with the law makes an alien immediately subject to deportation. Grounds for deportation may include committing an aggravated felony, failure to register a change of address, aiding and encouraging another alien to enter the country illegally, engaging in marriage fraud, voting unlawfully and failing to update the government records for residency every three months regardless if any change has accrued or not. This is the law that unfortunately is poorly administered by the Department of Homeland security since it was designated to replace the INS in March of 2003. The agency has three separate divisions with which to enforce immigration law. The U.S. Customs and Border Enforcement (CBE) handles border patrol duties. The Citizenship and Immigration services (USCIS) is responsible for naturalization, asylum, and permanent residency functions. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is responsible for deportation, intelligence and investigatory functions. Janet Napolitano said recently that, “our borders are more secure today than at any time in recent history.” The citizens of our border states would tend to disagree with her statement. It would also appear that Secretary Napolitano has a short memory with regard to letter requests she made when she was Governor of Arizona asking for reimbursement by the Federal government to pay for illegal aliens imprisoned by the state. Her failure to act and secure our southern border is grounds for her removal from her position as Secretary of Homeland Security.

President Obama is calling for “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” as a means to resolve the Illegal alien problems in the country today, as opposed to insisting that the current law be enforced. The last major reform came in the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act that toughened sanctions against employers who hired illegal aliens, denied illegal aliens federally funded welfare benefits and legitimized some aliens through an amnesty program. A close examination of the Reform Act seems to show it does more to provide welfare and social security assistance to aliens than to secure the borders and enforce the law. Today the total cost to America is $338.3 billion a year being spent on illegal aliens. Consider the following:

  • Between $11 and $22 billion spent by the States on welfare to illegal aliens.
  • Another $2.2 billion spent on food assistance programs, e.g.; food stamps, WIC and school lunches for illegal aliens.
  • Medicaid at $2.5 billion for illegal aliens.
  • Primary and secondary school education costs $12 billion for children here illegally.
  • An additional $17 billion for American-born children of illegal aliens, anchor babies
  • $3 million per day spent on incarceration of illegal aliens. That’s $1.1 billion per year.
  • $90 billion spent on illegal aliens for Welfare and social services.
  • Suppressed wages in the U.S. are estimated at $200 billion per year as a result of illegal immigration.
  • 30% of federal prison inmates are illegal aliens, with the crime rate 2 ½ times that of legal aliens.
  • In 2006 illegal aliens sent $45 billion in remittance to their home countries of origin.
  • In 2005 up to 19,500 illegal aliens were from terrorists countries.
  • Millions of pounds of drugs, cocaine, meth, heroin, and marijuana crossed into the U.S. from our southern border.

Is it any wonder that 75% of Americans are disgusted with the Federal government and its policy for enforcement of its own immigration law?

Now, since Arizona has had enough and is taking action to protect their citizens,  all the politicians are taking sides and pushing new immigration reform in their quest to secure the Hispanic vote in the coming 2010 election. We don’t need new immigration law. We need to enforce the existing law and not worry about what party will win the Hispanic voting block in the coming election. Those legal resident aliens in America should feel betrayed by any politician that would propose amnesty for illegal aliens that have broken the law to gain entry to this country. The cost for mass deportation of the 10 – 12 million illegal aliens currently in this country is small in comparison to the annual spending taking place today for the undocumented. If we are truly a nation of laws then we should enforce the law and close our border to the undocumented. There should be no amnesty granted to those that entered illegally but they should be deported and made to go to the end of the line for those that are following the law waiting to become citizens.  Justice, not social justice, is the law of the land. Social justice failed in the immigration reform of 1986 and will surely fail again if we repeat the mistakes of the past.

Amnesty for a Vote

by Richard H. Frank

We continue to hear about the plight of an estimated  12 to 20 million undocumented aliens (formerly illegal aliens) from the liberal progressives in Congress. They would have us believe that these individuals are exploited by unscrupulous employers who take advantage of their being in this country  illegally and engage in sweat shop abuses while paying unlivable wages. Further they would have us believe that these individuals live in the shadows, fearful that the NIS is waiting around every corner laying in wait to arrest them and separate them from their families awaiting deportation.  The liberal justification for giving these individuals amnesty is that they supposedly fill a need by doing jobs that American citizens don’t want to do or refuse to do. Additionally, amnesty proponents state that they contribute to the economic health of the nation.

Congress refuses to acknowledge that the situation surrounding illegal immigration is the direct result of failed political policy and failed law enforcement by our government. All administrations, Republican and Democrat, have refused to step up to the issue and thus many believe the answer is amnesty for all illegal aliens with a “path to citizenship”.

But what is congress to do for the 12.6 million legal resident aliens (green card holders) who have played by the rules, in the case of many, for decades? These individuals have not broken the law to gain entry to the United States. They have obtained the proper work visas and permits, paid taxes and gladly register with the selective service system, whereas many naturally born citizens do not. The path to citizenship for these legal aliens is clearly documented and adhered to by the majority of them.  

So Congress, what do you propose for legal resident aliens should legislation be proposed for amnesty for illegal aliens? What more can you do to make our fouled up immigration system more screwed up with increased bureaucracy?

With the unemployment rate officially at 10.2% according to the Federal Government, realistically approaching 18% if the truth were reported, and Congress mortgaging our children’s future, the immigration problem can no longer be ignored. We need not have Congress create another legislative fiasco like the stimulus bill and proposed cap and trade or the health care bill to fix the immigration problem. We need to secure our borders and enforce existing law.

Those in congress who support amnesty as a cure are either fools, or have motives that need to be questioned politically. Amnesty for a vote should not be their motive.

Amnesty granted in the past has only served to encourage further abuse of our system and resulted in the chaos we have today. The real cure is to strengthen the border patrol and secure both the southern and northern borders of the United States. Illegal aliens should be granted a period of moratorium from prosecution for repatriation to their country of origin by voluntary surrender to the NIS.   

Preferential treatment for legal resident aliens should be afforded to those individuals that have followed the law before any illegal individual is allowed to apply for re-entry to the U.S. under existing immigration law. We must recognize those individuals that have respected the letter of the law to gain entry and pursue a path to citizenship before rewarding those who have broken our law in gaining access to this country.

Congress, now is the time to drive a stake in the ground.  Strengthen the border patrol to secure the borders. Prosecute employers who hire illegal aliens. Deport those who break our laws to enter this country illegally. Only through enforcement of existing law will this problem be solved. Stand up and do your job!