Kabuki Theater in the House of Representatives!

by Richard H. Frank

Thursday December 2, 2010 once again showed why the 111th Congress will go down as possibly having the lowest approval rating in the history of our Republic.  Less than 24 hours following a meeting between the incoming leadership of the 112th Congress and President Obama where a photo-op of bipartisanship took place, Nancy Pelosi reverted to manipulating House rules to pass a tax increase for 2011 under the guise of extending current rates for those earning $250,000 or less, knowing full well that it had no chance of passing in the Senate.

After spending the majority of the day’s session to pass a bill that will undoubtedly be stopped in the Senate, the remainder of the session was devoted to the Censure proceedings against New York Representative  Charlie Rangel.

The process could be compared to Japanese Kabuki theater with the Ethics Committee presenting a summary of the charges against Rangel and their findings and recommendations to the House for Censure.

The next hour, we heard Rangel and his supporters make a weak case that mistakes were made but that Censure was too extreme a punishment for the offenses proven, relying on the sympathy of people remembering that 60 years ago he fought in the Korean War as many of other Americans watching this debacle have done.  All these pleas were followed by voting on an Amendment to the Resolution to allow for a Reprimand in lieu of Censure, a more appropriate punishment fitting the offense.

Two things were very evident insofar as Rangel’s remarks were concerned.  First was the lack of sincerity and conviction contained in his admission to having made mistakes (his interpretation of breaking the law).  Next the same air of arrogance he displayed the day he walked out of  his Hearing with the Committee was evident in his demeanor again today.

The only real surprises came in the final voting results by the House membership on the Amendments to reduce the penalty to a Reprimand and the final vote for Censure.  Either the House members suddenly had a good dose of conscience or Charlie received payback for  his past deeds from his contemporaries.

The  vote for Reprimand went down in flames while the final vote to Censure was adopted by over 330 members.  The finale to this soap opera came as Nancy Pelosi hurriedly read the Censure and penalty consisting of paying all taxes owing.  The entire process could not even be compared to a slap on the wrist but constituted something much less in my opinion.

Rangel’s statement that “This isn’t the worst day in my life” certainly was not an understatement.  If he was embarrassed, it didn’t show in his demeanor.  For Charlie it was just another day on the Hill wherein he was the center of attention.  Rangel is the quintessential example of someone who has been in Government too long.  He considers himself among the elite Washington Insiders who is far above those he was elected to represent.

So as far as the 111th Congress is concerned today was just another day at work, with nothing accomplished. I guess we will just have to keep close tabs on the 112th Congress and hold them accountable for their actions or lack thereof in 2012.

Why Americans MUST change this Abusive Government!

by Richard H. Frank

In the period between February 25 and March 21, 2010, America witnessed Government at its worst.  The Presidential health care dog and pony show, touted by Obama supporters as his attempt for bi-partisanship and transparency, was a sham in that none of the Republican initiatives are included in the reconciliation bill language.  Because of public outrage against the Democrats’ attempt to pass the bill without a vote, or the “Slaughter deem and pass” process, Nancy Pelosi was forced to resort to bribes and pressure tactics in order to secure the votes to pass the bill.

Bart Stupak and his pro-life Democrat Caucus caved to pressure of the Party and now contends that a promised “Executive Order” has set their fears to rest.  If you had the intestinal fortitude to watch C-Span on Sunday, the lies concerning insurance premium cost reductions, job creation and deficit reduction were glaringly apparent.

Paul Ryan’s presentation of the real costs of Obamacare were completely ignored during the debate since the Democrats could not refute his analysis.  With each passing day the public will become acutely aware of the special deals cut by the Obama White House and the pharmaceutical companies, the unions and specific states in order to obtain their endorsement.  Drug companies are protected against their brand name products from having to compete with generic products.  The importation of drugs from outside the United States is also banned unless they are registered with our health care bureaucrats. Costs to the consumer must rise as competition has been virtually eliminated by this Bill.

The CBO has once again been co-opted into presenting an analysis based on false assumptions.  Even the CBO has attempted to couch their analysis as being “preliminary” and wholly dependent upon Medicare cuts, double counting some revenue streams and/or spending the same dollar twice and an unlikely growth in GDP based on today’s economic conditions in America.

The real travesty was eloquently summed up by the House Minority Leader John Boehner when he stated that the House of Representatives had betrayed their constituents.  The process being used to orchestrate the outcome desired by the White House brought shame on the institution of “The House of Representatives.”

The integrity of our elected representatives in Congress has been put to the test and those that have voted for this legislation have failed the test.  Nancy Pelosi invoked the Declaration of Independence in her closing remarks for the debate.  She asserted incorrectly  that the right to health insurance equated to that of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”  Speaker Pelosi, let me remind you of some other pertinent quotations from the Declaration of Independence:

“Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just power from the consent of the governed.”   You will find you no longer have our consent.

“That whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it  is the right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and institute a new Government…”  Ms. Pelosi, prepare to be replaced!

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, presuming invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”  Obama’s pledge to fundamentally change America is an affront to our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Nancy Pelosi and the liberal progressives blindly supporting Obama’s agenda must, and will be overcome in the 2010 Congressional Elections.  “We the People” are the ultimate sovereigns according to our Constitution and must exercise our right to change this abusive Government.

The Declaration of Independence and our Constitution provide all the tools to fight and their preservation is the reason  why we must continue the fight against statism.!

The Constitution in Crisis!

Richard H. Frank

This week the legislative process in Congress will reach an historical low point as the Democrat-controlled House attempts to steam roller the Constitution and ram their ill-conceived health care reform bill to approval using whatever means necessary to achieve victory. Manipulation of Parliamentary Rules, bribes and threats all combine to expose the corruption at work in both Houses of Congress.  Should “We the People” allow these unconstitutional tactics to be employed, we will have no one to blame but ourselves for loss of liberty and the eventual demise of our Republic.

The legislation which will undoubtedly reach Obama’s desk to be signed into law is opposed by so many Americans that 34 state legislatures are contemplating passage of state law exempting them from recognizing the Bill.  It is time for the legislatures in all  50 states to exercise their 10th Amendment Rights and challenge this unprecedented power grab by the Obama Administration and the 111th Congress.

The Democratic majority’s strategy in the House of Representatives to force acceptance of the Senate Bill and the Reconciliation Fix through various versions of the “Slaughter Solution” is in direct violation of Article I, Sec. 7 of the Constitution.  Any attempt to invoke this measure should result in the immediate impeachment and removal of the House Leadership.  Lacking action by Congress, the states must exercise their constitutional duty to challenge these tactics and force the Federal Courts to stay any further action on the legislation while it is referred to the Supreme Court to determine the constitutionality of the legislative process and provisions of the Bill itself.

Nancy Pelosi and the Congressional leadership are content to replace our Constitution which they have sworn to uphold, with Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”  Since they don’t like the rules they will just change the rules.  This fight is no longer about “health care reform.”  It is about preserving the Constitution of the United States of America.

Our Constitution must be held sacred as the “law of the land” transcending any political party, Congress and/or President.  No individual or entity, save our Creator, should have province over the Constitution.  The document contains within itself the means for Amendment and therefore, any and all attempts to circumvent that process must be stopped!

“We the People” of America must take a stand here and now to “protect and preserve” our Constitution whenever and wherever threatened even by those we have elected to represent us.  Demand that Congress abide by their limits on power, and should they not, challenge them through the Judiciary to stop abusing their authority.

Abortion is Murder

by Jayne D. Frank

The President and the Democratic majority act like Americans are stupid and did not know all along that the Government health care overhaul will be rammed through with the reconciliation process.  Rumors abound today that in order to comply with the Byrd Rule that reconciliation can only be used for budget purposes, Democrats could attempt to go piece by piece through the Senate bill and eliminate those portions that do not have budgetary impacts in them.  This process is not legal inasmuch as the House MUST pass the Senate bill in total, or else defeat it in total; they cannot selectively choose  the contents of the bill to act upon.

More importantly to this writer, and to millions of Americans, the bill that originally passed the House had protections in it for the most vulnerable among us, unborn babies.  It provided that no Federal funding would be in the health care bill for abortions.  This language did not make it into the Senate Bill.

Since there is no much else wrong with the Senate Bill, as evidenced by the 2/25 health care summit, not much has been said about this, but We the People and our elected representatives in Congress, must continue to speak up for babies who will not have their voice heard otherwise.  There are 1.3 million abortions performed in the U.S. every year, and if this health care bill passes, there will be devastating effects for those that cannot speak for themselves.  Bill O’Reilly calls babies in the womb “Potential Babies”, but every American knows that you can hear a baby’s heartbeat 18 days after conception.   Any Federal funding of abortions will give millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood centers across the country.  This type of legislation diminishes the value placed on human life and encourages promiscuous behavior and ultimately leads to more abortions.  This entire subject was explored in our previous blog entitled “America’s Holocaust” posted earlier on this site.

Demand from your Congressman and Senators that they vote “no” on any health care legislation that does not strip out this abortion funding language and Pray for our Babies!

Three Summers of Discontent

by Jayne D. Frank

Many of you read our blog and other web articles concerning current events in Washington.  I have been particularly interested in what articles people are reading and where their interests are most focused.  Recently, because of the release of the President’s Health Care Proposal and the impending 2/25 Health Care LOL “Summit,” we wrote a long analysis of this Proposal on Healthcare and are very surprised at the lack of interest in this subject anymore.  Has America given up their fight?  Knowing the fundamental Constitutional principles upon which your struggle has been based, have you no patience and sustainability in continuing this fight?  Americans are getting tired and angry trying to enforce adherence to our constitution by our legislators, because unlike the plethora of organizations and groups that elected Obama, we are fighting this fight one person at a time, one organizing group at a time, and we don’t have the ingrained machine that is at the fingertips of the White House.  They fully intend  to get their Agenda items pushed through before the elections!

The spring and summer is fast approaching and most Americans inundated with unusual amounts of snow this year will be planning their outside activities for themselves and their families.  As we have indicated in previous articles, if you don’t remain steadfast in educating yourself on the Constitution, on the daily events happening with legislative bills being pushed through Congress and/or brought up by the President, you will get to the end of your fall season and wonder how so much damaging legislation was passed that will forever affect you and your family.  At the end of summer, candidates will be out campaigning for their 2010 Senate and House seats, and you may  not know enough about them to make a knowledgeable, conservative choice to place your vote in November; we cannot afford to make any mistakes in 2010.

Please realize that the Moveon.org, Organizing for America, progressive organizations, unions, and Acorn spinoffs, as well as President Obama’s “youth movement” that he put together for his election, are going to be working overtime this summer.  They will be pushing to make sure Obama’s very costly and wasteful health care plan is passed, that more “stimulus” money is approved by Congress and that destructive energy policies are enacted.  These Obama groups are lining up to support their progressive candidates in the November election and they will work tirelessly this year to raise funds and campaign for them and against any Conservative Republican candidates.

Sun, beaches, vacations, barbecues and parties are all important, but please don’t discontinue your good work.  Read, listen to the news, follow Congress’ proposed legislation, seek out and attend rallies and protests, and get behind good candidates.  Progressives are counting on you to slack off.

Ideology, Arrogance and Legacy

by Richard H. Frank

President Obama and his administration will celebrate their first anniversary in office on January 20, 2010.  The President’s stated agenda “to fundamentally change America,” is being received by he electorate as not being the change they voted for in 2008.  Aided by a Democratic majority in both Houses of Congress, he has ramrodded a $700 billion stimulus spending bill into law by telling citizens this action would keep unemployment below 8.5%.  The administration’s philosophy of “too big to fail” has produced sudo-nationalization of America’s banking system,  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and a 60% ownership in GM (Government Motors).  All of these actions are financed through taxpayer dollars with no specific authority that can be found in our Constitution.  Simply stated, the current ideology seems to be, “Big Government is the solution to all of our problems.”

As time passes support for the Obama agenda is rapidly dwindling.  Today, over 60% of Americans oppose government-controlled health care legislation.  And yet Obama, Pelosi and Reid arrogantly stand before the country and proclaim the wonders of this bill and how America is demanding a change in the status quo.  They look us in the eye and declare that the bill is paid for and will not add a single dime to our nation’s deficit. I guess they think Americans are stupid!

Universal health care was a major plank in Obama’s campaign for President.  It was viewed by him as the one achievement upon which his “legacy” would be built.  He and the Democratic congress are now poised to pass anything no matter how bad it is in order to provide the President his legacy.

There is something fundamentally wrong in Washington when our leaders are more concerned about their legacy than in serving those that elected them to office.

Unless Obama and Congress see the folly of their actions and change course, I predict the next three years will produce a stagnant economy, inflation, rising interest rates and negative growth in our GNP.  The Obama legacy and that of the 111th Congress will go down in history as a failure! So much for legacy.

Americans may suffer just so much abuse by this Government before they revolt at their polling places.  We have 3 years to hire a new Captain and Crew capable of turning this massive ship of state called America and returning us to prosperity and freedom as individuals.

Government Run Amuck


Thomas Jefferson believed that individuals having demonstrated a propensity for virtue, trust, intellect, sound judgment, leadership and expertise in their chosen profession were as cream upon milk and would naturally ascend to be recognized by society as belonging to the “Natural Aristocracy” among men. He believed that the “Natural Aristocracy” was the most precious gift of nature for the instruction, the trust, and government of society. These characteristics were in direct contrast to an “Artificial  Aristocracy” which dominated the elite ruling class of Europe that obtained their high offices because of personal wealth, their station in life, or some special influence brought to bear in their behalf.

I suggest that a close look at those occupying seats in our House of Representatives and the Senate would call into serious doubt that they are of the “Natural Aristocracy”. Many of them have, however, demonstrated an air of superiority, arrogance and distain for the Electorate whom they purport to serve.

If we were to examine the profiles of members of the 111th Congress to assess whether they fit the definition for the “Natural Aristocracy” as envisioned by Jefferson I think we would be shocked.

Reportedly, 30 % or 123 members of the 111th Congress are millionaires with the top 50 member fortunes ranging from $5.3 to $168 million dollars. Not bad considering the average annual congressional salary is $174,000 dollars. Among the top 50 millionaire lawmakers, 28% of them received their net worth through marriage, 58% from business ownership, real estate investment or securities, and 14% from family trusts or inheritance. I find it difficult after seeing the sources of their wealth to associate them with Jefferson’s view of the “Natural Aristocracy”. The question is whether their service is motivated by principle or profit.

Examining the length of service for members of the House and Senate raises serious additional questions as to their competence and those influences associated with their tenure. Twenty-two percent of the Senate has served between 20 and 50 years. The average age in the Senate is 63.1 years. Likewise, 16 % of the House of Representatives have served between 20 and 54 years with the average age 57.2 years. On the surface it would appear that long tenure, and wisdom gained through life experience, would be a positive factor for having these individuals assume leadership positions on various legislative committees.

On the other hand these individuals are career politicians, many never having experienced work outside of Government, having little or no experience with the free enterprise system and managing sustained economic growth. Often these individuals are closely allied with special interest groups and minority lobbies.

The power held by this small group of legislators has unduly influenced and corrupted the legislative process in favor of minority causes directly in opposition to the majority of the Electorate. This fact is born out in the approval ratings of Congress being the lowest in recent history. They are assuredly part of an “Artificial Aristocracy”.

The Founders warned of the dangers associated with professional politicians. Undue influence from special interests; profiting from possessing information not readily available to the public; moving in elite circles that are not representative of the populous of the Nation. Often they assume an air of superiority and arrogance toward the Citizenry. Each and every danger can be seen within our legislative body and makes a strong case for term limits within the Federal Government.

I fear that what we have today is not the “Natural Aristocracy” envisioned by Jefferson, but something more sinister and divisive than any “Artificial Aristocracy”. Today the party, special interests, money and corruption overshadow the legitimate wants of “We the People”, the Electorate.

I fear for this Nation if those serving in Congress are the best this country has to offer.

Today the leadership in the House of Representatives and the Senate are attempting to force legislation to be approved by manipulating parliamentary rules in Congress in order to pass onerous legislation before it can be examined by the public, let alone the law makers expected to vote as our representatives.

These tactics must stop and Congress made to return to protocol that provides honest, informative, understandable, information to the public. Transparency must be a reality and not just a campaign slogan if the Republic is to be preserved

I urge every American citizen to examine the qualifications, motives and commitment to the Constitution of each candidate in the coming 2010 elections.  Nominate, support and vote for those candidates that best fit Jefferson’s vision for belonging to the “Natural Aristocracy”.

September 30, 2009