Revenge of the Swamp People!

By: Richard H. Frank

Seven months have passed since Donald J. Trump was sworn in as our 45th President. The Libertyssong Blog has remained silent with regard to the circus created by the media, Democrats in Congress, the RINOS in the Republican Party and, yes, the Trump administration including the President himself. Charges of collusion with the Russians by the Trump campaign and the ensuing Congressional investigations are nothing more than a smoke screen and delaying tactic to prevent the administration from pursuit of the agenda for America upon which Trump was elected. Millions upon millions of dollars are being spent by the Special Counsel Mueller to pursue a which hunt in search of some infraction by anyone associated with the Trump Campaign in any manner whatsoever. Meanwhile the media has lost all credibility whatssoever with the public in their effort to overturn the vote of the people by publishing uncollaborated reports of unconstitutional actions taken by the President that rise to the level requiring his impeachment.

To make matters worse President Trump uses his twitter account to respond to the BS and loses the focus on that which is important to the American people.

The real scandal lies within the hallowed halls of Congress and rests squarely on the shoulders of the Republicans who for seven years shouted for the immediate repeal and replacement of “The Affordable Care Act” better known as “Obamacare”. All their excuses for being unable to fulfill their promise to repeal this disastrous law disappeared with the election of Donald Trump. Yet suddenly when it comes to putting their money (or future reelection) where their mouths are, they have choked. Whatever happened to all the plans they put forward when the ACA was being forced down the throat of those they were supposed to represent, such as being able to purchase insurance across state lines, making insurance transferrable from job tho job, and tort reform all of which were supposed to reduce premiums for the average American.

So here we sit seven months into the Trump presidency bogged down in Russian investigations for interfering in our elections, alleged collusion by the Tump campaign with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton when it is she and her campaign that should be investigated for the numerous felonies committed on her behalf.

So let’s turn to the “Swamp People” for a minute. These are the Establishment in Washington D.C. that are members of the ruling elite class that includes members of Congress from both parties, agency bureaucrats, and government professionals. For these individuals Trump represents a threat to their very existence and power. They view Trump as an outsider having no business mettling in their affairs nor how they should decide to conduct the business within their own agencies. They will not only resist any form of legislation that moves the Trump agenda forward but will challenge every executive action in that liberal court system to block efforts to uphold federal law including immigration, sanctuary cities and law enforcement.

If you doubt the existence of the “Swamp People” just look at what has occurred in the Senate with regard to repealing Obamacare. We have the Freedom caucus, the Tuesday caucus, Rand Paul, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski the entire Democrat minority and don’t forget John McCain casting the deciding vote against a bill that was designed to forge a compromise between the House and Senate that allowed for amendments in an effort to give relief to those Americans that can neither afford the massive premiums or deductibles resulting from the Affordable Care Act.

Congress by virtue of the entrenched ruling class no longer represents the people that elected them. To hell with the American voter! They will tell us whatever we want to hear at election time and then do whatever the hell benefits themselves most when it comes to passing legislation. If you doubt what I am saying just wait until “Tax Reform” and “Infrastructure Spending” comes before them for a vote. I won’t hold my breath waiting for them to adopt the “Trump Agenda.”

It’s long past time for we the “American Voter” to “Drain the Swamp” and insist upon term limits in Congress. Four terms in the House of Representatives and two in the Senate followed by a mandatory one term interval before a candidate may seek reelection will do wonders to drain the swamp of corruption and dead wood resulting from an institution made up of professional politicians sucking off the teat of the taxpaying citizenry.

Although I don’t agree with all of Trump’s methods I do agree with the objective of his agenda “To Make America Great Again”.

Obamacare – The Cancer Which Will Kill America

by Richard H. Frank

The closer we get to the full implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act the more we learn about the incredulous elements hidden within the 906 pages of this disastrous law.  One by one every prediction made by opponents of this law are coming to pass, including every prediction in the history of this Blog.

The mythical 30 million uninsured people allegedly to be covered by the law shrinks with each passing day along with the quality of care provided by the industry for every American.  Doctors, hospitals and medical implement suppliers find themselves struggling to understand the more than 15,000 regulations written by HHS with more to come before 2016.

Notwithstanding the claims from the liberal progressives in Congress that this legislation would not come between you and your doctor, we now know that you will not be able to keep your insurance nor your doctor as promised by Barack Obama.  The law is structured to ultimately destroy private insurance by limiting their profit potential to a fixed margin or substantial losses for providing existing levels of coverage to their subscribers.

Moreover, businesses employing 50 people or more know that it is to their advantage to pay the Government-imposed fine than to pay escalating premiums for private insurers resulting from Obamacare regulations.  Currently, the CBO estimates that more than 7 million Americans will lose their current coverage and potentially doctors as their employers opt out of providing insurance to employees.

Drug companies and medical device manufacturers are already cutting costs by curtailing employment and investments in research and development.  The same is true of other industries as the detail undisclosed in the regulations written and  yet to come create a level of uncertainty that most Boards of Directors are averse to taking that level of risk.

Recently, it has been reported that HHS is revisiting their commitment to cover preexisting conditions as the projected costs of doing so would be enormous.

Yet, we see Barack Obama, Kathleen Sebellus, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi steadfastly pushing the implementation of this disastrous law forward.  Currently, the CBO has changed their projected cost of the legislation from $900 billion to more than $2.6 trillion and continuing.

The real objective of this administration is to drive the U.S. to a European-style single payer system that will that limit the access for care to every American.

Left unchecked by Congress there is no stopping the relentless advance of this cancerous law from bankrupting the nation.  Unlike the repeal of prohibition more than 80 years ago that had an immediate impact on crime, by 2016 and the end of Obama’s term, it may be too late to reverse the damage done to the nation’s health care industry under Obamacare.

Congress still holds the power of the purse and notwithstanding Obama’s veto power, it can strangle funding for portions of the law and substantially delay its implementation should the members have the strength of purpose to truly represent their constituents.  When more than 68% of the electorate oppose the law as written and a majority support repeal it is time for Congress to do their job and represent “We the People.”


Obama’s Agends is America’s Tsunami!

By: Richard H. Frank

 Over the past four years, beginning with the Presidential Campaign for the 2008 election we have listened to both political parties proclaim that the economy and job creation was the number one priority for their administration should they be elected. The American public was forced to listen to the hollow promises of “Hope and Change” that would fundamentally change America and the world should Obama’s liberal progressive agenda be adopted. Since that time (2009) what have we endured as a nation?

  • Average retail price of gasoline has increased 100% from $1.83 in 2009 to $3.66 today.
  • Crude Oil price/barrel increased 135% and we still lack a cohesive energy policy.
  • Unemployment rate continues to hover between 9 and 10% even with the government’s alteration in the method for calculating the number.
  • Number of food stamp recipients increased by 22% and rising.
  • Number of long term underemployed 146.2% increase.
  • Government’s solution to spend our way to recovery has increased the national debt by 32.2% to reach $14.0 trillion.
  • Over 6 million homes currently in foreclosure in spite or TARP monies given to the banks to implement mortgage loan modification programs.
  • Our health care industry costs continuing the upward spiral out of control due to the liberal progressives ramming the unpopular legislation dubbed “Obama care” down the throats of Americans over their overwhelming objections.

The travesty to all of these situations is that they are the result of our Federal Government overstepping the enumerated powers defined in our Constitution. The first 5 items listed above could be immediately impacted and reversed if the Federal Government and its agencies would get out of the way of the free enterprise system and develop a comprehensive energy policy for America that does not change with every congressional and presidential election. Energy independence for America will result in establishing a free market price for oil and not that controlled by Mideast cartels.

The $816 billion that was spent on stimulus by the Administration and the 111th Congress accomplished just one thing. That was to create a 2% increase in government sector jobs; jobs which must be paid for with the sweat of those Americans working in the private sector.

Today, the announcement was made that the housing market reached its lowest level in the past 9 years. The resulting loss in equity to those seniors that have invested in their homes while raising their families in order to provide for a return after retirement find themselves facing a future without an equity nest-egg with which to supplement retirement and in many cases foreclosure as the banks refuse to respond to their request for loan modifications.

Lastly, we now are finding out what is in the “Affordable Health Care Law” forced upon every American as part of the “Hope and Change” agenda of this administration. Each and every argument set forth in opposition to this law is now proving to be true. Twenty-six states are suing the Federal Government for the law either being unconstitutional or for its violation of the 10th Amendment provision upholding States sovergnity.

The mid-term elections of 2010 expressed the will of the people against continued uncontrolled spending and limiting the size of the Federal Government. Yet, just four short months following that election, Congress and the President, act as though the election never took place and are conducting business as usual.  There are 31% of Americans that approve of the Presidents management of our economy. The remaining 69% are tired of his unending platitudes and proclamations that jobs and the economy are his number one priority and that we must stop spending when he continues to proceed without a budget for 2011 and has the nerve to present a $3.7 trillion proposal to Congress for 2012 that contains an additional $1.6 trillion deficit.

If stupidity, or doubletalk, could be considered a high crime or misdemeanor we would have cause to remove this unqualified novice from office. Unfortunately, we must rely upon the 112th Congress to keep him in check.  Many will say that we are destined for gridlock as long as Harry Reid sets the agenda in the Senate. I would gladly endure the next two years of gridlock until we can replaced Obama, Reid, Pelosi and RINOs who refuse to take the hard decisions to address the budget and unsustainable entitlements that have bankrupted this once great nation, and elect men of principle to put America on a course to true recovery.

Demise of Our Republic!

By: Richard H. Frank

Most senior citizens today have lived through and experienced at least ten (10) Presidents of the United States and their administrations. My personal experience spans the governance of 13 Presidents, seven of which were Democrats and six Republicans. Unfortunately, at least five of the Democrats were inspired by varying degrees to support progressive, statist ideology and resulted in the explosion of the size and influence of the Federal Government over the States and the individual. Civil Rights raised its head during the Kennedy administration and threatened to split the nation. Thankfully, the Constitution prevailed, and although painful to many people, the rights of the individual against discrimination took root and gained acceptance over time.

The rapid slide toward socialism accelerated under Lynden Johnson’s administration and Congress enacted laws mandating quotas for education and in employment based on race and gender, all under the banner of creating “The Great Society” and “The War on Poverty”.

The seeds were planted in the 1960’s for the statists to establish the roots of progressive policy in government leading up to the Obama administrations push to harvest the fruits of socialism in America. These seeds have germinated for the past 50 years and like crabgrass spread throughout the landscape of both political parties in America. The results of progressive policy may be seen in unsustainable mandates for our social welfare programs including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the national debt which will soon exceed 14 trillion dollars and place a millstone of taxes on generations yet unborn to payback and the continued erosion of the very Constitutional principles that made America great.

Today, for all practical purposes the 10th amendment to the Constitution has been legislated null and void by Congress and a corrupt judiciary. Private enterprise and our free market system of economics are being smothered through regulation and government mandates. The Federal Government would rather sue the States than to perform their sworn duty to uphold the law and recognize the will of the people. The rule of law in America has been severely wounded and is being subverted by activist judges making decisions based on political considerations as opposed to the law.

The political ruling elite treat Americans like small children and continue to spout their ideological rhetoric in spite of the obvious facts and truth regarding progressive, Marxist policy coming out of the Obama administration. This past weekend the President stated that Medicare was more financially stable than in the past due to changes contained in the “Affordable Health Care Reform” signed into law this year. His claim that costs would drop due to elimination of fraud and waste and the $550 billion cut in the program were refuted by the Medicare actuaries. Yet, Obama continues to spout these absurd statements. Even the most gullible among us understands we cannot insure 30 million additional people, accept all preexisting conditions and reduce costs at the same time. The closer we get to the mid-term election the more ridiculous statements will flow from the Obama administration. Statements like “we have created or saved 3 million jobs” and taxes will not be raised on anyone earning less than $200,000.

The more Federal Government legislates how we are to live the more liberty we are forced to relinquish. Should “We the People” fail to make changes in Congress and our State governments in November to halt the statists, our sovereignty will pass from the individual to and all-powerful “Federal Government” and signal the demise of our Republic.

Absence of Honor!

By: Richard H. Frank

Politicians from both political parties could learn a lesson from the Boy Scouts of America. Many of these politicians were members of the organization when they were young boys and recited their oath as a Scout before every meeting. That oath should have created the basis of honor for each of them to uphold their future oath as government officials  to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. The Scout Oath is as follows:

On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country, to obey the scout Law, to help other people at all times, to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

The scout Law says: A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.

How does your elected representative live up to this simple set of principles set out as measures for the youth of America that desire to become members of the scouting organization? I expect that most members of Congress and the President’s administration would fail the test for that of a Boy Scout.

With regard to doing their duty to God and Country most members of Congress that support the secular notion of separation of church and state would fail the first requirement of the oath. The recognition that God, or the Creator, has any place in the formation of this nation is repugnant to their ideology. Yet, divine influence is evident in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as conceived by the founders. We witness daily how the Federal government ignores, or totally disregards, enforcement of the laws enacted by our democratically elected representatives.

In so far as upholding the specifics of the Scout Law, every politician is suspect when it comes to being trustworthy, loyal, helpful, courteous, thrifty, clean and reverent. The recent display of members of Congress addressing their constituents at town hall meetings is an excellent example of the disdain and disrespect many politicians have for those they are supposed to represent. The Affordable Health Care legislation is an excellent example of governing in opposition to the people. obedience and loyalty is reserved for the “party” and not for the people. Political doublespeak comes from every level of our government up to and including the President, yet it is considered racist if he is challenged for the outright lies he continues to recite to the people.

In Washington corruption, manipulation, and outright lies are the watchword of the day. Honesty, integrity, shame and above all honor are absent in our government today. The spectacle of watching a Senate confirmation proceeding is the an exercise in hypocrisy at its highest when Senators attack a nominee on the basis of political ideology and not on the basis of his or her credentials to hold a particular office. Chicago politics reigns supreme in Washington today.

I would propose we use the Scout Oath and Law as the litmus test against which we should measure all candidates for office in the coming 2010 elections.  We can do no worse using this measure than we do when vetting candidates by any other measure.

Saturday Afternoon at the Movies!

By: Richard H. Frank 

Watching the Obama Administration and the 111th Congress attempt to govern our nation is like viewing a low budget “B” movie or a poorly written “soap opera.” As a youngster my friends and I would gather together every Saturday after our lunch and walk to the local movie house or in some cases a church parish house, to see the latest Hollywood fare. Depending on where we went and what was showing the cost ranged between ten and twenty cents for an afternoon double feature, continuing serial update and a cartoon.   Our heroes included Roy Rogers, Tom Mix, Gene Autry, Flash Gordon, John Wayne, Jimmie Stewart and a host of others that have become muddled with trivia in my otherwise excellent memory. The difference between the movies then and the Obama administration today is that when the movie ended, no matter how bad the story or outcome was, no one was affected or hurt by what we had just witnessed. The same cannot be said with regard to the Obama administration or the 111th Congress. Their actions affect 330 million Americans and countless others around the world.

Today America has elected a neophyte to the office of the President of the United States who is unqualified by any measure to hold that office.  This is not Obama’s fault but that of the American people. His claim to fame is that he was a community organizer, Constitutional scholar and professor, lawyer and state and federal legislator.  His list of achievements might fill the insert of a fortune cookie.  His political agenda and ideology is that of a statist, secular socialist progressive, advancing his agenda through the 111th Congress, itself a “secular socialist machine. “

As for a cast of characters what writer could conceive of a group the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Janet Napolitano, and Eric Holder and let’s not forget Joe Biden. Every episode follows the same plot and story line.  A new crisis threatens the very existence of our country and its institutions. If the Federal government does not act immediately we will all perish or at least fall victim to some unseen ruthless enemy of the people. The enemy is identified as greedy masters of finance or industry bent on enslaving the people and taking all their wealth through unregulated practices. These forces are vilified and ridiculed in the name of “social justice” and deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law if one exists. If not, Congress and the President will create a new law or at least issue an executive order to save the day. Obama rides in on his white horse and proclaims that he will not tolerate anyone breaking the law and will bring the full force and extent of the Federal government to bear upon the perpetrators.  The same scenario is played over and over again and can plainly be seen in his push to regulate Wall Street, the Insurance Industry, the Auto Industry, the Health Care Industry, the Energy Industry, stimulating the economy and coming to your local state soon is Immigration Reform.

The American people are growing weary of the plot and certainly don’t approve of the unhappy ending to each of the Obama initiatives such as 10% sustained unemployment, uncontrolled government spending, government takeover of our private sector businesses ,the eventual demise of free market driven health care and a deficit being passed on to generations of yet unborn Americans. The only growth seen to date is the growth of government which produces nothing but sucks the life out of our free enterprise system.

Even the writers in Hollywood got the message when audiences didn’t like the plot or the ending of a particular picture and would rewrite the script. Usually the ending was one where the hero or the authorities did the right thing to defend the citizens and kept them safe from harm. Leaders made the correct decisions and didn’t have to weigh the political ramifications of their actions but instinctively knew what course to take in solving a particular situation. The Obama administration suffers from paralysis from analysis when it comes to upholding their responsibility with regard to National Security, Foreign Policy, protecting the environment and illegal immigration. I fear to think how they would respond to another major attack on the country by a foreign enemy or radical terrorist group. Real leadership in times of peril calls for swift action and not convening study groups or commissions to delve into the academic facets of a particular situation.

This administration has failed three times to detect terrorist actions against our citizens yet arrogantly contends that our security organization and systems have worked. They have repeatedly set deadlines for actions against Iran for becoming a nuclear nation only to see the deadline come and go without any action whatsoever to curb their acquiring nuclear weapons. They take umbrage with the actions of our most trusted allies in the Middle East and attempt to dictate policy to Israel. What is astonishing to me is the fact that they continue to pursue governing against the will of the American people. I would have believed that this could only have happened in a Hollywood script if I were not witnessing it with my own eyes. If George Orwell were to see what is happening he would think Obama was using his novel “1984” as his master plan for centralized bureaucracy which ultimately becomes a dictatorship with all power residing in “Big Brother.”Let us hope for the sake of our nation that the final chapter and reel for this movie will have an ending that preserves this republic.

At a recent conservative meeting I attended where Newt Gingrich spoke,  he commented on the message of truth used by the Polish people to oust the Communist government in the 1970’s. They placed signs reading 2+2=4 in all the shop windows knowing that the Communist authorities could not find anything subversive about the government in this simple statement of “truth.”

No matter how the Obama administration and the 111th Congress attempts to justify their agenda using the CBO numbers, 2+2 still equals 4, and don’t be convinced otherwise.  “The truth will set us free!”

President Obama’s Unconstitutional Power Grab!


By: Richard H. Frank

Under the Constitution the Federal Government was created with three (3) limited areas for governing:

  1. To provide for the military and national security.
  2. Diplomacy with foreign countries.
  3. Regulating interstate and international commerce.

Articles I, II and III of the Constitution enumerate the extent and limitations of powers placed on the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of the Federal Government.

Unquestionably, over the past 70 years, various Presidents aided by Congress and activist Judges have subverted the Constitution and over-reached the legitimate powers delegated to them under the “Supreme Law of the Land.” None, however, have gone as far as has Barack Obama to circumvent the Constitution and amass power to the executive office never intended by the framers of that document. His appointment to in excess of 25 Czars to position of authority reviling those requiring Senate confirmation is unprecedented in our country’s history.

Examining the purported function these Czars are supposed to perform brings rise to the question of, “Why these functions are not within the province of the various Cabinet Secretaries?” The answer is simple and clear. If these functions were within the scope of the Cabinet (which in reality they should be) they would be subject to Congressional oversight and the appropriations process. Additionally they would have to report to some Cabinet Secretary and not directly to the President. Obviously Obama wants no such interference from Congress and no intermediary between him and his appointee.

The Founding Fathers created constitutional safeguards against abuse of power by any branch by granting Congress legislative authority to create and fund offices when needed. Creation of such offices provided for the following safeguard controls:

  • Offices created by Congress are subject to oversight. Czars are not.
  • Such offices are included in the “Administrative Procedure Act” requiring hearings on decisions made and documentation to create a paper trail. “APA” makes government transparent. Czars are not covered by the act.
  • Appropriation rests with the Legislative branch and not the Executive. Any function must be included in Congress’s annual budget or it is not funded. Therefore, how are the Czar functions funded?

According to Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski, authors of “The Blueprint”, the Czars named by President Obama to positions and/or offices created at his whim or executive fiat are,”most if not all illegal.” The shadow government under Obama consists of the Car Czar, Terrorism Czar, Energy Czar, Urban Czar, Tech Czar, Pay Czar, Gitmo Czar, Green Jobs Czar, Drug Czar, Mideast Peace Czar, Autoworker Czar, Mideast Policy Czar, Climate Czar, Regulatory Czar, Economic Czar and more.

In addition, what about his appointment of Czars (Special Envoys) in lieu of Ambassadors, a position requiring Senate confirmation? Richard Holbrook (Afghanistan and Pakistan), George Mitchell (Mideast Peace) and J. Scott Gration (Sudan) are all examples where, according to Ken Blackwell, the President is guilty of violation of separation of powers and checks and balances as prescribed in the Constitution. Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, seems to have been relegated to Obama’s third string bench when it comes to selection of Ambassadors and foreign affairs.

I marvel that no one in Congress has challenged this massive power grab as being unconstitutional and placed the brakes on Obama’s rush to neuter them of their remaining constitutional role in government.

All the Presidents’ Men, “The Czars,” are hand picked and accountable to no one other than the President. They have been strategically positioned to further Obama’s radical agenda to “fundamentally change America,” through imposition of legislation such as Health care reform, Cap and Trade, Card Check, Immigration reform, TARP, and the Stimulus coupled with nationalization of private enterprise, our natural resources, and the financial system in America. The 111th Congress will do nothing to challenge Obama and therefore “We the People” must elect representatives in the 2010 mid term election that will stand up against this unconstitutional power grab.

The imposition of any regulations or controls by these Czars lacks validity under the Constitution and should “We the People” cave to them we are abdicating our right to liberty.