Time For Obama’s Actions to Reflect his Words!

By: Richard H. Frank

Barack Obama’s address to the White House press corps this morning concerning the release of his birth certificate, which was a distraction (his words) to his efforts to solve America’s problems, puts him on the spot to seriously solve the nations economic ills.

So now Mister President let’s get serious (again your words) and take the initiative to address the following National issues:

  • Adopt a cohesive, comprehensive energy policy that takes the initiative against the Mideast oil cartels to manipulate oil prices. Lift the moratorium against exploration and drilling in the U.S., and issue permits currently held up in bureaucratic agencies immediately.
  • Stop vilifying any individual, political party or private organization that takes issue with your agenda. Demonizing  the Oil, Gas and Coal industries, and calling political opponents like Donald Trump a sideshow carnival barker in lieu of a debate of the issues is less than presidential.
  • Adopt a budget plan, or legislation, that assures fiscal responsibility for the future national budgets including addressing entitlements, tax reform and deficit spending.
  • Stop the use of and repeal executive orders that circumvent Congress and are not authorized under the Constitution that impose onerous regulations on “We the People” in support of any political ideology.
  • Restore the Constitutional authority guaranteed to every State under the 10th Amendment to the Constitution and limit the size and scope of the Federal Government to those powers enumerated in the Constitution.
Mr. President, these are the issues affecting the very existence of our Republic and the well-being of every American. You are now on record again as of 9:45 am, April 27, 2011 to address the above issues and get serious about their solutions.
Once again America has heard his rhetoric, but we won’t hold our breath waiting for leadership to come from our neophyte President, Barack Obama. After all he is above such detailed analysis and solutions and will just delegate the problems to one of his Czars to come up with some progressive, Marxist pipe dream to tax our way out of these problems  and  the next crisis.

Transparency on Display

by Jayne D. Frank

As President Obama’s favorable ratings by the American people plummet and the approval ratings for Congress are at an all time low of 11%, I read in the UK Telegraph that he is going to “vacation” again on the August 14th weekend with his family in the Gulf Coast region devastated by the oil spill disaster.  His motives could not be more “transparent” to Americans!  Trying to assuage criticism that he has not been hands-on in this disaster since Day One, he thinks that if he takes another “vacation” in this region, he will fend off further criticism and save the day for himself and the Democrats in the mid-terms.  We are not that stupid Mr. President!

First, President Obama has been away from the nation’s critical business of trying to save our economy and jobs for far too long, taking more vacations in two years than many Americans will have in a couple of decades, because they don’t have jobs or their businesses are closing!  Secondly, his love of the photo op in lieu of being our Commander-in-Chief is quite stunning.  That is all the announced August 14 trip will be.  The President will put his arms around the fisherman telling him that things are “going to be alright and that he can soon go back to work.”  He will eat a shrimp dinner at a local tavern, informing the whole world that “Gulf seafood is plentiful and is healthy to eat now.”  Mr. Obama will find a beach area that his staff has cleared of any oil balls or that never had any in the first place, and then announce that the beaches are clean.

President Obama wanted transparency in his Administration, and American citizens are quite aware of all the games and that every action he takes now is quite transparent as to his intended actions.  Oh by the way, would Mr. Obama be staying  in an ordinary hotel in Louisiana overlooking the Gulf, watching ordinary Americans clean up and watch Bobby Jindal with his shirt sleeves up working alongside the cleanup crews in the Gulf, or will he be in some palatial estate rented from a Democratic sympathizer which is tucked back and quite out of the way of distressing reminders of what Americans expect out of him?

“Not an Option, but an Obligation!”

By: Richard H. Frank

The President’s statement upon relieving General McChrystal from command of the forces in Afghanistan was exactly correct and has ramifications that reach far beyond the alleged statements revealed in the Rolling Stone article. Certainly the General and his staff were well aware of their oath as officers in the military and the explicit terms contained within the “Uniform Code of Military Justice.”  We may never know what prompted the alleged criticism of Obama, Biden and the Pentagon staff by the General and  his team but it is not beyond belief that “Rules of Engagement,” and availability of resources to conduct the Afghanistan mission are the underlying factors with the military’s discontent with the Administration. All this being said, McChrystal and his staff chose the wrong time and place to vent their discontent and were rightly relieved of command.

“Not an option, but an obligation” applies equally to President Obama and his Administration as it does to the military.  Obama’s blatant position not to enforce “existing immigration law” rises every bit to the level of obligation as does the alleged McChrystal statements.  If insubordination is sufficient to remove a General from his command, dereliction of duty by the President should constitute grounds for impeachment.  Unfortunately, the Democratically-controlled Congress would never institute such action against Obama since his refusal to enforce the law and secure our borders does not meet with his agenda to force amnesty for illegals as part of “comprehensive immigration reform.”  His actions amount to blackmail and verge upon being a “high crime and misdemeanor” while an obvious disregard to uphold his oath of the Office of the President of the United States.

To date, President Obama has mastered the “art of insulation” by using his Administration, Secretaries and Czars to implement his agenda.  The most recent example is Secretary of Interior Salazar attempting to circumvent the Federal Judge’s decision lifting the moratorium on oil production in the Gulf of Mexico.  Should Salazar and Obama succeed, unemployment will surge and energy prices will soar and create a burden upon every American family.  Those that are so naive as to believe that BP is going to reimburse the Gulf Oil workers for this moratorium are in for a shock.  Continued vilification by the Administration of BP will ultimately result in their declaration of bankruptcy of BP America with the only losers being “We the People.”  Every action taken by the Obama Administration makes his motives more suspect with the ultimate result being nationalization of this country’s energy industry.

To date, we have seen banking, Wall Street, insurance, health care and the automotive industries fall prey to Obama’s Marxist ideology.  He and his Administration have set their sights upon the communications industry and the internet with regulations designed to silence all opposition and effectively make the First Amendment to our Constitution irrelevant.  If we are to remain a Representative Republic, we must insist upon Government adhering to the  Constitution as written.  To date, the liberal progressives have neutered the Tenth Amendment, extended the powers of the Executive Branch beyond those explicit in the Constitution and are continuing their assault upon the First and Second Amendments.  Lest we stand up against this shift in Government towards tyranny in the 2010 and 2012 elections we may be relegated to remembering America that was as a legend or a fairy tale.  Adhering to the Constitution by government is “Not an Option, But an Obligation!”

Number One Priority Only Worth 45 Minutes!

by Richard H. Frank

The President’s latest photo-op shows him meeting with BP Executive Management in what is being touted as his historic accomplishment in that BP has created a $20 billion trust fund to satisfy legitimate claims against the oil producer resulting from the Gulf of Mexico leak, to be paid in $5 billion/year increments, secured by American assets.

The White House and the media are quick to hype the meeting which lasted four hours.  The President, in fact, spent only 45 minutes in the meeting or approximately 19% of the negotiations.  With a crisis of this magnitude and described by Obama as his Number One Priority, spending 45 minutes seems highly inadequate and is obviously more “show” than substance.

I expect British Petroleum had established their plan and position before attending the meeting.  Now that the commitment has been made, it is time for our President to  show real leadership and take the initiative to free up resources for the containment and clean-up operations.  The time has long since passed for him to issue a waiver of the 1920 Jones law and allow help from foreign vessels to assist in the clean-up in the Gulf.  He needs to rethink his strategy with regard to the moratorium on offshore oil production pending his commission identifying the cause of the accident on the Horizon Platform.  The real cause of the explosion and resulting leak may never be known.  Does he intend to keep the moratorium in place indefinitely while the oil companies, who are in business to make money and produce oil, make plans to move offshore to other countries where they can do business?

Additionally, as we approach Day 60 of the oil leak, there has been no indication that the Obama Administration has assisted BP in their efforts to stop the leak.  There has been no indication that the Administration is moving to eliminate the never-ending bureaucratic red tape delaying containment and clean-up activity.  Instead, the threats, claims of criminal action, investigations and demonizing big oil continue with the added twist of his push for new legislation (cap and trade) indicating that we have serious limited energy reserves in this Country. In fact, the latest estimates are that the United States energy reserves are far in excess of those in Saudi Arabia and the Far East combined.   His claim of limited resources is untrue and constitutes another push for his socialist agenda just as with the health care legislation jammed down the throat of every American.

Never Let the Crisis in the Gulf Go to Waste!

by Richard H. Frank

The Obama Administration’s modus operandi (MO) to “never let a crisis go to waste” may just be the means to his Administration’s end.  It has become painfully apparent that when a “real crisis” such as the BP oil leak in the Gulf occurs, President Obama and his Administration are reduced to a bunch of finger-pointing incompetents.

The oil industry has had a good record over the past 60 years at management of offshore drilling.  Government regulation and legislation have forced oil exploration to pursue “deep water” techniques where technology to control leaks and spills is new territory for the oil producers.  As a result of environmentalists’ influence, Government has forced the oil industry to extend their development to include “deep water” exploration.  Therefore, Government does bear some responsibility in the case of this and any future “deep water” spills.

Obama contends his Administration has been involved since Day One in efforts to contain and stop the leak while admitting Government does not possess the technology or assets to stop the leak.  He states that containment plans were fully inadequate and infers the problems rests with the Bush Administration’s policies.

His feeble attempt to push his agenda for Congress to impose “Cap and Trade” legislation as a means to avoid future spills is the most transparent action during his presidency to date and Americans see right through the proposal to his real motives.

The people of the Gulf are opposed to his moratorium on offshore drilling as the economic impact on their personal lives is devastating.  They do not hold the Government responsible for the leak but do hold the President responsible for inaction and bureaucratic red tape that has delayed containment and clean-up efforts for more than 50 days.

To date, it has been all talk and no action on the part of our President.  He has reverted to the usual practice of placing blame for the crisis, creating a straw man argument for his actions, vilifying those responsible and proposing more laws and regulations to prevent future occurrences.  All this precious time wasted and little or no response to curtailment and clean-up efforts.

Today marks the President’s fourth photo-op in the Gulf in preparation for his prime time address to the nation on his efforts to manage this catastrophic incident.  It also precedes his FIRST discussion of any kind with the CEO of BP himself (a stunning admission).  Be prepared to hear him reiterate:

  • BP is ultimately responsible for paying all costs associated with this crisis
  • Government will keep its “boot on the throat” of the oil company and will “kick ass” where necessary.  He may soften his rhetoric a bit after Americans were infuriated with this crass display of words by our President
  • The moratorium will remain in place pending a thorough investigation and study by the best minds available
  • His Administration has done everything in its power to expedite containment control and clean-up in the Gulf
  • He will probably bring out the latest “victim” of this accident during his talk to further demonize Big Business

Once again we will witness Chicago politics in action.  There will be no reference  made to the weeks of bureaucratic delays in approving the sand berms requested by Louisiana nor issuing a waiver to allow foreign flag vessels from assisting in the Gulf clean-up efforts.  A real leader would have initiated these actions on Day One with the stroke of a pen.  Our President suffers from paralysis from analysis and cannot make a decision without agonizing over the political effect of any action he may take that is not in direct support of his socialist agenda.

The oil crisis in the Gulf is becoming synonymous with the Iranian hostage crisis faced by Jimmy Carter.  Let’s hope the day count doesn’t match that which was necessary to secure their release.  By the way, unless you may have forgotten, it also took our electing a new President to secure the hostage release.

I cannot imagine how this Administration would handle a terrorist attack using nuclear or biological weaponry upon any populated area of our country given their fumbling efforts in the Gulf.

At $5.00 / Gallon What Will Congress and the Environmentalists Say?

By: Richard H. Frank

There is no question that the “deep water” oil leak currently being experienced in the Gulf of Mexico is a disaster of proportions never experienced by offshore exploration in the past. Drilling at a depth of 5000 feet is uncharted territory for the oil industry. Yet, there seems to be some evidence that existing safety shut off valve technology is inadequate at depths being explored by British Petroleum. There is no doubt that BP is responsible to stop the leak and bear the cost for clean-up and damages which will ultimately follow.

The Presidential order placing a moratorium on offshore production is altogether another matter. Whether a knee jerk  or politically motivated reaction to the current crisis, the economic ramifications to a prolonged moratorium and the potential impact on oil-producing related industries will prove devastating to an already sluggish recovery from the recession. An estimated 9 million persons are employed in the affected sector of our economy.

The environmentalists and politicians will totally ignore the fact that there are 759 offshore oil rigs operating world-wide and their record of spills is minimal compared to that of tankers transporting crude to oil refineries.

Although President Obama says he recognizes that domestic production is necessary to transition from oil based energy to alternative sources, his first inclination is to curtail production, over regulate exploration, tax carbon based production and force higher costs on the consuming public as his solution to the present crisis. He contends this is the only incentive to force oil producers to adopt safe measures for production and make alternative energy sources competitive with oil.

If anyone doubts that the executive management at BP is not motivated to stop the leak they know nothing about business. This crisis could eventually lead to the demise of British Petroleum of America. You can bet that while the moratorium is in effect the price of imported oil will surely rise. While the politicians and environmental wackos shout and vilify big oil they should be reminded of June 2008 when the price of a gallon of gasoline reached $4.00. I seem to recall the cry for “drill baby drill” echoing across America.

Rest assured the current leak in the Gulf will be stopped and the clean-up will proceed successfully. Mother Earth is a magnificent creation with the capacity to heal herself and will recover in due course. Oil companies will solve the “deep water” drilling problems provided they are not prohibited from future exploration. When the price of a gallon of gasoline hits $4.00 let us listen to see who will be vilified. Will it be those greedy oil companies or the politicians that cave to the environmental lobby? My bet is that once again it will  be the big oil companies not withstanding the political barriers in place keeping us from achieving energy independence.