Terrorists Among Us!

by Richard H. Frank

The media feeding frenzy is gaining momentum as the leadership failure continues in Washington, D.C. to resolve the 2011 budget by Congress.  Listening to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and other Democrats expound upon the results of achieving fiscal responsibility is equal to taking food out of the mouths of children, condemning our senior citizens to certain death and ceasing of non-essential services constituting Armageddon is laughable.

Suddenly, Barack Obama and the Democrat leadership in Congress have religion when it comes to Government spending.  They all sing the same words from their hymnal of hypocrisy stating that out of control spending must be curtailed everywhere except for their ideological, Progressive pet programs.  How stupid do these arrogant, pompous individuals think “We the People” are?

The budget presented by the President contains $1.65 trillion deficit spending, the majority of which is driven by the Obama signature legislation “Obamacare” and his agenda to achieve green energy and curtail climate change through legislative fiat.

Our President and the Democrats in Congress could care less about senior citizens and the welfare of our children and grandchildren.  Their only agenda is to impose control over each and every individual in this Country until we achieve their utopian ideal.  Power and punishing achievement in the name of fairness through redistribution of wealth is their means to achieve their end.

Have the leaders of this Nation strayed so far from the values and principles upon which we were founded that we are now a nation of “takers” dependent upon the handouts provided by Big Brother to sustain our meager existence?  What will happen when the “takers” outnumber the “makers,” those that make this Nation survive? The answer to this question has been provided by both the President’s Commission on Deficit Spending and by Paul Ryan in the 2012 Congressional Budget.

Yet, there are the fear mongers that use the scare tactics of evoking children and senior citizens as the straw men to support their inaction to resolved our fiscal dilemma.  These people, aided by the liberal media, constitute the “terrorists among us.”

Americans are not children and are fully capable of making the sacrifices needed to bring our Nation back to prosperity and retire our debt.  The leaders we elect to represent us need to set ideology aside and get to work bringing our fiscal house in order.

It seems to me that they should begin with those Government services deemed unessential in the event of a Government shutdown to eliminate spending.  If unessential, why are they needed in the first place?

President Obama’s Agenda is The Clear and Present Danger in Washington

by Richard H. Frank

Last night the American public witnessed 70 minutes of President Obama attempting to deflect responsibility for our dismal state of the union from his policies and agenda to any entity he could remotely indict.  Wall Street, big banks, big oil, the prior administration and even Congress were all in the cross hairs for his attacks.

In the most partisan speech in memory for “The State of the Union”, he asserted that his agenda was stalled by Republican opposition in spite of the Democrats possessing an overwhelming majority in Congress.  He further asserted that his stimulus legislation had saved over 2 million jobs in state and local government which would have otherwise been lost if not for the stimulus plan.

His failure to acknowledge the private sector and the free enterprise system’s role in stimulating this economic, save for a new jobs bill (Stimulus 2) that would make $30 billion available in credit to small businesses, ignores the fact that Government does not create jobs but is more spending on the part of Government with money we don’t have.

The President’s assertion that his administration has not raised taxes a single dime completely ignores the expiration of the Bush tax cuts due to increase all of our taxes in 2011.

Obama remains steadfast in the assertion that his health care reform, cap and trade, green energy and jobs legislation are the only route to fiscal reform and future prosperity.  He is either deaf to the priorities of the people, totally incompetent or a devout marxist intent of fundamentally changing America from a representative Republic to a socialist dictatorship.

In so far as fiscal responsibility is concerned, his proposed freeze on discretionary spending is laughable.  His attempt to compare this initiative to the american family budget fell flat as he stated “That’s how the budget works” and “We will begin next year.”   That’s not how family budgets work; we stop spending NOW.   In the interim his message is spend, spend and spend some more.

Obama’s arrogance was on full display as he chastised the Senate for voting against forming a bipartisan commission to make recommendations for economic recovery and asserted their irrelevance by issuing an executive order to do his bidding anyway.

I still cannot find in the Constitution any authority for the Executive Branch to override Congress by issuing an Executive Order.  His message was “screw Congress!”

The most egregious insult to our Constitution and the balance of powers came when he chastised the Supreme Court’s recent decision with regard to campaign financing.

I expect most Americans could not keep from yawning as we listened to a rehash of campaign slogans.  “We will examine the budget page by page and line by line,” “I will not hesitate to veto any bill that retards economic growth,” “earmarks will be posted on a new government web site so American can view where their money is being spent.”

I, like most Americans, are sick and tired of listening to President Obama’s campaign rhetoric.

The most disingenuous statement he made last evening was with regard to Republicans having any ideas for health care reform.  He said “Just let me know….”  He is open to any ideas.  Well, where has he been for the past eleven months?  I seem to remember a Republican Bill that was blocked from coming to the floor that contained such radical ideas as tort reform, making insurance available across state lines and allowing small businesses to co-op and buy insurance at preferential rates as do the big corporations.

We witnessed a stubborn, arrogant man lecture every conceivable private and government body he could for the deteriorating state of the union.  He presented nothing new in the form of a plan save more Government intervention in the economy and continued spending at the heightened 2010 levels.

Lee Iacocca adopted a management philosophy that said “Lead, Follow or Get the Hell Out of the Way!”  I believe it’s time for Washington to abandon the Obama agenda and return to free enterprise principles, and then Get the Hell Out of the Way!