The Political Elite vs We The People!

By: Richard H. Frank

When the political back room ward bosses and Washington party elites possess the power to usurp the will of “We the People” it is time the electorate sends a message to those party leaders who are supposed to speak for us that it is “our will be done” and not their will.

IN 1776 Thomas Jefferson stated clearly in our “Declaration of Independence” the mechanism by which the citizens can wrestle control from any political party establishment and restore our God-given right to select those that will represent us in this Republic. Selecting candidates to run for the Office of
President of these United States must rest with Citizens of this nation.

Both the Republican and Democrat political party elites could care less what Americans believe and want in a candidate as evidenced by the rules imposed upon the nominating and delegate selection process by both parties. The establishment of the so called Super Delegate coupled with the rules of proportionality used in awarding delegates in many states leaves the will of the people subordinate to that of the party bosses and big donor class that supports special interests. These practices virtually ignore the will of the people.

Now we see the political establishment within the Republican party in full fledged panic, paranoid at the prospect that they are about to lose control of the nominating process. They will do anything to prevent Donald Trump from securing the minimum number of delegates to lock up the party nomination. Should they continue to pursue this action by any means available and derail the will of the people they do so at their own peril and at that of the parties very existence.

Likewise we see the same mindset on the part of Democrats who rely heavily on caucuses in the selection process and the rules associated with Super Delegates to the proportion of delegates available in various states, not to mention the impending indictment of Hillary Clinton for improper handling of National Security Information while serving as Secretary of State in the Obama Administration. Should the Obama Justice Department refuse to indict and prosecute Hillary Clinton, as would be the case with any other citizen of this nation that had done the same things the evidence shows Hillary did, it would leave little doubt that the fix is in and being orchestrated by the party elites and Barack Obama.

In either event we maybe witnessing the death of the two-party system in the United States. The wrath of the voters will come down upon both political parties should a brokered convention result in the Republican Party and refusal by the Democrat-controlled administration to enforce our laws and indict Clinton. Should the Democrat party and the administration bend to the will of the Clinton machine, thereby abandoning the rule of law and manipulate the candidate selection process by any means available to them the voter revolt will literally disintegrate the Democrat Party.

Additionally should Donald Trump or any other Republican nomination seeker abandon the Party and run as a third-party candidate this nation will move another step toward becoming a European Socialist Democracy governed by some weak coalition of political hacks resembling countries such as the U.K. and France.

Americans are fed up with the political elites, professional politicians and big donor class that comprise Washington today. The electorate is clambering for a true Washington outsider and a leader to take charge and rid our government of those forces owing allegiance to special interests and the Party over their oath to represent “We the People”.

The battle lines have been drawn between the Washington Establishment and “We the People”. Lets hope that Washington is getting our message loud and clear for their sake and ours.

Despicable Mitt!

by Jayne D. Frank

Because of the intense anger I am feeling, this blog will be short and sweet. You, my dear Mr. Romney, are the single biggest reason we find ourselves in the midst of this rebellion and anger in 2016. You did not win the 2012 nomination because YOU WOULD NOT FIGHT FOR US! You had nothing bad to say about Barack Obama’s policies, you did not defend the GOP or yourself for that matter at any of the debates, especially in front of Candy Crowley, and so millions of Republicans stayed home and you lost! You now sound snarky and mean in making the most despicable personal assaults on a man who has chosen to try and speak for us. And to make matters worse, you won’t even fight for us now and if you felt so strongly about conservatives, you would have endorsed Ted Cruz.

Others might say that Donald Trump should say nothing, but I can assure you that as a wife and mother, you better believe his sons and wife will not allow you to slash and burn their father and husband so personally without a response.

You are a coward, Mr. Romney and I am sure that millions of Americans have lost all respect for you. What happened to the high road that you used to take in our Party? Your speech was desperate and it was very apparent that after several closed door meetings, you were sent out as the GOP anti-Trump attack dog and it doesn’t suit you.

Seniors and Older Adults – Obama is Playing You for Fools!

by Jayne D. Frank

Seniors, you have heard so many arguments about Obamacare and especially the argument from the Obama campaign that there really is nothing to the 12-person board established under Obamacare.  I will cut to the chase and make it clear and simple for you to understand with a few direct excerpts from the law:

  • The Board is established to make sure that “during the 10-year period after implementation, that there is no increase in total amount of net Medicare program spending.”  How on earth do you NOT severely hurt and ration care to existing Medicare patients when there are millions of new Medicare patients going on the program every year?
  • The Board is entrusted with the duty and mandate to “help reduce the growth rate” of Medicare.  Again, how do you reduce the growth of Medicare other than the options of rationing care, not paying your doctors to treat you, or throwing you out of the program?
  • The Board is to “improve healthcare delivery systems and health outcomes, care coordination, efficiency improvement.”  This board has been set up for no other reason than to take money from the Medicare system and give it to the Government to spend elsewhere on more “productive” citizens (to quote Barack Obama).
  • The Board is to look at direct subsidy payments to Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Programs.  Millions of seniors rely on Medicare Advantage and for Obama to say that these plans will not be affected is a direct lie to all Americans.
  • Qualifications for the Board are individuals with national recognition for expertise in health finance or economics, cost-sharing, etc.”  Do you honesty think those qualifications have anything to do with making sure you continue to receive good care from your doctor?
  • The Board “may accept gifts or donations…..”  Having previously worked for a Defense Contractor which barred us from receiving gifts or donations, do you think there is anything positive for seniors that would result from special interests getting direct access and favors from Board members?
  • Board members are to be given compensation (plus expenses) equal to Level III Executive Schedule Section 5315 Title 5 of U.S. Code salaries.  In looking up who presently gets this level of compensation from the taxpayers, the list is below:
Level III of the Executive Schedule applies to the following positions, for which the annual rate of basic pay shall be the rate determined with respect to such level under chapter 11of title 2, as adjusted by section 5318 of this title:
Solicitor General of the United States.
Under Secretary of Commerce, Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs, Under Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration, and Under Secretary of Commerce for Travel and Tourism.
Under Secretaries of State (6).
Under Secretaries of the Treasury (3).
Administrator of General Services.
Administrator of the Small Business Administration.
Deputy Administrator, Agency for International Development.
Chairman of the Merit Systems Protection Board.
Chairman, Federal Communications Commission.
Chairman, Board of Directors, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
Chairman, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
Chairman, Federal Trade Commission.
Chairman, Surface Transportation Board.
Chairman, National Labor Relations Board.
Chairman, Securities and Exchange Commission.
Chairman, National Mediation Board.
Chairman, Railroad Retirement Board.
Chairman, Federal Maritime Commission.
Comptroller of the Currency.
Commissioner of Internal Revenue.
Under Secretary of Defense for Policy.
Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller).
Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness.
Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.
Do you possibly think that with a $16 trillion debt, that the American Taxpayer can afford to have its taxes increased , senior services cut and our Military cut to pay for Board salaries and perks equal to the offices above?
Obamacare must be repealed and replaced with a fair and economically feasible system which does not mandate and target takeover of our Nation’s healthcare system.  If you re-elect Barack Obama who has failed on every aspect of his job but has created the most disastrous piece of legislation of our generation, you will be responsible for changing healthcare quality as we know it.  Please get off your comfortable couches, rain or shine, tell your friends, and go to your polling place on November 6 to take back your healthcare!

The Conditioning of America!

By: Richard H. Frank

Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign pledge to “fundamentally change America” has been launched and implemented little by little over the past 3 1/2 years. His administration’s initiatives to achieve “fundamental change” have been marked by a three-pronged assault upon the free enterprise system and our Constitution itself. The coordinated attack starts with onerous legislative efforts, which usually fail, followed by pushing the proposed objective through executive and or administrative fiat. If either of these approaches raise the ire of Congress , or the electorate, the administration turns to the Justice Department to challenge and intimidate those that oppose their initiatives.

The liberal progressives are tenacious in pursuit of their socialist ideology. They have persisted in pushing their agenda for nearly 100 years and with the election of Barack Obama have virtually brought this nation to its knees as a result of the accumulated burden of unfunded entitlements, out of control spending and a national debt on the fast track to $20 trillion over the next four years. A debt that outstrips GDP and burdens our children for generations to come.

Achieving energy independence is a prime example of how the liberals condition the population to accept “fundamental change” and their agenda. The Obama administration stands directly in the path of the free market initiatives to develop our own natural resources through exploration and development on Federally-controlled lands and offshore paying homage to the special interests that support their agenda. New sources of fossil fuel and environmentally-safe technology for extracting these resources are demagogued as unproven and a threat to the environment. As a result the increasing demand for oil world-wide increases the price of crude and sends gasoline prices soaring along with every commodity requiring transport to the market place. The Obama administration contends that there is little they can do to impact oil prices and that lifting restrictions and increasing permits will take too long to impact the world market. This is the same story we have heard for the past 30 years when, if we had acted, we would not be faced with a looming crisis for future supply at a price dictated by supply and demand as opposed to that determined by the far east oil cartel.

Until the price of a gallon of gasoline approaches $5.00 and the electorate rebels against the government inaction and their outright obstruction to increasing domestic supply the administration resorts to short-term actions like releasing oil from the strategic reserve as a means to manipulate prices just enough to cause the price to drop just below $4.00 per gallon. In the interim the President condemns big oil for raping the public and making obscene profits when the truth is big oil makes about 8 cents for every gallon of gasoline sold while the Federal government makes 26 cents, more than three times that of the oil companies.

This shell game orchestrated by the Obama administration is intended to condition the public to accepting $3.50 per gallon as the new normal and forget that just 3 1/2 years ago we paid only $1.80 per gallon in 2009 when Obama took office. Over time just as a trainer does with his dog, the public is conditioned to gladly accept the 100% increase as a good thing.

Then we have “Obamacare” sold to America by liberals in Washington in support of the President as the panacea that would provide “affordable” health insurance to every American. For over two years Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama preached the following rhetoric until many Americans believed them.

  • If you like your current health care plan and doctor you can keep them.
  • The average family will save $2500.00 per year in premiums under Obamacare.
  • Obamacare will not increase the deficit – not by a single dime.
  • The Affordable Health Care Law mandate is Constitutional under provisions of the commerce clause.

The first three statements above have been proven to be untrue and we will soon hear from the Supreme Court if the fourth is in fact Constitutional or not.

Three and one half years after Obama and his administration assumed power the standard of living for many Americans has deteriorated. We are told that the new norm for the middle class will include limited opportunity for jobs and sustained unemployment levels of 8% or higher. Higher taxes will be required for all income levels to support expanded entitlement programs with food stamps alone growing to include in excess of  50 million families.

For those senior citizens living on a fixed income the prospect for the future appears bleak. The inflationary impact from energy prices coupled with the necessary rationing of health care under Obamacare are the first harbingers of the “fundamental” changes yet to come. The conditioning process for the elderly includes loss of equity in their homes and the value of their pensions earned over all their working years. Expendable income vanishes rapidly for this segment of American society more quickly than for any other.

The conditioning process will proceed even faster should Obama be reelected until the standard of living we experienced in the 20th century will just be a fading memory. The “fundamental Change” Obama seeks is to achieve a social democracy where we are dependant upon government for survival. Statism fosters such dependency on government for subsistence. When that dependency can no longer be supported through taxation of the free enterprise system those conditioned to rely upon the so-called entitlements eventually turn upon their benefactor, the state, and rebel. We are witness to this in Greece and many other European social democracies.

Generations yet unborn will not know how this nation was conditioned to give up freedom and self-reliance in the name of fairness and turned America into a nation of mediocrity from the vibrant , exceptional free society experienced in the past.

Those of us that have experienced the blessings of freedom embodied in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution must stand firm against “fundamental change’ in America and return to the conservative values and principles that made America the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

Barack Obama – Vulture Capitalist!

by Richard H. Frank

Since Barack Obama cannot run on his record of accomplishments as President, he and his minions have chosen to attack Mitt Romney for his record as a venture capitalist while running Bain Capital.  This tactic is in furtherance of dividing our nation into the haves and have-nots or the 99% against the 1%.  Unfortunately, the average American voter has no concept as to how venture capital works in the free market and thus swallows the lies and distortion spread by Obama during his re-election bid “hook, line and sinker.”

Joe Biden credits Obama and his administration as single-handedly saving the American auto industry with the $80 billion bailout of General Motors and Chrysler in 2009.  Examining the facts with regard to General Motors paints a drastically different picture, however, and in fact shows Obama using many of the tools available to venture capitalists in the GM bailout.

In order to set the stage for the events leading up to the Government-forced bankruptcy, it is helpful to understand some facts concerning the world’s once largest corporation.

During the 20th Century General Motors Corporation grew to become the world’s largest successful corporation with 91 manufacturing and assembly plants in the U.S. alone. During the 1980s foreign competition, armed with low-cost labor and in many instances Government subsidies, began to erode GM’s market share which fell steadily from approximately 50% to the low 20% by the end of the century.  Efforts by management to curtail costs and reverse the downward trend in market share were met with fierce opposition by labor unions and contractual commitments that hindered increased productivity and cost reduction.

Notwithstanding this opposition GM either sold or closed 43 of  its U.S. facilities between 1981 and 2008 reducing its operating  locations by 30% while still operating  under oppressive legacy costs acquired under previous contract commitments.

By 2008 GM was faced with receiving Government loan guarantees or bankruptcy.  Hence, along came Barack Obama and his Government takeover structured to reward labor unions at the expense of creditors, shareholders and bondholders.  Under Obama’s Automotive Czar, the Government pumped $50 billion of the taxpayer’s money into the ailing corporation and immediately announced the eventual closing of 14 additional U. S. plants and three parts and service centers resulting in the loss of 20,000 jobs.  This action further reduced the number of U. S. facilities by 23% although without the necessity to recognize any previous contractual commitments while operating in the Government-arranged auto bankruptcy.

The consideration given to labor unions was a share in the new General Motors and a seat on the Corporation’s Board of Directors.  Up to this point it would appear that Obama and venture capitalists had a lot in common as to how they approached saving a company.

1.  They both infused large sums of money while actions to curtail costs were devised.

2.  They closed obsolete and unprofitable locations.

3. They fired excess labor and management personnel from closed facilities and reduced remaining workforces as required to increase productivity and achieve consolidation of operations.  The major differences, however, between the Government bailout and the acquisition by venture capitalists are stark in comparison:

  • Venture capitalists use their own money.  The government uses our money from tax revenues and/or borrowing from China to continue to keep GM afloat.
  • Venture capitalists are required to follow  bankruptcy law and honor creditor claims according to statute.  The Government ignored the law and entered into arrangements that benefited organized labor over creditors, shareholders and financial institutions; hence the term “crony capitalism” has been coined to define the bailout.
  • Venture capitalists invest to create value and profit by making enterprises successful.  Barack Obama spends our money to do whatever he and his administration deem politically expedient to support their agenda without regard to creating value.

In the years following the bailout of GM, what have we learned?

Dan Ackerson, Chairman of the “New General Motors” reported in a speech that 70% of GM vehicles are produced outside of the U.S.  I guess that equates to a large portion of the $50 billion bailout going to create jobs outside the U.S.  Does Obama count those jobs as either being saved or created?

While 14 plants and three parts and service centers were closed in the U.S. as part of the Government bailout, 11 assembly plants and 4 powertrain plants have been opened by GM in joint ventures in China, along with 2700 dealerships.  Where did the money come from to make these investments?  Certainly not from operating profits from the “New General Motors.”  More of our tax dollars to creat jobs in China with SAIE and FAN?

Ackerson also stated in 2011 that a new “Advanced Technology Center” was being built to assure the company’s success in China.  More alarming is the transfer of advanced technology from the U.S. to China under the joint venture arrangement between GM and the Communist Chinese Government.

Saginaw Steering Gear was acquired by Pacific Century Motors and became Nexteer.  Under the Obama Administration oversight ownership of Nexteer was quietly transferred to AVIC, a Chinese Communist Government association.  Another example of Obama’s crony capitalism.

As the campaign rhetoric heats up over the coming months and Obama mounts his vicious attack on Mitt Romney and Bain Capital for destroying jobs in the quest for profits and moving jobs overseas, keep the story of the “New GM” in mind and it will expose Obama for the hypocrite he and his administration really are.

When will the GOP learn?

Jayne D. Frank

After the 2008 Presidential Election, I did extensive research on the overwhelming number of independent young voters who had decided the 2008 Presidential Election in favor of Barack Obama.  That result hit me in the gut as I could not believe that voters would have voted for this most radical candidate with an Alinsky-inspired, Marxist-agenda for America; I needed to find out why.   The reasons and rationale are set forth in previous young voter articles on this blog,  but they can be summarized in a few lines:  1) The Generation Y grew up in peace time in America, mostly of 60s “free spirit” parents, and the Country was flourishing under a free enterprise system which basically asked nothing of this generation; they ended up asking “What is my purpose in life?”  2) Then the rock star Barack Obama appeared out of nowhere to give them their purpose – environmental and social justice.

Barack Obama’s path to victory had been long-planned and surreptitiously laid out by the likes of Alinsky and George Soros-funded Progressive and socialist groups such as Latino Justice, Young Voter Alliance, Rock the Vote, Assn. of Community Organizations for Reform Now, Campaign for  America’s Future, Campus Progressives, Center for Community Change and the Institute for America’s Future, to name a few.  These organizations then and now are funding entertainment and social media events, blogs, voter registration drives and campus activism, all to assure that the “One” will be re-elected in 2012.  One need only look at history to remember how Hitler rallied his Young Corp to walk on foot to attend all his rallies and show support for him.

For the two years that followed the election, I tried in my own town and Conservative patriot organizations to have people recognize this phenomenon and to help me reach out to young voters 18-29 so that this debacle did not happen again in the 2012 election.  I was able to obtain a major speaker from Young America’s Foundation and Human Events, Jason Mattera, to come and speak to the young voters in our Northwest Michigan area, which was no small feat, but I could not rally the support of the GOP and Conservative groups in my area to get behind these efforts.  Now I see that my local GOP women’s group, more than 2 years after the fact, is now interested in setting up a Young Republican’s Group.  This effort is very late, but commendable, and unless the focus is to educate those young minds in why the Progressive socialist path they are attracted to is “bad for America and their futures,” the GOP will remain a group mainly of middle-aged and senior members such as myself, unable to expand or reach out and be an effective entity for the 2012 elections and beyond.

This naivety also extends to the GOP Presidential candidates themselves.  Although I feel strongly that he can’t possibly win against Barack Obama, Ron Paul is the only candidate that attracts hoards of young people at his rallies to support him.  Much of this has to do with his anti-Big Government, Anti-War and most especially anti-authority vision that inspires the young people.  Unless the GOP candidates get off their social conservative bandwagon and starting hitting the young voters in this country with jobs numbers, job prospects, real consequences of a weakened foreign policy and talk about their futures in a socialist country, no GOP candidate will win.

I intend to keep my interest in reaching out to young voters alive because they are the future of this Country.  If we as seniors of this Country don’t do our very best before we leave this earth, to educate our young people in the history of this Country and why ignoring such history and the lessons we have learned from it will kill the America we love, then WE should be asking the question “What was our purpose in life?”

The President’s Health Care Proposal: Deceit, Arrogance or Desperation

by Richard H. and Jayne D. Frank

What kind of game is President Obama playing on the American people?  He appears before the television cameras and acknowledges that the People are correct in identifying the “economy” and “jobs” as the most important priorities for the Country (where has he been?).  He criticizes Congress and Government for uncontrolled spending in one breath and then introduces his new budget and more spending proposals purported to cure our ills.  Then when over 66% of Americans are opposed to Government health care reform as envisioned by Congress,  he attempts to resurrect an ill-conceived Bill under the guise of bi-partisan cooperation.

Just when we think Congress and the President have received our message and shifted their priority to the economy,  Mr. Obama uses a bi-partisan summit on health care alleging he is open to any ideas to control costs that will make insurance affordable for all Americans.

Today, four days before the summit at Blair House, the White House has posted on their website, President Obama’s Proposal for health care reform.  Careful reading of his proposal reveals a warmed-over manipulation of language contained in the Senate Bill hastily passed on  Christmas Eve 2009.

The Proposal is cleverly crafted in such a way as to cloud its ultimate intent, to move to a single-payor system,   and further, the Progressive agenda for “massive redistribution of wealth.”

Here is the simple truth behind The President’s Proposal dated February 22 which is nothing more than more punishment for the “rich” in our society, additional spending, punishment of businesses, more Government intrusion, and is true wealth distribution and nothing more.  It does NOTHING to change what has been on the table before the American people for the last year.  Here are the key points that most affect Americans that were not in either of the previous House and Senate bills.  We have attempted to boil down 11 pages of the warmed-over Senate bill by highlighting the revisions of the President’s Proposal in 15 key elements:

  1. Included in the Proposal is a new mandate that insurers must lower premiums if the Government feels they are unreasonable; this replaces simply an oversight review. This is a usurpation of the authority vested in the States by the Constitution.
  2. Preventative care is covered in grandfathered policies only beginning in 2018.  That is an attempt to hide increasing of the deficit because costs beyond that point are not considered by the CBO.
  3. Uninsured Americans will still make a payment (tax/fee) for not being insured but the threshold is lowered to $18700; i.e., taxes on more Americans.
  4. The Proposal gives $40 billion  to businesses in tax credits; those tax credits are a drain upon the Federal revenues, that if insufficient, end up adding to the deficit.  This is still a mandate to businesses because if they don’t provide coverage they will pay an “assessment” of $3000 (fee/tax) to help defray the “taxpayer’s cost” for those workers which the businesses don’t cover; eventually this will lead to cancellation of all employer coverage and move everyone to a “Government-controlled Healthcare Program.”
  5. There is a great deal of language involved in inundating health providers with more paperwork, database requirements and  “law enforcement” threats for catching fraud and abuse. Hidden in this language section is a “Real-Time Data Review” to identify potentially fraudulent payments more quickly.  When you walk into your doctor’s office, you can see that he will be required to get an on- the spot determination by some bureaucrat if your treatment is to be covered, in essence placing Government between you and your doctor under the guise of reducing fraudulent payments.  The President has just moved his  intent to oversee patient’s treatment into a “Fraud and Abuse” control.
  6. The President wants to return overpayments under this section to the Medicare Trust Fund.  That fund has been robbed by the Government, spent, and has been empty for years.  Are we to trust that they now are honorable and will reestablish this Trust Fund?
  7. In line with real- data review, under the President’s prescription proposal, he wants providers and states to “review and update their care plan to reduce utilization” of certain prescriptions.  The end result of course, will be that people will not be able to get elective prescriptions such as those for weight-reducing, smoking cessation, ED drugs such as Viagra,  depression, and certain senior drugs, because the Government is lining up to determine what prescriptions do not improve “beneficiary quality of care”.
  8. The President proposes to change the Medicare Review process from a “random” process to one with “statutory reviews.”
  9. Cadillac plans are once again attacked, and the Proposal seems to be looking to “average out” fee for services costs in all areas, and the Proposal still taxes high-cost health insurance premiums, although not until 2018.
  10. More importantly, The Proposal on Page 8 requires a “payment adjustment for unjustified coding patterns” than have raised costs …more…than the evidence of their enrollees’ health status…”  In short, Government will determine if treatment for the elderly is justified based upon cost, not “improving quality of life.”
  11. The President’s Proposal adds a total of 5.2% increase in the hospital insurance portion of these plans.
  12. The President wants to tax brand name pharmaceuticals in the interest of “fairness”.  Many prescriptions given to Americans are not yet in a generic form and I assume, the legislation intends to restrict these drugs.
  13. The President has a new “Improvement.”  He wants to give states “100% Federal Support for newly eligible individuals” for 2014 through 2017.” Surely that will give him enough time to get the millions of illegal aliens covered under his proposal.
  14. The Proposal changes eligibility for certain low income  programs (not defined) from adjusted gross income to modified adjusted gross income. That would allow more people to be subsidized or exempted.
  15. There is still a fee on medical device manufacturers, which most certainly is either going to prohibit seniors from receiving scooters, walkers, more “unconventional” oxygen devices, etc., or those costs will be passed along to the consumer to pay.

The President’s Proposal is all smoke and mirrors again, is a rehash of the Big Government intrusion into our personal health care decisions and more importantly does nothing about tort reform, portability, or being able to purchase across state lines, and fraud/abuse which could all be addressed with simple standalone legislation.  He also phrases several of the changes he wants to appear as they are “budget items” to more particularly conform to the requirements for the reconciliation Process.  This “Reconcilation Process” would allow passage of a health care bill with 51 votes as opposed to 60 required under current Senate Rules.

The Republican position at the February 25 meeting should demand including the four principles above under a simple, understandable and controllable piece of legislation, not the massive Senate Bill and the bureaucracies that will be created. The President’s Proposal was aptly described by Brad Blakeman on Fox News this morning as “rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.”