Why Romney Lost the 2012 Election

by Richard H. Frank

Five months following the 2012 Presidential election and the defeat of Mitt Romney by Barack Obama the pundits  from both parties have attempted to spin their message and place the blame on everything from one candidate having no message to the other having a superior ground game for getting out the vote.  There is an element of truth in every theory presented but I believe the real reason resides in the changing demographics in America experienced over the past 50 years.  The demographics not so much in terms of ethnic origin, race or economic status but the demographic of an individual’s collective life experience.

As our nation prepared to celebrate the Bicentennial in 1976, I had the occasion to view a video entitled “What You Are is Where You Were When” created by  and featuring Dr. Morris Massey, then an Associate Dean and Professor of Marketing at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

My first impression as I viewed the video was that I was watching a fast-talking used car salesman that resembled a flim-flam man or carnival Barker.  As I listened however, it become apparent that he had a lot of valuable information to convey in a relatively short span of time limited by the video itself.

His message was all about values  The values every human being possesses, where they were first introduced, what life forces imprinted them upon us and how they became part of our belief system.

According to Dr. Massey there are three major periods in each person’s life during which values are developed:

  1. The Imprint Period, up to age seven, when we are like sponges absorbing everything around us, accepting much as true, especially when it comes from our parents.
  2. The Modeling Period, between the ages of eight and thirteen where we tend to copy others, often our parents.  We may be impressed by religion or teachers.  Often times outside influences may take precedent over the values of our parents.
  3. The Socialization Period, between 13 and 21 when peer pressures largely influence our behavior and often are in conflict with values previously introduced by parents and teachers.  Other influences include media, and in today’s rapidly changing technology the largely uninformed social media.

If Dr. Massey’s theories are correct the country has been bombarded with secular-based values over the past 50 years, many of which are in direct opposition to those of people born in the first half of the 20th Century.  For example:

  • The distortion of our Constitution with regard to the separation of church and state (words which cannot be found in the document as written by the Founding Fathers.)
  • The role of the Federal Government taking precedent and usurping the power of the state – disregard of the Enumerated Powers within the Constitution.
  • Expansion of the welfare state to include redistribution of wealth, not through voluntary, charitable institutions or individuals, but by the fiat of Government.
  • A disregard for human life by advocates of abortion and a practice in this Country that makes the Holocaust pale due to the wanton disregard for the life of the unborn through millions of abortions performed in this Country.

Take a look at what has occurred in our public institutions of learning beginning in the 1960s.  Religion has been removed from the classroom and the very mention of God is no longer tolerated.  Music celebrating any form of religion is no longer included in the secular curriculum taught in our schools and holidays acknowledged for centuries under the law are now renamed for political correctness.

So how have we as a nation allowed all this change in our values to occur since the Declaration of Independence was written in 1776?  According to Dr. Massey any change in values must be preceded by a “Significant Emotional Event.”

Looking back over the past 100 years it is easy to mark the most “significant emotion events” and see how they impacted the value system of Americans living at that moment in time.

  • 1914 World War I and a call to America to protect and defend the principles upon which this Country was founded.  The significant event came with the sinking of the Lusitania Passenger Liner by the German “U” boats and the loss of American life.
  • 1929’s Black Friday crash of the stock market leading to the Great Depression.  Millions of Americans were out of work and lost their homes.  This significant event imprinted the value for  hard work and property on millions of Americans living through the Depression.
  • December 7, 1941 and the Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor once again awakened the patriotic values of America to return to its core values and defend the world against Imperial Japan and facism in Europe.
  • November 22, 1963 President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas and shook the nation to its very foundation.  Politically, our Government leaders embarked upon social justice programs such as the  Great Society,  the War on Poverty and others that nurtured a growing segment of society addicted to entitlements which cannot be sustained.
  • September 11, 2001, the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon shook America awake and focused the threat of Muslim extremists directly on our security here in the homeland.
  • November, 2008 the election of Barack Obama, the first Black President in this nation’s history that campaigned against many of the values that made our Country the most free, most prosperous nation in the history of the world.  His promise was to “fundamentally change America” through his actions for social justice to correct in his words “a fundamentally flawed U. S. Constitution.”  The significant emotion to elect a black man regardless of his lack of credentials and experience to hold the office, and the fear of being judged as being racist, overrode logic and common sense of the electorate.
  • November, 2012 Barack Obama is reelected with a campaign based solely upon the premise that he could not fix all the economic problems created by  George Bush in a mere 4 years and that General Motors was alive and Bin Laden was dead.

Therefore, if one is to believe that Dr. Massey is correct, and I do, what will the next “significant emotional event” be that awakes America and returns us to our senses?

Possibly without real fiscal reform the collapse of the dollar which would throw this Country into the worst depression ever witnessed in modern history.  Continued deficient spending and growth of the Federal Government to support social justice at the expense of the free market and eventually individual freedom. Or perhaps another event might be millions of people protesting in the street in America because their handouts no longer can be sustained.   Simply put “there is no such thing as a free lunch.”  When the Government runs out of other people’s money to spend we will become Greece and that’s when the real revolution will begin.  God Help the United States of America should we ever reach that time.

Prognosticators, Politicians and Fear Mongers.

By: Richard H. Frank

In today’s world of the 24 hour – 7 day news cycle we have come to expect the coverage of any disaster, occurring naturally or man-made, to be transformed into theater for the consumption of viewers around the world. Political unrest, demonstrations and even revolutions are covered with the same theme as the movie of the week and many times lose their message in the reality they are meant to convey. The most recent phenomenon is the 8.9 magnitude earthquake followed by a killer tsunami  impacting the island nation of Japan.

Natural events such as these illustrate just how insignificant man is when compared to the forces of nature. All the special effects available in Hollywood to depict a natural disaster pale in the face of reality as demonstrated by images of destruction following the events in Japan.

Now we will bear witness to the throng of prognosticators that will attempt to give voice to their particular theory with regard to consequences, unintended or otherwise, arising out of this natural tragedy. The situation regarding the wisdom of using nuclear power generation in Japan is the case in point. Logical discussion concerning the status and condition of these various facilities located on the island nation has escalated from that of concern, to rumor of melt down and fueling of hysteria, instead of a measured controlled response to the conditions at these nuclear generating plants. Cooler  heads recognize that these facilities were designed and constructed to provide for containment in the event of a reactor melt down. Irresponsible reporting on the part of the news media can only serve to misinform the public and elevate fears of the “China Syndrome” around the world.

Politicians and their spin-meisters are cautiously observing events in Japan as they unfold to situate themselves to be on the right side of history with any statements or policy decisions made as a result of this natural disaster. There is no doubt that the future of extending nuclear power usage in the United State will be set back significantly.

Fear mongers are already at work looking for evidence that connects the earthquake and resulting tsunami to the actions of man on earth. Global warming, now referred to as climate change, is being used to demonize mans progress on the planet as destructive and attribute the forces of nature to his greed and destructive quest for power. It is this arrogant view of man’s domination over the planet which over the centuries has only retarded civilization’s advancement and not enhanced our existence.

We can only imagine the awesome power and energy released by an earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale. Measured in pounds of TNT the force would have been equal to 238 megatons ( 238 million tons) of the explosive. Placing this number into context consider that the seismic yield of the Atom Bomb dropped on Nagasaki measured a meer 5.0 on the Richter scale and produced a force  of only 447 metric tons of TNT. Had the earthquake not occurred off shore and under the ocean the forces released would have been sufficient to obliterate the entire nation of Japan in under 3 minutes.

Perhaps our creator is sending  a wake-up call to all the arrogant leaders on the planet for them to understand just how insignificant they really are and that their priorities are in need of a major adjustment.

Therefore, all of you prognosticators, politicians and fear mongers need to take heed just in case there really is a God that holds domain over the universe who will hold each of us accountable on the day we stand before him to receive our final judgment.

Children of God, Children of Respect

Jayne D. Frank

Regular readers of our blog know that my husband is the expert on Constitutional matters and I prefer to try to highlight the more basic problems in our society that have resulted in where we now stand; i.e. with growing numbers of our younger generations having far left or liberal views of society.  I expect that as with my article on smoking, I will receive comments not from the people who agree with me, but from the fringe that is in total denial and refuses to take personal responsibility for their choices in life.  That is the case with this article on some of our children and grandchildren.

This article was precipitated by the young anchors on Fox & Friends Weekend today who ran a few segments on whether it was right to bribe children to eat their vegetables and do chores.  This made my blood boil and after reflecting for a while I knew exactly why.  In my own family I have seen the disastrous results from giving children liberties they did not earn and rewards for lack of respect.

In my 20s my sister and I had both been raising children and there could not have been two totally distinct methods employed to raise our children.  My sister and I were raised by our parents and grandparents in the 50s and 60s to “honor thy father and mother” and to respect authority, our elders and authority figures.  Therefore, these are the behavioral guidelines I brought forth for raising my son as well, otherwise known as “tough love.”  My sister chose a much more liberal path for raising her children, mostly influenced by liberal teachings while attending  her university.  It  first manifested itself when we would go to restaurants and my son, and probably the majority in the restaurant during those decades, would be expected to sit quietly at the table until we were done eating.  He could order whatever he wanted but he was reminded to finish whatever he ordered.  My sister, on the other hand, permitted her children to climb up on the backs of booths and look at other people, to get up and meander through the restaurant and seldom reminded them not to interrupt adults talking.   When in the mall, my child was expected to stay with me and if all went well he would  spend some time in the game room to enjoy his part of the outing.  He was not permitted to run through the mall or stores or pick up anything without asking.  Again, my sister did not have that perspective and many times stayed home because her kids just didn’t want to go with her.   I know personally that there were many problems at home with her children because she did not enforce the same rules we both grew up with.

Today, sadly, my sister has been laying in a hospital bed for 5 years 95% paralyzed by a stroke  caused by smoking. (I say that for the woman who commented on my smoking article that I had no evidence before me that smoking causes health problems).  Her children were 25 and 29 at the time and are now 30 and 34.  They do not come to see her; not because they don’t love her, but because she did not enforce the principle of honoring your parents, respecting their authority, and honoring their “value” as human beings.  They did not have those fundamental values of “family” instilled in them at an early age and now they have pretty much abandoned her, using the excuse that she is no longer the mother they once knew.

For years, I have been watching a growing disrespect among children, fostered by their parents, in all kinds of public places.  Children, especially teenagers, run through entry doors of buildings, often times almost causing elderly people coming in to become unbalanced.  They sit or run in the aisles of stores and their parents do nothing about it, causing people to either turn around or try to step around them.  They talk in church and often get up several times in the middle of  a service, or their children will sit backwards on the seat in front of you and turn around and stare.  We have all experienced children who sit on airplanes and kick the backs of seats where people are sitting in front of them. In both cases, parents do nothing, because they themselves have not been taught otherwise.  When you call adults on the phone now, often times you either are faced with children answering the phone who have no knowledge whatsoever of how to answer the phone nor how to take a message properly for their parents.  Or you do get to talk to the adult and hear the children in the background shouting “mommy, mommy” to which the parent never responds.

Fewer and fewer teachers get much satisfaction out of their jobs anymore because a handful of children get rowdy and spoil the “adventure” of learning for the rest of them.  There is dwindling  respect for teachers, law enforcement, parents, the elderly and little common courtesy for others in a public environment.  Again, this article talks only about the growing problem in our society and does not speak to those children who have been brought up with traditional family christian values.

When Ted Kennedy died and his casket went past the Congressional offices, I was horrified at the demeanor of many of the 20-something people in the crowd.   They were chatting with their colleagues, texting on phones during this procession and they didn’t sing  our national anthem or other patriotic songs, because they simply don’t know the words and have respect enough for our country to learn them.

My point of all this is simple.  The basic fundamental values of “respect”  are learned from an early age and that is why we are having so much trouble in our society right now.  People walking past other people who are hurt in the street, gutter language being used by music artists and teenagers in front of an elderly stranger; we just don’t take care of each other any longer.    How can a society of 340 million people stand for its liberties if we don’t understand how liberty is earned.

One cannot say that all of this is a reflection of how busy parents are now.   I worked full time during my son’s early years but made sure he had quality time with me and had a support network of authority figures around him while I was working to instill values in him.  I made sure that his education always reflected that and questioned with boldness when I thought educational curriculum was getting too liberal.  I do have a wonderful close relationship with my son now and he has been a blessing; I can say that I am proud of the young man he has turned out to be.

My values have not come without a price and I am willing to accept that.  My stepson’s children who were expected to behave properly in my house while there don’t visit anymore because their parents don’t teach them respect for other’s possessions nor respect for their elders; I am saddened by this but hope that someday they will understand as their own children get older.

Gaining back our respect for authority, for parents, for strangers, and for our Country can do nothing but solve some of our ills and improve us as a people.   I am not an expert and don’t pretend to be.  But my husband and I have lived over 60 years each and both of us have seen and experienced so many changes and events in our lives and we think that experience could help us on our path to healing in this country, and we hope this article brings these solutions to light.  I fear we have lost our moral compass in America!

Why does the mention of God anger so many people?

By: Richard H. Frank

The Libertyssong blog has been posted for approximately five months and for the most part has received constructive favorable comments from the readers. The glaring exception is for our posts that examine the Founders fervent belief in a creator as having established “Natural Law” as the basis for the unalienable Rights enumerated in the Declaration of Independence. Secular progressives have distorted the meaning of the Constitution’s First Amendment in such a way as to deny the documented beliefs of the Founders. They have replaced it with a doctrine that religion and the state cannot be acknowledged within the same physical space in the universe, nor upon any document residing in a public institution. I know that this description of what they believe is extreme, but no more extreme than their assertion that the phrase “In God We Trust” is direct contradiction to the First Amendment to the Constitution.

The Constitution allows all Americans the right to practice, or not to practice, any religion of their choice. It only prohibits the establishment of a Federal Government religion. In fact, unless prohibited by a State’s Constitution, that State could establish its own religion. Government, Federal or State, cannot mandate any citizen to recognize or practice any religion. The First Amendment also prohibits the Federal Government from interfering with the free exercise of any religion.  The Constitution is silent with regard to acknowledging and recognizing the Founders’ beliefs and therefore those that would cite the First Amendment as the authority to remove any reference to God from the public square are misinformed.

George Washington in his farewell address said,” Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports”. ……… “Let it simply be asked, where is the security for property, for reputation, for life, if the sense of religious obligation deserts the oaths which are the instruments of investigation in courts of justice?”

Over the past 80 years, largely due to the influence of secular progressives, we have moved far from the principles upon which this country was founded. The very people that would remove all references to “God” from the public arena, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are protected in their beliefs by these very documents. So what do they fear?

I fear a government made up of men having no moral compass to guide them, lacking integrity and honesty. A belief in God and the principles espoused by our founding Fathers provides that moral compass. Unfortunately, many of our representatives in Congress seem to have embraced political ideology over principle. Let us pray to “God” that they find that moral compass once more.

Faith, Hope and Charity

by Richard H.  Frank

Faith, Hope and Charity, much like three legs of a stool, are the pillars that form the foundation for stability upon which our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution.

“Faith,” a belief in a supreme creator, commonly shared by all the Founders, was the basis for recognizing Natural Law as remaining unaltered by the intervention of man.  Therefore, unalienable rights could only flow from the Creator (God) and not from man. Among those rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

“Hope,” was the principled belief that drove the pilgrims and the puritans from Europe to a new world, free to worship as they wished without the oppressive hand of government established through “the divine right of kings.”  Hope was the driving force that motivated developments of the territories and the western frontier.

“Charity,” is the ethos that a man was responsible, as directed by God, to care for his family first, followed by his neighbors and those in need in the community.  He could share the fruits of his labor as he saw fit in any amount and for any cause of his own choosing.

These three pillars served to support our Constitution and over the first 150 years allowed for the birth of a “new nation under God with liberty and justice for all.”

The Founders would marvel at the growth and prosperity experienced in these young United States of America under this experiment in self-government called our Representative Republic.

Shortly after the turn of the 20th Century, social progressives began a slow steady assault upon the Constitution using covert methods to attack and erode the pillars of faith, hope and charity.

The issue of “separation of church and state” has been distorted beyond recognition by the social progressives. Originally intended as a prohibition against establishment of a “state religion,” it has now been interpreted to preclude acknowledgment of any religious symbol, teachings or writings in public-funded institutions.  This country once proudly proclaimed itself as a Christian nation having its roots in Judeo-Christian law.  Today the secular progressives want any reference to God erased from public view.  They have gone so far as to insist that “In God We Trust” be removed from our currency.  Over 90% of Americans profess a belief in God, yet we allow the minority to step on the rights of the majority. Today, those in our enlightened society who dare to call upon god and adherence to divine law are castigated as religious zealots.

As for “hope,” the progressive movement has successfully suppressed the inclination of the individual to provide a better life for his children than for himself.  Overreaction to the civil rights issues in the 1960s resulted in imposed quotas for minority hiring in the public sector, affirmative action programs in our schools and universities and a general dumbing down of the educational system in America.  Many young deserving individuals were denied the opportunity that would otherwise have been available to them.  Ultimately reverse discrimination resulted.  In today’s toxic environment anyone challenging continuation of these progressive policies is quickly labeled a “racist.”

“Charity” is now synonymous with social welfare.  Progressive legislation has moved responsibility from individuals to care for his family and the needy in the community to the public rolls in the form of welfare.  The “nanny state” policy of “cradle to grave” welfare has created a monster in the form of “unfunded mandates” that have grown enormously since 1960.  Programs like aid for dependent children, extending social security benefits beyond its original intent to dependants and surviving spouses and the disabled, no matter how well intentioned, will serve as the slow death of this Republic.  We have created a segment of American society totally reliant on the “welfare state” for their daily subsistence.

Today, government is further infringing on our individual freedoms by mandating health care as a “right.”  Environmentalists want to legislate the amount of water used to flush your toilet.  The food police are now regulating the amount of trans fat and salt we may consume.  Whatever happened to personal responsibility?  “Big Brother” is alive and well in the form of a liberal Congress hell bent on controlling each and every aspect of our life.

The Founders would not recognize the difference between the America of 1920 and that of 2010.  They did, however, provide a mechanism within our Constitution to change this disastrous course we find ourselves taking.  “We the People” retain the power, under the Constitution, to change leadership in our representative Republic.  Should we fail to act to change this government, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

Get involved, restore and strengthen the pillars that support our Constitution – “Faith, Hope and Charity.”

Message from God to Al Gore

Dear Al, you may think that “man” is impacting the planet’s environment and leading to Armageddon.  The real “inconvenient truth” is man’s impact on “my universe” amounts to a grain of sand, compared to all the beaches on the planet.  I know you have achieved your 15 minutes of fame and amassed a fortune pedaling your misrepresentation of my handy work .  So I would like to share some real information with you that you so conveniently left out of your essay.

1.   The real planet’s warming and cooling cycles occur over long periods of time.  May I say longer than you, or any human currently on earth, will experience.

2.   I know it is difficult for you and your lackies to explain why warming has not continued over the past decade.  Al, don’t even try as I work in mysterious ways.

3.   If you happen to venture out of your palatial estate, you may notice that it is very cold outside.  Frost on the pumpkin and ice on the pond means it is colder and has been for the past two years.

4.   Al, what did you think 30 years ago, in the 1970s, when your genius mouthpieces predicted the coming ice age?  I’ll bet just like “chicken little” you were among the chorus fermenting predictions of the coming deep freezes.  Did you invest in oil futures?

When I created Man, I gave him two great gifts; that of intellect and the ability to reason.  Man has used these gifts for good and also for destructive purposes.  Each time he thinks he “knows it all” and is smarter than his Creator, I have to nudge man’s universe “ever so slightly” to bring him back to Me and reality.  If you ever doubt this, examine the extinction of the dinosaurs.  There was no carbon footprint from them, save an occasional dino fart, nor none from the insignificant creatures called “man” to affect climate change.  Over the millenia it is my divine intervention in events that has shaped the world.  So who are you to arrogantly assume the future rests in the hands (and pocketbooks) of mere mortals?

It would be laughable, were it not for the fact that you and others of your ilk have exploited “my will” to your own benefit.  This included manipulating temperature data.  Thankfully, I am a forgiving God and will take your misguided manipulative and devious actions into account when we finally meet face to face.

My Best Personal Regards,


One Nation Under God

By Richard H. Frank

 The Declaration of Independence makes it clear that the Founders recognized the existence of a Creator and the laws of nature and nature’s God.  They knew that unalienable rights were not bestowed upon them by men but by the Creator. Unalienable rights, they believed, came directly from God and were not in the province of mankind, kings, emperor nor any governmental authority. Further they recognized that freedom cannot survive unless their Republic and Constitution is based upon virtuous and morally strong principles. These principles flow directly from the Bible taking their substance from the Ten Commandments as well as additional laws found in Judea / Christian doctrine.

Critics would contend that this precept is in direct violation to “separation of church and state” as required by the Constitution. This argument is fallacious in that the basic principles upon which our Constitution is built are present in every religious doctrine regardless of sect or denomination. All religions recognize a divine entity as the source of creation. Call that entity God, Allah, Buddha or the cosmos there is recognition that a power greater than man is the ultimate authority over the universe. Principles for virtue and morality do not in any way violate the Constitution but serve to strengthen the document. Even atheists have to acknowledge that nature’s law is universal in application and become the basis for reason, a faculty possessed by man alone among all species in creation. Reason reveals that natural law cannot be altered by man, as the factors are absolute and unalterable. As such the proof is undisputed, that whether you believe in God or not, there is a power greater than man possessing principles that are basic and comprehended by the human mind as correct and moral in their application.

To those individuals offended by the precept of God, upon which our Constitutional Republic is founded, I say, you can exercise your freedom to seek refuge elsewhere. You have the right to express your beliefs openly and without fear. However, you do not have a right to restrict others from honoring the principles upon which this Nation was founded.  “One Nation Under God” with Liberty and Justice for all!