Despicable Mitt!

by Jayne D. Frank

Because of the intense anger I am feeling, this blog will be short and sweet. You, my dear Mr. Romney, are the single biggest reason we find ourselves in the midst of this rebellion and anger in 2016. You did not win the 2012 nomination because YOU WOULD NOT FIGHT FOR US! You had nothing bad to say about Barack Obama’s policies, you did not defend the GOP or yourself for that matter at any of the debates, especially in front of Candy Crowley, and so millions of Republicans stayed home and you lost! You now sound snarky and mean in making the most despicable personal assaults on a man who has chosen to try and speak for us. And to make matters worse, you won’t even fight for us now and if you felt so strongly about conservatives, you would have endorsed Ted Cruz.

Others might say that Donald Trump should say nothing, but I can assure you that as a wife and mother, you better believe his sons and wife will not allow you to slash and burn their father and husband so personally without a response.

You are a coward, Mr. Romney and I am sure that millions of Americans have lost all respect for you. What happened to the high road that you used to take in our Party? Your speech was desperate and it was very apparent that after several closed door meetings, you were sent out as the GOP anti-Trump attack dog and it doesn’t suit you.

Power is an Aphrodisiac and That Is Why Trump Tops the Polls

by Jayne D. Frank

The media is befuddled about the soaring numbers for Donald Trump but as a woman who worked in a corporate world dominated by men, I am not.  Consider first the fact that for almost 8 years now, we have had a President who is devoid of leadership skills, and has done everything in his power to avoid making decisions about the future of this country’s economic future and our security.  We started seeing him bow to foreign leaders early on in his Presidency and this appeasement mentality has continued to this day.  Americans have stayed quiet but have continued to build up the rage in their hearts over someone who would bring this country to the point of deterioration that it is today.

We have also seen this President ridicule our military might and our military leaders.  He doesn’t ask for advice on foreign affairs from the most distinguished powerful military men that this country has but if given advice, he completely disregards it.  The cuts to the Military have decimated our forces to the point that we could not now fight two wars at once should that ever become necessary.

The point to be made here is that Obama’s administration has become the most effeminate administration that I have ever seen in my lifetime; soft to the point of being totally useless.

In my 20s, in my early career, I was surrounded by powerful men who were not afraid to make hard and sometimes not too popular decisions to benefit their company and their shareholders.  This was such an aphrodisiac to women around these men and many people aspired to go on and have careers where they too could take risks and make career advances.

I believe right now that Donald Trump is tapping into two main emotions:  Women who want their men to be strong and make us safe, something none of us are now under Obama.  The second emotion is the underlying rage that American conservatives have felt and have been powerless to do anything about for the last two terms of Obama.  We also sent conservatives to Congress to do the work that we sent them there to do, and under Boehner and McConnell’s leadership, that has failed as well.  Americans have also had it up to their eyeballs with dynasties such as Clinton and Bush, and we certainly don’t want to see anyone elected with such a past and present climate of corruption around them.

So, despite Trump’s crassness, his abrasiveness, and seeming unwillingness to “go along to get along”, I think you will see a continued willingness on the part of Americans to overlook the substance of what he says right now and feed off his aura of power and our disgust at what Obama has done to America.  Whether that translates to a GOP nominee win for Trump, that is probably going to be decided by the far right conservatives in this country who will vote to sacrifice this country once again to another far left Progressive who will continue down the course set by Obama.

Seniors Being Set Up by Affordable Care Act

by Jayne D. Frank

The Affordable Care Act and advocates of it, repeatedly say seniors will not be affected by the Act. The last thing the Government needs, especially among the chaos now created by their site not working for other Americans, is to have seniors question what will happen with their care. We all received a slice of this “preview” this week in the news when several elderly people in their 80s were interviewed because they have been told their doctor will not be in their plans anymore and they would have to find other doctors.

In other states, seniors who have regular Medicare and pay for their own Medigap coverage are being sent repeated letters during “open enrollment” now going on, that Medicare Advantage might “be a better option for you.” Really? A better option when the Congressional Budget Office projected that the Affordable Care Act will result in 3 million fewer people enrolled in Medicare Advantage and that the health insurance tax (also from ACA) will result in seniors facing $220 in higher out-of-pocket costs and reduced benefits next year and $3500 in additional costs over the next ten years. (reference All you have to do is do your own research, read between the lines and see that it is eventually the intention of insurers to have their senior subscribers shift to Medicare Advantage and then be dropped because of the cut to doctors participating in Medicare Advantage, all as a direct result of Obamacare.

Those in Medigap policies cannot be assured of continued coverage either or at least good quality care. Just read the site under “coordinating your care” where it states you can “always see any doctor or healthcare provider who accepts Medicare, AND accepts these programs;” namely Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and/or Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative, two programs which severely compromise your quality of care, take the decision-making away from you and your doctor, and put cuts on what kind of services you “should” be getting in the future. The aim is to coordinate your healthcare between you, your doctor, and every agency or board that will be involved in the Obamacare law. They will be following the “Choosing Wisely Initiative” which targets the issue of “inappropriate” or “overused” tests and procedures for seniors, all the way from bone density tests to cardiac procedures” for which “drug treatment works as well as surgical intervention.” (ref: Washington Post: Inappropriate Procedures are Expensive and Risky.) This Choosing Wisely Initiative will probably be used in the media as a substitute for the death panels in Obamacare, all done in the name of “fraud prevention.”

Seniors are our real “treasure” in this country – they are our mothers and our fathers, our mentors and our inventors. They have worked at steady jobs for many decades so that the young people in America can have a more prosperous and fulfilling life. Will the millions of seniors in this Country start waking up to what is happening and get involved in making sure that we try to repair the destruction happening in our healthcare system? Seniors may not have the strongest bodies anymore – but their intelligence is intact and their voices are strong and must be heard.

The Seeds of Obama’s Police State!

by Richard H. Frank

Four and one-half years following Barack Obama’s election to the Office of President of the United States, America can bear witness to what he meant by his quest to “fundamentally transform America.”  The actions by the Obama Administration during his first term and continuing into his second provide the evidence of his effort to transform this nation from a Representative Republic to a government resembling a police state.

His first initiative “The Affordable Care Act” was the test case to determine how and if the Representatives in Congress could be coerced into passing this massive Government takeover of one-sixth of the nation’s economy and impose mandatory health insurance on every American.  The law, now referred to as “Obamacare” was opposed by the majority of Americans and remains the case today.

Every promise made by Obama regarding the massive 3000-page document has been shown to be untrue.  Yet, following the proclamation by Nancy Pelosi that “we have to pass the Bill in order to find out what’s in it” the law was passed against the will of the people.

Having achieved this fraud upon America, Obama and his administration were emboldened to continue to perpetrate more shady activities to forward their agenda.  Next came the disclosure that “Fast and Furious” or the sale of illegal weapons to the Mexican drug cartels had blown up and resulted in the murder of one of our Border Patrol Agents at the hands of the cartel using one of the weapons provided under the program.

It soon became apparent that the Obama administrations mechanism to impose strict gun control legislation upon the nation was to use “Fast and Furious” as their justification.  Congress, however, demanded that the Justice Department and Attorney General Eric Holder provide all the documentation they had regarding “Fast and Furious”during their oversight hearings.  Holder refused and as a result was held in Contempt of Congress. To date he has not supplied the documents to Congress under the claim of Executive Privilege.

When the various states attempted to assert their Constitutional rights under the 10th Amendment, enacting laws on immigration, Holder and his Justice Department brought suit against these states for their opposition to the heavy-handed tactics employed by the Justice Department.

Eric Holder violated his  Oath of Office by refusing to defend existing legislation in the Defense of Marriage Act.  Politically such a defense would be viewed as toxic to Obama’s re-election in 2012.

The same is true of the Department of Homeland Security that under executive fiat refuses to enforce existing immigration law.  Most troubling is that HLS continues to buy up massive stock piles of ammunition with no explanation as to the purpose of these purchases.  America demands to know why.

Then on September 11, 2011 the terrorist attack upon the Consulate in Benghazi, Libya resulted in the death of 4 Americans.  The administration entered into a massive coverup rewriting the events leading up to the attack to bolster Obama’s campaign assertion that terrorism was defeated and no longer a threat with Al-Qaeda on the run. This administration has lied to America for over 8 months.  Obama and Hillary Clinton were MIA as the attack and the resulting crises unfolded.  Obama’s re-election  and fund raising was more important than protecting our State Department and other personnel in harm’s way.

When Hillary Clinton stated while testifying to Congress “What difference does it make at this point?” The difference is the priority placed on the life of Ambassador Stevens and his personnel as compared to Obama’s political narrative and agenda for re-election.

There now appears to be a concerted effort on the part of the administration to silence those that were on the ground during the attack and keep the survivors’ identities from Congress and the press.  It is time for more whistleblowers to come forward and tell the true story of what happened leading up to the attack on Benghazi.

Today we are faced with a President that claims he knew nothing about the IRS targeting conservative groups that opposed him, or his policies, between 2010 and the election in 2012.  Likewise he stated he knew nothing about the FBI and Justice Department investigation of Associated Press and Fox News reporters on the basis of disclosing classified information that endangered the national security.

The government was in direct violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution for conducting investigations of individuals’ phone records and emails under subpoena without notification of the individuals being investigated.

If the Nation’s security was in fact at risk how could it be that the President of the United States and the Attorney General would not be aware of the situation?

They are either total incompetents or liars attempting to minimize their involvement in using Police State tactics against individual citizens of the United States that oppose the administration’s actions and ideology. The message is clear. Oppose Obama and face the full retribution of the government and its various agencies. Support the opposition party and you will be punished as an enemy of the administration. This is not the America I have known where freedom of speech and association becomes the imputes for criminal investigation.

Congress must meet their oath to protect and defend the Constitution regardless of political affiliation and bring those responsible for these abuses of power to account for their involvement and be punished appropriately.

Each citizen needs to “stay the course” and re-establish our Representative Republic under the rule of law and not the tyranny stemming from Executive Fiat!

What is Happening at Fox News?

by  Richard H. Frank

For many Americans, myself included, Fox News represented a breath of fresh air with their “fair and balanced” representation of the news of the day.  Compared to the national syndicated network programs seen on ABC, NBC and CBS we were able to view and hear about events on Fox News that were sanitized and excluded from other broadcasts for political correctness or ideological reasons.

With the advent of the Glenn Beck show, Fox News reached a new high for service to the public by educating generations of individuals that possessed no conception of this nation’s founding.  Moreover, that program provided the impetus to the “Tea Party Movement” largely as a spinoff from Beck’s 912 initiative.

Arguably the results of the 2010 midterm election and the “shellacking” according to President Obama, received by the Congressional Democrats  can be largely attributed to Mr. Beck and his followers.  However, somewhere along the way Fox News management decided Mr. Beck was becoming too extreme in his religious leanings and opposition to the secular influences in Government.

We may never know what prompted Glenn Beck to leave Fox News but one cannot help but surmise that management at the cable network viewed his political beliefs as falling outside the bounds of “fair and balanced.”

If you were to look back and observe the not so subtle changes in the Fox philosophy I believe a pattern exists and is marked by the departure of specific individuals at the network.  One of the best examples of “fair and balanced” coverage of the news was presided over by Brit Hume as the Bureau Chief of Fox News.  His skill at analysis and moderating panel discussions gained him the enduring admiration and respect of the viewing audience.

Today, under Brett Baier, the same format at 6pm has lost much of its intrinsic value and degenerated into a high-class “coffee clutch” with the possible exception of Charles Krauthammer.

The “fair and balanced” debates, now present on virtually every Fox Segment, except for O’Reilly,  are reminiscent of the arguing seen on the Jerry Springer show of past decades where the participants talk over each other and spew the same old political talking points day after day, hour after hour.

February 14, 2012 marked the low point in my estimation, with the news of the cancellation of “Freedom Watch” on the Fox Business channel.  Judge Andrew Napolitano hosted this hour-long excursion into the bowels of our Constitution and exposed the politics of manipulation and distortion of that document by present-day politicians.  The Judge was branded as a Libertarian and overtly in support of Ron Paul thus violating the “fair and balanced” premise of Fox News.

The truth is that Judge Napolitano is an avid “Constitutionalist” who believes in the strict interpretation of the language contained in the Document.  He stands firm against judicial activism and manipulation of the powers enumerated for the separate branches of Government.  He believes that Government should serve the people and not people serving the Government.  He believes the “Declaration of Independence” and “Bill of Rights” set the premise for what our Government must be and the Constitution restraints that keep that Government from becoming tyrannical usurping the Power of “We the People.”  That message is not just Libertarian – it is American!

His message is delivered passionately and boldly taking issue with both political parties whenever they infringe upon the unalienable rights endowed by the Creator.  His message of “Freedom” and his presentation is among the most fair and balanced to be found in American broadcast news.

Yet, because of political correctness, fear of Government reprisal or some unknown force applied to Fox Management, his First Amendment right of free speech has been eliminated from Fox News.

On one of his final broadcasts, Judge Napolitano lays out a scenario of “what ifs” wherein he paints a picture of our  Federal Government, out of control, infringing upon every aspect of American life.  His message for freedom ends with a quote from Thomas Jefferson:  ”When the People fear the Government, we have Tyranny – when the Government fears the People we have Freedom.”

My question to Fox News is, what are you afraid of?

The President’s Health Care Proposal: Deceit, Arrogance or Desperation

by Richard H. and Jayne D. Frank

What kind of game is President Obama playing on the American people?  He appears before the television cameras and acknowledges that the People are correct in identifying the “economy” and “jobs” as the most important priorities for the Country (where has he been?).  He criticizes Congress and Government for uncontrolled spending in one breath and then introduces his new budget and more spending proposals purported to cure our ills.  Then when over 66% of Americans are opposed to Government health care reform as envisioned by Congress,  he attempts to resurrect an ill-conceived Bill under the guise of bi-partisan cooperation.

Just when we think Congress and the President have received our message and shifted their priority to the economy,  Mr. Obama uses a bi-partisan summit on health care alleging he is open to any ideas to control costs that will make insurance affordable for all Americans.

Today, four days before the summit at Blair House, the White House has posted on their website, President Obama’s Proposal for health care reform.  Careful reading of his proposal reveals a warmed-over manipulation of language contained in the Senate Bill hastily passed on  Christmas Eve 2009.

The Proposal is cleverly crafted in such a way as to cloud its ultimate intent, to move to a single-payor system,   and further, the Progressive agenda for “massive redistribution of wealth.”

Here is the simple truth behind The President’s Proposal dated February 22 which is nothing more than more punishment for the “rich” in our society, additional spending, punishment of businesses, more Government intrusion, and is true wealth distribution and nothing more.  It does NOTHING to change what has been on the table before the American people for the last year.  Here are the key points that most affect Americans that were not in either of the previous House and Senate bills.  We have attempted to boil down 11 pages of the warmed-over Senate bill by highlighting the revisions of the President’s Proposal in 15 key elements:

  1. Included in the Proposal is a new mandate that insurers must lower premiums if the Government feels they are unreasonable; this replaces simply an oversight review. This is a usurpation of the authority vested in the States by the Constitution.
  2. Preventative care is covered in grandfathered policies only beginning in 2018.  That is an attempt to hide increasing of the deficit because costs beyond that point are not considered by the CBO.
  3. Uninsured Americans will still make a payment (tax/fee) for not being insured but the threshold is lowered to $18700; i.e., taxes on more Americans.
  4. The Proposal gives $40 billion  to businesses in tax credits; those tax credits are a drain upon the Federal revenues, that if insufficient, end up adding to the deficit.  This is still a mandate to businesses because if they don’t provide coverage they will pay an “assessment” of $3000 (fee/tax) to help defray the “taxpayer’s cost” for those workers which the businesses don’t cover; eventually this will lead to cancellation of all employer coverage and move everyone to a “Government-controlled Healthcare Program.”
  5. There is a great deal of language involved in inundating health providers with more paperwork, database requirements and  “law enforcement” threats for catching fraud and abuse. Hidden in this language section is a “Real-Time Data Review” to identify potentially fraudulent payments more quickly.  When you walk into your doctor’s office, you can see that he will be required to get an on- the spot determination by some bureaucrat if your treatment is to be covered, in essence placing Government between you and your doctor under the guise of reducing fraudulent payments.  The President has just moved his  intent to oversee patient’s treatment into a “Fraud and Abuse” control.
  6. The President wants to return overpayments under this section to the Medicare Trust Fund.  That fund has been robbed by the Government, spent, and has been empty for years.  Are we to trust that they now are honorable and will reestablish this Trust Fund?
  7. In line with real- data review, under the President’s prescription proposal, he wants providers and states to “review and update their care plan to reduce utilization” of certain prescriptions.  The end result of course, will be that people will not be able to get elective prescriptions such as those for weight-reducing, smoking cessation, ED drugs such as Viagra,  depression, and certain senior drugs, because the Government is lining up to determine what prescriptions do not improve “beneficiary quality of care”.
  8. The President proposes to change the Medicare Review process from a “random” process to one with “statutory reviews.”
  9. Cadillac plans are once again attacked, and the Proposal seems to be looking to “average out” fee for services costs in all areas, and the Proposal still taxes high-cost health insurance premiums, although not until 2018.
  10. More importantly, The Proposal on Page 8 requires a “payment adjustment for unjustified coding patterns” than have raised costs …more…than the evidence of their enrollees’ health status…”  In short, Government will determine if treatment for the elderly is justified based upon cost, not “improving quality of life.”
  11. The President’s Proposal adds a total of 5.2% increase in the hospital insurance portion of these plans.
  12. The President wants to tax brand name pharmaceuticals in the interest of “fairness”.  Many prescriptions given to Americans are not yet in a generic form and I assume, the legislation intends to restrict these drugs.
  13. The President has a new “Improvement.”  He wants to give states “100% Federal Support for newly eligible individuals” for 2014 through 2017.” Surely that will give him enough time to get the millions of illegal aliens covered under his proposal.
  14. The Proposal changes eligibility for certain low income  programs (not defined) from adjusted gross income to modified adjusted gross income. That would allow more people to be subsidized or exempted.
  15. There is still a fee on medical device manufacturers, which most certainly is either going to prohibit seniors from receiving scooters, walkers, more “unconventional” oxygen devices, etc., or those costs will be passed along to the consumer to pay.

The President’s Proposal is all smoke and mirrors again, is a rehash of the Big Government intrusion into our personal health care decisions and more importantly does nothing about tort reform, portability, or being able to purchase across state lines, and fraud/abuse which could all be addressed with simple standalone legislation.  He also phrases several of the changes he wants to appear as they are “budget items” to more particularly conform to the requirements for the reconciliation Process.  This “Reconcilation Process” would allow passage of a health care bill with 51 votes as opposed to 60 required under current Senate Rules.

The Republican position at the February 25 meeting should demand including the four principles above under a simple, understandable and controllable piece of legislation, not the massive Senate Bill and the bureaucracies that will be created. The President’s Proposal was aptly described by Brad Blakeman on Fox News this morning as “rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.”