Barack Obama’s Unconstitutional Runaround Once Again Usurps the Powers Reserved to Congress!

by Richard H. Frank

It appears as though whenever the President changes his position on political policy or needs to energize his base by making statements contrary to his prior position, it is due to his continuous evolution of thought.  This is evidenced by his changed position toward same-sex marriage and his 180 degree course change on using Executive Orders to further his political agenda.

In 2008 candidate Obama stated “I taught the Constitution for ten years.  I believe in the Constitution.  I will obey the Constitution of the United States.  We’re not gonna use signing statements as a way of doing an end-run around Congress.”

Yet today, he announced he is using an Executive order to implement a portion of the “Dream Act” previously struck down by Congress in effect paving the way for amnesty for illegals between the age of 16 and 30 that were brought to this Country illegally by their parents.  In effect, he is giving Congress the middle finger in his quest to appeal to the Hispanic vote in November.  He is bypassing Congress to grant amnesty by Executive Fiat.

Ron Paul recently wrote in an article “Taking Executive Orders Too Far” the following:

“The vision of the founders was to set up a government that would remain small and unobtrusive via a system of checks and balances. That it has taken our government so long to get this big speaks well of the original design.  The founders also knew the overwhelming nature of governments was to amass power and grow.  The Constitution was to serve as the brakes on the freight train of government.

But the Obama administration, like so many administrations in the 20th century, chooses to ignore the Constitution entirely.  The increasingly broad use and scope of the Executive Orders is a prime example.  Executive Orders are meant to be a way for the president to direct executive agencies on the implementation of congressionally approved legislation.  It has become increasingly common for them to be misused in ways that are contradictory to congressional intent, or to bypass Congress altogether in enacting political agendas.  The current administration has unabashedly stated that Congress’s unwillingness to pass the president’s jobs bill means that the president will act unilaterally to enact provisions of it piecemeal through Executive Order.  Obama explicitly threatens to bypass Congress, thus aggregating the power to make and enforce laws in the executive.  This clearly erodes the principles of separation of powers and checks and balances.   It brings the modern presidency dangerously close to an elective dictatorship.

This administration certainly was not the first to behave in ways that have defied the Constitution to overstep its bounds.  Sadly, previous administrations have set precedent that the current administration is only building upon.  It is time for Congress to reassert itself and its constitutional role so that future administrations cannot continue on this dangerous path.”

Apparently our “evolving President” has a short memory when it comes to his statement in 2008 about the use of Executive Orders.   From 2009 to date, the president has issued 128 Executive Orders dealing with abortion, U.S. Armed Forces, American Indians and Alaskan native educational programs, Bosnia, business and industry, commissions, boards, committees, task forces, etc.  National Defense, energy, environment, faith-based organizations, Government agencies, Haiti, health Care, historical black colleges and universities, Iran, Kosovo, Libya, North Korea, patient protection and Affordable Care Act, Presidential records, regulatory cooperation, Somalia, stem cells, Syria, trade, veterans and Yemen.

These Orders all bypass Congressional view and are entered into the Federal Register where largely unseen they become law after 30 days. In the fall of 2011 Obama stated in answer to a question that he could not just issue an order to implement the “Dream Act” and must uphold the existing laws with regard to immigration. So now he is doing just that very thing.  Whatever happened to our Representative Republic where making laws are the responsibility of Congress and not the provence of the President?

The Constitution has no provision wthin it that specifies the use of Executive Orders to achieve a President’s political agenda but it does specifically limit the powers of the President and the Executive Branch of Government.  Between now and November, look for Barack Obama to go all out issuing orders designed to energize his base prior to the election.

His statement that he believes in and will obey the Constitution are not worth the breath he used to utter the words.  He is a man lacking scruples and he has no integrity.  Be aware that with each Executive Order he issues he is “fundamentally changing America” intruding on our freedoms and justifying his changing positions as the evolution in his thinking.

It’s time that “We the People” help him evolve from President Obama to just plain citizen Obama in November 2012.

How Many Executive Orders are Too Many?

by Jayne D. Frank

My husband and I have become aware of a new proposed “fishing ban” by the Obama Administration which could become effective, not by Congressional debate and legislation, but by Executive Order.  My husband sits glued to his chair in utter amazement and apparent depression with regard to how far President Obama is willing to use Executive Orders to further his total Marxist agenda .  His goals are to level the playing field and appease the far left groups that voted for  him.

Between the two of us, my husband and I worked over 78 years for corporate America, sometimes giving up valuable time that we wanted to spend with our families, in order to raise our families and get to where we are now; trying to enjoy our retirement.   Being from Michigan and with a winter “escape” in Florida, one of the things we so find precious is our time together fishing in the Gulf, in Lake Michigan, and on the inland lakes.  We pack a lunch, take our boat out to any one of these waterways, and for a few hours each week, we can be at peace with nature and ourselves.  With all that is happening to our Country and our economy, we find these respite all too few and much more appreciated.

Starting in October, 2009, the Obama Administration started discussion with all public groups related to the $125 billion sportfishing industry concerning the Administration’s desire (and that of the environmental groups that supported him) to put restrictions and possibly ban sportfishing on America’s oceans, Great Lakes and  inland lakes.  This followed a “wacko court case” discussed by which occurred in Switzerland where a man was being  sued for violating a fish’s rights when he landed a big pike that put up a fight for 10 minutes. The suit contended that the fish “was tortured.”

In another time, this might provide some levity in our otherwise dreary work day, but this is so serious as to make one wonder whether the Obama Administration has taken this just too far; anything that the President does has far-reaching consequences and any possible restriction on a commercial fishing industry will ultimately filter down to the individual fisherman.  There are millions of poor people in all states in the country, but especially in Florida, the Gulf, and states like Michigan, who depend on fishing for their family’s livelihood and the very meal that they put on the table at night.  These are supposedly “Obama” people – the less fortunate than those that can go out to dine often.

But there are also millions of us that worked 8-16 hour days for many years to get to a point where we could enjoy some solitude, nature, company of our spouses and the pure enjoyment of catching fish.

The Obama administration has reportedly closed off any further public opinion on the matter, and in the chaos surrounding the health care bill, cap and trade, jobs creation and the unfavorable American reaction to those pieces of legislation, Obama is reported to want another deadline of the end of March for the Interim Report of the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force.  This report will undoubtedly tackle the issue of how fishing has devastated the seas, and we have polluted our waters; not counting the “torture” that we are inflicting on the poor fish.

So as my husband and I try to prop each other up that “we can make a difference” and continue our campaign for restoring the Constitution and our values in America, we ask all Americans not to continue to put their heads in the sand any more and become involved.  Read up and educate yourself on this particular issue, on health care, on  Obama’s proposed energy policies and on the immigration policies secretly being negotiated behind closed doors in the White House.   Mr. Obama knows he is going to be a one-term President and needs to get his agenda shoved through and passed by 2012.  What he cannot do by legislation he has every intent to do by Executive Order, and We the People will not find out about some of this crippling policy until after it is done.