America-At the Mercy of the Middle East Islamic Fanatics

by Richard H. Frank

The Islamic extremist faction in the Middle East has turned Obama’s Arab Spring into a charade using the guise of seeking democracy to suppress freedom and impose Sharia Law upon the oil-producing countries in the region.

Those of us old enough to remember the oil embargoes of the 1970s imposed by OPEC understand that our nation’s economy and national security is dependent upon the continuing flow of “black gold” or crude oil from the Middle East.  Unfortunately, over the past 40 years we have chosen to elect representatives to Government that have failed to understand this reality or have caved to the special interests and placed achieving energy independence as something only worthy of lip service.

Only when the price of a gallon of gasoline places a financial burden on the average American do politicians suddenly become indignant over the public protests and seek to place the blame on everything but their own inaction to clear the path to achieving energy independence.

Barack Obama and his Administration of academic neophytes believe that they can appease the radical factions rising to power in the Middle East through diplomatic appeasement.  The events over the past three days with attacks upon our Consulate in Libya resulting in the death of four Americans and the breach of our embassies in Egypt and Yemen have come as a rude awakening to Obama and his Administration.  President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton both know the devastating impact that the cutoff of Mid East oil will have upon the economy and the security of this nation.  That is why they are so adamant in placing the blame for the attacks upon a “YouTube” video allegedly mocking the Prophet Mohammed.

Obama, 53 days before the election, will do nothing that will inflame the Middle East governments of Islamic oil-producing nations and is prepared to apologize and capitulate to their demands however onerous.  That is why he will not withhold aid in the billions of borrowed dollars to these countries under the guise of helping these fledgling governments to take hold as democracies in the Middle East.

The Islamic fanatics such as the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood have Obama by the balls and he will cave to their demands as soon as they apply the slightist pressure.  Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle-East oil-producing countries is in shambles and the boot of the Middle East oil producers is placed firmly upon the neck of the United States as a direct result of the Obama Administration’s failed foreign policies and with respect to achieving energy independence.

Should these oil-producing countries limit their exports to the United States or increase the price of crude oil to extreme levels they will bring this Nation to its knees in a few short months.

Civil unrest, the likes of which never before experienced in this Country would result, even as we contemplated having to go to war to protect our national interests in the oil-producing regions of the Middle East.

Once again, America appears to be the sleeping giant that must be awakened and jarred into taking action to protect ourselves.  The time to wake up has long past and the incompetent leadership in Washington continues to flounder about in endless debate on what to do and how to preserve this Republic.

Whether we realize it or not, America is at the mercy of the Middle East Islamic fanatics holding sway in positions of power inside unstable governments.  Should we fail to act they will drain our financial system and strength by regulating the flow of life-giving oil at devastating prices while simultaneously creating civil turmoil within our civilian population.

Obama is a dogmatic ideologue and will not confront the crisis head on but insists that his policies will solve the Middle East uprisings.  He is wrong and the only solution to the pending crisis is to replace Obama in November and assume a position of strength through new leadership in the White House and Congress dedicated to the proposition of negotiation through strength and quickly achieving energy independence from the Mid-East oil-producing countries.

Time is running out and we can ill-afford four more years of Barack Obama and his failed policies.

The Conditioning of America!

By: Richard H. Frank

Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign pledge to “fundamentally change America” has been launched and implemented little by little over the past 3 1/2 years. His administration’s initiatives to achieve “fundamental change” have been marked by a three-pronged assault upon the free enterprise system and our Constitution itself. The coordinated attack starts with onerous legislative efforts, which usually fail, followed by pushing the proposed objective through executive and or administrative fiat. If either of these approaches raise the ire of Congress , or the electorate, the administration turns to the Justice Department to challenge and intimidate those that oppose their initiatives.

The liberal progressives are tenacious in pursuit of their socialist ideology. They have persisted in pushing their agenda for nearly 100 years and with the election of Barack Obama have virtually brought this nation to its knees as a result of the accumulated burden of unfunded entitlements, out of control spending and a national debt on the fast track to $20 trillion over the next four years. A debt that outstrips GDP and burdens our children for generations to come.

Achieving energy independence is a prime example of how the liberals condition the population to accept “fundamental change” and their agenda. The Obama administration stands directly in the path of the free market initiatives to develop our own natural resources through exploration and development on Federally-controlled lands and offshore paying homage to the special interests that support their agenda. New sources of fossil fuel and environmentally-safe technology for extracting these resources are demagogued as unproven and a threat to the environment. As a result the increasing demand for oil world-wide increases the price of crude and sends gasoline prices soaring along with every commodity requiring transport to the market place. The Obama administration contends that there is little they can do to impact oil prices and that lifting restrictions and increasing permits will take too long to impact the world market. This is the same story we have heard for the past 30 years when, if we had acted, we would not be faced with a looming crisis for future supply at a price dictated by supply and demand as opposed to that determined by the far east oil cartel.

Until the price of a gallon of gasoline approaches $5.00 and the electorate rebels against the government inaction and their outright obstruction to increasing domestic supply the administration resorts to short-term actions like releasing oil from the strategic reserve as a means to manipulate prices just enough to cause the price to drop just below $4.00 per gallon. In the interim the President condemns big oil for raping the public and making obscene profits when the truth is big oil makes about 8 cents for every gallon of gasoline sold while the Federal government makes 26 cents, more than three times that of the oil companies.

This shell game orchestrated by the Obama administration is intended to condition the public to accepting $3.50 per gallon as the new normal and forget that just 3 1/2 years ago we paid only $1.80 per gallon in 2009 when Obama took office. Over time just as a trainer does with his dog, the public is conditioned to gladly accept the 100% increase as a good thing.

Then we have “Obamacare” sold to America by liberals in Washington in support of the President as the panacea that would provide “affordable” health insurance to every American. For over two years Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama preached the following rhetoric until many Americans believed them.

  • If you like your current health care plan and doctor you can keep them.
  • The average family will save $2500.00 per year in premiums under Obamacare.
  • Obamacare will not increase the deficit – not by a single dime.
  • The Affordable Health Care Law mandate is Constitutional under provisions of the commerce clause.

The first three statements above have been proven to be untrue and we will soon hear from the Supreme Court if the fourth is in fact Constitutional or not.

Three and one half years after Obama and his administration assumed power the standard of living for many Americans has deteriorated. We are told that the new norm for the middle class will include limited opportunity for jobs and sustained unemployment levels of 8% or higher. Higher taxes will be required for all income levels to support expanded entitlement programs with food stamps alone growing to include in excess of  50 million families.

For those senior citizens living on a fixed income the prospect for the future appears bleak. The inflationary impact from energy prices coupled with the necessary rationing of health care under Obamacare are the first harbingers of the “fundamental” changes yet to come. The conditioning process for the elderly includes loss of equity in their homes and the value of their pensions earned over all their working years. Expendable income vanishes rapidly for this segment of American society more quickly than for any other.

The conditioning process will proceed even faster should Obama be reelected until the standard of living we experienced in the 20th century will just be a fading memory. The “fundamental Change” Obama seeks is to achieve a social democracy where we are dependant upon government for survival. Statism fosters such dependency on government for subsistence. When that dependency can no longer be supported through taxation of the free enterprise system those conditioned to rely upon the so-called entitlements eventually turn upon their benefactor, the state, and rebel. We are witness to this in Greece and many other European social democracies.

Generations yet unborn will not know how this nation was conditioned to give up freedom and self-reliance in the name of fairness and turned America into a nation of mediocrity from the vibrant , exceptional free society experienced in the past.

Those of us that have experienced the blessings of freedom embodied in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution must stand firm against “fundamental change’ in America and return to the conservative values and principles that made America the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

Barack Obama: A Study in Contradiction or Political Corruption?

by Richard H. Frank

Barack Obama, true to his promise to “fundamentally change America” once again has contradicted himself and his claim that creating jobs is his number one priority.  His campaign rhetoric to create jobs, fix our economy and achieve energy independence have all failed to materialize over the first three years of his administration.

Today, our Fearless Leader hid behind the State Department and Secretary Hillary Clinton in rejection of the permit application from Keystone and XL to build an oil pipeline to supply the U.S with Canadian crude oil.  The rationale given by the White House is that sufficient time has not been provided to the State Department to study the environmental impact of the proposed route for the pipeline.  Additionally, Obama stated the project is not in the national interest of the United States.

If moving toward energy independence is not in our national interest, how does Obama justify losing $500 million  taxpayer dollars on his pet renewable solar project at Solyndra?  To add insult to injury, his rationale fails to state that the Keystone XL Project is being paid for by private enterprise and not the Government.

The State Department has had three years to participate and analyze the environmental impact study conducted by a private firm at the behest of Keystone.  Our Government would rather reject the findings of this study and ignore the experience and excellent record established by over 25,000 miles of Canadian pipelines currently in use in the United States.

As for the promise to provide the impetus for job creation, Obama is either ignorant of how to achieve this or he is just a plain liar.  The Keystone Project is estimated to produce up to 20,000 jobs for construction of the pipeline and potentially 200,000 plus jobs stemming from the Project.  Construction wages alone would add over $1 billion to the economy each year with economic output from ancillary business too great to estimate.

Unfortunately political ideology takes precedent over what is best for America when it comes to decisions by the Obama Administration.  If a crisis does not exist, Obama will create rhetoric to convince us one is imminent.  Following the BP Oil Spill, he imposed a 6-month moratorium of oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico.  A study by Joseph R. Mason, phD, Louisiana State University, found that Obama’s actions resulted directly in the loss of over 8,000 jobs and $2.1 billion in economic outputs.

So once again, Barack Obama has extended his middle finger to citizens of the U.S. and the Canadian Prime Minister.

Without a doubt, should the U.S. fail to work with our neighbors to the North, Canada will take their oil elsewhere.  Obama is tossing the dice in hopes that the decision to reject the Keystone XL pipeline permit will buy him the environmentalists’ vote in November.  He risks alienating the labor vote and assuredly many independents by this contradiction of promises made to foster job creation.

The claim of Progressives and Liberals that increased drilling and building the pipeline will not impact oil prices in the short term is ringing hollow on ears of the voters.  Had we acted to become truly energy independent 5 years ago, we would be reaping the benefits of that action today.  Keep this fact in mind every time you fill up your car and see the dollars out-pacing the gallons indicator on the pump at a rate of 4:1 or more.

Remember in November and vote for the change we truly can believe in by sending Obama back to Chicago.

Federal Government: The Barrier to Achieving Energy Independence for America!

by Richard H. Frank

Just how fragile is the American economy when it comes to our “non-existent energy policy?”  Every American is suddenly thrust into the politics of an unstable Mid-East as evidenced today by the unrest and potential revolution boiling over in Egypt.  Should the Suez Canal be embargoed or blockaded by militant factions in the Mid-East it would cut off the world supply of oil from Saudi Arabia.  The price of oil would skyrocket and impact every facet of the world’s economy.  $5 or more per gallon for gasoline and doubling the cost of home heating oil would surely cripple the United States.  Moreover, such actions would have the potential for lighting the fuse leading to conflict and the impetus for a Third World War.

Our Government over the past 40 years has chosen to bury their heads in the sand and refused to adopt a concise comprehensive energy policy for America.  Government has frittered away at least 30 years which could have been dedicated to becoming energy independent while providing freedom from the massive deficit our children and grandchildren face in the future.

Our Federal Government has instead erected barriers to exploration and development of our natural resources of fossil fuel in the name of “saving the planet” and punishing greedy energy producers.  Billions of dollars of American treasure are exported annually instead of invested in energy independence here in the United States of America.

Barack Obama’s statement in the State of the Union address, that green energy will provide 85% of the nation’s energy needs by 2035 is a pipe dream.  Today’s level of green technology produces less than 1% of the nation’s needs.  In order to achieve his projection, a breakthrough in technology heretofore unknown would be required. Assuming that breakthrough was on the horizon it would take more than 25 years to adapt that now mythical technology to meet our needs.

The Federal Government through the Department of Interior and other agencies such as the EPA and the Department of Energy have usurped the Authority of Congress to adopt a policy of energy independence and erected administrative barriers to circumvent the wishes of Congress, the courts and of “We the People.”

Federal regulations under the Bureau of Land Management, part of the Department of Interior, has jurisdiction over onshore leasing, exploration, development and production of oil and gas on Federal lands.  The BLM in conjunction with the U.S. Postal Service and the GSA also share in authority over onshore gas and oil leasing. Authority for the BLM extends to all states east of the Mississippi River and sixteen states west of the Mississippi.

The Bureau of Land Management national regulations are contained in the Gold Book:  “Surface Operating Standards & Guidelines for Oil & Gas Exploration and Development.”  These regulations are comprised of numerous “forms” and “orders” that create barriers to exploration and development.

Today’s energy policies are drafted such that they represent a war on fossil fuel production.  Instead of establishing new Federal and state partnerships, with revenue-sharing models established that will create local support for environmentally sound energy exploration and production, our Federal Government has chosen to stifle domestic production in favor of imposition of taxes on these producers as a means to fund unknown alternatives.

In the interim, our dependence on imported oil has risen from 40% in the 1970s to more than 60% today. Government policies have put the most promising domestic oil and gas prospects off-limits to exploration and production through moratorium.

The Outer Continental shelf is an area of 1.76 billion acres submerged off the coasts of the United States and controlled by the Federal Government.  Today 97% of this area remains under moratorium preventing any exploration or production of oil or natural gas.

Through Government fiat we are prohibited from access to an estimated 86 billion barrels of oil and 420 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.  In addition, it is estimated that 83% of Federal lands onshore contain 28 billion barrels of oil and 207 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

According to the DOE, the United States is sitting on coal reserves with energy value equivalent to 6 trillion barrels of oil.  Oil shale and heavy oil sands contribute an additional 2,154,000,000,000 equivalent barrels of oil to our domestic supply.  To put the enormity of our potential reserves in prospective, consider the fact that the United States has consumed a mere 197 billion barrels of U.S. oil since our first domestic well was drilled in Pennsylvania in 1859.

At the end of the first decade of the 21st Century we find ourselves in a similar situation to that of the oil embargo of the 1970s.  The past 40 years have been spent arguing about the evils of oil, fossil fuels and nuclear power generation.  The actions of our Federal and state governments have only served to enrich those Mid-East countries that do allow exploration and production at the expense of every American.  Economically, produced energy drives the engine of economic production and innovation here in the United States.  This is evidenced in the standard of living achieved in America during the 20th Century.  We need to create a domestic supply of economically-priced energy if we are to sustain and increase that standard of living for all Americans.  A new cohesive energy policy must be built on a foundation of domestic oil, fossil fuels and nuclear production to establish a bridge for achieving competitively-priced renewable energy sources.  Our Federal Government seems to have disregarded the history of the 20th Century and the part fossil fuels played in building the most prosperous, powerful nation in the World.

Our Government policy should be “drill here, drill now,” build nuclear power plants, open Anwar to exploration and production and use revenues generated to support wind and solar development.

We must start now and stop political arguing and turn the implementation of the new policy over to free market entrepreneurs.  Contrary to our President’s belief, NASA did not put us on the moon; free enterprise innovation and production did.  No politician and their political rhetoric ever produced anything but hot air.

The time has come to seriously pursue energy independence and not waste another 40 years which could have seen us independent today if it were not for Government interference!