Americans Deserve The Government They Vote Into Power.

Following the re-election of Barack Obama as President in 2012, I decided that the Country deserved what they voted for and that many would spend the next four years experiencing buyer’s remorse. As a result my posts to this blog have become more infrequent as I observed the media and the public in general turn a deaf ear to the scandals being perpetuated by the Obama Administration.

How ignorant or apathetic have the citizens of this great nation become when they ignore the lies perpetuated by this President and his Administration? Every prediction related to Obamacare and the devastating impact it would have on the nation when the government controls one sixth of the economy are all coming to fruition. Domestically the Veterans Administration scandal along with the IRS targeting of organizations in opposition to Obama’s policies seem to have struck a nerve with the public but are characterized by Obama as phony scandals. Not withstanding the media’s ignoring the mounting evidence of criminal activity on the part of officials in the IRS and possible complicity of the Justice Department and the White House, Eric Holder refuses to appoint a Special Prosecutor to take charge of the investigation. Obama’s answer to every crisis or scandal is to appoint a team to study the situation and make recommendations as to how they can be avoided in the future. He is always caught by surprise and his lame excuse that he was not aware of the issue has worn thin to the point of his making a fool of himself with every speech he makes when attempting to show leadership to the public. 

Having been struck down by the Supreme Court numerous times for overstepping his authority when issuing Executive Orders, his response is to double down and side step the Constitution and the Congress whenever he thinks he can get away with it. Thus far he has rewritten the immigration law to allow minor children of illegals to avoid deportation sparking thousands of illegal children to cross our southern border believing they will be admitted to the United States without fear of being returned to their home country. He now threatens to take action on comprehensive immigration reform as Congress refused to take action pending securing of the border.  These actions along with rewriting of the Health care Law more than thirty times and selective enforcement of other existing laws would result in impeachment of any other President.  No where in any of his speeches deriding the Republicans does he say that his own Democrat party in the Senate, aided and abetted by Harry Reid, has stopped every single piece of legislation sent from the House by not allowing those votes to come to the Senate floor.

Obama’s foreign policy and his pension for leading from behind  have resulted in reconstituting fanatic elements of Al Qaeda  and the formation of ISAS in Syria and Iraq to the extent that the blood and treasure of this Nation over the past Decade have been wasted. Today his dithering as Commander-in-Chief has resulted in the loss of respect by our allies around the world. He can never admit that it is his policies and decisions that have led us to the turmoil we must face in the Mideast.   It is no longer a matter of if but when the next attack upon America will happen; but rest assured it will come as a complete surprise to Barack Obama and his Administration.

The only thing that has kept Barack Obama from being impeached is the historic nature of his being the first black man elected to the Presidency. His performance in office has proven that he was never qualified or equipped to be President of the United States. That said his position in history insulates him from impeachment and scrutiny for commission of high crimes and misdemeanors. As a result there is only one way “We the People” can restrain Obama from doing further damage to this nation in his quest to “Fundamentally Change America.” We must exercise our right to vote in the 2014 mid-term election and assure that Republicans retain the House of Representatives and gain sufficient seats in the Senate to control both houses in Congress.  Americans who are disgusted at the course our Country is taking cannot afford to stay home again rather than get out and vote! The balance of power must be restored in government and the Executive branch restrained in their march toward socialism if the Republic is to be preserved as intended by the Founding Fathers.

Barack Obama has succeeded in bringing the nation’s economy from the strongest producer in the world to that of a dependent  society resembling France. More people have left the work force and given up as contributors than jobs have been created in the private sector due directly to Obama’s policies on energy independence and his war against the Coal Industry in America. As energy costs continue to rise and income shrinks or remain stagnant this Administration doubles down on regulatory rules from the EPA and other agencies that are strangling investment and growth in this nations GDP.  The rising prices in food and energy are taking a terrible toll on the senior citizens and poor in the country. How long under Obama’s policies will it be before we run out of other people’s money to borrow to pay for his idea of Utopia? As we approach $20 trillion in the national debt it won’t take much before our creditors decide to foreclose on the United States of America.

Our last chance to change course for the nation rests in the decisions we make in the voting booth this coming November. Keep in mind we have no one to blame but ourselves for the government and representatives we elect. We deserve what we get.

America-At the Mercy of the Middle East Islamic Fanatics

by Richard H. Frank

The Islamic extremist faction in the Middle East has turned Obama’s Arab Spring into a charade using the guise of seeking democracy to suppress freedom and impose Sharia Law upon the oil-producing countries in the region.

Those of us old enough to remember the oil embargoes of the 1970s imposed by OPEC understand that our nation’s economy and national security is dependent upon the continuing flow of “black gold” or crude oil from the Middle East.  Unfortunately, over the past 40 years we have chosen to elect representatives to Government that have failed to understand this reality or have caved to the special interests and placed achieving energy independence as something only worthy of lip service.

Only when the price of a gallon of gasoline places a financial burden on the average American do politicians suddenly become indignant over the public protests and seek to place the blame on everything but their own inaction to clear the path to achieving energy independence.

Barack Obama and his Administration of academic neophytes believe that they can appease the radical factions rising to power in the Middle East through diplomatic appeasement.  The events over the past three days with attacks upon our Consulate in Libya resulting in the death of four Americans and the breach of our embassies in Egypt and Yemen have come as a rude awakening to Obama and his Administration.  President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton both know the devastating impact that the cutoff of Mid East oil will have upon the economy and the security of this nation.  That is why they are so adamant in placing the blame for the attacks upon a “YouTube” video allegedly mocking the Prophet Mohammed.

Obama, 53 days before the election, will do nothing that will inflame the Middle East governments of Islamic oil-producing nations and is prepared to apologize and capitulate to their demands however onerous.  That is why he will not withhold aid in the billions of borrowed dollars to these countries under the guise of helping these fledgling governments to take hold as democracies in the Middle East.

The Islamic fanatics such as the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood have Obama by the balls and he will cave to their demands as soon as they apply the slightist pressure.  Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle-East oil-producing countries is in shambles and the boot of the Middle East oil producers is placed firmly upon the neck of the United States as a direct result of the Obama Administration’s failed foreign policies and with respect to achieving energy independence.

Should these oil-producing countries limit their exports to the United States or increase the price of crude oil to extreme levels they will bring this Nation to its knees in a few short months.

Civil unrest, the likes of which never before experienced in this Country would result, even as we contemplated having to go to war to protect our national interests in the oil-producing regions of the Middle East.

Once again, America appears to be the sleeping giant that must be awakened and jarred into taking action to protect ourselves.  The time to wake up has long past and the incompetent leadership in Washington continues to flounder about in endless debate on what to do and how to preserve this Republic.

Whether we realize it or not, America is at the mercy of the Middle East Islamic fanatics holding sway in positions of power inside unstable governments.  Should we fail to act they will drain our financial system and strength by regulating the flow of life-giving oil at devastating prices while simultaneously creating civil turmoil within our civilian population.

Obama is a dogmatic ideologue and will not confront the crisis head on but insists that his policies will solve the Middle East uprisings.  He is wrong and the only solution to the pending crisis is to replace Obama in November and assume a position of strength through new leadership in the White House and Congress dedicated to the proposition of negotiation through strength and quickly achieving energy independence from the Mid-East oil-producing countries.

Time is running out and we can ill-afford four more years of Barack Obama and his failed policies.

Obama’s State of the Union Speech More Appropriate for February 2 (Groundhog Day)!

by Richard H. Frank

Prior to the President’s address to a joint session to Congress and the Nation on the State of the Union, I reviewed my blog following last year’s speech entitled “Reality vs. Campaign Rhetoric.”

I fear, as in the movie ‘Groundhog Day” we are destined to relive his speech over and over again until he gets it right or until the electorate gets it right and votes Obama out of office.

The true measure of the “State of the Union” is outlined in last year’s blog and if anything has changed since then, the change has been for the worse.  I expect the Obama speechwriters labored tirelessly to find some undistorted facts for him to claim as his accomplishments.  Obama lives in a different universe than does the rest of America.  Unfortunately, Congress shares much of that same universe as Obama and is willing to accept the myths he spreads as accomplishments.  Half truths are obvious throughout his 65-minute performance to convince America that he deserves 4 more years as President.  Consider these statements compared to the facts:

  • Three million jobs have been created over the past 22 months.  According to the Administration’s own labor statistics, 1.7 million jobs have been lost over the same period since he was sworn into office.
  • His Administration saved the auto industry and GM is once again the world’s #1 producer of automobiles.  The truth remains that last year GM sold an estimated 9 million vehicles worldwide, a number that includes sales of manufacturers in which GM holds minority investments such as in China.  Volkswagan and Toyoto would be the first to challenge Obama’s claim as holding the sales title should their numbers include figures from Scania and truck makers like Man.  As for Toyota, their 2011 sales haven’t been reported for the full year and their estimate is that sales will be down by 7.9 million units as a result of the natural disasters and tsunami experienced in Japan and Thailand.  Should  Toyoto include Wuling sales they will outperform the new GM. As with the employment figures in the U.S., if the numbers don’t support your position, just change the base until they do.
  • “What’s happening in  Detroit can happen elsewhere!”  May God forbid this will come to pass.  Detroit has been transformed into a ghetto as the result of liberal, Progressive, Democrat Government over four decades.  This once proud city with a population making it the 4th largest in the nation in the past has degraded into a wasteland and now occupies 18th position in the nation.  The intercity population has fallen to under 800,000 and is surrounded by decay and a failing infrastructure, and vacant buildings and home line the city’s neighborhoods and provide a magnet for crime.  This area has a 28% unemployment rate under Obama.  Once known as the “Motor City” and the “Capital of Democracy”, it acquired the title of “Murder City” in the 1980s and has continued its rapid degradation since then.  If Detroit provides Obama’s vision for this nation, something is radically wrong with our President’s vision.
  • “Oil production in  America is the highest it has been in 8 years.”  I recall reading an article indicating this increase amounts to less than 2 million barrels a day.   The existing capacity to produce is somewhere between 10 to 20 million barrels per day if it were not for the onerous Government Regulations stifling production.

His statement that he has directed Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to purchase eco biofuel for the Navy once again provides a subsidy to an industry that cannot compete in the free market environment.  Official estimates are that this biodiesel will cost the American taxpayers up to 38% more than diesel fuel derived from crude oil.

Since our President has virtually no record of accomplishment to base his campaign for reelection upon, he must resort to tactics that attack Congress, demonize his Republican opponents and avoid at all costs a debate on “Obamacare.”

His tactics were evident with his every utterance last night:

  • His subtle accusation that Congress is not doings its job in comparison to our military completing its mission in Iraq and Afghanistan shifts the blame to others for his lack of leadership.
  • Stating that every American must do and pay their fair share and play by the same rules is pure class warfare and anti-capitalism.
  • His statement that over the past decade, the rich have benefitted and the poor have suffered due to a tax structure having rates that favor the rich is a distortion of the truth and blatantly false.  An individual having $1 million earnings from investment pays tax at a rate of 15% or $150,000 on those capital gains.  This is over and above the original 25-36% they paid on their investment when taxed as wages.  That amounted to between $250,000 and  $360,000 paid in taxes on those investment dollars.  When Obama compares the total $400,000 to $510,000 paid n investment income to Warren Buffet’s secretary paying 28% on $50,000 income, or $5600, the distortion becomes ridiculous and not worthy of our President.
  • Following his pledge to open 75% of Federal lands and offshore regions for energy production, he qualified the promise by stating he would not walk away from his promise of clean energy and development fo safe energy.  He avoided any mention of the Keystone XL pipeline in his remarks and took refuge behind the “BP horizon” incident in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • In one breath he advocated smaller Government and less regulation when in the next he advocated appointment by executive fiat three new agencies composed of a “trade enforcement unit,” “executive order to remove red tape for infrastructure projects ” and creation of a special unit in the Justice Department to investigate financial crime, sounds  like growing the Government and more regulation to me.
  • His call for “comprehensive immigration reform” came against a statement that our southern borders are safer and more secure than ever.  A claim heavily disputed by Arizona, Texas and New Mexico.  Although not mentioned by name, his proposed reform smacked with elements of the “Dream Act” or amnesty for the children of illegals presently here in America.

The only positive to be found following the President’s address was the focus groups composed of Republicans, Democrats and Independents are no longer swallowing Obama’s rhetoric.

During the 2010 mid-term election “We the People” made our voices heard loud and clear.  Returning to the principles embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the limits of government defined in our Constitution is imperative in this Republic is to survive while individual freedom to prosper is the opportunity provided for every American.

When two-thirds of Americans believe this country is on the “wrong course” under the Obama Administration, it is their duty in the upcoming 2012 election to change course by removing that Administration and replace it with individuals dedicated to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

$816 Billion of Misguided Stimulus Spending

By: Richard H. Frank 

America has finally been awakened and told the truth by Barack Obama regarding “Shovel Ready Projects” as having been nonexistent. Nonetheless the Administration continues to claim up to 3 million jobs saved or created due to their spending initiatives to date of approximately $400 billion. In essence the American taxpayer has subsidized each alleged job created or saved by $133,000 dollars. The truth is that since 2009 unemployment has increased 2.8 million in spite of his misdirected stimulus spending spree. Those supporters of the progressive liberal agenda to spend our way to prosperity will contend that hindsight is 20/20 and had it not been for the stimulus the condition would have been much worse.

The facts are that the Obama administration and the 111th Congress ignored the proven initiatives of the past that have truly stimulated our economy and created jobs in America. The evidence is overwhelming with regard to the initiatives that are necessary to assure survival of our Republic. Achieving energy independence, lowering the corporate tax rate and removing restrictive regulations for economic growth are the initiatives that will quickly accelerate growth of our economy, and the return to prosperity for millions of Americans. 

The Obama administration has embarked upon a quest for clean energy and stands in opposition to any and all expansion of fossil fuel being used to bring independence from foreign sources for energy. The shameful truth is that government has stood in the way of our move toward energy independence for over 40 years. It has been over 35 years since the last refinery was built in the United States. Additionally, billions of dollars have been mandated on the oil industry to upgrade old refineries in order to meet new regulations for sulfur content in gasoline and diesel fuels. The last nuclear reactor licensed in the U.S. was in 1973 and did not come on line until 1996. Fifteen years have passed without investing in one of the most efficient and clean energy producing systems. The war against fossil fuels is further evidenced by the government moratorium against offshore drilling in the Golf of Mexico.

A study published in 2009 examined the repatriation of the nuclear manufacturing industry in the United States. The study examined deployment of up to 41 new Generation III units ranging in capacity from 1200 to 1500 megawatts (MWe) capable of meeting an estimated demand of 50,000 MW of new generating capacity by 2020 assuming initiating construction in 2009. The estimated costs to construct these 41 facilities would be $205 billion which is less than half of the stimulus dollars already spent.

Additionally, it is estimated that in addition to producing the lowest cost per kWh to consumers, up to 610,000 new jobs would be added to the U.S. economy. The repatriation program would add up to 38,000 nuclear manufacturing jobs, 79,000 plant construction jobs and another 250,000 jobs in the non-nuclear industries throughout America.

Instead of pursuing this proven technology as was done in European countries, such as Obama’s model France, our President is content to push wind and solar technology at a cost of 3 to 4 times that of nuclear plant production. Each Nuclear plant is estimated to produce $430 million in sales (value) and contribute to local and federal tax revenues.

Perhaps the administration should review the history of electrical production in the United States and make decisions based of experience and opposed to the special interest propaganda of the day. An example of this data is contained in the following chart:

Power Producing Sources Arranged by Efficiency/Unit in Operation 2006

Power                          Operating        Billion kWh/                % of Annual     Ratio to one

Source                         Units                Unit in operation         Production       Nuclear Plant

Nuclear Power             104                  7.57                             19.4                 1 to 1

Petroleum Coke           31                   1.48                               1.1                 5 to 1


Coal Fired                    1460                1.366                           49.1                 5.5 to  1


Hydroelectric               4138                0.681                           7                     11.1 to 1

Fuel Oil                           13                 0.654                           0.2                   11.5 to 1

Combined                    1686                0.299                           12.4                 25.3 to 1

Cycle Natural Gas

Natural Gas                   766                0.2                               3.9                   37.8 to 1

Fuel Boiler

Biomass                        270                270                              1.3                   38.3 to 1

Incinerators                    96                 0.128                           0.3                   59.1 to 1

Wind Power                 341                 0.088                           0.7                   86.1 to 1

Solar Energy                  31                  0.067                           0.1                   112.9 to 1

Geothermal                 215                 0.063                           0.3                   120 to 1

Combustion                 2882                0.051                           3.6                   148.4 to 1



Oil Fired Boilers          327                 0.02                             7.8                   378.5 to 1

Diesel Generators       4514                0.003                           0.3                   2523 to 1        

Two years have been lost in our effort to achieve energy independence along with over $200 billion spent on saving or creating jobs that cannot be confirmed. There remains approximately $200 billion in stimulus funding yet to be assigned for designated usage. These funds should either be returned to the treasury in order to offset a portion of the deficit or designated to projects such as achieving energy independence (e.g., nuclear restoration programs.) 

Instead the Obama 2012 budget of $3.7 trillion contains over $1.6 trillion in deficit spending for such costly, inefficient and unproven technologies as solar and wind energy production. The 112th Congress needs to stand strong against this budget and focus on spending that will increase economic activity while positioning the United States toward achieving energy independence. 

Contact your congressional representatives and demand a return to fiscally responsible spending and forcing legislation that encourages economic growth and allows the free market to create jobs.

President Obama Desperate about Jobs

by Richard H. Frank

The message of the 2010 mid-term elections has finally begun to sink in for the Obama Administration and Democrat members of the Senate.  Suddenly, in a matter of less than 90 days following the massive defeat of Democrats in the House of Representatives, President Obama has switched his rhetoric from demonizing business to proposing reduction in regulation of business and encouraging tax incentives for hiring to improve job creation in America.

The Repeal vote in the House of Representatives of Obamacare, whether symbolic or not, has placed the President and all Democrats that support Government-controlled health care on notice that they are in jeopardy in the coming 2012 election.

However, be vigilant and listen carefully to any promise emanating from the lips of Barack Obama.  For the past two years his policies for redistribution of wealth and passage of legislation that retards economic growth cannot be changed by his rhetoric and empty promises.

The quickest actions within the power of the Administration and Congress to promote economic growth and ease the unemployment situation resides in three specific areas.  First:  To achieve a balanced budget and stop uncontrolled spending.  Second:  To reduce the corporate tax rate for businesses from 35% downward in the range of 20%.  Third:  to remove the shackles from businesses and entrepreneurs that would truly achieve energy independence in America.  Remove restrictions on domestic oil exploration, off-shore drilling and development of Anwar.  Expand nuclear power capacity and improve the delivery grid across our nation.  And most of all, stop spreading the misinformation that the only way to achieve energy independence is to put taxpayer subsidies into businesses which will only create batteries for cars that people don’t want and wind-generating equipment that isn’t proven to work and save money in the long run and that the American people don’t want as well.

Should these “real energy initiatives” be undertaken our economy would spring to life and create jobs beyond the wildest expectations of Government economists.

Instead, President Obama and the Congressional Democrats would rather manipulate the methods by which unemployment is calculated and attempt to count jobs saved or created as indicators of economic improvement.  When the numbers do not support the Administration’s contention they just change how the numbers are calculated (“by any means possible”).

Today, however, Americans are far too well-informed and are critically aware of their real economic situations than to just accept what the Government purports as fact.

You may expect to see over the next 12 months that the unemployment numbers will be reduced to a level well below 9%.  This may, in fact, be the result of increased employment from the need to replenish inventories depleted over the past three years, or from manipulation of the calculations for political purposes.  Like it or not, the campaign for holding political office in 2012 in well underway!

Beware Obama’s seeming to have moved towards the center as he governs.  He is an ideologue and his political agenda has not changed.  Watch what he does and not what he says.  The next 23 months are critical to Barack Obama’s political survival as President of the United States and for those Democrats up for election in 2012.  These months are also critical to the survival of our Republic as envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

Clearly, the old adage that says “Don’t believe everything you hear and only half of what you see” is appropriate for each of us to remember over the next two years.

The Insidious Creeping Threat to Senior Citizens

By: Richard H. Frank

There are about 50 million Americans, or about 16% of our population receiving Social Security benefits today many of whom have retired in the past ten years. Their dream for independent living during what was to be their “Golden Years” has turned out to be just a dream. More than 64% of those retired persons depend upon Social Security as their only means of income upon which to provide for themselves and their families and some of those could have done better except for the fact that they lost most of their savings in the last stock market downturn.

The majority of these individuals paid into the system their entire working life and are now faced with living within the limits of their fixed income.The last cost-of-living increase seen by these individuals came in their 2009 benefit increase and amounted to 5.8% largely due to sky rocketing oil and food price experienced the prior year.  This resulted in establishing a CPI benchmark cap of 215.495 before any future increases would be granted. Additionally, the calculation for the CPI was changed to exclude the costs of energy and food from the calculation as these were considered too volatile and short-lived to accurately forecast the rate of inflation and thus a true estimate for the “cost-of-living index.”

So just what has occurred between 2005 and 2010 with regard to the impact of food and energy upon the CPI (consumer price index)?  The answer is that the buying power of the fixed income dollar for those people receiving social security has decreased by 52%.  The very items excluded from calculations for cost of living are those that impact the day-to-day existence of our senior citizens.  Consider the following increases between 2005 and 2010:

  • Food increased 65.23%
  • Oil increased 50.16%
  • Coal (energy) increased 168.77%

Energy costs which include power generation and impact food production and the associated distribution costs of all groups are a cancer that is slowly eroding the purchasing power of the dollar.  Yet we have a Government that has no coherent energy policy and does nothing to promote energy independence for America.  Instead, the politicians are content to impose drilling moratoriums and stop exploration for oil in favor of the imposition of onerous penalties such as cap and trade regulations in an effort to stop mythical greenhouse gas emissions.  Eventually, all of their actions and inactions are born by the individual in the form of higher costs for energy and goods produced with that energy.

The real rate of inflation including food and energy costs has exceeded the reported CPI for any year since 2008 and is being borne totally by the fixed income of those receiving social security.  Over the next 20 years the number of those persons eligible to receive benefits will increase by approximately 1% each year due largely to the baby boomers turning 65 years of age.  Unless the continuing trend of higher costs for energy and food is reversed or benefits indexed to include these higher costs, our senior citizen population will be relegated to living below the poverty level owing to unaccountable inflationary influences brought about by energy and food costs. Unless these realities are recognized we shall have created an underclass of aging citizens in America.

Inflation is the insidious creeping threat to every senior citizen in America today and is consuming upward to 10% of their fixed income each year, a situation which is unsustainable.