“And the Truth, Mr. President, Shall Set You Free!”

by Richard H. Frank

President Obama and the Democrat-controlled 111th Congress should take a short refresher course from the Bible with regard to telling the truth.  The Book of John, Chapter 8, Verse 32 says “Then you will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

If I were a game show producer for television it would not be difficult to construct a program around the blatant false statements made by our President and his proponents in Congress and the Administration.  The show might be called “To Dare To Tell The Truth.”  The statements coming out of the White House provide an endless stream of material for this mythical game show; consider the President’s following statements:

  • The recent jump in the claims for unemployment compensation are driven by the planned separation of 125,000 temporary census workers.  (To be eligible for benefits a worker must have been employed for a 12-month consecutive period.  That time frame does not seem to have been met by census workers.)
  • The borders are more secure now than at any time in recent history
  • Your health insurance premiums will drop by $2500 on average
  • If you like your current doctor or insurance, you can keep it.  (Tell that to the thousands of seniors whose doctors are refusing to accept Medicare under the new health care law.)
  • We have saved or created 2.5 million jobs due to the stimulus (all in the Government sector).
  • Pass this stimulus bill now and unemployment will not exceed 8%
  • No tax increases on the middle class; not one single dime on anyone earning less than $200,000.  (What happens in January 2011 when the Bush tax cuts expire?)
  • Passing the health care legislation will not increase the deficit one single dime (look at the recent CBO numbers)
  • America is not a Christian nation.  (That might just be why Obama has not read John 8:32)
  • Our Constitution is fundamentally flawed.  (Now we understand why he will not meet his obligation to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution regardless of his oath to do so!)
  • We use 25% of the planet’s energy resources and only possess 3% of its reserves and therefore can never achieve energy independence.
  • Republicans stand in the way of achieving financial energy and immigration reform.  (Has the President looked at the balance of seats in Congress lately?)
  • Under my Administration the public will have adequate time to review and read legislation on the internet before it is signed into law.
  • The peer review by oil experts in the Gulf  BP leak recommended the six-month moratorium on oil production in the Gulf.  (Those experts said publicly that they never recommended such a moratorium).
  • National security is my #1 priority.
  • Job creation is my #1 priority
  • Stopping the oil leak in the Gulf is the #1 priority
  • Implementation of the health care legislation is the #1 priority (see a disingenuous pattern?)

Our President and his Administration will not accept responsibility for those false assertions but always shift the blame to someone else or some newly created crisis.  Could it be that they believe these statements are just “white lies?”  According to Wikipedia, a “white lie” would cause only relatively minor discord if it were uncovered and typically offers benefits to the hearer.

If Obama and his Administration believe the benefit resulting from their “white lies” is a warm and fuzzy feeling, they are sadly mistaken.  Their inability to tell the truth and stop the spin on the facts has only served to make the public mistrust our Federal Government.

This November is the time to begin the process of setting these blatant liars free.  We have had enough of the incompetence and lack of leadership coming from the Obama Administration and Congress.  Vote for change we truly can believe in!

Wake up and Recognize the Warning Signs!

by Jayne D. Frank

With every passing night, we watch the news about the European financial crises which are  intrinsically wound with the United States. We watch as N. Korea thumbs it nose at S. Korea and the United States in a new “dare ya” scenario as they kill hundreds of people, intending to instigate  something with both countries.  Americans see indications every day on the news that the Iranian leadership is laughing at the United States’ lack of will to impose stiff sanctions on them for their defiance of their promise not to become a nuclear power.

In our own country, we see the most  corrupt government that I can remember in my lifetime, continue to pass illegal legislation such as Obamacare, refuse to defend the U.S. by protecting and securing our borders.  They bad-mouth the only media in the country that tells us the truth and they are passing laws that are going to silence discourse once and for all on the internet, and through trying to enforce the fairness doctrine.  The Administration is forcing higher taxes on individuals and businesses, all in an attempt to redistribute wealth and end the free enterprise system as we know it.  This is also an attempt to make the U.S. a part of the “global economic system.”

All Americans reading this blog must wake up out of their stupor!  We are on the precipice of losing our beloved Constitutionally driven, and God-given, freedom-loving Country.  It is now almost June 1 and the very first time we have to do anything positive which will tell the Obama Administration and Congress that we do not approve of their agenda and course of action and we will not stand silent, is the 2010 elections.

It is incumbant on all conservative, freedom-loving patriots to form together with other like-minded Americans because “the squeaky wheel gets the grease,” and we must stand as ONE, speak as ONE, and try to restore our Republic as ONE!  There are dozens of great patriotic groups out there doing the work to get the people out of Congress who are not performing as their constituents have asked.  There are watchdogs groups that are watching legislation being introduced by both Houses of Congress so that we know what the Government is trying to do to us.  Many of these groups back conservative candidates and put their money behind these candidates.  All of these efforts to do one thing – restore honor and integrity to our U. S. Government and to start to push back on the socialist agenda of the Obama Administration.

If you have not joined a 912 group, Resistnet, Americans for Prosperity, Tea Party Patriots, American Solutions, or any other group that has conservative principles and values as its platform, shame on you!  Don’t be one of those people who whines about was is going wrong without doing your best to change it.  Don’t think that conservative candidates get elected without hard work from people who agree with them.  And most of all, don’t think that it won’t matter anyway in the 2010 elections and stay home!