Corruption By Any Other Name

By: Richard H. Frank

Politicians and the Washington spin doctors are very creative at turning a phrase to avoid calling a particular act by one of their associates exactly what it truly is. For instance the President never tells a lie. He may have misspoken or his words may have been taken out of context or twisted to achieve some particular agenda in support of his ideology. Corruption, High Crimes and Misdemeanors, bribery and outright graft are all ignored and classified under the heading of “crony capitalism” or “it’s the right thing to do” in the case of such perceived social injustices as illegal immigration, gay marriage and abortion. When something goes wrong or takes an unexpected turn for the worse as the result of Government action “unintended consequences are always to blame and not the ideology behind the action. Take Obamacare for example. The law was to provide health care for over thirty million uninsured Americans at reduced costs for every family. Instead after five years of confusion in the medical industry accounting for 1/6th of the economy we find premiums and deductibles have skyrocketed and real care diminished with over thirty million Americans still uninsured. Obama has ignored the provisions of the law and by fiat altered the language without congressional action to meet his political initiatives. All of his actions are in direct violation of the Constitution. The same is true for Obama’s executive actions with regard to immigration and if not for the action of one Federal Judge we would be on the verge of amnesty for every illegal immigrant presently in the United States and establishment of an open border policy for the country. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The nuclear negotiations underway with Iran for the past two and one-half years are the perfect example of this foregoing quotation. We have a President obsessed with creating his legacy having failed to do so in his Presidency for the past six years. His statement that “Iran would never possess a Nuclear weapon on his watch” did not include any provision against his providing them with the path to acquiring that weapon after he left office. When pressured by Congress to give them final approval of any agreement (treaty) reached during the negotiations the talks are suddenly characterized as being a non-binding agreement not subject to Congressional approval as required by the Constitution. Additionally, Obama seems to think he can unilaterally remove sanctions imposed by act of Congress without their legislating that action. Now we have Hillary Clinton’s in-your-face violation of State Department rules and law regarding disclosure of her emails while serving as Secretary of State. She arrogantly contends that she was entitled to use a non-governmental controlled server to archive her emails and she alone had the authority to determine which of those communications were private and those that belonged to “we the people”. She holds herself above the law and takes refuge behind the Clinton Foundation on matters having the appearance of corruption. The Justice Department turns a blind eye to her actions contending that others in prior administrations disregarded the rules and protocols in place and thus it is no big deal. The latest revelations about Hillary and the Clinton Foundation involved in influence peddling while she held the position of Secretary of State have all the earmarks of corruption and enhancing the financial rewards to the Foundation and of the Clintons personally. Coincidence, I think not but without any evidence to the contrary the Clinton’s will just hunker down and wait for this storm to pass just as they have before on other scandals. Unfortunately, corruption is not the sole provence of the Democrats in office but can be found on both sides of the aisle in Congress and in the massive Federal bureaucracy consisting of agencies within our government. As long as the electorate in America remains apathetic and does not insist that our laws are to be enforced we open ourselves and this country up to corruption for which we must bear the expense. An expense not only in the form of dollars but in the loss of our very liberty. Corruption by any other name still stinks.

“Liars and Damn Liars!”

By: Richard H. Frank

Then Senator Hillary Clinton, during testimony by General Petraus in support of the surge in Iraq, said one would have to suspend disbelief if they were to accept his testimony. Her comments were partisan and wrong with regard to the General and the outcome of the surge, but would be appropriate today with regard to the New General Motor’s claim of repayment of the government loans five years ahead of schedule.

It doesn’t take a financial genius to figure out that any company that posted a $4.3 billion loss on $5.9 billion in sales has no money generated by operations to pay for anything. In fact they burned through $10.2 billion in cash just to keep operations going and meet their payroll. Therefore, when Edward Whitacre, CEO of the New General Motors, stands up in an ad on television in front of America and says the company has repaid the government loan of $6.7 billion, he either believes the public is stupid or, to say it politely, is misleading them.

Mr. Whitacre and the finance people at the New GM must be taking lessons from the Obama administration when it comes to telling the truth. For example; now that Obamacare is law we are learning the truth little by little and of the lies and/or omissions not talked about during the debate on the 2700 pages of minutia making up the new law.

Repayment of the $6.7 billion by accessing more TARP money is nothing more than a revolving credit account funded by “We the People.”

When our government is infested with corrupt politicians, synonymous with “Iiars and damn liars”, is it any wonder that 80% of Americans mistrust the Congress and the Administration? We have the duty to clean house in the 2010 Congressional and 2012 Presidential elections. Stand up for the vision of our Founding Fathers and elect those candidates that endorse the values and principles enumerated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.