Obamacare – A Fatal Blow to the Constitution

by Richard H. Frank

One week ago today the Health Care Reform Bill was signed into law by President Obama.  Within days of his signing this disastrous legislation America’s major corporations such as AT&T, John Deere and Caterpillar are reporting the devastating impact this law will have on earnings and the ultimate value to shareholders of the companies themselves.  Like it or not, Mr. President, this is an “intended consequence” in your mission to “fundamentally change America” and redistribute wealth.

But hold on America, we have yet to hear from the insurance industry as to the “intended consequences” for having to accept pre-existing conditions and have their premium structure under Government control.  An example of what will happen has already occurred in Michigan with regard to homeowner insurance.  As a result of the massive unemployment, rate of foreclosures and people walking away from their mortgages and property, insurance claims and risk assessments have risen in Michigan.  Our company presented us with a 35% increase in the yearly premium even though we have never had a claim with them and the assessed value of the property has dropped dramatically.  The same logic will and must prevail with health insurance companies if they are to remain viable and stay in business.  It has already been reported that because health insurance companies now must put aside 85% instead of the old 65% to pay claims caused by the passage of this law, they are projecting that they will be out of business in the private market within 2-3 years, which is another “intended consequence” of Obamacare.  I can safety predict rates for health insurance will rise by a minimum of 30% for the next renewal cycle at the end of the year (well after the mid-term election).  Be sure to keep this in mind next November when you vote for your representatives in Congress who have exempted themselves from the new law.

Since businesses and most individuals will not be able to afford these massive premium increases they will be forced to drop their coverage and either revert to the Government exchanges or simply pay the penalty tax in lieu of being insured.  The more people and businesses forced to take this action, the less revenue will flow to the Government to pay for the reform.  Hence, a new crisis will have been created, and to which the Government must react, and presto, just like magic, Obama will have achieved his ultimate objective to get a single-payer total Government-controlled, socialized health care system for America.  It may take 3 years to reach this goal, but rest assured the progressives are patient and it is all laid out in their plan to “fundamentally change America and the World.”

This battle against socialism has just begun and every thinking American must remain vigilant and stand against financial reform, immigration law reform and cap and trade that would further empower the Federal Government over our lives and further redistribute the remaining wealth of the nation.  Should the Supreme Court fail to overturn the health care law as being unconstitutional, it will have struck the first of many fatal blows to our Constitution and our Republic.  Keep pressure on your State Legislatures to fight the Federal Government and preserve their and our 10th Amendment Rights.

The Constitution in Crisis!

Richard H. Frank

This week the legislative process in Congress will reach an historical low point as the Democrat-controlled House attempts to steam roller the Constitution and ram their ill-conceived health care reform bill to approval using whatever means necessary to achieve victory. Manipulation of Parliamentary Rules, bribes and threats all combine to expose the corruption at work in both Houses of Congress.  Should “We the People” allow these unconstitutional tactics to be employed, we will have no one to blame but ourselves for loss of liberty and the eventual demise of our Republic.

The legislation which will undoubtedly reach Obama’s desk to be signed into law is opposed by so many Americans that 34 state legislatures are contemplating passage of state law exempting them from recognizing the Bill.  It is time for the legislatures in all  50 states to exercise their 10th Amendment Rights and challenge this unprecedented power grab by the Obama Administration and the 111th Congress.

The Democratic majority’s strategy in the House of Representatives to force acceptance of the Senate Bill and the Reconciliation Fix through various versions of the “Slaughter Solution” is in direct violation of Article I, Sec. 7 of the Constitution.  Any attempt to invoke this measure should result in the immediate impeachment and removal of the House Leadership.  Lacking action by Congress, the states must exercise their constitutional duty to challenge these tactics and force the Federal Courts to stay any further action on the legislation while it is referred to the Supreme Court to determine the constitutionality of the legislative process and provisions of the Bill itself.

Nancy Pelosi and the Congressional leadership are content to replace our Constitution which they have sworn to uphold, with Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”  Since they don’t like the rules they will just change the rules.  This fight is no longer about “health care reform.”  It is about preserving the Constitution of the United States of America.

Our Constitution must be held sacred as the “law of the land” transcending any political party, Congress and/or President.  No individual or entity, save our Creator, should have province over the Constitution.  The document contains within itself the means for Amendment and therefore, any and all attempts to circumvent that process must be stopped!

“We the People” of America must take a stand here and now to “protect and preserve” our Constitution whenever and wherever threatened even by those we have elected to represent us.  Demand that Congress abide by their limits on power, and should they not, challenge them through the Judiciary to stop abusing their authority.

His Majesty, Lord Obama, Prince of Arrogance

by Richard H. Frank

When 75% of Americans are opposed to health care reform structured in any form resembling the House and Senate Bills, what are we to think about Obama’s latest push to disregard our Constitution and jam his agenda down our throats?  I thought we lived in a Representative Republic, or am I wrong?  Since when does the President have the authority to override Congressional Rules, an equal branch of the Government?

Of course for a “statist” that believes our Constitution is seriously flawed, everything is possible and anything goes.  The President’s support of having an “up or down” vote, reconciliation, by any other name, flies in the face of his own position against using that process while he was in Congress.

Today, he stated he would sign the legislation when it reached his desk, not for political considerations, but because it is the right thing to do.  His attempt to sprinkle the legislation with the crumbs of Republican proposals is laughable.  In reality, we have a President who is desperate to establish his legacy now before the impact of his socialist agenda becomes evident to every American.

With every passing day, we see the evidence of an individual holding the office of President of the United States that lacks the qualifications and experience for that office.  His demonstrated arrogance during the State of the Union Address by admonishing the Supreme Court for its recent decision on campaign finance funding, shows his contempt for an equal branch of Government.  It would appear that his knowledge of Constitutional Law, of which he is purported to be an expert, is seriously flawed. Somehow, Barack Obama thinks his election raised him to a position of royalty possessing the Divine Right of Kings.  Our Declaration of Independence removed “We the People from the yoke of the divine right of kinds more than 200 years ago.  Our Democratic controlled Congress and Barack Obama, arrogantly march forward in their quest for control over every aspect of life in America.  Their political ideology, if left unchecked, will ultimately destroy our Republic.

Barack Obama, Prince of Arrogance, is more concerned with his “historic election” and how he is viewed by the world at large, than upholding his sworn oath to Protect and Defend the Constitution.  He and Congress have severely damaged the free enterprise system by passing legislation that is retarding economic recovery while adding trillions to our national debt, a burden to be paid for by generations  yet unborn.

Should Congress and the President force this legislation upon Americans, we MUST exercise our duty to remove every representative that votes for this Bill from office and limit Obama to one term as President.

Abortion is Murder

by Jayne D. Frank

The President and the Democratic majority act like Americans are stupid and did not know all along that the Government health care overhaul will be rammed through with the reconciliation process.  Rumors abound today that in order to comply with the Byrd Rule that reconciliation can only be used for budget purposes, Democrats could attempt to go piece by piece through the Senate bill and eliminate those portions that do not have budgetary impacts in them.  This process is not legal inasmuch as the House MUST pass the Senate bill in total, or else defeat it in total; they cannot selectively choose  the contents of the bill to act upon.

More importantly to this writer, and to millions of Americans, the bill that originally passed the House had protections in it for the most vulnerable among us, unborn babies.  It provided that no Federal funding would be in the health care bill for abortions.  This language did not make it into the Senate Bill.

Since there is no much else wrong with the Senate Bill, as evidenced by the 2/25 health care summit, not much has been said about this, but We the People and our elected representatives in Congress, must continue to speak up for babies who will not have their voice heard otherwise.  There are 1.3 million abortions performed in the U.S. every year, and if this health care bill passes, there will be devastating effects for those that cannot speak for themselves.  Bill O’Reilly calls babies in the womb “Potential Babies”, but every American knows that you can hear a baby’s heartbeat 18 days after conception.   Any Federal funding of abortions will give millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood centers across the country.  This type of legislation diminishes the value placed on human life and encourages promiscuous behavior and ultimately leads to more abortions.  This entire subject was explored in our previous blog entitled “America’s Holocaust” posted earlier on this site.

Demand from your Congressman and Senators that they vote “no” on any health care legislation that does not strip out this abortion funding language and Pray for our Babies!

Three Summers of Discontent

by Jayne D. Frank

Many of you read our blog and other web articles concerning current events in Washington.  I have been particularly interested in what articles people are reading and where their interests are most focused.  Recently, because of the release of the President’s Health Care Proposal and the impending 2/25 Health Care LOL “Summit,” we wrote a long analysis of this Proposal on Healthcare and are very surprised at the lack of interest in this subject anymore.  Has America given up their fight?  Knowing the fundamental Constitutional principles upon which your struggle has been based, have you no patience and sustainability in continuing this fight?  Americans are getting tired and angry trying to enforce adherence to our constitution by our legislators, because unlike the plethora of organizations and groups that elected Obama, we are fighting this fight one person at a time, one organizing group at a time, and we don’t have the ingrained machine that is at the fingertips of the White House.  They fully intend  to get their Agenda items pushed through before the elections!

The spring and summer is fast approaching and most Americans inundated with unusual amounts of snow this year will be planning their outside activities for themselves and their families.  As we have indicated in previous articles, if you don’t remain steadfast in educating yourself on the Constitution, on the daily events happening with legislative bills being pushed through Congress and/or brought up by the President, you will get to the end of your fall season and wonder how so much damaging legislation was passed that will forever affect you and your family.  At the end of summer, candidates will be out campaigning for their 2010 Senate and House seats, and you may  not know enough about them to make a knowledgeable, conservative choice to place your vote in November; we cannot afford to make any mistakes in 2010.

Please realize that the Moveon.org, Organizing for America, progressive organizations, unions, and Acorn spinoffs, as well as President Obama’s “youth movement” that he put together for his election, are going to be working overtime this summer.  They will be pushing to make sure Obama’s very costly and wasteful health care plan is passed, that more “stimulus” money is approved by Congress and that destructive energy policies are enacted.  These Obama groups are lining up to support their progressive candidates in the November election and they will work tirelessly this year to raise funds and campaign for them and against any Conservative Republican candidates.

Sun, beaches, vacations, barbecues and parties are all important, but please don’t discontinue your good work.  Read, listen to the news, follow Congress’ proposed legislation, seek out and attend rallies and protests, and get behind good candidates.  Progressives are counting on you to slack off.

Sarah’s Appeal

by Richard H. Frank

Love her or hate her, the undeniable truth is that Sarah Palin has captured the attention and imagination of America.  The media and her political opponents from both major parties don’t quite know what to make of the nationwide phenomenon she has become.  I suggest we take a look at who she is, and what she is not, in order to better understand the polarizing impact she has on our political establishment.

What she is:

  • Sarah Palin is a young, attractive and articulate woman unafraid to speak her mind and challenge those ideas that are counter to her own beliefs.
  • She is a mother that places family above ambition with a strong belief in God and the sanctity of life.
  • She is a staunch defender of the Constitution.
  • She has participated in and supports our American free enterprise system.
  • She is a self-declared maverick willing to take a stand against corruption regardless of its political origin.
  • Her personal life story is that of millions of Americans educated in the public school system, attending college and becoming a productive member of society without having Government to intercede on her behalf to gain an advantage over others.
  • She recognized a need to serve her community, state and nation and has ,with the blessing of her family, answered that call.
  • She has experience running a small business as well as being Chief Executive in Alaska’s state government.

What she is not:

  • Sarah is not a member of the elite political establishment.
  • She is not an academic or legal scholar.
  • Thankfully, she is not a lawyer.
  • She is not a skilled orator able to transfix the masses with soaring rhetoric.
  • She does not engage in political double speak to avoid giving straight answers to questions on real issues.
  • She is not afraid to acknowledge what areas in Government that she is least qualified to address at this point.
  • She is not afraid to admit a mistake or say she was wrong.

In short, Sarah Palin is a quintessential American and feared by the progressive media and the political elite in Washington.  Someone that the average citizen can relate to.  When she speaks her mind she says what many people believe but lack a platform to express.

With regard to the question as to her qualifications to become President, it can be argued she is as qualified as Barack Obama was when he ran as a candidate beginning in 2006.

If she chooses to run in 2012, can she be elected?  Only time will tell.  In the interim, her message as a Constitutional Conservative seems to be gaining more and more acceptance across America.

Tea Party Movement Underestimated

by Richard H. Frank

If we are to believe the political pundits that we see on television, then the Tea Party organizations, 912ers, Freedom Works and other conservative grass roots movements are just a novelty and will fade away as quicky as they appeared.  They, like leaders in the Republican and Democratic parties, are tone-deaf to the electorate.    The message is loud and clear for anyone willing to listen.  We the People are awake and have exhausted our patience with elitist representatives in Congress and in the White House that arrogantly think they know what is best for America.

These movements represent a “new revolution” that will be waged at the ballot box for generations to come.  America is becoming re-educated in the principles enumerated in our “Declaration of Independence” and the “Constitution” that make our citizenry sovereign over the Government.  Washington and our State Legislatures work for the people, not the other way around.  The platform upon which the movement, that I call “Constitutional Conservatism” is, simply stated, as supporting:

  • Limited Federal Government
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Restoration of Balance of Powers – State to Federal Government; i.e., the 10th Amendment
  • Free Enterprise System
  • The National Defense
  • An Independent National Energy Policy
  • sovereignty of “We the People”

Such a platform can and should be adopted by either party if they expect to represent their constituents.  Remember the Office of President is not that of a monarch and Congress is not a body of aristocratic royalty having dominion over the populous.  We do not support a Third Party but only representation by candidates for office in favor of our principles.

The Media, Congress and the White House will continue to dismiss this “Constitutional Conservative” movement as “noise” in the overall scheme in political discourse.  They do so, however, at their own peril.