Partisanship Has Become”The Politics of Personal Destruction!”

By: Richard H. Frank

The divide in Washington, D.C. between the opposing political parties and factions within them has become so toxic that compromise in Congress seems impossible. The political elites in both parties seem to have forgotten that they were elected by “We the People” to serve us and not their party leaders nor their ideology above all else. During their campaign for election or reelection they all proclaim that they are dedicated to improving the lives of every American and especially the middle class in this country. Yet every time legislation is introduced to do just that our representatives show their true colors and proceed to obstruct and block any progress from taking place in the name of protecting some economic minority from a perceived inequity that they may encounter. Truth be known, these spineless individuals be they in the House of Representatives or in the Senate are looking out for themselves and some special interest above their constituents. Immigration reform, tax reform and trade among nations are just political footballs that get kicked back and forth with no resolution intended on the part of Congress just to keep the electorate happy. In the end their excuse is to blame the other side of the aisle for not getting anything done.

In the midst of all this political posturing we see the ongoing investigations in the House and Senate to get to the bottom of Russian collusion in that 2016 election. There are so many committees conducting investigations I expect there is little time remaining to pursue solutions to America’s numerous problems by passing legislation to correct the mess our Government has created in immigration, the Tax Code and onerous entitlements for which our children and grandchildren have been saddled with.

Then there is the hatred for Donald J. Trump and the agenda for which he was elected. Democrats in the House of Representatives have introduced articles of impeachment against the President. These imbeciles need to read the Constitution and what constitutes “high crimes and misdemeanors “before making asses of themselves just because they cannot stand President Trump. It doesn’t matter that he has not done anything to justify their actions; it is that he just might do something in the future and thus must be deranged and removed from Office.

Thus far their attempts to slander him using the Democrat’s tactic of personal destruction have failed and the electorate has had it with those that pursue the “Politics of Personal Destruction”. Their method includes making accusations about their opponent which are baseless and proceeding to use the media to try to convict their target in the court of public opinion without regard to the presumption of innocence or a trial. The latest example of this is Judge Robert Moore seeking the Senate seat in Alabama being charged with sexual abuses that allegedly occurred over 40 years ago. Even Republicans have turned against the Judge and should he be elected they are threatening to refuse to seat him in the Senate. So much for our democratic institutions, the presumption of innocence and the power of the people in electing someone accused of a crime. Ever wonder why that logic didn’t apply to Bill Clinton who lied to the American people and was finally forced to admit his immoral actions only after his DNA proved him to be a liar.

Today allegations of sexual misconduct have been leveled against Senator Al Franken. Let’s see how long it will take for the Democratic spin doctors in the Senate to attribute his actions as comic relief with no harm intended. I guess if you are a Democrat even in the light of photographic proof of your actions all will be forgiven. Forgiven hell–he needs to resign today since his actions have been confirmed.

Then we have Crooked Hillary. Liar personified whether it be about Benghazi, her deleted emails or covering up for her sexual predator husband and trashing his numerous victims while being supported by a bias press.

Americans are sick and tired of career politicians, politics of personal destruction and a dishonest news media. Those who spend a lifetime sucking off the teat of government are prone to corruption and place themselves above the average American and view us as unworthy simpletons to be led by the elite ruling class in Washington and their bureaucrats across agencies never imagined by our Founding Fathers.The saying that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts completely” has never been as true as it is today. The Obama Administration’s investigation of Hillary Clinton is a classic example of government gone amuck. Countless political appointees in the FBI, the State Department and the Justice Department should be prosecuted not to mention the IRS for targeting conservative groups following the rise of the Tea Party movement. But don’t hold your breath because the political establishment and the deep state will never let the facts be known or be presented to a grand jury for indictment.

Unfortunately for us, Donald Trump can not drain the swamp called Washington D.C. by himself. It will take “We the People” rising up and insisting on a Constitutional amendment imposing term limits upon Congress to keep our representatives from succumbing to pressures from special interests and eventual institutionalized corruption that exists in Congress today. The balance of power must be restored and both Houses of Congress mandated to work together for the American people. During the first 12 months of the Trump Administration the House of Representatives has passed over 300 bills and forwarded them to the Senate. Fewer than 85 have been brought to the floor of the Senate for consideration or a vote. This is an example of how 535 individual representatives are screwing 350 million Americans by not doing their job. You and I would be fired if our work record was as pitiful as that of Congress. With only a few legislative days left in 2017 you can bet that we will not see tax reform become a reality in 2017.

But after all as Mitch McConnell said about the President, “That’s not how things happen around here.” I guess our expectations are just too high.

Intolerance by Liberals in America!

By: Richard H. Frank

If the “Constitution of The United States” doesn’t suit the ideology of liberals in this country they will attempt to use the judiciary to rewrite the Constitution. For example, I cannot find language in the document specific to demand the separation of Church and State. Yet liberals have subverted the language contained in the First Amendment to insist that the “Ten Commandments” not be displayed on any public property. Public schools are forbidden from conducting prayer or using the term “God” in any manner that might offend the agnostic. And heaven forbid if any community across this vast nation should dare to display the Nativity Scene during the Christmas season. Just how far will America stray from the founding principles contained in our “Declaration of Independence” and those clearly stated in the “Constitution?”

The political elites see themselves as a ruling class “all knowing” and better equipped to determine what is best for the citizenry. They view history as something that must be altered in an manner consistent with their ideology and that is politically expedient for them to remain in office. What hypocrites!

Suddenly there is a movement among the left in this country intent on removal of any symbol that historically records the actual history of this nation. It seems to have started with State legislators deciding that displaying the Confederate flag on public property was somehow racist. Wasn’t the Confederacy real? Didn’t over 500,000 Americans die during the Civil War? I guess we should pull any reminder of that historical period in America from view, just as protesters are tearing down statues commemorating leaders of the confederacy during that time.

What would the response of the media and far left be should the far right attack the memorials erected in memory of Martin Luther King? Their attack on organizations such as the KKK and Neo Nazis and White Supremacists would be unrelenting and rightly so. The same should be the case for any attack on individuals or memorials depicting the true historical roots of this Nation. If we allow those in power to subvert free expression in speech or memorials we are surrendering our very freedom as a people.

Unfortunately, we have very short memories and are too lazy to study history unless it is depicted in a three-hour series on television or an movie that becomes the true basis of our understanding and must be accepted as fact. Thus we are destined to repeat the same mistakes of the past that cost millions of lives around the world. Politicians stand up and denounce the Holocaust of the twentieth century yet condone abortion as a right under the Constitution that has claimed a hundred times the lives taken by the Nazis during World War II.

On college campuses we see demonstrations against free speech where conservative values may not be aired for fear that they may change someone’s mind or ideology. Speakers are shouted down and property destroyed with no accountability for those committing these intolerances nor the institutions allowing them to take place. Whatever happened to justice under the law? If we don’t like the law we just ignore it. Thats Anarchy! Next if liberals don’t like the books in University libraries I guess we will just burn them. Sound familiar? Read the history of Germany in the 1930’s.

I fear we are becoming a nation of illiterates content to accept whatever the media presents to us in a 30-second sound bite as gospel. We are on the road to teaching our children to become mind-numbed robots entering a period of history akin to Orwell’s “1984”.

Our Nation in Peril from Government Policies!

By: Richard H. Frank

What has become of the American dream? That picture of a future that included the opportunity, not the right, for any individual to achieve their personal vision of what that dream constitutes. Most Americans of my generation would have described the dream to include the following:

  • The opportunity and choice to secure a good education either academically or vocationally.
  • To be able to provide a better standard of living for our families than that which our parents or grandparents had experienced.
  • The opportunity to own a home that would always be the shelter and sanctuary for our family.
  • The freedom to pursue any endeavor we might chose, including acceptance of the consequences associated with failure.
  • The right to openly participate in and express the religious doctrine of my choice without interference from any individual or government agency.

There are two elements present in each and every aspect of the American dream as described above. First is the reliance on the individual willing to work and pay the price to achieve any and all aspects of that dream. Second, is the limited role of government to provide the opportunity for the individual and to shield that opportunity from undue outside influences.

Unfortunately, over the past 60 years government has expanded their role to become paternalistic with regard to achieving “equality” and “social justice” as opposed to “opportunity” and “justice under the law.” Those individuals that we have elected to represent “We the People” somehow believe that they have been elevated to a position of the “ruling class” and are entitled to meet out opportunity and freedom to the electorate to satisfy their vision of the American dream.

The law of unintended consequences ultimately prevails and results in stifling opportunity and eroding our individual freedoms. More damage has been done to this nation from well intentioned politicians that believe they can legislate morality and equality than from all the natural disasters in America since this nation’s founding.

Today we find ourselves on the brink of the worst economic disaster in over a century predicated on laws passed largely by unthinking legislators willing to rely upon the tenants of Keynesian economics to cure all the Nations ills. The anti-capitalist, anti-free enterprise policies of the congress over the past 10 years and redistributive agenda of the Obama administration bear testimony to the destructive impact they have had on the nation. The outlook for our country is bleak and the prospect of returning to prosperity where we may once again pursue the American dream may now be decades away if to ever be realized again.

Today senior citizens who have relied on the equity built in their real estate investments have seen that equity evaporate and may never return in their lifetime. The dream of spending their “Golden Years” with a sense of security no longer exists. This is directly due to government interference in the mortgage loan industry over the past decade.

Young people view our Social Security System as the greatest Ponzi scheme ever imposed upon a country. They see how Congresses of past decades have raided and squandered the Social Security lock box in the cause of “social justice” at the tune of $2.4 trillion and believe they will never see any portion of their contributions returned.

At one point in history full employment was considered achieved when 95-96% of the workforce was employed. The new norm for full employment according to the revised Obama administration methods for calculating is more closely aligned to 90% employed. This means those working individuals will carry the burden for the 10% of the unemployed workforce and more likely 20% if the under employed are included.

Once again we bear witness to the law of unintended consequences as we see the impact of the 2400 page “Affordable Health Care Legislation” passed by the 111th Congress and signed into law by President Obama. All of the pledges made by President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are being exposed as the great lies forced upon the American public. It has now been confirmed that costs will rise, coverage will be rationed, and the first step toward a government run single -payer system (nationalized health care) is being taken. All this done under the guise of reducing the national debt, bending the cost curve downward and insuring 30 million uninsured Americans. All these statements exposed as lies and predicted as such when an administration of idealogues and a corrupt Congress continue to govern against the will of the people.

The cancer of liberal progressive ideology has moved our nation to the brink of becoming a socialist welfare state. Changing the dangerous course our country is on will be painful to say the least. That pain will be felt at every level of our society and paid for in terms of altering future entitlement programs and stopping the out of control government spending as we return to the constitutional limitations placed on the Federal Government. The power brokers and special interests that influence Washington can and must be removed through the election of representatives that will speak and vote with the voice of their constituents.

One election will not cure the cancer and it may take a decade or more of intense treatment, likened to chemotherapy, by holding our elected representatives responsible to the electorate to finally cure and rid the Federal Government of those persons governing outside the constraints of our Constitution. Should “We the People” fail to take action and remain vigilant at holding government accountable, the once great American dream will never be realized again by our children or grandchildren.

Set yourself above party politics, educate yourself as to the real issues, and place only those people in government office that support the values and principles ascribed within the American dream. Take the step now toward taking back our country for “We the People” and vote on November 2, 2010.

The Progressive’s Plan to Make America a Third World Nation

by Richard H. Frank

Unless you have had the opportunity to travel for extended periods of time to Asia, South America, Europe and the Indian continents, you may not really appreciate the definition of a “third world nation.”  In most countries located on these continents a “middle class society” is non-existent.  The gap in the standard of living between these countries and the United States is unimaginable unless you have seen and experienced it with your own eyes.  The access and availability to the basics for survival, including clothing, food and shelter presents a stark contrast between the “haves” and “have not” members of these societies.  Should a citizen in these countries be fortunate enough to have a job in Government or the Military, they are considered and identified as “middle class.”  In most instances, these individuals are not property owners, have not experienced higher education and rely heavily upon Government-administered programs as a basis for their standard of living.  Welfare recipients in the United States appreciate a higher standard of living than does the average citizen in many of the third world countries.

So what has made the difference between the United States and Third World Nations?  I believe the answer is “The Constitution” and our “free enterprise system,” as well as “limited central Government.”  Over the past 100 years all of these foundations of our Nation have been under an unrelenting attack by the liberal Progressive Movement in America.  Education, rewriting history and removing God from our schools was the initial assault upon our liberty.  the establishment of unfunded entitlements, government pensions, nationalization of private enterprise, the nation’s resources and uncontrolled spending have taxed the nation’s private sector to the breaking point.  Central planning with redistribution of wealth is the current initiative within our Federal Government and is the next step to elimination of the middle class in America and making us a third world nation.

The tipping point was exceeded when Government employment exceeded the private sector earlier this year.  Government produces nothing while incurring costs in the form of taxes, fees and assessments imposed upon the private sector.  Over time, Government, like a snake eating its own tail, will eventually devour itself.  When that process is complete we will be left with a third world nation oppressed by a tyrannical Government controlling every aspect of our lives.

There is still time to stop this slide into tyranny by returning to the principles that made America the greatest nation in history. Preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.  Advance the principles of the free enterprise system and insist  that Government return to the balance of powers prescribed in the Constitution.  Assure that the size and scope of the Federal Government is limited to that described in Article I, Section 8 and Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution.

Saturday Afternoon at the Movies!

By: Richard H. Frank 

Watching the Obama Administration and the 111th Congress attempt to govern our nation is like viewing a low budget “B” movie or a poorly written “soap opera.” As a youngster my friends and I would gather together every Saturday after our lunch and walk to the local movie house or in some cases a church parish house, to see the latest Hollywood fare. Depending on where we went and what was showing the cost ranged between ten and twenty cents for an afternoon double feature, continuing serial update and a cartoon.   Our heroes included Roy Rogers, Tom Mix, Gene Autry, Flash Gordon, John Wayne, Jimmie Stewart and a host of others that have become muddled with trivia in my otherwise excellent memory. The difference between the movies then and the Obama administration today is that when the movie ended, no matter how bad the story or outcome was, no one was affected or hurt by what we had just witnessed. The same cannot be said with regard to the Obama administration or the 111th Congress. Their actions affect 330 million Americans and countless others around the world.

Today America has elected a neophyte to the office of the President of the United States who is unqualified by any measure to hold that office.  This is not Obama’s fault but that of the American people. His claim to fame is that he was a community organizer, Constitutional scholar and professor, lawyer and state and federal legislator.  His list of achievements might fill the insert of a fortune cookie.  His political agenda and ideology is that of a statist, secular socialist progressive, advancing his agenda through the 111th Congress, itself a “secular socialist machine. “

As for a cast of characters what writer could conceive of a group the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Janet Napolitano, and Eric Holder and let’s not forget Joe Biden. Every episode follows the same plot and story line.  A new crisis threatens the very existence of our country and its institutions. If the Federal government does not act immediately we will all perish or at least fall victim to some unseen ruthless enemy of the people. The enemy is identified as greedy masters of finance or industry bent on enslaving the people and taking all their wealth through unregulated practices. These forces are vilified and ridiculed in the name of “social justice” and deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law if one exists. If not, Congress and the President will create a new law or at least issue an executive order to save the day. Obama rides in on his white horse and proclaims that he will not tolerate anyone breaking the law and will bring the full force and extent of the Federal government to bear upon the perpetrators.  The same scenario is played over and over again and can plainly be seen in his push to regulate Wall Street, the Insurance Industry, the Auto Industry, the Health Care Industry, the Energy Industry, stimulating the economy and coming to your local state soon is Immigration Reform.

The American people are growing weary of the plot and certainly don’t approve of the unhappy ending to each of the Obama initiatives such as 10% sustained unemployment, uncontrolled government spending, government takeover of our private sector businesses ,the eventual demise of free market driven health care and a deficit being passed on to generations of yet unborn Americans. The only growth seen to date is the growth of government which produces nothing but sucks the life out of our free enterprise system.

Even the writers in Hollywood got the message when audiences didn’t like the plot or the ending of a particular picture and would rewrite the script. Usually the ending was one where the hero or the authorities did the right thing to defend the citizens and kept them safe from harm. Leaders made the correct decisions and didn’t have to weigh the political ramifications of their actions but instinctively knew what course to take in solving a particular situation. The Obama administration suffers from paralysis from analysis when it comes to upholding their responsibility with regard to National Security, Foreign Policy, protecting the environment and illegal immigration. I fear to think how they would respond to another major attack on the country by a foreign enemy or radical terrorist group. Real leadership in times of peril calls for swift action and not convening study groups or commissions to delve into the academic facets of a particular situation.

This administration has failed three times to detect terrorist actions against our citizens yet arrogantly contends that our security organization and systems have worked. They have repeatedly set deadlines for actions against Iran for becoming a nuclear nation only to see the deadline come and go without any action whatsoever to curb their acquiring nuclear weapons. They take umbrage with the actions of our most trusted allies in the Middle East and attempt to dictate policy to Israel. What is astonishing to me is the fact that they continue to pursue governing against the will of the American people. I would have believed that this could only have happened in a Hollywood script if I were not witnessing it with my own eyes. If George Orwell were to see what is happening he would think Obama was using his novel “1984” as his master plan for centralized bureaucracy which ultimately becomes a dictatorship with all power residing in “Big Brother.”Let us hope for the sake of our nation that the final chapter and reel for this movie will have an ending that preserves this republic.

At a recent conservative meeting I attended where Newt Gingrich spoke,  he commented on the message of truth used by the Polish people to oust the Communist government in the 1970’s. They placed signs reading 2+2=4 in all the shop windows knowing that the Communist authorities could not find anything subversive about the government in this simple statement of “truth.”

No matter how the Obama administration and the 111th Congress attempts to justify their agenda using the CBO numbers, 2+2 still equals 4, and don’t be convinced otherwise.  “The truth will set us free!”

Don’t Let Obama’s Henchmen Goad You Into Disrespectful Language or Violence

by Jayne D. Frank

This year’s mid-term Congressional election and the coming 2012 presidential election should be of vital importance in the minds and actions of every American. The majority of Americans, young and old, know by now that this President and his lackeys have made substantial mistakes in the course this country is taking, particularly with excessive government spending, targeted redistribution of wealth, healthcare, government takeover of private industry, and more.  Lately, all Americans should be afraid and concerned that this Administration is comprising the national security of America by eliminating many of our defensive military weapons; they are also putting their heads in the sand when it comes to what Iran is doing not only as an imminent nuclear threat, but Iran is undermining and supplying expertise and military capability to certain Iraqi and Afghanistan American opposition groups.

Americans must continue to speak out boldly and truthfully in rallies, town halls, editorial and blog articles, and in communication with our Representatives and the media  – wherever and whenever we can get the truth out!  We must also continue to educate and re-educate ourselves as to the path history has taken to prove that Obama’s policies will destroy this Republic for ourselves and for generations to come.

It is obvious that President Obama and the “money” people surrounding him are feeling this pressure that we have exerted as Americans by speaking out.  We have received more and more press coverage (tea party, 912, Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Works, Resistnet and all the other conservative patriot groups).  As a result, you have seen in the past few weeks that the President and the people surrounding him have stepped up their attacks against Americans (think about that for a minute!). They have started a campaign to tear us down and are doing this by comparing a few fringe comments, signs, and outbursts to the whole of the American Protest group and insinuating that we were all racist, bigoted and hate the poor.  They hope by doing so, that Americans will feel intimidated and “guilty” about continuing to exercise their Freedom of Speech.

People, don’t be fooled; you have seen how nasty President Obama’s rhetoric and body language can get when criticized and this won’t end anytime soon because his fundamental transformation of America is on the line.  The 2010 election year agenda for the Administration (and again the “money” groups surrounding the President) will be to totally discredit any voice of opposition and to focus on those ingrates such as Timothy McVeigh, that would stoop so low as to hurt another human being and try to paint them as the face of the Tea Party and other groups.

I urge all Americans when doing your duty this year to get true conservative members of Congress elected and to protest policies and legislation coming down the pike from Washington, that you absolutely stop and think before painting your hand-made signs and make that a “group” education item.  The Washington Agenda and passed legislation is going to have many more detrimental effects this year and in the coming few years.

Young single Americans, working families, the wealthy in America who provide jobs for those people, are all going to be taxed substantially.  We also will see another slew of foreclosures and delinquencies as rules change and Americans struggle with meeting their financial obligations in the face of rising costs and taxes.  It is probable that interest rates will increase as well, further burdening the public because of this Administration’s policies.  We are angry and we will not let our Republic be torn apart, but it is incumbant on all of us, working through this, to be what we are; respectful in our discourse, not belligerent or abusive in our actions, and most of  all, cognizant of what could happen to our ability to Preserve our Republic if we allow fringe elements, both left and right to determine our destiny.  Remember, “We the People” have the power and THEY work for us!

A Website for every Patriotic American!

By: Richard H. Frank

On occasion I run across a web page that contains information of which every Constitutional Conservative should be made aware.”Old Blue Jackets” is such a site and  may be found at The site features short movies or videos that embody the essence of our Nation and the principles and values that most Americans support. I urge all of you that follow the Libertyssong Blog to take a few minutes and view the excellent presentations available to remind and educate us on the history that made this the greatest nation on earth. Three movies of particular interest include:

  • America Wake up.
  • The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.
  • May we never forget.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, and in this case tell our story better than any blog ever could.