The Poison Pill within Obamacare

by Richard H. Frank

To quote the words of Nancy Pelosi “We will have to pass the Bill to find out what’s in it.”  The more we learn the more sinister and onerous the truth about the “Affordable Health Care Act” becomes.

Unfortunately, political double speak and the noise created by debating the minutia throughout this monstrous document, tend to hide the basic unconstitutional premise upon which the law is founded.  The Government cannot force individuals to purchase something they do not want.  Moreover, the latest mandate placed upon private insurance providers to pay for contraceptive and abortion services they do not cover is a direct infringement upon the freedom of every American.

If Government can mandate contraceptive and abortion services where will it all end?  Remember, what Government gives, Government can also take away as Thomas Jefferson warned.  Under any form of socialized medicine, or Obamacare, the bureaucracy decides what treatment and for whom a treatment will be provided.

In answer to a question as to “If a woman’s 80-year-old mother could receive a life-saving procedure under Obamacare,” President Obama answered that in some instances taking a pill might be the appropriate treatment.  Bureaucrats making decisions about medical treatment is just one step closer to euthanasia for the elderly and infirmed. Just what pill might they think is appropriate?

What we have already learned about Obamacare is that a premium is placed on the life of those considered “contributors.”  Individuals between 20 and 55 years of age will take preference in receiving scarce or costly procedures over the unborn, the very young and the elderly.

The moral compass of many in our state legislatures and Congress has been lost.  The value placed on human life has been diminished to a point where “The Great American Holocaust” has taken 10 times the number of lives through abortion than  did the Nazi’s attempt at genocide against the Jews during WWII.

What has this great nation become when Government defines “rights” that favor political ideology over those unalienable rights bestowed upon every human being by our Creator.

I fear for this nation should we continue along a path that places economic value upon life and diminishes and excludes the very mention of God in the public arena.

America’s Constitution in Tatters!

by Richard H. Frank

Over the past three years America has witnessed Barack Obama’s unrelenting assault upon our Constitution.  His campaign promise “to fundamentally change America” can only succeed if the limitations on the power of the Federal Government (Article II, Section 8) are obliterated.  He and his Administration have used every parliamentary, judicial and executive fiat to circumvent the Constitution.

Obamacare, if upheld by the Supreme Court, will embolden his majesty to usurp even more power to the Executive Branch of Government and further his agenda to transform this nation into a European Socialist society dependent on government for survival.

His latest attempt to subvert the First amendment by forcing Catholic and other religious organizations to provide “birth control”” and “abortion services” to their employees is a direct assault upon the religious freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution.

Fearing a backlash from Catholics in the November 2012 election he has retrenched and altered his position where  religious institutions that refuse to provide these services will be exempted; however, their insurance providers will be compelled to pay for the service wherever supplied.

Since when can Government compel a private company to pay for a service they otherwise would not provide?  Isn’t this no different than the  Government mandate to purchase health insurance or be subject to a fine?

Should these edicts not be challenged and left to stand just where will the money come from to pay for these services that private insurers are compelled to cover?  The  answer is simple.  We will all pay for them in the form of increased premiums to cover contraceptive services provided to others.

Sooner or later, the private insurance industry will be destroyed and employers will discontinue coverage forcing everyone into a government single-payor system which was Obama’s stated goal.

So what’s next on Obama’s agenda?  How about extorting $25 billion from the largest mortgage banks under the guise of helping persons unfairly foreclosed upon and/or subject to unfair lending practices.

Extortion has become a major weapon in Obama’s arsenal for waging war against the private sector economy and in particular the financial industry.  $20 billion from BP associated with the Deepwater Horizon  disaster now followed by $25 billion from the banks with no explicit plan on how these funds are to be administered.  The housing crisis shows no sign of recovery and Obama’s prior three programs to assist in home loan modifications have been total failures.

Also, don’t think for a minute the banks will not increase fees on the rest of us to recover the $25 billion.

The housing crisis was caused by Government and rest assured Obama will take credit for rescuing thousands from foreclosure during the coming campaign.  He will certainly leave out that ultimately these costs will be borne by all of us.

Obamacare, taking over the auto industry, appointing Czars having no accountability or congressional oversight and using executive fiat to circumvent Congress are all actions taken with the sole purpose of trampling the Constitution.  His failure to pass Cap and Trade through legitimate legislative means has resulted in the imposition by Government agencies of rules and regulations aimed at suppressing exploration of America’s natural resources, namely:  oil, coal, and natural gas.

A President that has declared war on several states, insulted religion in particular Christianity and is anti-free enterprise, has laid the foundation to eliminate the 10th Amendment thereby clearing the path to domination by the Federal Government.

Those of us that believe in our  “Declaration of Independence” and “Constitution” must work to defeat Barack Obama in 2012 and return this nation to the principles upon which it was originally founded!