The Arrogance of the Political Elites!

by Richard H. Frank

Over the past three weeks, my wife and I have, like many Americans, watched the trial of Casey Anthony being conducted in Orlando, Florida.  The Prosecution’s case is large circumstantial and wholly dependant upon the testimony of various forensic experts in the fields of anthropology and pathology, among others.  Needless to say, the opinions expressed by the prosecution’s experts is vehemently disputed by experts engaged by the defense to poke holes in the testimony presented.

Listening to the credentials of these experts and the vast experience they are purported to possess in their particular field of expertise, one cannot help but be impressed with the list of degrees, awards and publications.  In some instances, it takes up to 30 minutes to list these credentials in an attempt to solidify their position as an expert witness.  If you listen carefully it becomes apparent that they are all members of the same organizations, fraternities and in many instances are students of each other.  They are all cut from the same cloth, characterized by being academicians highly educated in the field of expertise, with practical experience that spans practically every conceivable set of circumstances.  They almost always agree upon the basic principles of the science they are experts in, but differ in the conclusions drawn from applying the principles of that science.

The characteristic they all share in common is a stubborn arrogance that they are right in their conclusions and that no other opinion but theirs is worth consideration.

Watching these proceedings, it struck me that the parallels between these men of science and our political leaders is striking.  I am certain that when these experts chose their field of endeavor they only sought to seek the truth and through their efforts improve the knowledge of mankind.  Most persons seeking political office enter the pursuit with some lofty goal to perpetuate the goal of our Founders “to create a more perfect union.”

Somewhere along the way,  however, these individuals seem to be corrupted by the political process and power itself and become dogmatic in the pursuit of political ideology as opposed to representation of the constituents that elected them to office.  This corruption is not reserved for any one particular party but is a disease that infects men and women of all political persuasions.

After a time in office the avocation to serve transitions to a vocation and well-intentioned people go through methamorphesis to become professional politicians, a situation which our Founders warned against from the very beginning of our Representative Republic.

Over time, these professional politicians, much like the expert witnesses, become intrenched in ideology to the point that they no longer listen to their constituents and govern for what is best for their party or themselves and not what is best for the nation.  Consequently, we see the corruption influences of special interests result in diminishing the free enterprise system in America, over regulation and the creation of an entitlement mentality among our citizenry.

What’s more, these elite professional political exempt themselves from many of the laws and regulations they impose on the rest of us.  The result is the moral decay of these individuals and the office they hold.  The evidence of the disdain with which they regard the American citizen is apparent in legislation they pass over the objections of those that have elected them to office.  They defend such actions by arrogantly stating they know better than the average American inferring that they possess a level of intelligence that  places them above the rest of us, much like the testimony of the famous Dr. Spitz on the stand yesterday at the Casey Anthony trial.

Eventually, this arrogance of political leaders finds its way into morality and in many instances walks the narrow line to legal corruption that places the very security of our nation in jeopardy.  This phenomenon is not new but goes back in time and touches members of both political parties alike.  Consider Gary Hart, Spiro Agnew, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, Charles Rangel, Maxine Waters, Elliott Spitzer, John Edwards and most recently Anthony Weiner; all that have been involved in the cycle of corruption just to name a few.

In every case these professional politicians vehemently contend they did nothing wrong and are just victims themselves.  Reality tells a different story and should reinforce the warning against professional politicians from our Founding Fathers.

Today, the Obama Administration is composed of personnel akin to the expert witnesses testifying in the Casey Anthony trial.  they are credentialed with academic degrees and considered authorities in their field of expertise.  What they do not possess, however, is any practical experience in running anything and therefore approach governance like a laboratory experiment or a case study in some obscure text-book.

While this Administration experiments with academic theory they ignore the evidence of reality that their theories are failures.  Their incessant urge to regulate and control everything from what we eat, what we buy, where we work and  how we choose to live is destroying the nation.

To quote Judge Belvin Perry overseeing this Casey Anthony trial “This is  not a game…” the business of conducting a trial is deadly serious as is the business of government in America.

The outcome of a trial affects the well-being of a few whereas the outcome of governing our nation affects 300 million individuals.

the Obama Administration has arrogantly pushed their liberal socialist agenda for 2-1/2 years and clings to their failed ideology much the same as the President claimed his opponents cling to their guns and religion.

Without a Constitutional Amendment imposing term limits upon Congress, the only means to achieve change and rid Washington of professional politicians is for every eligible citizen to exercise his right and duty at the ballot box in 2012.  It is time to clean house and drain the Congressional Swamp of the likes of John McCain, Harry Reid, Lindsey Graham, Orin Hatch, Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Rangel, John Kerry, Barney Frank and all the other “bitter clingers” that are part of the professional political elite club in Washington.