Don’t Exploit the Giffords Tragedy!

by Jayne Frank

Having had a sister with brain trauma, I spent yesterday in prayer and agony thinking of the pain that is now being felt by the families of Congresswoman Giffords and the others who either died or are hospitalized in Arizona.  That pain and the long  journey towards recuperation is something that cannot be known by many Americans.

Within hours of this massacre by a deranged young man, we had the Sheriff’s office saying that it is the result of the vitriol in America and especially in Arizona.  The news media outlets and journalists are burning up their pens and computers at this very moment on stories indicating that Sarah Palin, the Tea Party movement and “angry” Americans are to blame and should be investigated and stopped before this becomes a regular occurrence.

This was nothing more than a derelict act of a bored, manipulated, mentally unstable young man, who was in fact obviously angry, but blame must lay squarely where it belongs.  This is a country with massive unemployment, and many of those people have been unemployed for years and some will not find steady employment again.What happens to idle hands and minds that have nothing to do each day but think and spend time on social networks?  This is a country where our borders are so porous, allowing millions of illegals and drug/weapons smugglers to come across our southern borders every year and where people are reading every day of dozens of beheadings just across our border.   This is also a country where our freedoms are being assaulted every day by our own government where many people feel afraid for their futures.

So, rather than blame this event on Sarah Palin, who doesn’t have a violent bone in her body, or on the Tea Party Movement, I ask for positive action from our Government to help solve this problem.  The old saying about “idle hands and idle minds” is never more true than it is today.   Get people back to work and give young people the incentives and encouragement to finish their higher educations to be able to think positively about their futures. Take the shackles off Corporations in this country so that they will start hiring again.  And most importantly, you can quell some of the anger in Arizona by securing our borders and stop pitting one group of people in Arizona against each other.    This morning, I awoke not to thoughts and prayers for the Arizona victims of yesterday’s violence, but to headlines that our President is considering internet ID directives in the name of “password ease” for all Americans, and now his resolve will only be heightened by what happened yesterday and any such action will punish all Americans for the actions of just one.

As a final thought, even though this young man was 22, he was in his parent’s home.  What happened to personal responsibility of them for allowing this young man to become so mentally disturbed?  It was reported that there was a shrine in the back yard with a skull on it made by Jared Lee; there were dream journals, he had a history of pot use, there were letters, envelopes and other evidence found in his room, and of course, he bought the gun in November.  The father indicated, according to news sources, that he didn’t know what to do with him because he was “out of control.”  The father evidently knew about how troubled and more violent his  son was becoming.  Even though an adult, those parents had some options and rights available to them:  1) go through his room for evidence of something wrong, 2) call the authorities, 3) get him help, or 4) throw him out of their home.  They did none of these and now 6 people are dead, a couple dozen injured, and many other lives in their communities are changed forever.   For those of you that say they couldn’t invade his “privacy,” you are sadly mistaken and obviously part of our country’s problem.  He lived in their home.  Responsibility has to be also shared by these parents.

I hope people give some “real” thought to why this young man did what he did yesterday.

H.R. 6080: The Truth, The Lie and The Shame!

by Jayne D. Frank

Upon reading the full text of H.R. 6080 which was signed into law quickly by President Obama, which allocates emergency funds for FY2010 for border security, what they don’t tell you is quite obvious:

The Truth:   The bill appropriates the money for emergency use in FY2010 (ending in October) to use for border security, but there is no commitment nor any obligation to use those funds.  The bill was passed obviously to appease the growing outrage from American citizens and particularly Arizona about their security but it has no real “meat” in the legislation to force Obama to do anything.

What happens at the end of FY2010 and the monies have not been used, especially the more than $193 million that are allocated to Eric Holder’s Department?  Is this another forced taxpayer slush fund, not to be used as appropriated, but at the discretion of the Federal Government?

Who will account for where the money is going – an independent third party in whom we may place our trust or another government website, with words parsed, facts hidden, and propaganda inserted about the bill’s success?

The Lie: The lie, unfortunately, is always the same.  President Obama telling the American people that he is spending $600,000 on border security and sending thousands of border agents and expanded technology to the border.

The Shame: The shame is that this is all pretense and that the Obama Administration has no intention of using the money allocated in this bill unless and  until there is an emergency.  If that emergency is the execution of one of our border sheriffs or Joe Arpaio in Arizona, no amount of money thrown at the situation by this Administration will quell the outrage and outcry from the American people.

Go to YouTube or and see the latest video from Patriot Network about the Arizona border security and the Cartel’s order of execution for any of our American citizens and law enforcement trying to prevent the Cartel drug shipments from coming into the United  States.  The video says it all. is also Sheriff Babeu’s website in which he daily brings you the truth about the security on our border.

What will it take America for us to see that drug cartels, illegal immigrants and terrorists do not further infiltrate our borders?

Obama’s Agenda for “The Dream Act” Not for Real Comprehensive Immigration Reform

by Richard H. Frank

President Obama’s address to American University today on immigration reform was pathetic and represented more campaign mode and demonizing past administrations, the Republicans in Congress and unscrupulous business practices for the existing situation.

Typical of his approach to advancing his agenda, he invoked the stories of immigrants in the military and private sectors to show the great contributions made to America.  He failed to mention that these individuals chose to follow the law and were legal aliens as they pursued their citizenship.

He claims the system is broken and largely due to politics that holds reform hostage with the price of moving forward securing the border.  With regard to the Arizona law, he contends it is not only ill-conceived but divisive and ultimately unenforcable.  The Arizona law mirrors Federal law and therefore, he admits he cannot (or more appropriately doesn’t want to) enforce the  Federal law which is his obligation under the Constitution to enforce.

He proceeded to create the strawman argument of “mass deportation” to deflect attention from his Administration’s responsibility and accountability to do its job and secure the borders.  No one is advocating mass deportation as the solution to the 22.9 million illegals according to and not the 11 million stated by Obama.  Likewise the states considering legislation on their own use the Federal statute as the “one clear national standard” (to quote Obama) that needs to be implemented and enforced.

Let us examine the facts according to the above website, not remotely addressed by the President during his speech:

  • Since 1996 illegal immigrants in the country total 22.9 million – not 11 million
  • Illegals other than Mexico total 582,995 or only a small percentage
  • The economic impact upon America through money sent to Latin America since 1996 is $283 billion
  • Cost of Social Security services since 1996 is $397.5 billion
  • Illegal children in public schools total 5.1 million
  • Cost for illegal education K thru 12 since 1996 is $169.8 billion
  • Illegals incarcerated total 425,348
  • There are 745,895 illegal fugitives
  • Cost for incarceraion since 2008 is $26.1 billion
  • Anchor babies since 2002 total 5 million and
  • Skilled jobs occupied by illegals are 11.9 milion

These statistics are stagering and to listen to Obama say “we cannot afford to secure our borders” is ludicrous considering we have expended $909.6 billion dollars of treasure since 1996 on 22.9 million illegal immigrants.  That amounts to $39.7 million per illegal immigrant that could have gone to enforcement of our existing laws and securing our borders.

President Obama said politics is not the issue but the the law is the issue.  Then we should enforce the existing Federal law and  not divert the public’s attention through enacting “The Dream Act” in order to gain votes from the hispanic voting block through a massive move towards amnesty.

Should Congress move toward comprehensive immigration reform, it will create a new wave of illegal immigration pending any anticipated move to award amnesty without securing the border prior to any new law going into effect.  This will only compound the problem and increase costs without securing the border.  We cannot afford as a nation for our Federal Government and President Obama to refuse to meet their legal  and Constitutional obligations to enforce existing law and to secure our borders. Instead the President and the Administration are content to waste time pursuing legal action against Arizona for the Federal Government’s own failures.

The Real Tragedy that is “Assaulting our Shores (Borders) and our Citizens”

by Jayne D. Frank

I need not dwell at all about President Obama’s speech last night because it, frankly, was a pathetic show of bravado by an inexperienced President lacking in the leadership to do anything to get the oil spill contained, cleaned up and the hole plugged for good.

What is crucial right now, TODAY, is what is happening on America’s southern borders that is truly an “assault on our citizens.”

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has now closed large portion of Southern Arizona in and around the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge and all along the southern side of I-8 between Casa Grande and Gila Bend. This is 80 miles north of the Mexican border and it is now off-limits to American citizens!!   This Refuge contains over 3500 acres, and Fish & Wildlife has closed this off, posted signs all over Pinal and other counties, that people may no longer be permitted in this area because of assaults on law enforcement officers, immigrants,  and landowners. Thousands of acres of beautiful Sonoran Desert closed INDEFINITELY to Americans because the drug cartel violence is spreading rapidly into our country.

What is it going to take for President Obama and Congress to enforce the laws on our books and secure the borders?  They must stop giving away America’s precious lands to Mexico.    All this Administration knows how to do is bash anyone who criticizes them, blames the brave Arizona Governor for standing on principle and insisting that the borders be secured.  They throw something against the wall hoping it will stick for now; i.e., a few hundred agents to be sent to help along the border; a useless, wasteful and disgraceful action for a President. You could even take half of the thousands of National Guard that are walking along the Gulf beaches picking up gobs of oil with a child’s fishing net and redirect them to the borders.  Read for the rest of the story that the media is not covering.

We need all Americans to press Congress and Obama to secure our borders now and take back the land that Mexico has now claimed by our abandonment.  This insidious disease that is  spreading in Arizona will soon infect of all of border states and ultimately our way of life.  Many will make the point that we don’t have the money or the resources to take care of the border problem, especially while the gulf oil spill should be a priority.   Allowing our borders not to be secured is costing this country billions each year and the Government is the only segment of our economy that is growing so they do have the resources to do their jobs.  Demand it now!

Immigration Law and the Constitution

by Richard H. Frank

The debate continues to rage at both ends of the political spectrum concerning Arizona’s strict enforcement of immigration law.  The debate centers around any state possessing authority under the U.S. Constitution to pass a law which essentially enforces a Federal statute.

It is undisputed that under Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, Congress is charged with and responsible “to establish uniform rules of naturalization.”  This enumeration was necessary to avoid the “several states” from enacting different laws affecting immigration and thus a uniform standard was and is necessary for the nation.  However, Article I, Section 8 makes no reference of responsibility for enforcement of those uniform rules.

Constitutional scholars contend that enforcement of uniform immigration rules is covered under Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution which in part holds the Federal Government responsible to protect the states …”against invasion and domestic violence” upon application of the Legislature (Congress) or the Executive (President) when the Legislature cannot be convened.

Some political and Constitutional scholars interpret these sections of the Constitution as placing the responsibility for making the law and enforcing that law, on the Federal Government.

If this is in fact true, what happens when Congress and the President (the Federal Government) fails to act to enforce their own law when illegal aliens continue to break that law?

Arizona has decided to put the Federal Government to the test with regard to upholding its Constitutional duty by passing a state law which “mirrors Federal law” and assuming Arizona’s right of self-protection under provisions of the 10th Amendment to the Constitution.

Thus, the battle lines have been drawn!

Arizona claims injury from the Federal Government’s failure to protect their border with Mexico from illegal entry.

The Federal Government claims Arizona’s law is unconstitutional and makes the argument that the “Supremacy Clause,” Article VI, Section 2 of the Constitution holds Federal Law as the “supreme law of the land” over any state law to the contrary.  This argument fails in light of the fact that Arizona’s law says nothing contrary to the Federal statute, but places enforcement of that law in the province of local and state agencies in support of the INS and Homeland Security.  The Federal Government is faced with a dilemma caused by their own abdication of responsibility.  Arizona is not attempting to preempt the Federal Law, only to enforce it.

Past Congresses and Presidents all have egg on their faces and the political posturing and blustering begins anew as opposed to enforcing the existing law.

All the talk of Comprehensive Immigration Reform is meaningless unless we have the courage to enforce existing law and take control of our borders.  The cry for amnesty and charges of racism amount to nothing more than political posturing and noise created to pander to the minority vote or some other special interest group.

Even though our elected Representatives don’t get it, the People do understand the real solution to “illegal immigration,” and that is secure our borders and enforce the law!  We don’t need comprehensive immigration reform….just enforcement of our current laws.

Maybe it will take Texas, New Mexico and California to join Arizona in passing similar laws to wake up our massive Federal agencies and bureaucracies to do their jobs.  If not, the states will just have to resort to the next level of their power under our Constitution, and change those in the Federal Government.

No threat, just a promise from American citizens tired of Big Government trampling the Constitution!

Arizona’s Success on Immigration Law is Federal Government’s Failure

by Richard H. Frank

The recent Arizona State Immigration Legislation (S.B. 1070), signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer, is the boldest example of a state exercising its sovereignty when the Federal Government has failed in its responsibility to uphold existing law.  There is no question that under the Constitution, our Federal Government is responsible for enforcement of immigration law.  As is the case with many Federal agencies, the INS seems to be selective at discharging its responsibility under the Constitution.  It would appear that many laws are only enforced when it is politically advantageous to the party in power.

The inclination “to do nothing” seems to have had bi-partisan support over the past 40 years as the only solution put forth by Congress has been to grant amnesty to illegal aliens and continue to ignore the laws enacted by Congress itself.

President Obama has labeled the bold action by Arizona Governor Brewer as irresponsible in one breath and in the next admits to the failure on the part of the Federal Government.  Instead of taking action to bolster support for enforcement of existing immigration law, he holds steadfast to his pledge “to fundamentally change America.”  Part of his agenda for change is amnesty for the estimated twelve million illegals or should I saw “undocumented aliens” in American today.

The President and many in Congress continue to play the race card instead of taking action to close our borders.  Racial profiling is the cry heard against the Arizona law.  The new Arizona state law has nothing to do with racial profiling but is aimed at enforcement of existing Federal law, something current and past Administrations shunned as if it carries the political plague.

Recently Arizona Senators John McCain and John Kyl called for National Guard Troops to be placed along the State border with Mexico as part of a 10-point plan to curb illegal immigration into the State.  Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, will announce “in the near future” whether or not she will send troops to help secure the border.  Don’t hold your breath waiting if her decision takes anywhere near as long as Obama’s took to add troops to Afghanistan.  Ironically, the Federal Government announced the hiring of 16,000 IRS agents to go after people who won’t pay for their health insurance under Obama’s new healthcare bill, but they cannot get troops or hire people to secure the borders.

McCain and Kyl are putting the Federal Government to the test by asserting that Guard Troops should remain along the border until the “State” certifies that the “Federal Government” has achieved control of the border.  If the remaining border states took similar action, then just maybe, the Federal authorities will get off of their political derrieres and live up to their pledge to support and defend our Constitution and the laws they are sworn to enforce.

Amnesty for illegals is not a solution but only encourages future law breakers from entering the country illegally.  I think deportation of a few million illegals along with prosecution of employers that hire them will go a lot further in solving the problem than any politician will admit to.

When the Federal Government abdicates its duty to protect our borders the States must act and take control of their destiny.  The Federal bureaucracy has imposed itself on the States for decades.  It is now time for the States to demand that the Federal Government fulfill their Constitutional duty or get out of the way and allow the individual States to enforce Federal law.

Update:  I was informed by one of our readers that the old Ron Paul statement that there will be 16,000 IRS to go after taxpayers who do not have insurance, is in fact, incorrect.  I did recheck and that reader is correct.  However, the IRS Commissioner on March 25, before a House Ways and Means Committee did say that the IRS will be getting a form (similar to 1099) from Health and Human Services indicating that a taxpayer IS in compliance and “has acceptable health coverage.”  He also indicated that the IRS is still figuring out the resources it will need “to implement the tax (penalty) provisions” in the health care legislation.  Every American knows the Government doesn’t do anything small.  Putting these two statements together by the IRS Commissioner, it is entirely possible and likely that we will have more than 16,000 agents keeping tabs on us; it’s really just semantics.