Obama’s 2008 Election – The Greatest Con Ever Perpetrated Upon America!

by Richard H. Frank

I tried to remember the last time when, at the conclusion of a movie, the audience stood and applauded.  My wife and I experienced this phenomenon Friday, August 31, 2012 following a showing of “2016 – Obama’s America.”

Pundits from both political parties have attempted to explain the genius of Obama’s ideology predicated on the experiences observed over the relatively short history of the United States of America starting with the mid-1700s.  Unfortunately for those pundits and historians, their views are predicated upon the values and principles held sacred by our Founding Fathers such as Adams, Washington, Madison and Jefferson, all of whom believed in natural rights stemming from a Divine Creator and not some monarch or Government body.  The individual held the power over Government and the duty to replace any governing body that abused their power and usurped the natural rights bestowed upon our nation by the Creator.

Americans assumed that Barack Obama’s ideology had its roots firmly entrenched in the beliefs of our Founders.  His actions, since being elected President, have shown this assumption to be wrong and has led to charges of his being a Socialist or a Marxist by those individuals that oppose his ideology and agenda.

For the truth to be revealed, it required someone from outside the traditional “American experience” to delve into Barack Obama’s upbringing and determine where the seeds were sown that brought forth the fruit for his anti-American values and principles to flourish.

Dinesh D’Souza, author of “The Roots of Obama’s Rage,” was the individual with life experience being born and raised in post-colonial India to undertake the investigation into the reality of  Barack Hussein Obama.

D’Souza, through his in-depth investigation uncovers the myth instilled in young Obama by his mother as to who his absent father was.  Those myths eventually resulted in Obama creating a portrait of an imaginary man who he relates in his book “Dream’s From My Father.”  According to D’Souza, Obama only met his father once as a young boy but was indoctrinated with anti-colonialism by people around him while he was growing up as well as by associates of his then deceased father.

Once the seeds of discontent were planted young Obama learned how to cultivate his agenda and gain support of others by appearing non-combative and manipulating individuals using his personal appeal.  He possessed all the skills and cunning of a professional con man and with the willing help of his Mentors, Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Robert Unger and Reverend Jerimiah Wright, he was groomed to become the first successful black candidate to receive the Democrat nomination for the Presidency of the United States of America.

This black man, having no experience or credentials to support his candidacy, proceeded to perpetrate the greatest con job on the American people in the Country’s history.  His rhetoric of Hope and Change, lacking any specifics, mesmerized the public into wanting to vote for the “first black President” raising him to the status of a “Messiah.”

Three and one-half years later we see what we got.  A nation divided, a nation in jeopardy of financial collapse, a nation on the road to becoming nothing more than a third-rate country among countless others, all of which follows the now understood teachings that this young man received or imagined growing up.

Regular followers of Libertyssong Blog know that I attempt to be selective regarding the subject matter included in our postings.  the premise for this blog is to feature the viewpoint of “Constitutional Conservatives.”  Having seen “2016-Obama’s America,” I must conclude that Barack Obama possesses a delusional vision of what America will and should become under his leadership directly contrary to the very values and principles embodied within our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  He views America as a colonialist power bent on enslaving the poor nations of the world and raping them of their natural resources for the greed and prosperity of the United States.

His mission, as those anti-colonialists before him, is to bring down this Country and redistribute our wealth and resources in the name of “fairness” or in his warped vision “Dreams From My Father.”

I urge every American, young or old, regardless of your political affiliation, race or creed, to gain an understanding of the peril our nation faces under the ideology and twisted view of our Country held by Barack Obama.

Notwithstanding the makeup of Congress or the Supreme Court, the balance of power within the three branches of Government will be forever altered should Barack Obama be elected to a second term as President this coming November.

May God Bless and protect this Nation from his stated pursuit to “fundamentally change America.”