African Americans’ Real Enemy is this Administration

by Jayne Frank

Having sat through the entire Zimmerman trial with an open mind, my husband and I were not surprised at the verdict.  In a court of law, the jurors were charged with applying the law and that is what they did.  My personal feelings are that there are no winners in this because a young man’s life is gone and George Zimmerman will constantly be looking over his shoulder to protect his.  In the aftermath of the trial, the only people who will be able to heal are those like Trayvon’s mother who tweeted her plea to God to heal her soul; all of America connects with her and grieves with her.

Instead of moving forward though, the Obama Administration’s Justice Department and some Democrats like Al Sharpton, are bound and determined to take this country back into the 50’s.  Al Sharpton is calling for protests to take place on July 20 in 100 cities under the guise of honoring Trayvon and Eric Holder is said to be actually considering bringing a civil rights action against George Zimmerman.  Don’t forget where all of this started – in the Oval Office when President Obama said his son “would have looked like Trayvon” and then sent dozens of government people down to Orlando to put pressure on the prosecutors, the police department, the mayor’s office, the Governor’s office and the 4th Circuit Prosecutor’s office, all at taxpayers expense.  To insert himself in these proceedings so early on is a clear sign that he wasn’t the least bit interested in justice but in stirring up hostile feelings toward George Zimmerman.   Mr. Obama also was not interested in whether his actions resulted in protests.  Why?  The answer is chilling but very transparent.

The highest unemployment rate in this Country is among young African-Americans; our urban cities are decaying because of Obama’s anti-business policies.  And worst of all, the greatest oppression I have seen in my lifetime of blacks may be the huge monetary entitlements that this Administration is handing out to predominantly blacks.  These programs are helping to keep an entire class of people oppressed and dependent on the Government.  As a result, they have no jobs, no meaningful chance of moving upward economically, no dignity, and I imagine that this huge pool of unemployed African-Americans in this country is just ripe for protesting solely because of Barack Obama’s policies.

The Obama Administration knows full well how he has failed this country and his race.  And they know full well of the unrest in this country from all races  who are tired of this economy not recovering, so what does he do?  He distracts once again just like he did when they bungled the Benghazi crisis.  They are now propping up nationwide protests under the guise of honoring Trayvon Martin and it is a perfect scenario for him.  That way when the streets are full, he can say it was for reasons of dissatisfaction with the Zimmerman verdict and not because of his failings as a President and leader.

All of his friends like Eric Holder and Al Sharpton are eager to go along in this and I hope the huge number of African-Americans in this country who can see through what Obama is planning, will calm their communities and call for the President to put an end to any intervention in the results of the Trayvon Martin case.  I also hope that the FBI, who has already said that this case was not racial, will hold their President’s feet to the fire and stop this insanity.  Our country is made up of many different nationalities and races, but we are all one, and it is only as a united “one” that we will be able to turn around this Country to make it more prosperous, safe and admirable.

African-Americans for Obama – Really!

by Jayne D. Frank

Our Divider-in-Chief yesterday announced the creation of a new group and a website devoted specifically and only to African-Americans.  Once again, President Obama plays the class warfare and race card and is continuing to pursue his divisive, social-justice agenda.  We are not African-Americans, Slovak-Americans, Italian Americans – we are all just Americans.  Our ancestors came here by the thousands in the late 1800s for one purpose – to enjoy the liberty that only America offered and to enable them to work hard and eventually prosper.  We worked together hand in hand through the depression, through World Wars, and economic good and bad times, all for the ultimate goal of keeping America strong and keeping food on the table for our families.

If I were an African-American, I would be SO offended by a President continually oppressing my race by making speeches to me that I have no hope as a Black in America of ever getting ahead on my own and only with dependence on Big Government’s handouts such as welfare, unemployment, food stamps or other “cash for being black” programs.   As a white person who has been both prosperous and poor at various times in my life, I grew up with a solid religious, family, and educational background that taught me to be responsible for myself, to be dependant on no one and most of all, to work hard.  That meant educating myself, taking two jobs when need be, and working my whole life, sacrificing “social and pleasure” pursuits along the way so that there WAS food on the table for my family.  I grew up and had blacks as friends, colleagues, and neighbors and never once felt that we were a society pitted one against the other, for any reason.

This Country will rise or fall depending on how we treat each other as a united people and if we retain the God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Barack Obama has oppressed the black people since he took office – look at our once great inter-cities like Detroit.  Giveaways are not the answer – personal pride is!

It is despicable how Obama manipulates and uses classes to further his agenda – Blacks, Hispanics, Rich/Poor, Educated/Not Educated, Private Enterprise/Government.  Everything and everyone is a target.     Anyone opposed to his agenda is accused of being racist and is justification for reparations to minorities based upon  past acts associated with slavery.  Wake up people!  Obama doesn’t care a wit about you – look at who his friends are.  Entertainers, 60’s radicals, and foreign heads of state who hate America.  This economy has been hard on everyone during the last 3 years,regardless of our social, economic and racial makeup, and the blame can be squarely put on Barack Obama’s shoulders for making things worse.

It’s time to stand up and reject this race baiting in America and for the media and “African-Americans for Obama” to say ENOUGH!  Only if we work together can we Restore our America.