The “Real” Reason Not to Re-Elect Barack Obama!

by Richard H. Frank and Jayne D. Frank

News reports state that President Obama is about to announce his candidacy to run for re-election in the 2012 national Presidential elections.  The announcement is purported to be coming to the electorate in the form of a video that will highlight the accomplishments of his Administration over the past two years.

Somehow the Obama spin doctors will attempt to convince Americans that the politics of “hope and change,” coupled with the greatest level of Government transparency in history, has saved this nation from certain disaster.  The Obama “war chest” (campaign funding) is reportedly approaching $1 billion that will be spent inundating the public with a nonstop barrage of political ads proclaiming his Administration’s accomplishments.  A taped video will have a number of advantages for him:  1) He can immediately place this on Facebook and other social media sites and seduce the young uninformed voters that foolishly voted for him in large numbers in 2008 predicated on undefined “Hope and Change”, 2) It will enable his “handlers” to get his body language right on tape  and ensure that any lies are edited out, and 3) It will once again make sure he is only speaking off his teleprompters to avoid any extemporaneous answers to hard questions.  You can expect the following myths to be the cornerstone of President Obama’s Presidential Re-election campaign:

  • The Affordable Health Care Law.  Arguably “Unconstitutional” in that it forces every American to buy insurance or face a fine under this law.
  • Stimulus spending that has saved or created up to 3 million American jobs
  • Nationalization of GM and Chrysler in order to preserve the American auto industry
  • TARP spending that saved the American financial system from the brink of disaster
  • His declaration that 85% of the Nation’s energy needs will be provided by green technology in 2035

Each of these programs has been presented as being the most transparent in our nation’s history.  Transparency is a most interesting term for use by a politician.  The American Heritage Dictionary uses some of the following definitions to describe how the term might be applied:  1) The quality or state of being transparent; guileless, candid, 2) Guileless refers to being free from treachery, cunning, deceit or trickery, 3) Candid means straightforward, free from prejudice and impartial.

Notice none of the above definitions is so crass so as to use the term “liar,” and therefore allows politicians to walk the very narrow line between the “truth and nothing but the truth” and outright “lying.”

A closer look at the Obama Administration’s signature accomplishments in view of transparency shows the following statements do not meet the definition for transparency:

The Affordable Health Care Law does not or will not achieve the President’s proclamations as follows:

  • If you like your plan you can keep it
  • The average family will save $2500/yr
  • The plan will insure 30 million currently uninsured
  • Services will not be rationed and  fraud and waste will be eliminated
  • The plan is fully paid for and will not add to the deficit

Stimulus spending has saved or created up to 3 million jobs.

  • If 3 million jobs were saved or created and we spent $816 billion in stimulus funding, each job cost the American taxpayer $272,000.
  • There were no shovel-ready projects according to a recent admission by Barack Obama.
  • Private sector jobs were not created by stimulus spending but Government-sector jobs increased by 1 million which must be paid by private sector taxation which experienced no growth and contracted by more than six million over the past two years.

The American automotive industry has been saved by Obama’s forced bankruptcy and redistribution of assets between Government, the unions and special interests.

  • GM has repaid all the Government loans ahead of schedule and is a monumental success.  Congressional oversight reports it estimates the taxpayer will be out $25 billion and when sweetheart tax exemptions are included we may expect the total cost to taxpayers to be  $84 billion dollars.  If this equals success for the Obama Administration, I would hate to know what constitutes failure.

TARP spending saved the nation’s financial system from certain disaster.

  • Major banks were bailed out by taxpayers with the promise that troubled assets would be addressed through refinancing debt or mortgage modifications.
  • The real estate market has collapsed and banks are doing nothing to support individual  home loan modification programs as touted by the Obama Administration.
  • Thirteen percent of residences are vacant or abandoned across the nation with values forecast to plunge an additional 25% over the coming year, bringing down the average home value and destroying equity for most of the remaining occupied homes for decades to come.
  • Currently more than six million homes are either in or facing foreclosures.
  • Continued deterioration in the real estate market caused by Government over-manipulation may be the precurser to a double-dip recession.

Green technology to account for 85% of the Nation’s energy needs by 2035 is unrealistic and unachievable since there is no known technology other than nuclear power with the capacity to replace fossil fuels.  Obama and his Administration has been anti-development of fossil fuels in the United States through regulations, and moratoriums against exploration in Anwar as well as offshore on the Continental Shelf.   He has continually circumvented the will of the Congress and the Will of the People with the creation of more than 35 Czars charged with creation and implementation of onerous regulations that stifle energy independence and ultimately economic growth for the country.

The past two years under the Obama Administration has presented the potential opponents with a plethora of video sound bites with which to mount a effective campaign against his re-election.  President Obama’s and the Democratic Party’s own words create the best case against their re-election in 2012.  All the soaring rhetoric and empty promises of hope and change will not erase the reality of his record and pain being felt across this country.

Nonetheless, there will remain a segment of the electorate that will continue to drink the Koolaid of mutual destruction of the nation and vote for Barack Obama.

Unfortunately, these uninformed individuals have no knowledge or understanding of the values and principles upon which this great country was built.

The greatest gift Obama could give his Party and the nation would be to follow the good sense shown by Lyndon Johnson and change his upcoming announcement to say that “he would not seek, nor would he accept, the nomination of his Party for President of the United States,” for a second term.

Then again, we can dream, can’t we?

America – A Once Proud Nation Set Adrift

by Richard H. Frank

How much incompetence will the citizens of this once great nation suffer at the hands of the Congress and the Obama Administration before we take action “to alter or abolish” this government as enumerated in the Declaration of Independence.

During the 2010 mid-term elections the electorate sent a loud and clear message to our government that fiscal responsibility and smaller Federal government were the agenda of the voting citizens.  The course set by the Obama Administration and the 111th Congress was firmly rejected by “we the people” and a major shift in the balance of power in all legislatures, state and federal, occurred all across this nation.

The mandate to reduce the size of the Federal government and return to responsible fiscal policy have been totally ignored by Barack Obama and the Democrats in the 112th Congress.

Every attempt to cut spending and reduce deficits both at the state and federal levels is violently opposed by Democrats that fight for their special interest groups including unions and government employees being asked to participate in actions to achieve balanced budgets.

The Congress is so afraid of the leftist media and maintaining their elected office that they will not risk forcing a budget for FY2011 and continue to vote for continuing resolutions containing token spending reductions.

Then, there is our neophyte President, Barack Obama, the Master of Insulation, that purposely remains disconnected from finding resolution to domestic and international problems.  he steadfastly proclaims that we are a nation of laws and blatantly ignores those laws to suit his purposes.

He and his Administration have invented a new vocabulary to sell his socialist, progressive ideology to Americans, particularly the youth.

  • “Fundamentally Change America” equals european-style democracy and redistribution of wealth.
  • The “War on Terror” equates to man-made disasters and international contingency operations.
  • “Investing” equals more big spending
  • “An Act of War” is now a kinetic action.

The liberal media in America compares Barack Obama, as Commander-in-Chief” to those great leaders in  history including Dwight D. Eisenhower, Harry Truman, John Kennedy and the most absurd comparison to Thomas Jefferson and Lincoln.  Those writers prone to make such comparisons obviously have no personal knowledge of these leaders, aside from that written from the viewpoint of liberal, progressive historians.  Barack Obama, as President, is not fit to fill the shoes of any of this American icons.

The Obama Doctrine seems to be that as a nation we must separate our social interests from or strategic national interests.  Former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, correctly states that these interests are inextricably intertwined and cannot be separated from each other without creating a serious risk to one or both.  As a result the mixed messages coming from the White House, Pentagon and State Department create confusion and ultimately show the lack of planning and leadership on the part of Barack Obama as Commander-in-Chief.

America is seen internationally as the Titanic without a rudder.  Notwithstanding all the power we possess, like a ship unable to steer a course, we plunge forward and backward wasting our precious lives and treasure until we will be  hopeless adrift as a Third World power submitting to the tides of the United Nations or a One World Government.

The 2012 national election is the time for us to return to Government under the values and principles enumerated in our Constitution.  Any candidate, President down to the local dog catcher, that does not support, protect and defend those values and principles, is not fit to hold public office.  The destiny of this once great nation rests with each and every American as they cast their vote in the coming 2012 elections.  I pray that we have learned the lessons of Obama’s “Hope and Change” over the past 2 years and the disastrous course upon which it has placed our nation.

Don’t Let Obama’s Henchmen Goad You Into Disrespectful Language or Violence

by Jayne D. Frank

This year’s mid-term Congressional election and the coming 2012 presidential election should be of vital importance in the minds and actions of every American. The majority of Americans, young and old, know by now that this President and his lackeys have made substantial mistakes in the course this country is taking, particularly with excessive government spending, targeted redistribution of wealth, healthcare, government takeover of private industry, and more.  Lately, all Americans should be afraid and concerned that this Administration is comprising the national security of America by eliminating many of our defensive military weapons; they are also putting their heads in the sand when it comes to what Iran is doing not only as an imminent nuclear threat, but Iran is undermining and supplying expertise and military capability to certain Iraqi and Afghanistan American opposition groups.

Americans must continue to speak out boldly and truthfully in rallies, town halls, editorial and blog articles, and in communication with our Representatives and the media  – wherever and whenever we can get the truth out!  We must also continue to educate and re-educate ourselves as to the path history has taken to prove that Obama’s policies will destroy this Republic for ourselves and for generations to come.

It is obvious that President Obama and the “money” people surrounding him are feeling this pressure that we have exerted as Americans by speaking out.  We have received more and more press coverage (tea party, 912, Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Works, Resistnet and all the other conservative patriot groups).  As a result, you have seen in the past few weeks that the President and the people surrounding him have stepped up their attacks against Americans (think about that for a minute!). They have started a campaign to tear us down and are doing this by comparing a few fringe comments, signs, and outbursts to the whole of the American Protest group and insinuating that we were all racist, bigoted and hate the poor.  They hope by doing so, that Americans will feel intimidated and “guilty” about continuing to exercise their Freedom of Speech.

People, don’t be fooled; you have seen how nasty President Obama’s rhetoric and body language can get when criticized and this won’t end anytime soon because his fundamental transformation of America is on the line.  The 2010 election year agenda for the Administration (and again the “money” groups surrounding the President) will be to totally discredit any voice of opposition and to focus on those ingrates such as Timothy McVeigh, that would stoop so low as to hurt another human being and try to paint them as the face of the Tea Party and other groups.

I urge all Americans when doing your duty this year to get true conservative members of Congress elected and to protest policies and legislation coming down the pike from Washington, that you absolutely stop and think before painting your hand-made signs and make that a “group” education item.  The Washington Agenda and passed legislation is going to have many more detrimental effects this year and in the coming few years.

Young single Americans, working families, the wealthy in America who provide jobs for those people, are all going to be taxed substantially.  We also will see another slew of foreclosures and delinquencies as rules change and Americans struggle with meeting their financial obligations in the face of rising costs and taxes.  It is probable that interest rates will increase as well, further burdening the public because of this Administration’s policies.  We are angry and we will not let our Republic be torn apart, but it is incumbant on all of us, working through this, to be what we are; respectful in our discourse, not belligerent or abusive in our actions, and most of  all, cognizant of what could happen to our ability to Preserve our Republic if we allow fringe elements, both left and right to determine our destiny.  Remember, “We the People” have the power and THEY work for us!