Power is an Aphrodisiac and That Is Why Trump Tops the Polls

by Jayne D. Frank

The media is befuddled about the soaring numbers for Donald Trump but as a woman who worked in a corporate world dominated by men, I am not.  Consider first the fact that for almost 8 years now, we have had a President who is devoid of leadership skills, and has done everything in his power to avoid making decisions about the future of this country’s economic future and our security.  We started seeing him bow to foreign leaders early on in his Presidency and this appeasement mentality has continued to this day.  Americans have stayed quiet but have continued to build up the rage in their hearts over someone who would bring this country to the point of deterioration that it is today.

We have also seen this President ridicule our military might and our military leaders.  He doesn’t ask for advice on foreign affairs from the most distinguished powerful military men that this country has but if given advice, he completely disregards it.  The cuts to the Military have decimated our forces to the point that we could not now fight two wars at once should that ever become necessary.

The point to be made here is that Obama’s administration has become the most effeminate administration that I have ever seen in my lifetime; soft to the point of being totally useless.

In my 20s, in my early career, I was surrounded by powerful men who were not afraid to make hard and sometimes not too popular decisions to benefit their company and their shareholders.  This was such an aphrodisiac to women around these men and many people aspired to go on and have careers where they too could take risks and make career advances.

I believe right now that Donald Trump is tapping into two main emotions:  Women who want their men to be strong and make us safe, something none of us are now under Obama.  The second emotion is the underlying rage that American conservatives have felt and have been powerless to do anything about for the last two terms of Obama.  We also sent conservatives to Congress to do the work that we sent them there to do, and under Boehner and McConnell’s leadership, that has failed as well.  Americans have also had it up to their eyeballs with dynasties such as Clinton and Bush, and we certainly don’t want to see anyone elected with such a past and present climate of corruption around them.

So, despite Trump’s crassness, his abrasiveness, and seeming unwillingness to “go along to get along”, I think you will see a continued willingness on the part of Americans to overlook the substance of what he says right now and feed off his aura of power and our disgust at what Obama has done to America.  Whether that translates to a GOP nominee win for Trump, that is probably going to be decided by the far right conservatives in this country who will vote to sacrifice this country once again to another far left Progressive who will continue down the course set by Obama.

Scandals, Lies and Tyranny!

by Richard H. Frank

Barack Obama is on record stating that the “Constitution of the United States of America” is a fundamentally flawed document.  This is the very document that has set the course for the nation’s government for over 230 years and in fact is the document which Barack Obama has sworn to protect and defend when taking the oath for the Office of President.  Time and again over the past five years President Obama  has publicly stated that we are a nation of laws yet by his own actions has thwarted the law and our Constitution wherever and whenever it suited his political agenda.

The recent scandals involving the IRS and now the NSA spying upon American citizens is further evidence of the Administration’s contempt for our Constitution and the rule of law.  Never over the past half century has there been an Executive Branch of Government so corrupt as is the Obama Administration.

Congress and the Supreme Court fail to exercise their legitimate authority as the checks and balance against an Executive Branch totally out of control.  Political ideology has interfered with them asserting their Constitutional duty to hold the Obama Administration accountable to the enumerated powers specified in the Constitution.

This Administration, under the guise of “fairness or national security” has carried out a relentless attack upon the First, Second, Fourth, Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the Constitution commonly known as the “Bill of Rights.”

Every day some new issue or scandal is discovered that shows the true colors of an administration whose ideology runs contrary to that of our Founders when they conceived our Constitution.  The very mention of “God” in the public arena is under assault within the military and by the Pentagon, by the IRS attempting to deny tax exempt status for religious organizations and by the Department of Health & Human Services attempting to punish businesses and religious organizations for refusing to participate in Obamacare in support of abortions and contraceptives.

Today the average citizen is forced to go to court in order to obtain what could be life-saving treatment for their loved ones that is prohibited by some bureaucratic fiat.  Just where will this all end under Obamacare when regulations yet to be written deprive a patient of treatment because of their age or socio-economic status?  Kathleen Sebelius contends that “some people will live and some will die” under these arbitrary regulations.  Since when has she or any Bureaucrat or Panel been elevated to assuming the position of God?  The Administration claims that there are no death panels contained in Obamacare.  I beg to differ and Sebelius has as much as said so.  Recent news about Medicare patients being turned away at some cancer clinics for cancer treatment also is a testament to where this is going.

Today we have a government that has no compulsion about lying to us over and over again as evidenced by the President’s statements about the “Affordable Care Act,” the attack on the Consulate in Benghazi, the “Fast and Furious” scandal and his assertion that he knew nothing about the IRS targeting conservative groups or the Justice Department’s secret investigation of AP and Fox News reporters.  And Congress appears impotent to do anything about those individuals responsible for these transgressions and those that have committed perjury in their testimony before various Congressional oversight committees.

Where will it all end?  Lacking the action b y Congress and the Supreme Court to act and remove those accountable from Government “We the People” will pay the price by relinquishing our freedoms to the oppression of Government pursuing the ultimate power over the citizens of this nation.

It is time to stand up and take action as indicated in our “Declaration of Independence” where it states “That whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these ends,  it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”

We must remind our elected Representatives of their duty to take such action now and should they fail to do so replace them with those that cherish our Founding Documents in the 2014 mid-term elections.

The Seeds of Obama’s Police State!

by Richard H. Frank

Four and one-half years following Barack Obama’s election to the Office of President of the United States, America can bear witness to what he meant by his quest to “fundamentally transform America.”  The actions by the Obama Administration during his first term and continuing into his second provide the evidence of his effort to transform this nation from a Representative Republic to a government resembling a police state.

His first initiative “The Affordable Care Act” was the test case to determine how and if the Representatives in Congress could be coerced into passing this massive Government takeover of one-sixth of the nation’s economy and impose mandatory health insurance on every American.  The law, now referred to as “Obamacare” was opposed by the majority of Americans and remains the case today.

Every promise made by Obama regarding the massive 3000-page document has been shown to be untrue.  Yet, following the proclamation by Nancy Pelosi that “we have to pass the Bill in order to find out what’s in it” the law was passed against the will of the people.

Having achieved this fraud upon America, Obama and his administration were emboldened to continue to perpetrate more shady activities to forward their agenda.  Next came the disclosure that “Fast and Furious” or the sale of illegal weapons to the Mexican drug cartels had blown up and resulted in the murder of one of our Border Patrol Agents at the hands of the cartel using one of the weapons provided under the program.

It soon became apparent that the Obama administrations mechanism to impose strict gun control legislation upon the nation was to use “Fast and Furious” as their justification.  Congress, however, demanded that the Justice Department and Attorney General Eric Holder provide all the documentation they had regarding “Fast and Furious”during their oversight hearings.  Holder refused and as a result was held in Contempt of Congress. To date he has not supplied the documents to Congress under the claim of Executive Privilege.

When the various states attempted to assert their Constitutional rights under the 10th Amendment, enacting laws on immigration, Holder and his Justice Department brought suit against these states for their opposition to the heavy-handed tactics employed by the Justice Department.

Eric Holder violated his  Oath of Office by refusing to defend existing legislation in the Defense of Marriage Act.  Politically such a defense would be viewed as toxic to Obama’s re-election in 2012.

The same is true of the Department of Homeland Security that under executive fiat refuses to enforce existing immigration law.  Most troubling is that HLS continues to buy up massive stock piles of ammunition with no explanation as to the purpose of these purchases.  America demands to know why.

Then on September 11, 2011 the terrorist attack upon the Consulate in Benghazi, Libya resulted in the death of 4 Americans.  The administration entered into a massive coverup rewriting the events leading up to the attack to bolster Obama’s campaign assertion that terrorism was defeated and no longer a threat with Al-Qaeda on the run. This administration has lied to America for over 8 months.  Obama and Hillary Clinton were MIA as the attack and the resulting crises unfolded.  Obama’s re-election  and fund raising was more important than protecting our State Department and other personnel in harm’s way.

When Hillary Clinton stated while testifying to Congress “What difference does it make at this point?” The difference is the priority placed on the life of Ambassador Stevens and his personnel as compared to Obama’s political narrative and agenda for re-election.

There now appears to be a concerted effort on the part of the administration to silence those that were on the ground during the attack and keep the survivors’ identities from Congress and the press.  It is time for more whistleblowers to come forward and tell the true story of what happened leading up to the attack on Benghazi.

Today we are faced with a President that claims he knew nothing about the IRS targeting conservative groups that opposed him, or his policies, between 2010 and the election in 2012.  Likewise he stated he knew nothing about the FBI and Justice Department investigation of Associated Press and Fox News reporters on the basis of disclosing classified information that endangered the national security.

The government was in direct violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution for conducting investigations of individuals’ phone records and emails under subpoena without notification of the individuals being investigated.

If the Nation’s security was in fact at risk how could it be that the President of the United States and the Attorney General would not be aware of the situation?

They are either total incompetents or liars attempting to minimize their involvement in using Police State tactics against individual citizens of the United States that oppose the administration’s actions and ideology. The message is clear. Oppose Obama and face the full retribution of the government and its various agencies. Support the opposition party and you will be punished as an enemy of the administration. This is not the America I have known where freedom of speech and association becomes the imputes for criminal investigation.

Congress must meet their oath to protect and defend the Constitution regardless of political affiliation and bring those responsible for these abuses of power to account for their involvement and be punished appropriately.

Each citizen needs to “stay the course” and re-establish our Representative Republic under the rule of law and not the tyranny stemming from Executive Fiat!

The Tea Party Has This One Wrong!

by Jayne D. Frank

When we joined the Tea Party and the 912 Group in March of 2009, we did so because we knew the Marxist/socialist agenda of Barack Obama would lead to moral decline and become an economic disaster for this Country.  We fought hard for fiscal conservatives to win in the House and we helped accomplish this goal.  This Presidential Campaign has changed the Tea Party focus from the real issues of this Country to the “red meat” proclamations of  Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul.

There is a group of Paulbots in the Tea Party that feel that adhering strictly to the Constitution, despite Ron Paul’s very naive foreign policy, is where America has to go.  There is yet another group, reinforced by a Cain endorsement, that absolutely loves Newt Gingrich’s snarky comments about Barack Obama and the other Republican candidates, especially Mitt Romney.  This is where I believe the Tea Party has it all wrong this time around.

Those of us who are old enough to remember Newt Gingrich’s rise through the ranks of the Republican party, also remember his divisiveness and testiness concerning anyone in the Party or in Congress that did not agree with his “lofty” positions.  He did many good things as a Speaker of the House, but we are in a different time because of how Barack Obama has divided this country into “classes” and has pitted one group against the other, all to the detriment of our People and our Country.  We can no longer can afford someone who only gets attention for the nasty things he says, some of which are outright lies, such as “Mitt Romney is a anti-life candidate,”  or some of his eccentric goals to grow Government such a moon colonies.  Also many forget the dozens of times that Newt Gingrich has flipped on conservative views of global warming, illegal immigration and energy independence.  His stripes won’t change with an election to President.

To the bigger point, this is a time in our Country, where if we are not to go down the same path as Greece, we must elect someone who can govern, who did not spend his whole life in Government, and who can debate Barack Obama on the issues with facts and not wisecracks. As a man, we should also realize Mitt Romney is very stable and focused, does not go around patting himself on the back, and is not easy to anger and nasty remarks.  As well, his faith rules his life and the way he treats other people.  He has been a success in life, both financially and as a family man, generous to a fault with his success to benefit his community.  And most of all he loves his Country.

Are we in it to win it fellow Republicans, or are you more interested in a war of words in our Presidential Debates.

Newt Gingrich Determined to Seal His Own Destiny for a Possible 2012 Run

by Jayne D. Frank

At one point in time, I truly thought Newt Gingrich would be a dynamic Republican candidate for the Office of the President, but actions he has taken over time and things that have come out of his mouth have really shown him to be the kind of man I could not now vote for. He is someone whose supposed Republican ideals sway with the wind and change depending on whom he is trying to impress the most.  Today, I read the summary of his speech which he made last Wednesday in Philadelphia where he stated the “Tea Party Movement Will be Militant Wing of the Republican Party.”

In 1994, Newt seemed to have it all together and brought about the “Contract with America” which was supposed to be the basis upon which the Republican Party in Congress would go forward to remain loyal to their core values of conservatism and smaller government. The Party was to make the actions of Congress accountable to the People once more after a long run at a Democratically controlled Congress.  Honesty and integrity would follow and a new Republican Party would thence go forward and right the wrongs and mistakes that Democratic Congresses in the past had made.  Year by year after that Contract, we saw incumbent members of the Republican Party in Congress stray from these  core values that got them elected, and those are the very members of Congress that we now call RINOS; they have forgotten who elected them and would rather sacrifice the will of the people to stay wrapped  in their soft cushy Washington lifestyle.  Not This Year Republicans! We are done just giving you our loyalty at the ballot box.  You have to earn it.

Since Newt is now contemplating again a run for President in the 2012 election, he thinks he can pave his way to an election guaranteeing that he will take some of the “Obama voters” to his side by denigrating the Tea Party Movement.  Newt, what don’t some of you in Washington get?”  The Tea Party Movement isn’t one group.  We are all comprised of honest hard-working Americans who came together earlier this year with other people of the same view that the present Administration was going in the wrong direction and that Republicans are just as culpable as Democrats in taking us there.  We have met together with 912 members, other Tea Party organizations, Freedom Works, Resistnet, and many more groups comprised of peaceful Americans that wanted to speak with one voice.  We meet in the mornings, in the evenings and on weekends working on projects to re-educate ourselves and our children on the meaning and intent of the Constitution.  We follow state and federal legislation to make sure that Congress tows the line and will vote for what We the People want, and we speak out when it does not.  We all organized early in 2009 and 2 million of us left our families to go to Washington last September 12 to stand for hours peacefully before the Capital Steps to tell Congress that we wanted them to stop the spending and the massive takeover of our healthcare and our private enterprise system.

No event that I have been at during the past year has ever been anything but peaceful, and now you, Mr. Gingrich,  have betrayed us Republicans, Democrats, Independent, Libertarians all, to say that we are nothing but militant.     What you should be shining the light on is the new liberal focus in this election year to start infiltrating our meetings helped along with the  prodding and money of the Moveon.org groups.   This is truly a sign that our message to Washington was resonating and that the Liberals and Progressive felt threatened by our voices.

You cannot have it both ways, Mr.Gingrich.  You cannot call yourself a Republican and smack us in the face with your comments, and you surely will never get our vote in the primaries, should you decide to run, because you have shown that you are no less a Progressive than they are.

Bill Clinton’s Attempt to Distort History.

By: Richard H. Frank

Bill Clinton, at a recent Democrat fundraiser, made a statement that the same forces are present today in America that were present at the time as the of the bombing of the Oklahoma Federal Building.  This is indicative of how out of touch he and his Party are with the citizenry. His remarks were timed to counter the grass-roots protests taking place in Washington against President Obama’s policies. Typically, he inferred that the protesters were against diversity within the government and although he did not say as much his comments were meant to label them as racist.

Somewhere between 1994 and today Mr. Clinton has had a lapse of memory with regard to the onerous taxation, heavy-handed tactics employed by His Attorney General,  Janet Reno, in Waco Texas and with regard to a nine-year old orphan forced to return to Cuba as opposed to remaining in the custody of relatives in Florida. He certainly must feel vindicated by the passage of health care legislation by the 111th Congress, over the protests of America , since Hillarycare failed with the same disapproval level during his administration. He also renewed his attack on the First Amendment’s protection for  freedom of speech by further asserting that “Talk Radio” and now internet “blogs” such as this one poison the minds of Americans through misinformation and proporgating lies against the policies of the political party in office.

The Democrat Party elite such as Mr. Clinton will carry the message loud and clear between now and November that the Tea Party and the 912 movements represent only the far right fringe elements of the Republican Party and their radical agenda. Demographics for the movement paint an entirely different picture. According to a poll conducted in March 2010 by “Politics and Pucks” 74% of members are Independent leaning Republicans, 45% are men. 77% voted for McCain, 15% voted for Obama, 88% are white and 61% have high school and some college education. These percentages are certainly not representative of the fringe elements within any political party.

The Obama Administration in concert with the main stream media have now been joined by the voice of Bill Clinton in their orchestrated attempt to suppress any opposition to President Obama’s socialist policies. Their plan consisted of three strategies. First “Ignore”, and should that not work then “Mock” and lastly “Attack”. The first two strategies have only caused the movement to grow in strength and size. What the Democrats and Republicans currently in power have to fear is the real agenda of this grass-roots movement which is a return to the values and principles contained in our Constitution, small Federal government and responsible spending on the part of Congress.

The demographics represented within the Tea Party movement are truly representative of most informed Americans. We want and demand individual accountability for our lives; not government mandates and regulations by the government that stifle economic growth and prosperity. We want and demand a return to free market principles and the right of every individual to succeed or fail at whatever endeavor he decides to undertake without government interference.

The last time I looked the United States of America was still a “Representative Republic” where government was the servant of the people and not the reverse. Whenever any politician identifies himself as a “Progressive” he is admitting to an ideology that is counter to the Constitution and should be rejected by the electorate. When any people are rewarded by government without making any contribution to society those people will eventually lose their liberty and become slaves to the whims of those men in the government. Redistribution of wealth and creating a society totally depended upon big government is what the Tea Party and 912 movements are opposed to and pledged to defeat.

President Obama says he is “Amused” at the Rallies and that we should “Thank Him”

by Jayne D. Frank

President Obama said today “I was amused at the people in the rallies saying they don’t want taxes.”  “You would think they would be saying  “Thank You.”

What should we be thanking you for, Mr. President?  Perhaps that there is currently a 16% increase in people facing foreclosure or for the 10% of prime borrowers that are now late with their payments?

Perhaps we should thank you for your disastrous health care law that will cause millions to lose their coverage because the law has been drafted in such a way to drive private insurers out of business and to revert to your preferred single payer system.

Oh yes, I know, we should thank you for taking away any incentives for small businesses to stay alive because you have put such onerous burdens on them with this health care legislation.

Most likely you would like us to thank you for the Government’s nationalizing major elements of the free market system including GM, Chrysler and the banking and insurance system. Thus far, your actions have cost the American taxpayer untold billions of dollars to keep companies afloat that by the laws of economics should have expired.

I personally want to thank you for bowing before every leader in the world as if to say America is subservient to their desires and has now become a weak nation in their eyes.

You and your Administration also think Americans should thank you for trampling upon our U.S. Constitution with almost every action you take because you think it is “flawed.”

We want to Thank You for your support for amnesty and a rapid path to citizenship for all those illegals that have broken our existing laws.

Thanks definitely should go to you for indebting this nation for generations to come so that our children and grandchildren don’t have a hope of ever living in the kind of America that we do; definitely a thanks goes out for spending their future into oblivion.

Thank you is in order for your uncontrolled spending contained within your $3.7  trillion budget plan that includes $1.3 trillion in deficit spending.

I definitely know we should thank you, Mr. Obama, for the real number of 17% unemployed, about 7% of which have just stopped looking.

Taxpayers are really neglectful if they don’t thank you for the $74 billion that you have spent so far in unemployment benefits, instead of incentivizing private businesses with tax cuts; this keeps more Americans looking for handouts from the Government because there are NO JOBS.

Mr. President, we certainly owe you a big Thank You for giving enemy combatants that would kill Americans in a heartbeat, the same rights as any law-abiding American.

Definitely, Thank You for denying that America was founded on Judeo-Christian values and we are “no longer a Christian nation.”

Fundamentally transforming America into a third world country is certainly something all Americans need to thank you for.

You know what, President Obama, we do owe this to you, and I want you to be assured that every  American who cherishes our Republic will show up to Thank You properly in November of this year, and again in November of 2012.