The Lost Soul of a Nation

By: Richard H. Frank

Today, June 6th 2019, we pay homage to those brave Americans, Canadians, British, and all other nations of the Allied forces that participated in the invasion of Europe on this date in 1944. Thousands perished in the assault on the beaches of Normandy, France. This endeavor created the greatest armada in the history of the world. This day in history, June 6th 1944 will forever be known as “D” Day and epitomized the spirit of those Americans now referred to as “The Greatest Generation”.

Looking back upon the history of Americans who are included with this generation of brave young men and women we find a list of values and beliefs that have been under siege by radicals in America today; values such as:

Respect for our Constitution and the Rule of Law.

The Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America.

Standing with our hand over our heart for the National Anthem and the Flag.

Working hard to achieve prosperity for our family.

Possessing a basic knowledge of history and civics.

Recognition that religious freedom of choice and the Ten Commandments are the pillars upon which this nation was founded.

The belief that America is a sovereign nation having borders that must be protected.

Extending common courtesy and respect to others. Having manners and using appropriate language in our dialog with others.

Somewhere along the way following the end of World War II, America started down a slippery slope to gradually erode the very values that the “Greatest Generation ” fought to preserve and many died for.
Over the years Progressives and Liberals have perverted the language contained within the founding documents of this nation and forged unwritten law in an attempt to unravel the fabric the holds our country together. Their unrelenting assault upon the foundations set forth in these words that created this Republic;
“One nation under God with liberty and justice for all” began with the removal of any reference to “God” from the public square, class rooms, and any other government-funded institutions. This action was perpetuated under the guise of “separation of church and state” a principle not found anywhere stated in the Constitution.

I truly believe this was the start of an orchestrated plan to fundamentally eradicate the values and beliefs held by and fought for by those members of the Greatest Generation. The Progressives have made great strides in their efforts to change history and paint America as a country not worthy of all we have accomplished and gained. If you need proof just ask a millennial the basic questions associated with becoming a citizen or who the Founding Fathers were and what they accomplished to see how our education system has been used to dumb down young people over the generations following the end of World War II.

Today we live in a nation divided by political ideology. Never in our history has any administration been so vilified by the media in spite of the many accomplishments to improve the lot for Americans. The media uses the 24 hour news cycle and Congress having a personal hate for a siting president as a means to hold his agenda hostage. In Congress we don’t just have gridlock we have outright obstruction and the American citizen is the one that suffers the consequences of their inaction.

We as Americans can expect no resolution to amend our immigration laws nor to secure the southern border other than those taken by President Trump through executive order only to have some Federal Judge place an injunction on that order to stop the President. Likewise any trade agreement negotiated by the administration is unlikely to be ratified by Congress in today’s environment of the politics of personal destruction. Congress will never give Trump a win even if their inaction hurts the country.

The next two years, pending the results of the 2020 elections, will consist of a series of unending investigations of non-existent crimes for which the President and his administration have been found not guilty, thus turning to the threat of impeachment over those non-existent “high crimes and misdemeanors”.

Should “WE the People ” fail to reverse the current situation that exists in the Washington D. C. swamp we will help to accelerate our demise and assure the lost soul of our once great nation for which the Greatest Generation paid so dearly.

The Color of Barack Obama’s Character!

By: Richard H. Frank

Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. in his “I have a dream speech”, stated that we should judge a man not by the color of his skin but by his character. Each of us may define character differently. Although the dictionary defines “character” in vague adjectives that cover a wide assortment of situations and conditions, there is one definition upon which I feel we can all agree upon. Character among men is embodied within the action you take to carry out the “Values, Ethics and Morals” you believe in.

  • Consistency between what you say you will do and what you actually do.
  • Championing and putting ethics into action.
  • Moral strength. It takes moral courage to do what is right when it may cost you more than you are willing to pay.
  • Who you are and what you do when no one is looking.

William Penn put “character” in terms we can all understand when he said, “Wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it. Right is still right, even if no one else is doing it.” So what may we conclude from the above? Character is predicated upon the values and principles which a person’s beliefs are founded.

Politically, we use terms such as ideology, the rule of law and transparency to measure our leaders’ character against. Unfortunately, most politicians fail to live up to these measures and the values and principles embodied in the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. The latest and most revealing look into Barack Obama’s character and that of his administration is evidenced in their explanation of what occurred in the Benghazi, Libya consulate the evening of 9/11/2012 leading to the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

It is amazing how quickly our President and his administration placed the blame for uprisings on September 11th in more than 20 middle east countries on a video trailer mocking the Islamic prophet Mohamed. Any evidence to the contrary was suppressed for over one month as it would prove to undermine the Presidents foreign policies in the region. One month following the attack as the truth continued to emerge we see that there was no uprising in Benghazi resulting from the video trailer and that the attack was indeed a planned coordinated terrorist assault upon the consulate. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice even in the face of undisputed evidence continued to insist the killings were the result of a mob gone out of control protesting the video.As the truth emerged the spin merchants in Washington began to construct their smoke screen to protect the President and his administration against voter retaliation with the general election just under 4 weeks away.

Following the explanation given by Obama and Clinton on September 12th the President boarded Air Force One to attend a fund raiser in Nevada leaving family members of the murdered Americans with a myriad of unanswered questions. So much for what the President says and what he does.

This week, a full month following the terrorist attack, the professionals within the State Department decided to come clean and admit they knew the attack was a planned terrorist assault from the outset and not the result of any video trailer. They apparently decided they would not become the fall guys for Obama, Clinton and the administration’s flawed foreign policies. Now that the can has been opened the administration is scrambling to keep the worms from escaping  before the election takes place on November 6, 2012. Unfortunately for Obama and his administration the lid has been removed from this scandal and the truth will be pursued beyond the election regardless of the outcome of the November vote.

Those of us that experienced the Watergate scandal and the eventual resignation of President Nixon for covering up a burglary know that the breech of the consulate in Libya and resulting murder of four Americans is much more serious than any break-in. No one was murdered as a result of Watergate but we have four dead patriots as a result of Obama’s policies in Libya. Congressman Issa’s oversight committee must diligently pursue the truth and hold those in government accountable for not providing protection to our men and women overseas in service to this nation.

If the color of Obama’s character and that of his administration were to be defined by the events on 9/11 in Libya, I believe it would be labeled as “YELLOW”.

Obama’s Disrespect for WWII Veterans!

by Richard H. Frank

Yesterday, June 6, 2012 marked the 68th anniversary of “D” Day, the 1944 invasion of Europe by Allied Forces under command of Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Coincidentally, our  General Motors Retiree Club met for our semi-annual luncheon and reunion with hundreds in attendance.  The president of our organization opened our meeting by honoring the bravery and sacrifices of those brave Americans that stormed the beaches at Normandy opening the path leading to the eventual defeat of Hitler’s Nazi forces.

Additionally, he recognized the presence of five WWII veterans in attendance at our luncheon.  These individuals, all in their 90s, are representative of those thousands of brave men that participated in the historic armada leading the way to freedom for Europe 68 years ago.

Those of us that know these men personally can attest to their love of Country, responsibility to family and community and their abiding belief in God.  These humble individuals make up the fabric of this great nation and represent the values and principles upon which America was founded. Today their numbers have dwindled from more than 16 million in the service of their country during the war to a mere estimate of 2.5 million. We lose approximately 1100 of these individuals each day and it is projected that they will be gone by 2020.

Once again, the day passed without our President, Barack Obama, recognizing and paying respect to those veterans of the “D” Day invasion.  Instead, our narcissistic Commander-in-Chief chose to participate in fund raisers to support his re-election five months to the day away from the anniversary of “D” Day.

The measure of a true leader is evident in his character and his integrity.  By his actions, Barack Obama shows he is lacking in both of these virtues.  His proponents excuse such a blatant affront to the heroes of “D” Day by expounding on how difficult his job is and how busy he actually is.  The truth is our President is ignorant of history and in spite of his holding the title of Commander-in-Chief harbors contempt for those individuals that sacrificed to assure the very freedoms that he personally benefited from.

No apology or excuse is acceptable to forgive Obama’s disrespect for our veterans.  Obama is oblivious to how his actions reflect upon his prospects for re-election.  Veterans, however, will Remember in November and play an important role in replacing the President with someone of character and integrity that shows respect for those that have sacrificed to preserve the freedoms in our Republic.

Women, What Are You thinking?

by Jayne D. Frank

Perhaps I always think that women all have the same life experiences that I have had. Or that in today’s modern world, women no longer think and make decisions with their heart alone.  But as I keep reading that Mitt Romney is having trouble with attracting women in this Country and that they are either split for some other GOP primary candidate, or most distressing are going to vote again for President Obama, I cringe at the lack of real intelligent reasoning that  must be going into their thought process.

Any woman who has been in the workplace for a number of years or has a family with children who either votes for Obama or fails to vote for the GOP front-runner, has, in my opinion, not put an ounce of thought into this crucial 2012 election.

Forget all the reasons you wanted to hate George Bush or the feminine side of you that wants to save the earth.  Forget the charming, boyish smiles of Barack Obama which he flashes to detract from his dismal failure as a President. You need to think about your future and the future of your children as you contemplate your next Presidential choice. Over the past 3 years, there hasn’t been one concrete, substantive thing that President Obama has accomplished that will brighten your economic future in the workplace; he has refused (until he now recognizes a real threat to his Presidency) to encourage business and entrepreneurship in this country and now America has the largest corporate tax anywhere in the world. Do you think corporations will continue to do business here under an Obama Presidency, and where do you think your job will be when they leave the Country?

President Obama has done absolutely nothing about preserving and expanding upon America’s energy independence, so your cost of driving and heating your homes will do nothing but increase under another Obama Presidency. You see him every day make comments about there being more drilling and exploration in this country than ever before. This President has gotten so use to lying to Americans, especially about energy independence, that he no longer knows the truth, nor does he care.  He has cut off any future coal plant production in the U.S., his moratorium on oil drilling cost this  Country hundreds of thousands of jobs, and he flatly is doing nothing to bring our gas prices down.  He has blatently refused to allow the Keystone XL pipeline which will keep oil here and bring about thousands of new jobs. He is so flagrant about his agenda – green energy ONLY to the exclusion of everything else.  Can you as a woman sustain the high cost of energy and gas consumption for your family?

Valerie Jarrett is President Obama’s puppet master and she has pulled the strings in the White House for the past 3 years. To get and save the woman’s vote, the Presidential speechwriters have repeatedly put forth all the initiatives and spewed their caring for women’s issues.  It is a diversion and a scam. Women have actually regressed under the Obama Administration. Where once we had choices of whether to work or stay at home and take care of our children – those choices have been taken from us; woman can’t afford to stay home.  The worst slap in the face to women has been the disastrous consequences of Obamacare.  This piece of garbage has been peddled to women, young and old in this Country, as a savior to all of your healthcare woes. You can go into emergency rooms now and get seen by the doctor of your choice without a hassle.   You will be able to keep your doctor, especially specialty doctors as in the OB/GYN, osteoporosis, pain, or fertility fields. That is a bold-faced lie!  There is an arbitrary board of non-medical representatives, that will decide if you need this care and if it is cost-effective under Obamacare if it is not repealed.  You were promised that your premiums will not go up.  As a woman, you have seen your premiums double as you see your family’s quality of life suffer. This will not end under another Obama Presidency but will get worse as he gets his “flexibility” in a second term.

Once independents and women look at the reality of Barack Obama and not the facade that he puts on for gullible voters, you must choose for your family to vote positively for their future and the future of this country. Many GOP candidates for the next couple of months will present a desperate, narrow-minded and finally vindictive character as Rick Santorum has recently shown.  Newt Gingrich who has lived his life largely on the government dole and has immersed himself with lobbyists and special interests throughout his career, holds on to his last chance of taking Obama’s place, and that is exactly what he envisions, just a change in the Oval Office, despite his anti-big government rhetoric.

Mitt Romney becomes the only true consistent, free enterprise, pro-American, pro-jobs and pro-women candidate. Take a look at this man’s personal life. His dedication to family, to his faith and his work ethic alone would qualify him over Barack Obama.  But his experience in the private sector, working through companies to make them stronger, building new companies along the way, is exactly the type of dedication that women need for a prosperous and happy future for themselves and their family.  Mitt’s promise to repeal a Federally-mandated Obamacare is real, his passion and love for this country are real. And his promise to cut spending, reduce the size of government which is currently 37% of our economy, and start balancing the budget are real.

I’ll ask you to step back and remember the time you made the most important decision of your life – your choice of a husband or life partner.  You didn’t choose the flashy guy that won you over with expensive dinners and cheap talk. You didn’t choose the man who spent everything and had no sense of personal responsibility. And you didn’t choose the man who promised you the world because that is what you wanted to hear.  You chose to share your life with a rock solid, hard-working fellow that was reliable, trustworthy, steady and caring about your future.

That is your choice in this election and you must use your head!  Mitt Romney is steady, consistent, hardworking, and singularly focused on restoring our economy and America’s standing in the world.  Unlike President Obama, to squander taxpayer money on frequent date nights,  frequent vacations and taking off to explore golf every week with his buddies, is beneath Mitt; he doesn’t need it to inflate his own ego and importance.  You also cannot find one instance in the last 2 years of exposure to the public in which Mitt Romney has said a personal negative word about someone – he only comments on policies and actions or inactions of others – truly a class act. He is not flashy; charisma is not important to him, but care he does.  Just look at his wife, Ann Romney, who has stood by him all these years, and you see the man behind Mitt Romney.

I hope women really consider carefully their votes this year because it will take women to make the difference in whether we keep slipping backwards or whether we go forward and restore our Country. I hope I don’t have to wake up November 7, 2012 and think “What were you thinking?”

Remembering Pearl Harbor

by Richard H. Frank

December 7, 1957 was a day not much different from any other for those of us stationed at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Illinois.  The company of recruits that I was a part of was in the process of finishing our basic training and preparing for graduation.

Our company Commander, Chief Boatswain’s mate John J. Barcus, was  a tough, seasoned veteran of World War II and Korea and in the final assignment of his career.  His facial features resembled those of the Actor Wallace Beery and his voice and mannerisms also were characteristically similar.

Throughout the three months of training under the scrutiny of Chief Barcus, each recruit under his charge grew to respect his knowledge, the service and above all, our Country.  The Chief never showed favoritism for any particular recruit under his charge nor did he fraternize  with the recruits when off duty or on a liberty pass.  His personal life was a mystery to all of us with one exception. That exception was that we knew he drove a brand new silver and black 1957 Chevrolet two door with a red interior.  He kept his car as spotless and sharp as he did his uniform, service ribbons and the gold hash marks on the sleeve of  his coat indicating his years of service.

On this particular December 7th, the Chief entered our barracks, removed his cap and motioned for the company to gather around the picnic table located in the center of the barracks upon which he was seated.  He went on to say that we, company 399, had completed our basic training and distinguished ourselves by winning the coveted “E” Flag for excellence.  He stated he was proud of us and that we too should be proud of our accomplishments as recruits.

He went on to say that for many career Navy men this particular day, December 7th, held a special significance. It was the beginning of a long and terrible war initiated by the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Imperial Navy on December 7, 1941 resulting in the loss of over 2500 American service personnel.  The Chief went on to explain that the date for him held a very personal significance as he withdrew a small piece of newsprint from his wallet.  The paper was yellowed but the print was clear as he read aloud the Death Notice from  his hometown newspaper reporting the death notice of 18-year old, Seaman John J. Barcus of the USS Arizona.

Chief Barcus carried this notice with him as a reminder of the events of that morning, December 7, 1941 at about 8:00 am and how lucky he was to be alive.

The Chief went on to tell us that he had the duty on that particular Sunday morning and had just finished setting up the altar for non-denominational Sunday worship on the fantail of the Arizona.

According to the Chief, he was in the process of proceeding below deck when the first wave of Japanese bombers struck the Arizona.  He stated there was mass confusion as General Quarters was sounded and the crew was ordered to battle stations.  He recalled the Arizona being hit and the explosion that followed and the order to abandon ship.

The Chief said he didn’t recall being frightened but that he needed to proceed below deck to his bunk to recover a new pair of boots he had purchased the previous evening in Honolulu while on liberty.  He said one of the Boatswain’s mates grabbed him forcing him overboard into the water covered with burning oil.

The Chief said the last thing he remembered as he hit the burning oil and water was that he could not swim.  Seaman John Barcus ,badly burned, somehow wound up on a nearby beach where he was found and carried to a civilian hospital near Pearl Harbor.  He was reported missing in action and presumed killed during the attack and believed to be entombed with 1177 shipmates still, to this day, aboard the Arizona .

John Barcus remained in the hospital for two weeks before he was able to identify himself to naval personnel and eventually return to duty.  According to Chief Barcus he carried his obituary in memory of his shipmates and all of those that gave their lives at Pearl Harbor.  He carried the scars of burns on his face as a reminder of that fateful day each morning as he looked into the mirror to shave.

Fifty three years have passed since Chief Barcus told us of his experience at Pearl Harbor. My attempts to establish what happened to the Chief have failed to find any record of his having been on the  Arizona’s ships roster, nor can I find a record of his having been at the training center in 1957. This fact may be due to my  inability to recall the proper spelling of his name, or just the accuracy of records kept 69 years ago.  When asked why he would have made up such a story, my answer is that I don’t think he did. There was nothing in his telling us what happened to make him out to be a hero, but only to honor the memory of those that served and died that day. According to unofficial records there are only 20 remaining living veterans from the Arizona in 2010. These men are members of a very special elite group of individuals.

I don’t know if Chief Barcus is among those alive today, or if he has been lost to us as some 800 veterans/day from WWII join the Almighty. Still, his memory is alive with those of us from Company 399 and all of  the young sailors trained by Chief John J. Barcus, USN.


Another Slap in the Face to Our Military by Obama!

by Richard H. Frank

This afternoon my wife and I had the honor to line the funeral route and show our respect for a young Marine Corps Sgt. Jason D. Calo of Mancelona, MI along with hundreds of grateful citizens for his ultimate sacrifice to his Country.  The funeral procession, escorted by several police cars and an honor guard of marines, family and friends, was trailed by no less than 100 members of Rolling Thunder in a show of respect for the service of a young man to his Country.  The sight is something those present will never forget and is being repeated across this great nation almost daily.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to every hero, their families and friends that have and are yet to experience such a sad but proud occasion.

Upon our return home we were greeted with the news of the Obama Administration’s latest insult to our military men and their families in the form of an announcement that the Justice Department had shelved (dropped) all charges against Abd Al-Rahim al Nashiri, the alleged mastermind behind the suicide bombing of the USS Cole in 2000.  Seventeen American sailors were killed in this unprovoked attack along with wounding of dozens of other servicemen.  Al-Mashiri was captured in 2002 and has been held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Camp 7 since 2007 awaiting trail by military tribunal.  The delay in proceeding with his prosecution was first affected by the review and reform of the system of military commissions and further placed on hold by Obama’s January 22, 2009 Executive Order to freeze all military tribunals at GITMO.

According to military prosecutors at GITMO, they have been prepared to proceed but the stay order to halt all referrals for trial of GITMO detainees by Secretary of Defense Gates has not been lifted.  The continuing argument concerning jurisdiction of the military or a Federal Court seems moot as this attack took place outside the US and against a military vessel and surely falls within the province of our military justice system.

However, once against we see Eric Holder and Barack Obama’s political philosophy and ideology taking precedence over the law.  “Social justice” politics taking precedence over justice under our law and our Constitution.  Confessed members of Al Qaeda, enemy combatants and traitors would all be afforded the rights of all Americans if Holder and Obama are to prevail. What of the rights of those brave members of our military and their families to see those that committed heinous crimes against them brought to justice swiftly?  Holder and Obama would sooner prosecute a member of our military over those that have committed crimes against America.  At what level does this Administration’s actions approach “high crimes and misdemeanors?”  The Federal Government’s refusal to enforce existing immigration law and secure our borders and their procrastination with regard to prosecution of enemy combatants seem to walk a narrow line for charges of impeachment.

We may all mark August 27, 2010 on our calendar as just another slap in the face by the Obama Administration to those that serve our Country in the military and their families.  This Administration lacks honor and has no shame.  In case you can’t guess, I am “mad as hell” and we should all be “mad as hell” and Remember in November and again in 2012.

Heros, Patriots and our President!

By: Richard H. Frank

I expect if a survey was taken today asking the American on the street the meaning of Memorial Day we would be shocked at the answers we would receive. For most young people, and many under 50 years of age, it is a holiday that ushers in the summer season for all the fun activities such as swimming, boating, barbeque and celebration with drink and huge fireworks displays. Those of us having received a more traditional education, and for many having lived the horrors of war, understand the real meaning of the Holiday. We honor the memory and service of those heros and patriots that made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Following the Civil War it was called “Decoration Day” for the observance of those families that decorated the graves of those killed in the fight to preserve our Union and Constitution. In 1868 the day assumed the title of Memorial Day and in 1971 was finally recognized in the “National Holiday Act” as the official day in remembrance of those who have died in the service of our country and to preserve America’s liberty. Today we honor those heros and patriots that paid the highest price for the freedoms we enjoy in America today. Their sacrifices were as follows for those of you that did not have the advantage of an unaltered history education:

  • Civil War – 618,000 killed.
  • WWI – 908,371 killed.
  • WWII – 292,000 killed.
  • Korea – 33,665 killed.
  • Vietnam – 58,226 killed.
  • Golf I – 378 killed.
  • Iraq – 4287 killed and counting.

That totals 1, 343,927 souls that have sacrificed their lives in fulfillment of their oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and to preserve our liberties. These are the men and women we honor on Memorial Day. The tradition is that our President lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns as our country’s acknowledgement to their ultimate sacrifice is an honored tradition not to be taken lightly. Yet today we are told that President Obama will delegate the ceremony to Vice President Biden as he is taking a long weekend holiday with his family in Chicago, but will be back to greet Paul McCarthy. Apparently our Commander-in-Chief doesn’t feel the photo-op of placing the wreath is as important as his appearance at the Lincoln Cemetary in Chicago, or is it that he will make some “token” appearance to honor our soldiers. What must the troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan think about choosing where they would like to be  when meeting their sworn responsibility this Memorial Day?

General George S. Patton was vilified for reportedly slapping a soldier for what he perceived as being  a coward. Patton said his purpose was to restore the individual’s integrity and honor to service for his country. President Obama’s decision not to participate in the Arlington ceremony constitutes a  slap in the face to every man and woman who served in the military and makes general Patton’s actions look like a national hero.

For the first time in my life I am ashamed of the President of the United States. Not the Office of the President but the man holding that office. I am sure I speak for many veterans and gallant men serving our country today. Not withstanding our President, ” May God bless America and those brave Americans serving our nation today and the memory of those that have served in the past!”