Union Members No Longer Have “Freedom of Speech”

In recent news, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and AFL-CIO, among others, have announced that they will usurp approximately $100,000 from each organization and use it to fund payments to community organizing efforts of having individuals go “door to door” to encourage (intimidate) prospective voters to vote for Barack Obama.  You would think that these “volunteers” would be made up of nothing but union members, but they will use Acorn-based activists, disenchanted young people who have no goals or vision in life other than the “adoration” of President Obama, and lastly SEIU thugs, to come to your door (remember the voter intimidation at polling places by this group).  Seniors make up a very substantial group of voters not impressed with the President’s policies and and who are angered by his secular Progressive agenda and failure as a President.  Imagine your mother and father being subjected to either phone calls or a knock on the door by this group of Obamaites!

Employees in this Country for years have joined the unions because they provided them a voice within their companies, for job, wage, and benefit negotations.  Further worthwhile goals of the unions were to assure that there are no discriminatory practices in those companies in hiring practices. Union dues for members were to go for those types of activities and to support union activities benefiting all members.   All well and good.

The subject of the deterioration and aggressiveness of unions in this Country, though, is the subject of another blog as it a huge topic.  The purpose of my blog is to bring to light the devious and corrupt way that Unions have permeated the landscape of our Country and taken away the voice of the individual union member and used it to further Union Management’s political Progressive agenda.  They no longer care about their workers or they would not take away the “voice” of each individual union member and make it their own.

Take a look at the indisputable figures for yourself in http://www.usnews.com/opinion/mzuckerman/articles/2011/02/11/the-great-jobs-recession-goes-on.  Of the 8.8 million jobs lost between 2007-2009, we have only recovered 900,000 of those jobs because of seasonal, census and other temporary jobs.  Millions have left the workforce and are in the ranks of the permanently unemployed which the current monthly jobs and unemployment charts never reflect, and on average 350,000 new workers hit the streets unemployed every week.  The answer to “why” is complicated yet very simple.  We have a pro-union, pro-regulation, pro-Big Government President and Administration who, along with their Union buddies, have fought constantly against “right to work” laws being legislated in many states; have fought companies trying to negotiate concessions from unions that are bankrupting their companies, and who refuse to acknowledge that their “wages and benefits” packages, which are more than double the average non-union benefit package, cannot be sustained.  This is true especially for government unions, both Federally and in the states.

Those are the types of voices and arguments that you will hear as they knock on your door this election season.  Not ones of prosperity and a chance for all Americans to see a true recovery start in this Country through expansion and de-regulation of private enterprise, but instead, you will will hear divisive arguments for continuation of the greatest entitlement and nanny state government that we have ever had, anti-business rhetoric, and a promise to keep things as they are under Obama.

Remember the real facts as you open your door this Summer and Fall……


Obama’s Agends is America’s Tsunami!

By: Richard H. Frank

 Over the past four years, beginning with the Presidential Campaign for the 2008 election we have listened to both political parties proclaim that the economy and job creation was the number one priority for their administration should they be elected. The American public was forced to listen to the hollow promises of “Hope and Change” that would fundamentally change America and the world should Obama’s liberal progressive agenda be adopted. Since that time (2009) what have we endured as a nation?

  • Average retail price of gasoline has increased 100% from $1.83 in 2009 to $3.66 today.
  • Crude Oil price/barrel increased 135% and we still lack a cohesive energy policy.
  • Unemployment rate continues to hover between 9 and 10% even with the government’s alteration in the method for calculating the number.
  • Number of food stamp recipients increased by 22% and rising.
  • Number of long term underemployed 146.2% increase.
  • Government’s solution to spend our way to recovery has increased the national debt by 32.2% to reach $14.0 trillion.
  • Over 6 million homes currently in foreclosure in spite or TARP monies given to the banks to implement mortgage loan modification programs.
  • Our health care industry costs continuing the upward spiral out of control due to the liberal progressives ramming the unpopular legislation dubbed “Obama care” down the throats of Americans over their overwhelming objections.

The travesty to all of these situations is that they are the result of our Federal Government overstepping the enumerated powers defined in our Constitution. The first 5 items listed above could be immediately impacted and reversed if the Federal Government and its agencies would get out of the way of the free enterprise system and develop a comprehensive energy policy for America that does not change with every congressional and presidential election. Energy independence for America will result in establishing a free market price for oil and not that controlled by Mideast cartels.

The $816 billion that was spent on stimulus by the Administration and the 111th Congress accomplished just one thing. That was to create a 2% increase in government sector jobs; jobs which must be paid for with the sweat of those Americans working in the private sector.

Today, the announcement was made that the housing market reached its lowest level in the past 9 years. The resulting loss in equity to those seniors that have invested in their homes while raising their families in order to provide for a return after retirement find themselves facing a future without an equity nest-egg with which to supplement retirement and in many cases foreclosure as the banks refuse to respond to their request for loan modifications.

Lastly, we now are finding out what is in the “Affordable Health Care Law” forced upon every American as part of the “Hope and Change” agenda of this administration. Each and every argument set forth in opposition to this law is now proving to be true. Twenty-six states are suing the Federal Government for the law either being unconstitutional or for its violation of the 10th Amendment provision upholding States sovergnity.

The mid-term elections of 2010 expressed the will of the people against continued uncontrolled spending and limiting the size of the Federal Government. Yet, just four short months following that election, Congress and the President, act as though the election never took place and are conducting business as usual.  There are 31% of Americans that approve of the Presidents management of our economy. The remaining 69% are tired of his unending platitudes and proclamations that jobs and the economy are his number one priority and that we must stop spending when he continues to proceed without a budget for 2011 and has the nerve to present a $3.7 trillion proposal to Congress for 2012 that contains an additional $1.6 trillion deficit.

If stupidity, or doubletalk, could be considered a high crime or misdemeanor we would have cause to remove this unqualified novice from office. Unfortunately, we must rely upon the 112th Congress to keep him in check.  Many will say that we are destined for gridlock as long as Harry Reid sets the agenda in the Senate. I would gladly endure the next two years of gridlock until we can replaced Obama, Reid, Pelosi and RINOs who refuse to take the hard decisions to address the budget and unsustainable entitlements that have bankrupted this once great nation, and elect men of principle to put America on a course to true recovery.

The 111th Congress-Arrogant or Just Plain Stupid!

by Richard H. Frank

The Washington, D.C. soap opera continues as members in the House of Representatives and the Senate play chicken with the economic future of this Nation and the American people.  From the perspective of many Americans it would be better if the 111th Congress would just take a recess and go home until January 5th, 2011 when the New 112th Congress takes office.

Apparently, these legislators did not get the message from the electorate in the 2010 mid-term elections.  If they did, then we are witness to pure arrogance and disdain for their constituents on the part of Congress.

The existing debt limit for Government is now $14.1 trillion and has been raised ten times in recent years.  Should the Omnibus Spending Bill now in the Senate be passed to fund our Government, America will incur an additional $1.1 trillion in debt which will exceed the existing limit.  Passing this legislation will add insult to injury and “We the People” should keep a list of each and every member of Congress that votes for the 1924+ page monstrosity and show them the door when they come up for re-election.

Call your Congressmen and Senators and tell them “enough is enough” and that they must vote against out-of- control Government spending or face the consequences for their actions.

Should they not get the message that they work for us, we will give them a chance to work for someone else beginning in 2012.  The world is watching our ability and willingness to tackle our out-of-control spending and Congress is not heeding the warnings of those world economists that have said our economic standing in the world can turn on a dime based upon our actions.  Just say “No.”

President’s Voting “Present” is Akin to Dereliction of Duty

by Jayne D. Frank

With the American economy on the brink of collapse with its debt, staggering unemployment, entitlement promises that cannot be kept, and a national security policy that must be the laughing stock of the world, today, we find the President dead silent once again and voting “Present” before the Debt Commission takes its vote on the Commission Report just released which would force a vote in Congress.  Let us review recent instances where the President has tried to appease his far-left base by remaining silent where a Commander-in-Chief has the responsibility to weigh in for no other reason than to give confidence to the American people:

  • He has failed to speak out and provide support for the Debt Commission report
  • He failed to speak out and act for months in the Gulf Oil Disaster
  • The President couldn’t bring himself to immediately speak out on the wisdom of building the Ground Zero Mosque
  • He abdicated the creation of the disastrous health care bill to Congress
  • His response to the North Korean provoked attack on South Korea was weak at best
  • The length of time it took for him to respond to the Military’s request for additional troops in Afghanistan was deplorable
  • He has failed to acknowledge terrorist attacks of Muslim extremists (i.e., Fort Hood massacre), the underwear bomber, Time Square bomber and the latest attempt to kill thousands at a Portland, OR Christmas celebration
  • He has made the decision not to speak out on the necessity of having military trials for terrorists (both foreign and domestic) to assure that people who are tried for attempting to or were successful in killing Americans are prosecuted thoroughly and are given just punishment.
  • His latest surrender of his duty is his failure to make any decisions to extend the tax cuts for everyone, including businesses and individuals that are the only source for creating private-sector jobs in this County.  He left that decision once again, with less than 30 days for an action to take place, to subordinates to handle.

The list goes on, but the point is that the American people cannot afford to have a President who doesn’t have the courage to defend our Country, make the crucial decisions necessary to save our economy and our jobs, and does not have the knowledge, experience or conviction to be strong overseas or in America concerning national security. The only time he speaks out is when, on occasions such as the recent spike to 9.8% unemployment level, he comes on camera to say “I didn’t do it!”  It reminds me of a small boy being called on the carpet by his parents.  I will call it like it is.  He is a weak President, unable to perform the duties of his office, and I just pray to God that we come out of this four-year debacle of his Presidency able to recuperate and bring about legislation to reverse his actions which were nothing more than pandering to his extremist left base supporters.

Republicans Were Not Swept Into Office to Compromise!

by Jayne D. Frank

If you heard the press conferences today from both President Obama and the Republicans, you would have thought they were in two different meetings.  Obama races to the microphone before the last Republican is out the door and his stale, repetitive rhetoric that the American people made their voices clear that they wanted us to cooperate and get things done, is just disingenuous, and his most comical line was that “there will be plenty of time for campaigning.”  What has this man been doing for the last 2 years but campaigning for his extreme Marxist agenda.   He is no longer believable and the only source that the American people have for verifying the Government’s intent is their actions.

Speaker Boehner also sat there after the meeting today in the White House and said that the President “clearly heard the people” and he was glad to see that the President is going to assign a team of people from Secretary Geitner’s Office and OMB to meet with 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans to come to agreement on the Bush Tax Cuts.

What is the matter with you people in Washington?  The people did speak clear and loud, giving you Republicans resounding victories in the House and Senate, but with strings attached to those victories.  We gave you a mandate to get rid of this class warfare of the Obama Administration and extend the tax cuts for not only the middle class but for All Americans, especially those that actually produce jobs and will bring revenue into the economy.  We told you that we didn’t want you passing any legislation that you did not read or have time to read, and that extends to ratification of the START treaty which is completely unnecessary for getting done in the lame duck session of Congress.   Americans told you to cut spending, cut Government redundant or useless programs and stop wasteful pork projects.

More importantly, we gave you your seats in the House and Senate as guardians of our Constitution and you swore to uphold that Constitution.  Do not forget this, because we won’t and we will hold your feet to the fire.

Politics in America – The Perpetual Campaign!

By: Richard H. Frank

Over the past decade we have seen the political process in this nation evolve from the selection of qualified representatives to govern to an “American Idol” system based upon non-stop campaigning to gain the popular advantage over an opponent. No sooner have the results of an election been tabulated, and even before the winners are sworn in, do the professional politicians begin the campaign for the next election.

Take for example the case of Barack Obama following his election to the 110th Congress as the junior Senator from Illinois . Two years following his taking the oath of office as Senator  he was elected President. By all accounts he devoted a total of approximately nine months, in the interim period between elections, at “real” legislating. The balance of his term as Senator was spent campaigning for President and not doing the business of his constituents in Illinois.

On November 3, 2010 the cycle is once again repeating itself, not only in the Democrat’s camp but also in that of the Republicans. The reality is that the media and the 24-hour 7-day news cycle is largely to blame for this phenomenon. The lead story on most television newscasts is not what must be done by government to solve the nation’s pressing problems, but who is most likely to defeat incumbents in the next election. What ever happened to our “Representative Republic” where politics took  second or even third place to governing in the best interests of “We the People”?

The situation in America today reminds me of my experience from 20 years ago while travelling extensively on business in South America and Mexico. Political campaigns seemed to be never-ending and run like marathons. Could it be that we in America are approaching politics as many second and third world countries do?

Perhaps a change in the process needs to take place where a moratorium is placed on primaries, conventions and campaigning until 6 months before any election is held. In the interim those in office and those seeking office might just concentrate on the people’s business and less upon their own re-election.

All the political pundents and advertising agencies will cry foul since campaigning in America is a multi-billion dollar business. A business that creates nothing of lasting value nor anything to spur lasting economic growth.

The question being asked by all the talking heads this morning is who can defeat Barack Obama in the 2012 Presidential election? I for one think that President Obama will defeat himself should he not change the course his administration is presently pursuing. Whether he believes it or not, the electorate has rejected his pledge to “fundamentally change America and the world.” Should he continue to insist upon his agenda and ideology he does so at his own peril and that of his party.

He needs to recognize that his only challenge does not reside within the Republican party but from within his own. I for one believe he lacks the experience, qualifications, maturity and dedication to the values and principles embodied within our Constitution to hold the office of President of The United States. Further I believe history will record Barack Obama as his own worst enemy.

Governing in a State of Denial or Just Arrogance?

by Richard H. Frank

This week marks the beginning of the end for the reign of the infamous 111th Congress of the United States of America.  As they enter into their lame duck session, resulting from the massive “shellacking” to the Democrat majority in the 2010 mid-term elections, we can only pray that they understand the message sent by the American voters.

Unfortunately, the Democrat leadership either remains in denial of the results or is just stubbornly arrogant and refuses to accept the reason for their historic defeat.  Simply stated, the American people reject the socialist ideology and agenda put forth by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama.  Moreover, they refused to listen when their constituents raised objections to the methods by which they governed and imposed onerous legislation upon every American.

Now that “We the People” have sent the message,  what sort of change may we expect to see during the ongoing lame duck session?  Don’t hold your breath.  In the House of Representatives, moves are afoot to push for passage of such unpopular legislation such as “The Dream Act,” energy policy reform and blocking extension of the Bush tax cuts for all Americans.  The latter may easily be accomplished through gridlock and  having those rates expire on December 31, 2010 under the existing legislation.

The political games continue under the gavel of Nancy Pelosi wherein she will seek and ultimately secure her position of leadership for the minority in the 112th House of Representatives.  She and Harry Reid have picked up on Obama’s mantra that Democrats did a poor job of communicating to the American people their message and are taking steps to correct this during the 112th Congress. Reid has created a new position of leadership in the Senate for NY Senator Schumer overseeing communications for the majority.  Likewise, Pelosi has created a yet untitled position for Representative Clyborn which yanks him off the #2 position he earned, and this “newly created” position is only given to appease the black caucus and assure  her controlling the minority house leadership.  All this maneuvering for power with little effort to addressing the business of the people.

If you don’t think arrogance still is prevalent among the Democrats, look at Charles Rangel’s guilty conviction from the Senate Ethics committee yesterday.  For two years, Mr. Rangel knew these charges had been brought; for two years he had time to hire lawyers to represent him before the Committee and craft a defense.  And what does Mr.  Rangel do?  He storms out of the Ethics Committee that he fought to appear before in order to clear his name, saying he wasn’t prepared. Even in the face of being found guilty, he alleges that he did nothing wrong.  Mr. Rangel, Americans are taking names, watching Congress, watching their votes and their actions, and we will not forget when it comes time to pass legislation or elect new Congressmen or a new President the next time around. Please be assured that the American people who worked so hard during these past mid-term elections to get people like you out of office and stop the Democratic-socialist agenda, will still work hard to Take America Back and we will not go quietly into the night….