Obamacare – The Cancer Which Will Kill America

by Richard H. Frank

The closer we get to the full implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act the more we learn about the incredulous elements hidden within the 906 pages of this disastrous law.  One by one every prediction made by opponents of this law are coming to pass, including every prediction in the history of this Blog.

The mythical 30 million uninsured people allegedly to be covered by the law shrinks with each passing day along with the quality of care provided by the industry for every American.  Doctors, hospitals and medical implement suppliers find themselves struggling to understand the more than 15,000 regulations written by HHS with more to come before 2016.

Notwithstanding the claims from the liberal progressives in Congress that this legislation would not come between you and your doctor, we now know that you will not be able to keep your insurance nor your doctor as promised by Barack Obama.  The law is structured to ultimately destroy private insurance by limiting their profit potential to a fixed margin or substantial losses for providing existing levels of coverage to their subscribers.

Moreover, businesses employing 50 people or more know that it is to their advantage to pay the Government-imposed fine than to pay escalating premiums for private insurers resulting from Obamacare regulations.  Currently, the CBO estimates that more than 7 million Americans will lose their current coverage and potentially doctors as their employers opt out of providing insurance to employees.

Drug companies and medical device manufacturers are already cutting costs by curtailing employment and investments in research and development.  The same is true of other industries as the detail undisclosed in the regulations written and  yet to come create a level of uncertainty that most Boards of Directors are averse to taking that level of risk.

Recently, it has been reported that HHS is revisiting their commitment to cover preexisting conditions as the projected costs of doing so would be enormous.

Yet, we see Barack Obama, Kathleen Sebellus, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi steadfastly pushing the implementation of this disastrous law forward.  Currently, the CBO has changed their projected cost of the legislation from $900 billion to more than $2.6 trillion and continuing.

The real objective of this administration is to drive the U.S. to a European-style single payer system that will that limit the access for care to every American.

Left unchecked by Congress there is no stopping the relentless advance of this cancerous law from bankrupting the nation.  Unlike the repeal of prohibition more than 80 years ago that had an immediate impact on crime, by 2016 and the end of Obama’s term, it may be too late to reverse the damage done to the nation’s health care industry under Obamacare.

Congress still holds the power of the purse and notwithstanding Obama’s veto power, it can strangle funding for portions of the law and substantially delay its implementation should the members have the strength of purpose to truly represent their constituents.  When more than 68% of the electorate oppose the law as written and a majority support repeal it is time for Congress to do their job and represent “We the People.”


Obama’s Legacy 2.0

by Jayne D. Frank

It has been quite a few months since we have posted on our blog; quite simply, our entire extended family was “stunned” at the naivety and ignorance of the people who elected Barack Obama to continue denigrating and transforming this Country into a declining economic and military force in the World.  Our blog mission has always been to educate the country in the agenda of a man totally unequipped and inexperienced to handle the job of President and Commander-in-Chief.  It was our desire to allow visitors to the blog to actually think for themselves and to understand the difference between the words and hyperbole of Barack Obama and his actions, so that we could  put this 4-year disaster behind us.  Our final reaction to the 2012 election was “Now they deserve what they get…..”

It is amazing, however, how many Americans we have run into in our travels who were similarly shocked at the election outcome and are going to continue to resist the takeover of our private economy by our Government and to try to preserve our God-given freedoms.  Our blog readers deserve nothing less than that.

One of the most high-profile issues that will have to eventually rear its ugly head in Barack Obama’s second term, is the issue of Entitlements.  Today I asked my husband “Who could possibly feel good about what this man has done in the last four years?” and the answer was obvious.  The more than $8.8 million people on disability, the people on unemployment who no longer even try to work who still get unemployment after so many Government extensions, and those on welfare.  Those include those at the lower end of the poverty spectrum who continue to irresponsibly have more babies in order to collect an ever-growing stash of money from the Government for doing so.  The values of many in this entitlement system are truly warped, but who can blame them when money is just being thrust at them with no accountability in exchange for taking it.  The takers also demean and diminish the people who truly need assistance from the Government (i.e., the truly disabled and those that find themselves, through no fault of their own needing financial assistance just to survive).

One example comes to mind which simply illustrates the absurdity and waste by the Government in providing disability money.  We had recently been looking around for a used pontoon boat and we ran across a 29-year old man selling one such boat from his driveway .  He said that he and his dad had just finished totally stripping the old boat of its furnishings and fixtures to rebuild the boat from the ground up, which obviously took a great deal of time, money and manual labor to finish. He then told us that he was “retired” now and was getting disability because he was having some problems with his back from being in a car accident.  He explained how he now has the leisure time to do landscaping in his new house as well as fix it up as he and his wife had always wanted to do.  This young man, not yet 30 years old, was far more healthy and able to work than hundreds of thousands of hard-working Americans that pull themselves out of bed every morning to get to their waitressing job or work in a factory.  What we felt at the end of meeting him was shame!  Shame that this young man exemplifies thousands of others who are scamming the system.  Shame that our Government would even grant this claimant a lifetime of disability benefits on the backs of taxpayers.  And shame that my paraplegic sister who was cared for in a nursing home, and thousands like her, are in danger of losing their benefits because of people abusing the disability system.  This young man and others who abuse the disability system would rather subsist as a parasite on the Government dole rather than take responsibility for himself and his family.  Between 2008 and now, disability benefits have skyrocketed  – an increase of $5 million.  Who ultimately pays that bill?  You do!

A recent newspaper article also highlighted the abuse of the welfare system.  A young man under the age of 35 had recently died.  His obituary talked about the 15 children that he had fathered (by numerous women.) The article went on to describe how much of an “entrepreneur” he was – that through Federal and State welfare monies for those children and their mothers, his “extended family” was able to bring in over $100,000 annually in income without having to lift a finger to earn that money.  Who pays for all those children?  You do!

There is absolutely nothing that Barack Obama is going to do in his second term, as illustrated in Tuesday’s State of the Union address, to fix this broken system.  His social justice makeover of America is alive and well and abuses like those illustrated above will only continue to flourish if there is no accountability and cuts made to those programs.  In this SOTU address, he also had the audacity to tell us that his programs, just as with Obamacare, “would not add one dime to the deficit,” including a brand new useless entitlement program such as “preschool for everyone.”  Who would pay for that additional program?  You would!