J. Christopher Stevens Left for Dead because of Obama Campaign Agenda

by Jayne D. Frank

As Americans remain shocked and outraged at the senseless and planned murder of our Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, I fear that he will have died in vain.  He will be swept under the rug by the Obama Administration because of the continued appeasement rhetoric of both President Obama and especially Hillary Clinton and because this is an election year.

Today’s speech by Hillary Clinton once again tried to blame the planned and coordinated attack on America’s embassies by Islam extremists on an video and shockingly said that the reason any video of this sort cannot be stopped by their  Administration is that “it is because of a long-standing tradition” in America that we cannot do so.  In fact, that right of free speech is strictly protected by our U.S. Constitution, a document that this President has declared to be “fundamentally flawed.”

What is at play here is a sad combination of events which will render the death of J. Christopher Stevens “collateral damage” in the eyes of Obama and Hillary Clinton.  President Obama made no bones about stating early on as a candidate for President, that if the political winds turned against the Muslims, that he would “stand with the Muslims.”  Combined with his continued agenda to reintroduce the “Fairness Doctrine” and have the Government control the internet, they both pounced on this senseless murder of our Ambassador to hone in on that agenda.

We have waited for two days now for a strong American reaction and response to terrorists attacking our embassies around the world, but it will not come out from this very timid and apologetic Administration.  President Obama will continue to “stand with the Muslims” and Hillary Clinton, his puppet and surrogate,  will continue to apologize to anyone that might be offended by the mere existence of Americans.  Thus far, his comments have been solely with regard to the attack on the Libyan Consulate while avoiding any mention of desecration of the American flag at the embassy in Cairo, Egypt.  His typical response is to condemn “in the strongest terms” the actions of the Islamic radicals while tiptoeing around the fundamental ideology behind their actions.  This is the same President who when confronted about his not wearing the American Flag on his lapel said that he felt it represented a symbol of repression to some countries around the world.

Until these so-called nations of the Arab Spring accept their responsibility to protect American interests under International Law, all funding of support of their governments should be suspended immediately.  Should the President fail to act in this regard, Congress must assume their Constitutional authority to do so.

So once again, what did our Ambassador and 3 others die for?  So that radical Muslims who want Americans to die can have their right to say so?  So that The Muslim Brotherhood who stands for nothing but Sharia Law can take over these countries and take our millions of dollars in aid for furthering their own agenda? Stevens was put in his position in Libya by an Administration with no strength or leadership in America’s foreign policy, by a President who will do anything for the Muslims at the expense of our national security, and quite frankly had to know that the region was so unstable that Stevens would never get out alive.  Obama should hang his head in shame!

Update:  Today on September 25, 2012, in front of all the United Nations’ countries, Obama refused to say the words “Ambassador Stevens was murdered” or “Ambassador Stevens was assassinated.”  This President made the deliberate choice not to say that “terrorists” did this to Stevens in order to placate and “make nice” with the Arab countries around the world.  He once more pulled out the “video was responsible” theme instead of warning Arab and Muslim countries never to let this happen again,  therefore Ambassador Stevens did die in vain as the title of this blog indicates.  The facts are:  1) Ambassador Stevens had no security around him from the United States and the servicemen who rushed to his defense and were murdered with him were not assigned to guard him; 2) Instead of at least mourning the loss of Stevens or declaring his murder to be perpetrated by terrorists, the day after he was murdered, Obama left for a Las Vegas fundraiser and rally and did not participate in any Intel Briefings; and 3) President Obama and Hillary Clinton do not honor his memory by allowing his murder to be an everyday occurrence in the rise of the Arab Spring – they dishonor his memory and dishonor all those who serve as U.S. Ambassadors around the world.