Even Conservative Women Have Hearts!

by Jayne D. Frank

Any mother who has cradled her son because he came home crying after not making the school football team, or who has consoled her dejected husband after his life-long career has been yanked out from under him, saw what I saw last night before Barack Obama’s acceptance at the DNC.  It was Michelle Obama’s long hug and comforting words to her husband before his speech.  They were not smiling, it was not a celebratory hug and her words to him were not ones to do anything but comfort him.  Her eyes were the most telling – ones that said “Do the best you can…”  Both Michelle and Barack had previously received the devastating August jobs and unemployment figures and both also knew before the speech that 70% of Americans say that this Administration is going in the wrong direction.

I felt for the Obamas at that moment for many mothers and wives have been there before.  As the night continued and President Obama tried to find a way to justify his years of failure as President to improve the declining economic condition we Americans find ourselves in, you knew why Obama needed that hug.  There is no good news from his record as President and the only thing he could muster to say about the future is that we should “look off into the horizon.”

As a woman, I thought this scene was sad, but as a mother and wife, I know we must treat Barack Obama as we would do with ours sons or husbands in this situation.    We would tell our son that “perhaps you weren’t made for football but there are many other talents that you have,” or to our husbands who have lost their jobs “Maybe this is the time to try something new.”

So this is the time for American woman to know the truth and to take charge of their family’s economic future by saying Goodbye to Barack Obama and to give the Romney Team the mandate to 1) help create the environment where good high-paying jobs can be obtained by the unemployed, and to make sure 2) our sons and daughters have an environment where once they graduate from college or a trade school, that they will be able to get a job that they can be proud of.   It is time that women in America think with their heads and not with their hearts.

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