Barack Obama – The Great Illusionist

by Richard H. Frank

Watching the reaction to President Obama’s acceptance speech by the Party delegates at the convention last night placed the President among the great illusionists of our time.  the crowd was mesmerized by the worn-out empty promises spewed forth in speech after speech for the past four years.  Last evening his performance had more in common with David Copperfield that in listing his accomplishments which he wishes he could make disappear much like Copperfield does in his Las Vegas Act.

The President and the army of speakers that preceded him attempted to convince America of the illusion that under Obama’s leadership the Nation is on the right track to economic and personal prosperity.  Rather than admitting his policies on energy independence, health care, tax policy and deficit reduction have retarded the economic recovery, he doubled down on his disastrous record for failure.  Every promise this President has made has not materialized and the average American continues to suffer.  Unemployment according to Obama would not exceed 7.8% if his $850 billion stimulus would just be passed and would fall to 5.4% is just 3 years.  The rate has remained above 8% for the past 42 months.  The cost for health care premiums for the average family would drop by between $1500 and $2500.  Costs have risen by over 30% since Obamacare was signed into law.  The United States would achieve energy independence from the Middle East by 2016 with millions of jobs created in the “green” energy field.  Instead Obama has rejected the Keystone Pipeline, placed a moratorium on gulf oil and federal lands’ exploration but funded Mexico and Brazil to develop oil reserves offshore along the continental shelf.

Today, it was reported that the unemployment rate fell from 8.3 to 8.1%, a statistic for which Obama will surely spin in  his favor.  The truth be known, the lower rate is the result of an additional 368,000 Americans giving up and dropping out of the workforce.

Obama’s record is a record of absolute failure and when he pleads for more time because he perceives that we are on the right track he is living in a world of illusion of his own making.

As each of us enters  the voting booth in November we will have to decide how much more of the same we will be able to endure.  With each passing day Americans must decide on how much of their meager budget they can spend for food and clothing for their family as opposed to paying $ 3.82 per gallon of gasoline to drive to work.  Senior citizens see the purchasing power of their fixed incomes diminished daily by the policies of the Obama Administration driving many of those proud self-sufficient individuals to apply for food stamps just to retain a standard of living on the verge of poverty, often choosing whether to buy food or their most needed prescriptions.

This is the reality we live in today and the culmination to the illusion held by Barack Obama should we choose the path he has laid out for the American voter to choose from.  His path is one of dependence on Government for sustenance and the surrender of freedom to exercise our God-given rights to pursue excellence and prosperity as a Nation.

The choice is ours to make and will determine if our Representative Republic will survive as the beacon of freedom, exceptionalism and prosperity for the world to aspire to or if we will become just another member among the second-tier countries around the world.

Mr. President, I have made my choice and you have run out of time!  The curtain of illusion has been pulled back and replaced by the reality of your failed policies and agenda.  The time has come for you to go!

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