Warning – Obama’s Blueprint to Destroy America!

by Richard H. Frank

If ever there was any doubt in the mind of American voters about Barack Obama’s ideology, his speech this past weekend where he asserted “successful businessmen” (the rich in America) didn’t make it on their own, but achieved success because of Government, has eliminated that doubt.  Either he is completely ignorant of the workings of the free enterprise system or is the Marxist we have always suspected him to be.

Government produces nothing.  Just where does he think the money to create the infrastructure he credits to Government came from?  The financing for that infrastructure came directly from the citizens of this Country in the form of local, state and federal taxing of the “successful” individuals that had the foresight and initiative to create a good or service that resulted in profit and thus taxes that flowed to Government to build the nation’s infrastructure.

The debate is not which came first – “the chicken or the egg,” – it cannot be disputed in a free market capitalist economy.  Success of the individual produced the fuel that drives our economy and allows Government to exist.

In the world of Barack Obama, the Government is all-powerful and “We the People” are the serfs whose only purpose is to serve the Government.

The only tool at Obama’s disposal to achieve this “Marxist” vision is to trample the Constitution and make Congress and individual states impotent through regulation and Executive Fiat.  The first three and one-half years of his Presidency have demonstrated just how far he has moved this Country toward a tyrannical State reminiscent of the Soviet Union.

Four more years under Barack Obama will move this nation to a position of being second class in the world from that of the exceptional Country on earth whose values and principles others aspire to emulate.

Despite all of his rhetoric during the 2008 Presidential Campaign in which he promised to be the President for all Americans, he has in fact practiced decisive tactics that divide the Country into classes pitted against one another by  racial and economic conditions.  Race relations in  America have been set back by 50 years as a result of his quest for reparations for situations experienced from the nation’s founding through World War II.

Fairness, to Barack Obama, means taking from the successful and redistribution to others thus eliminating the initiative from people to take responsibility for their own lives to become totally dependent upon a handout from Big Brother.

Should he be re-elected in 2012 and his ideology takes root in America, where will the wealth come from to sustain the nation?  He will have killed the golden goose in the name of “fairness.”

The answer is simple.  Government will own everything.  The nation’s resources, business and private property will become a thing of the past.
“We the People” will no longer be the sovereigns over Government but be the slaves to that Government instead.

This great nation built over 236 years can be brought down in less than one decade under the Marxist ideology possessed by Barack Obama.


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