Mitt Romney is Becoming Another John McCain!

by Jayne D. Frank

It is 2 p.m. EST on June 28, 2012, the day the Supreme Court came down with a ruling that the Obamacare mandate was a tax; in direct contradiction to President Obama’s speeches to the American people that this was not a tax and no one would find their taxes raised.  More importantly, President Obama directly lied to the Congress and the Supreme Court in his speech that this was not a tax.  Clever – perhaps.  Dishonest and deceitful – most certainly.  And all the middle class in particular, will suffer greatly from their employers dropping their coverage and from rationing of care by this Government.

Looking at my email reply from Mitt Romney’s camp and his reaction to the SCOTUS ruling in public, I am certain that the Republicans will lose this election for the same reason John McCain lost the election – apathy.   Mr. Romney has been so entrenched in business his whole life, and his character is such, that he thinks that the 2012 election can be won much the same as if he were negotiating for a new merger, acquisition or acquiring a new client for Bain.   He is dead wrong and I am sure that he has advisors telling him as much.  Barack Obama did and said anything to be President and he will do and say “anything” to stay President and spread his redistribution agenda and further expand the Government to the point of no return.  The result of another Obama Presidential term is the loss of our liberty and a Country that few of us 50 and over will ever recognize.

To say that I am  furious about the fallout from this SCOTUS ruling and Mitt Romney’s reaction is probably understated.  I literally cried for my country and our children and grandchildren who will long survive me and who will have to live with the disastrous results of Obama’s agenda.

If Mitt Romney is at all serious about winning this election, maybe he should take his advice from the women in his life and surrounding him.  I’m sure their advice will be the same as mine.  Fight, damn it, fight!


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