Mitt Romney is Becoming Another John McCain!

by Jayne D. Frank

It is 2 p.m. EST on June 28, 2012, the day the Supreme Court came down with a ruling that the Obamacare mandate was a tax; in direct contradiction to President Obama’s speeches to the American people that this was not a tax and no one would find their taxes raised.  More importantly, President Obama directly lied to the Congress and the Supreme Court in his speech that this was not a tax.  Clever – perhaps.  Dishonest and deceitful – most certainly.  And all the middle class in particular, will suffer greatly from their employers dropping their coverage and from rationing of care by this Government.

Looking at my email reply from Mitt Romney’s camp and his reaction to the SCOTUS ruling in public, I am certain that the Republicans will lose this election for the same reason John McCain lost the election – apathy.   Mr. Romney has been so entrenched in business his whole life, and his character is such, that he thinks that the 2012 election can be won much the same as if he were negotiating for a new merger, acquisition or acquiring a new client for Bain.   He is dead wrong and I am sure that he has advisors telling him as much.  Barack Obama did and said anything to be President and he will do and say “anything” to stay President and spread his redistribution agenda and further expand the Government to the point of no return.  The result of another Obama Presidential term is the loss of our liberty and a Country that few of us 50 and over will ever recognize.

To say that I am  furious about the fallout from this SCOTUS ruling and Mitt Romney’s reaction is probably understated.  I literally cried for my country and our children and grandchildren who will long survive me and who will have to live with the disastrous results of Obama’s agenda.

If Mitt Romney is at all serious about winning this election, maybe he should take his advice from the women in his life and surrounding him.  I’m sure their advice will be the same as mine.  Fight, damn it, fight!


Barack Obama’s Unconstitutional Runaround Once Again Usurps the Powers Reserved to Congress!

by Richard H. Frank

It appears as though whenever the President changes his position on political policy or needs to energize his base by making statements contrary to his prior position, it is due to his continuous evolution of thought.  This is evidenced by his changed position toward same-sex marriage and his 180 degree course change on using Executive Orders to further his political agenda.

In 2008 candidate Obama stated “I taught the Constitution for ten years.  I believe in the Constitution.  I will obey the Constitution of the United States.  We’re not gonna use signing statements as a way of doing an end-run around Congress.”

Yet today, he announced he is using an Executive order to implement a portion of the “Dream Act” previously struck down by Congress in effect paving the way for amnesty for illegals between the age of 16 and 30 that were brought to this Country illegally by their parents.  In effect, he is giving Congress the middle finger in his quest to appeal to the Hispanic vote in November.  He is bypassing Congress to grant amnesty by Executive Fiat.

Ron Paul recently wrote in an article “Taking Executive Orders Too Far” the following:

“The vision of the founders was to set up a government that would remain small and unobtrusive via a system of checks and balances. That it has taken our government so long to get this big speaks well of the original design.  The founders also knew the overwhelming nature of governments was to amass power and grow.  The Constitution was to serve as the brakes on the freight train of government.

But the Obama administration, like so many administrations in the 20th century, chooses to ignore the Constitution entirely.  The increasingly broad use and scope of the Executive Orders is a prime example.  Executive Orders are meant to be a way for the president to direct executive agencies on the implementation of congressionally approved legislation.  It has become increasingly common for them to be misused in ways that are contradictory to congressional intent, or to bypass Congress altogether in enacting political agendas.  The current administration has unabashedly stated that Congress’s unwillingness to pass the president’s jobs bill means that the president will act unilaterally to enact provisions of it piecemeal through Executive Order.  Obama explicitly threatens to bypass Congress, thus aggregating the power to make and enforce laws in the executive.  This clearly erodes the principles of separation of powers and checks and balances.   It brings the modern presidency dangerously close to an elective dictatorship.

This administration certainly was not the first to behave in ways that have defied the Constitution to overstep its bounds.  Sadly, previous administrations have set precedent that the current administration is only building upon.  It is time for Congress to reassert itself and its constitutional role so that future administrations cannot continue on this dangerous path.”

Apparently our “evolving President” has a short memory when it comes to his statement in 2008 about the use of Executive Orders.   From 2009 to date, the president has issued 128 Executive Orders dealing with abortion, U.S. Armed Forces, American Indians and Alaskan native educational programs, Bosnia, business and industry, commissions, boards, committees, task forces, etc.  National Defense, energy, environment, faith-based organizations, Government agencies, Haiti, health Care, historical black colleges and universities, Iran, Kosovo, Libya, North Korea, patient protection and Affordable Care Act, Presidential records, regulatory cooperation, Somalia, stem cells, Syria, trade, veterans and Yemen.

These Orders all bypass Congressional view and are entered into the Federal Register where largely unseen they become law after 30 days. In the fall of 2011 Obama stated in answer to a question that he could not just issue an order to implement the “Dream Act” and must uphold the existing laws with regard to immigration. So now he is doing just that very thing.  Whatever happened to our Representative Republic where making laws are the responsibility of Congress and not the provence of the President?

The Constitution has no provision wthin it that specifies the use of Executive Orders to achieve a President’s political agenda but it does specifically limit the powers of the President and the Executive Branch of Government.  Between now and November, look for Barack Obama to go all out issuing orders designed to energize his base prior to the election.

His statement that he believes in and will obey the Constitution are not worth the breath he used to utter the words.  He is a man lacking scruples and he has no integrity.  Be aware that with each Executive Order he issues he is “fundamentally changing America” intruding on our freedoms and justifying his changing positions as the evolution in his thinking.

It’s time that “We the People” help him evolve from President Obama to just plain citizen Obama in November 2012.

Obamacare’s “Free Yearly Exam” by Your Doctor is a Fraud!

by Jayne D. Frank

If there’s anything senior citizens hate, it’s being lied to.  After 3-1/2 years of putting up with the Obama Administration’s song and dance about how great our economy is, how selfish America is, or that we must all pay “our fair share,” we should be used to the lies.  Everyone recently saw the grandiose commercials on TV for Obamacare’s new free annual physical that seniors will be able to get, but it is an outright lie!

I regularly take good care of myself:  I’ve never smoked, I exercise and I keep my weight down.    But for many decades now, I have had an annual physical by my doctor.  I request this so that I can have my blood checked for any signs of trouble.  I actually have my physician do breast exams and have him look at any questionable spots on my skin for early signs of skin cancer.  Also,  during this physical, we discuss any new potential issue I may have encountered such as joint or muscle pain and he takes the time to thoroughly go over my medicines and to discuss any other questions I may have.  This is MY hour, MY exam, and MY health, so leaving his office, I normally feel great about the state of my health and having received answers to the medical questions I may have.

Obamacare is the END of our annual physical as we may have known it.  To state otherwise is a blatant lie to seniors and those family members that may eventually have to care for them.  In the mail today from my doctor was a description of what my new physical (wellness exam) will look like.  I will have my clothes on the entire time.  He will measure my weight, blood pressure and my waist circumference (as if I don’t have a tape measure and scale at home).  He will discuss my risk for falling.   Really?  I am too busy enjoying living and finally enjoying retirement that falling is the last thing I am thinking about and am perfectly capable of  taking care of my own risk assessments around my house.   I will not be able to get my yearly blood work done or breast exam under this new “wellness” exam unless I pay for them separately at a different appointment.  Most assuredly, I will not be able to get my bone density tests (even though my mother had osteoporosis) nor will I be able to get medication to prevent the same from happening to me. There will be no way without taking your clothes off that a doctor can detect a mole that is precancerous, or notice your legs are swollen or changes to your normal skin tone.  These all are indicators of a more serious problem that might be going on.  But you DO get  a screening for depression, and God knows by now, you will be depressed when you start to get medical bills to pay which Medicare or your Medigap Insurance won’t pay because you have “opted” for your regular yearly physical instead of the Government’s “wellness exam.”

The most obnoxious of these “Medicare”-sponsored commercials shows a grandfather telling the world that thanks to his annual physical under Obamacare, the doctor detected a serious life-threatening condition that otherwise could have prevented him from seeing his grandchildren grow up.  Obviously, under Medicare’s new rules, he would have had to have been on death’s doorstep in order to have been diagnosed using the prescribed annual exam under Obamacare which precludes doctors from using the latest diagnostic tools during your annual physical.

The Government now expects doctors who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and years as interns for their education and who put up with years of grueling medical training, to now waste their valuable time and “sit” with fully clothed Medicare patients for 45 minutes once a year and talk about the time of day, and for a discounted payment at that.  Don’t forget that included in Obamacare is the requirement that older people be made aware of their “options” should they not like the care the doctor is able to provide. What ever happened to “if you like your Doctor and insurance plan you can keep them”; but at what additional cost?

I for one, am furious at this lie by the Obama administration.  I have already seen our insurance Part B and Medigap insurance payments go up by about 30% because of Obamacare, and for what?  So I can ignore my body and my health and keep myself well by having the kind of physical that I want and need.  Every senior and the children of seniors should be infuriated at what is coming if Obamacare is not stopped and repealed.   If you want to see what this looks like in the future, rent the movie Soylent Green and see how Government treats seniors who are no longer considered “relevent or productive”  – it’s awfully close to sitting for 45 minutes with your clothes on talking with your doctor about nonsense.

UPDATE:  So, opting for a complete physical instead of the Obama Wellness Exam, I had my appointment yesterday. Out of an hour set aside for my physical, I can honestly report that I had all of TEN MINUTES of my physician’s undivided time for the exam and to answer my specific questions about my health.  The other 50 minutes was spent by my doctor and his nurse on the computer, filling out MANDATED questions by the Government’s HHS Department.  As a result, I did not have eye contact, or even felt the presence of my doctor, during all of those questions.  Be VERY AFRAID of the kind of questions they ask, because ultimately they will result in another mandate from HHS based on your answers.  For instance, you might expect one question of whether you have experienced any depression since the date of your last physical.  But if you do answer you were depressed about an incident (in my case a personal family matter), you get many followup questions that are written for the physician about the number of times you are depressed every day and whether you ever feel like killing yourself (I think they worded it more tactfully).  In the future, perhaps President Obama’s words will come true – that “sometimes it is better to take a pill…(for grandma).”

Because I have had very controlled asthma for years (thanks to the preventative inhaler that I use), there was now a separate asthma section that took several minutes.  Those questions mainly focused on whether you felt your asthma was out of control or fully controlled.  What’s going to happen when they get 3 years of “fully controlled” from seniors – will they insist upon your expensive inhaler being dropped?

Then came the written question about my sex life and if I had one.

Were there any questions in HHS’s mandated questionnaire about what my nutrition or healthy living plans were?  No, because that is not their goal.  The questions they ask are frankly none of the Government’s business and because they are now a public matter are more egregious to ask a patient.  The doctor and nurse apologized for having to ask these questions and the doctor specifically said that he was frustrated that “he couldn’t get back to what he was educated to do – be a doctor and had to spend time answering computer questions which he hated.”

Since so much time was spent wasting an hour of the doctor’s time on the HHS’s mandated questions, it ended up that ordering my annual prescriptions was screwed up because they were trying to get done for the next patient.

Kathleen Sibelius has stated that this information is confidential and cannot be viewed by the Government.  If true, then why have they mandated this information be disclosed in order for Medicare to cover the annual physical cost?  For my own personal view, I was infuriated because this is MY private time with my doctor for which I am required to pay to secure relevant information about my current state of health such as blood tests.  My monthly Medicare and separate insurance payments which I pay are not intended to support the Government’s agenda but are for my own health.

*Make sure to read my Update: What You Need to Know About your Medicare Annual….” just published August, 2013

Barack Obama – The Empty Suit!

by Richard H. Frank

At approximately 9:00 a.m. this morning news broadcasts were interrupted to announce that the President would be holding a news conference with a statement on the economy.  The announcement indicated Obama would address his actions to stimulate the economy at 10:15 a.m.  True to form, the President kept the White House Press Corps waiting for over 25 minutes which has been his trademark of disrespect an arrogance towards the media.

His statement lasted approximately 15 minutes with about 10 minutes directed towards the economic crisis in  Europe and only about three minutes talking about the situation in America.  His focus on remarks about the U.S. economy was centered around a new stimulus bill he sent to Congress in September 2011 which Congress has failed to act upon.

Obama contends that his legislation contained bi-partisan and broad support from the American people.  Such statements make me wonder what he is smoking if not cigarettes.  The only broad support from the American people is to stop spending and waste we saw with the $787 billion stimulus, and now Senator Tom Colburn’s disclosure that $70 billion of taxpayer money is sitting idle and not spent on the projects it was appropriated for.  Perhaps the Administration should recover these unspent funds and use them to reduce our deficit.

So now Obama blames Congress for not spending  more money to hire government sector teachers, and more local law enforcement and  union construction labor to sustain his imagined recovery.

The truth is, we are in Obama’s “third summer of no recovery” even though Obama takes credit for having created 4.5 million jobs over the past 27 months.  His real record is one of a net loss of jobs since taking office. He contends that his legislation will create thousands of new jobs, if only Congress would act.  He fails to recognize that his action in stopping the Keystone Pipeline, funded by the private sector and not taxpayer money, would have immediately created 20,000 construction jobs and up to 500,000 associated new jobs related to achieving energy independence for America.

He contended that the private sector is doing just fine but that Government and construction hiring remain in serious jeopardy.  In the next breath he admonished Europe for spending more money than they bring in.  Apparently, no one has told him under his policies we are spending $1.40 for every $1.00 in Government revenues received.  This is another example of our “empty suit” lecturing Europe and saying “Do as I say, not as I do!”.

Obama then opened the press conference up to address hand-picked questions and proceeded to take just 3 that were obviously planted to avoid his answering numerous questions related to security leaks in the White House, Fast and Furious, Eric Holder’s stonewalling Congress, and the devastating loss to Democrats in the Wisconsin Recall Election.

The Conference dragged on an on with Obama relating his accomplishments in 2009 and 2010 to save our economic future and the banking system.  Even my three dogs were put to sleep by his uninspiring delivery and answers to softball questions from selected media sources.

There was a time when Presidential news conference meant something.  Leaders like John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan were men of substance and principle.  Barak Obama is a man evolving from a “liberal progressive” promising hope and change into a “Socialist/Marxist” sworn to fundamentally change America as we know it.

Barack Obama, a man not qualified to be President , has through his own actions, proven that he is indeed an “empty suit.”

Obama’s Disrespect for WWII Veterans!

by Richard H. Frank

Yesterday, June 6, 2012 marked the 68th anniversary of “D” Day, the 1944 invasion of Europe by Allied Forces under command of Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Coincidentally, our  General Motors Retiree Club met for our semi-annual luncheon and reunion with hundreds in attendance.  The president of our organization opened our meeting by honoring the bravery and sacrifices of those brave Americans that stormed the beaches at Normandy opening the path leading to the eventual defeat of Hitler’s Nazi forces.

Additionally, he recognized the presence of five WWII veterans in attendance at our luncheon.  These individuals, all in their 90s, are representative of those thousands of brave men that participated in the historic armada leading the way to freedom for Europe 68 years ago.

Those of us that know these men personally can attest to their love of Country, responsibility to family and community and their abiding belief in God.  These humble individuals make up the fabric of this great nation and represent the values and principles upon which America was founded. Today their numbers have dwindled from more than 16 million in the service of their country during the war to a mere estimate of 2.5 million. We lose approximately 1100 of these individuals each day and it is projected that they will be gone by 2020.

Once again, the day passed without our President, Barack Obama, recognizing and paying respect to those veterans of the “D” Day invasion.  Instead, our narcissistic Commander-in-Chief chose to participate in fund raisers to support his re-election five months to the day away from the anniversary of “D” Day.

The measure of a true leader is evident in his character and his integrity.  By his actions, Barack Obama shows he is lacking in both of these virtues.  His proponents excuse such a blatant affront to the heroes of “D” Day by expounding on how difficult his job is and how busy he actually is.  The truth is our President is ignorant of history and in spite of his holding the title of Commander-in-Chief harbors contempt for those individuals that sacrificed to assure the very freedoms that he personally benefited from.

No apology or excuse is acceptable to forgive Obama’s disrespect for our veterans.  Obama is oblivious to how his actions reflect upon his prospects for re-election.  Veterans, however, will Remember in November and play an important role in replacing the President with someone of character and integrity that shows respect for those that have sacrificed to preserve the freedoms in our Republic.

The Conditioning of America!

By: Richard H. Frank

Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign pledge to “fundamentally change America” has been launched and implemented little by little over the past 3 1/2 years. His administration’s initiatives to achieve “fundamental change” have been marked by a three-pronged assault upon the free enterprise system and our Constitution itself. The coordinated attack starts with onerous legislative efforts, which usually fail, followed by pushing the proposed objective through executive and or administrative fiat. If either of these approaches raise the ire of Congress , or the electorate, the administration turns to the Justice Department to challenge and intimidate those that oppose their initiatives.

The liberal progressives are tenacious in pursuit of their socialist ideology. They have persisted in pushing their agenda for nearly 100 years and with the election of Barack Obama have virtually brought this nation to its knees as a result of the accumulated burden of unfunded entitlements, out of control spending and a national debt on the fast track to $20 trillion over the next four years. A debt that outstrips GDP and burdens our children for generations to come.

Achieving energy independence is a prime example of how the liberals condition the population to accept “fundamental change” and their agenda. The Obama administration stands directly in the path of the free market initiatives to develop our own natural resources through exploration and development on Federally-controlled lands and offshore paying homage to the special interests that support their agenda. New sources of fossil fuel and environmentally-safe technology for extracting these resources are demagogued as unproven and a threat to the environment. As a result the increasing demand for oil world-wide increases the price of crude and sends gasoline prices soaring along with every commodity requiring transport to the market place. The Obama administration contends that there is little they can do to impact oil prices and that lifting restrictions and increasing permits will take too long to impact the world market. This is the same story we have heard for the past 30 years when, if we had acted, we would not be faced with a looming crisis for future supply at a price dictated by supply and demand as opposed to that determined by the far east oil cartel.

Until the price of a gallon of gasoline approaches $5.00 and the electorate rebels against the government inaction and their outright obstruction to increasing domestic supply the administration resorts to short-term actions like releasing oil from the strategic reserve as a means to manipulate prices just enough to cause the price to drop just below $4.00 per gallon. In the interim the President condemns big oil for raping the public and making obscene profits when the truth is big oil makes about 8 cents for every gallon of gasoline sold while the Federal government makes 26 cents, more than three times that of the oil companies.

This shell game orchestrated by the Obama administration is intended to condition the public to accepting $3.50 per gallon as the new normal and forget that just 3 1/2 years ago we paid only $1.80 per gallon in 2009 when Obama took office. Over time just as a trainer does with his dog, the public is conditioned to gladly accept the 100% increase as a good thing.

Then we have “Obamacare” sold to America by liberals in Washington in support of the President as the panacea that would provide “affordable” health insurance to every American. For over two years Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama preached the following rhetoric until many Americans believed them.

  • If you like your current health care plan and doctor you can keep them.
  • The average family will save $2500.00 per year in premiums under Obamacare.
  • Obamacare will not increase the deficit – not by a single dime.
  • The Affordable Health Care Law mandate is Constitutional under provisions of the commerce clause.

The first three statements above have been proven to be untrue and we will soon hear from the Supreme Court if the fourth is in fact Constitutional or not.

Three and one half years after Obama and his administration assumed power the standard of living for many Americans has deteriorated. We are told that the new norm for the middle class will include limited opportunity for jobs and sustained unemployment levels of 8% or higher. Higher taxes will be required for all income levels to support expanded entitlement programs with food stamps alone growing to include in excess of  50 million families.

For those senior citizens living on a fixed income the prospect for the future appears bleak. The inflationary impact from energy prices coupled with the necessary rationing of health care under Obamacare are the first harbingers of the “fundamental” changes yet to come. The conditioning process for the elderly includes loss of equity in their homes and the value of their pensions earned over all their working years. Expendable income vanishes rapidly for this segment of American society more quickly than for any other.

The conditioning process will proceed even faster should Obama be reelected until the standard of living we experienced in the 20th century will just be a fading memory. The “fundamental Change” Obama seeks is to achieve a social democracy where we are dependant upon government for survival. Statism fosters such dependency on government for subsistence. When that dependency can no longer be supported through taxation of the free enterprise system those conditioned to rely upon the so-called entitlements eventually turn upon their benefactor, the state, and rebel. We are witness to this in Greece and many other European social democracies.

Generations yet unborn will not know how this nation was conditioned to give up freedom and self-reliance in the name of fairness and turned America into a nation of mediocrity from the vibrant , exceptional free society experienced in the past.

Those of us that have experienced the blessings of freedom embodied in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution must stand firm against “fundamental change’ in America and return to the conservative values and principles that made America the greatest nation on the face of the earth.