Voters Should be Outraged!

This is a reprint of a New York Times Article 4/23/2012 about a taxpayer slush fund set up to deceive voters:

Call it President Obama’s Committee for the Re-Election of the President — a political slush fund at the Health and Human Services Department.

Only this isn’t some little fund from shadowy private sources; this is taxpayer money, redirected to help Obama win another term. A massive amount of it, too — $8.3 billion. Yes, that’s billion, with a B.

Here is how it works.

The most oppressive aspects of the ObamaCare law don’t kick in until after the 2012 election, when the president will no longer be answerable to voters. More “flexibility,” he recently explained to the Russians.

Postponing the pain: The administration is temporarily restoring funds to Medicare Advantage so seniors don’t lose coverage before the election.

Postponing the pain: The administration is temporarily restoring funds to Medicare Advantage so seniors don’t lose coverage before the election.

But certain voters would surely notice one highly painful part of the law before then — namely, the way it guts the popular Medicare Advantage program.

For years, 12 million seniors have relied on these policies, a more market-oriented alternative to traditional Medicare, without the aggravating gaps in coverage.

But as part of its hundreds of billions in Medicare cuts, the Obama one-size-fits-all plan slashes reimbursement rates for Medicare Advantage starting next year — herding many seniors back into the government-run program.

Under federal “open-enrollment” guidelines, seniors must pick their Medicare coverage program for next year by the end of this year — which means they should be finding out before Election Day.

Nothing is more politically volatile than monkeying with the health insurance of seniors, who aren’t too keen on confusing upheavals in their health care and are the most diligent voters in the land. This could make the Tea Party look like a tea party.

Making matters even more politically dangerous for Obama is that open enrollment begins Oct. 15, less than three weeks before voters go to the polls.

It’s hard to imagine a bigger electoral disaster for a president than seniors in crucial states like Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio discovering that he’s taken away their beloved Medicare Advantage just weeks before an election.

This political ticking time bomb could become the biggest “October Surprise” in US political history.

But the administration’s devised a way to postpone the pain one more year, getting Obama past his last election; it plans to spend $8 billion to temporarily restore Medicare Advantage funds so that seniors in key markets don’t lose their trusted insurance program in the middle of Obama’s re-election bid.

The money is to come from funds that Health and Human Services is allowed to use for “demonstration projects.” But to make it legal, HHS has to pretend that it’s doing an “experiment” to study the effect of this money on the insurance market.

That is, to “study” what happens when the government doesn’t change anything but merely continues a program that’s been going on for years.

Obama can temporarily prop up Medicare Advantage long enough to get re-elected by exploiting an obscure bit of federal law. Under a 1967 statute, the HHS secretary can spend money without specific approval by Congress on “experiments” directly aimed at “increasing the efficiency and economy of health services.”

Past demonstration projects have studied new medical techniques or strategies aimed at improving care or reducing costs. The point is to find ways to lower the costs of Medicare by allowing medical technocrats to make efficient decisions without interference from vested interests.

Now Obama means to turn it on its head — diverting the money to a blatantly nonexperimental purpose to serve his political needs.

A Government Accounting Office report released this morning shows, quite starkly, that there simply is no experiment being conducted, just money being spent. Understandably, the GAO recommends that HHS cancel the project.

Congress should immediately launch an investigation into this unprecedented misuse of taxpayer money and violation of the public trust, which certainly presses the boundaries of legality and very well may breach them.

If he’s not stopped, Obama will spend $8 billion in taxpayer funds for a scheme to mask the debilitating effects on seniors of his signature piece of legislation just long enough to get himself re-elected.

Now that is some serious audacity.

Benjamin E. Sasse, a former US assistant secretary of health, is president of Midland University. Charles Hurt covers politics in DC.

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We Are Now What We Were Then!

by Jayne D. Frank

I have spent the last several months researching my family genealogy and it has been gruesome, exciting and a pain-staking effort.  I started this effort to find more about my elusive dad but ended up intrigued about my mother’s side of the family.  The result is that I have learned more in these few months than a lifetime of having questioned my parents and the life lessons learned are priceless.

What we are going through today in 2012, I have learned, as a middle class, is not much different than my grandparents went through.  In the 1800s they were both peasants in the fields of richer landlords and owners in Austria-Hungary, Vysoka and Dacov to be exact.  They had no choice but to be farmers as there were no opportunities for advancement and putting food on the table for their families.  Adding this to the political strife these people were feeling, they yearned for the American Dream – prospects for a better life, of earning your own way and more importantly achieving personal liberty for themselves.

My grandfather and grandmother made their way to America in 1900 in cramped, unsanitary quarters for many days and some of those sharing their Dream never made it. All of my people of Slovakian ethnicity found jobs immediately, but because they were Slovakian, had to settle for the lowest-paying  jobs in the mines and railroads, often working 7 days a week for 14-16 hours a day, and of course their wages were not the same as other immigrants.  The single women who immigrated from this region were able to get work as servants or maids only. When they married, they most often did not work outside of the home or else ran boarding houses for others like them.   My grandparents slaved for some 60 some years in often low-paying jobs, but still they put food on the table for all 11 of their children without Government handouts.  Eventually they owned their own home, and were able to do their own farming, a reality that would never have been had they stayed in Czechoslovakia as it was later called after the War. Additionally, they unquestionably were able to have the religious freedom they would not have had in Europe, to worship when and how they wanted.   To them, the American Dream had been achieved.  They provided an opportunity for their children and grandchildren to do better, to prosper, and to “never go back” to the subservience they had experienced in their early years.

Indeed, my parent’s generation did do much better.  They started businesses, attended college and many became professionals, both male and female.  Even though they went through the depression, real life lessons were learned of thrift, of saving, of planning for retirement.  And in large majorities, they did not plan on and did not rely on the Government as taught to them by their parents’ generation.

Now we come to my generation.  We worked hard all our lives and prospered, providing many more opportunities for our children to choose the life they wanted to lead, continually blessed with the personal and economic liberty in America so hard-fought for by their ancestors.   We worked just as hard as our previous generations, trying to save, taking care of all of  our own needs, and instilling those morals in our children.

That is where the American Dream ends!  The secular Progressives in this Country and abroad have been planning and scheming for years on how to fundamentally change America into their vision.  One of economic equality for all (no matter how low that equally would push people), having no public acknowledgement or worship of God permitted, and having all Americans rely on the Government for their subsistence.   And how these Progressives have accomplished many of their goals! The younger generation in overwhelming numbers no longer sees the needs to acknowledge  any “god,” record millions of people have no prospects of an economic future of prosperity and freedom, and even more millions are permanently dependent on the government to put food on the table and obtain an education.  Workers in America that are doing well by their own hard work are encouraged, if not forced by excessive taxation and regulation by the Government, to give up their earnings for redistribution for the “good of all.” And my generation has seen any accumulated retirement wealth in the form of investments and home equity  virtually eliminated as a result of Government intervention and regulation.

If my grandparents were alive today, they would be turning in their graves!  How hard they fought to flee from the political and economic oppression of Europe and how much they gave up to see future generations not have to be faced with the same glum prospects for their futures.

We are Now What We Were Then!

The Real Truth about Obama’s “Truth Team”

by Jayne Frank

On a daily basis, the Obama campaign team emails all the millennials, blacks, Latinos and other “groups” that supported him in 2008 to deluge them with lies about Obama’s record and why he should be given another chance.  It would be funny if it were not so sad.

The most flagrant and dishonest email I have ever seen is the one yesterday that there are 5 truths that Obama wants people to “put on their refrigerator” and pass along to everyone they meet.   The Obama groupies are encouraged to spread Obama’s five truths as follows.  The real truth about each one of these points is highlighted in red thereafter.

1)  Romney is the most radically anti-women candidate in a generation having supported the ban on Planned Parenthood and supported a ban on some abortion procedures.

Truth:  Unlike the Democratic talking heads, Romney has never demeaned womanhood, either in the workplace or in his capacity as Governor.  He treats all women as equals as not “victims” which flies in the face of everything the DNC and the Democratic party stands for.  The Democrats must, in order to be re-elected, portray women in America as victims unable to get fair pay for their work (unless a law demands it), and as an entitled group that must be given contraceptives and abortive services for free as they wish.  They also now have demeaned stay-at-home moms as not being productive in society.  This from a man who stated in his past that he would support Muslims whose entire life is devoted to making women subservient and second-class people.  This from a man who, through his own economic policies, has made women one of the largest unemployed groups in  America and has  put back decades the ability for women to work hard and progress in the private-sector marketplace.  

Knowing that the President of the United States represents all women of the U.S., not just the underprivileged, Romney supports NO FEDERAL FUNDING sent to Planned Parenthood.  We can’t afford it and Planned Parenthood can exist on private donations alone.

2)  Romney will repeal Obamacare.

You bet he will!  And he will have Congress replace it with a health care reform that will protect people with pre-existing conditions and make sure that doctors in America have the ability to treat their patients and not have to ration care for the less productive portions of our population (according to Obama), our precious seniors.  America is broke, has almost a $17 trillion deficit, and the Congressional Budget Office has already said that Obamacare will cost over $1.3 trillion more than the projected $1 trillion that was projected in the Legislation.  Quite truthfully, Obamacare is socialized medicine and will kill the quality of care for all Americans.

3)   Romney doesn’t have what it takes to be Commander-in-Chief because he shifts positions on foreign policy!

Are you serious?  This from a man who had zero experience to be qualified for this high office other than organizing community groups to protest inequality and to keep the entitlement system in place.   Due to his bowing to the entire world, continually apologizing for America, we are the laughing-stock of countries, especially in the middle east, who continually “test” Obama’s resolve.  I admit that Obama is steady in his foreign policy – he has none other than portraying America as a weak country not willing to stand up for its Allies or picking and choosing which human rights issues are worth taking a stand on.

4)  Romney’s economic plans would take more money from the middle class….

I won’t even finish this sentence because of the disgust this writer has for this repeated lie.  47% of Americans don’t pay taxes, and the top 1% of taxpayers pay almost 50% of the taxes in this Country.  There is nothing more to be said.  This President has made his 1st priority in his Presidency demeaning private sector success (unless it is from one of his wealthy donors such as a Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Warren Buffet).  His own admitted policy as stated in his campaign was to “redistribute wealth.”  So why young people in this country would not see that there will be no opportunities under this Administration to work in the private sector and make a success of themselves financially, is beyond me.  Is sitting back and “taking” from our Government more satisfying than working hard and putting your hard-earned money in your pocket more satisfying?  I think not.

5)  Romney would end Medicare as we know it

Obama and the Democrats are once again resorting to the only tactics they know – trying to scare seniors, knowing that they are a very crucial voting block for the Presidential election.  The truth is that Medicare is on a downward spiral.  With millions of new baby boomers hitting the Medicare program each year, and with fewer and fewer people in the workforce able to pay into the Medicare system, Medicare WILL end as we know it with the help of Obama.   With a country in this much debt, the Medicare program must be overhauled so that our children and grandchildren have a program that will be there to supplement their medical care as well.  The perception is that there are seniors just waiting until they can get Medicare so they can then leech off the system for the rest of their lives.  In truth, seniors hate being forced into a Federally mandated medical health system and it is certainly true that the majority of us cannot survive off this benefits alone without spending a great percentage of our fixed income supplementing this Federal program.  Seniors are not stupid and we will overwhelming vote for a President, and a Congressional team, that is supportive of keeping benefits intact for seniors already getting Medicare, but who will lead and make the hard choices necessary to save Medicare for our kids and grandkids.

One of the most abysmal omissions in this emails is the effect that Obamacare will have on seniors’ healthcare.  You are starting to see rationing and decisions made by non-medical care boards within the Government on what care is appropriate and which procedures will be turned down, spiraling costs for our Medicare contributions that seniors are already making, and huge 30% increases for supplemental insurance that seniors must carry.   None of us, under Obamacare, are going to be allowed to see specialists if the “Board” thinks it is not warranted, and our own private doctors are being put in the position of either declining to see us anymore because of lack of payment under Medicare or because of the onerous regulations being placed on them under Obamacare.  Remember, under Obamacare, it is prohibited for you to pay for any procedure or doctor if you have the money to do so!  You bet Mitt Romney or any other Republican being elected to office will repeal this onerous legislation passed without a majority of Congress or the American people, and in the dark of night.

I know that some young people in this country see the President of our Country as a rock star – someone who feels their pain and can technologically keep up with them.  But I feel that is a huge minority, and that young people want the same prospects for their lives as I and my parents and grandparents had.  The prospect that if we worked hard,  persevered, and were good citizens and dedicated to our families, that the quality of life would be good for them and that life would be rewarding.  They are not willing to buy this “Bill of Goods” that the Obama administration is trying to sell, and that they will help elect a President in 2012 that is willing and able to put America back on the path to prosperity and freedom that I so enjoyed in my lifetime.

Women, What Are You thinking?

by Jayne D. Frank

Perhaps I always think that women all have the same life experiences that I have had. Or that in today’s modern world, women no longer think and make decisions with their heart alone.  But as I keep reading that Mitt Romney is having trouble with attracting women in this Country and that they are either split for some other GOP primary candidate, or most distressing are going to vote again for President Obama, I cringe at the lack of real intelligent reasoning that  must be going into their thought process.

Any woman who has been in the workplace for a number of years or has a family with children who either votes for Obama or fails to vote for the GOP front-runner, has, in my opinion, not put an ounce of thought into this crucial 2012 election.

Forget all the reasons you wanted to hate George Bush or the feminine side of you that wants to save the earth.  Forget the charming, boyish smiles of Barack Obama which he flashes to detract from his dismal failure as a President. You need to think about your future and the future of your children as you contemplate your next Presidential choice. Over the past 3 years, there hasn’t been one concrete, substantive thing that President Obama has accomplished that will brighten your economic future in the workplace; he has refused (until he now recognizes a real threat to his Presidency) to encourage business and entrepreneurship in this country and now America has the largest corporate tax anywhere in the world. Do you think corporations will continue to do business here under an Obama Presidency, and where do you think your job will be when they leave the Country?

President Obama has done absolutely nothing about preserving and expanding upon America’s energy independence, so your cost of driving and heating your homes will do nothing but increase under another Obama Presidency. You see him every day make comments about there being more drilling and exploration in this country than ever before. This President has gotten so use to lying to Americans, especially about energy independence, that he no longer knows the truth, nor does he care.  He has cut off any future coal plant production in the U.S., his moratorium on oil drilling cost this  Country hundreds of thousands of jobs, and he flatly is doing nothing to bring our gas prices down.  He has blatently refused to allow the Keystone XL pipeline which will keep oil here and bring about thousands of new jobs. He is so flagrant about his agenda – green energy ONLY to the exclusion of everything else.  Can you as a woman sustain the high cost of energy and gas consumption for your family?

Valerie Jarrett is President Obama’s puppet master and she has pulled the strings in the White House for the past 3 years. To get and save the woman’s vote, the Presidential speechwriters have repeatedly put forth all the initiatives and spewed their caring for women’s issues.  It is a diversion and a scam. Women have actually regressed under the Obama Administration. Where once we had choices of whether to work or stay at home and take care of our children – those choices have been taken from us; woman can’t afford to stay home.  The worst slap in the face to women has been the disastrous consequences of Obamacare.  This piece of garbage has been peddled to women, young and old in this Country, as a savior to all of your healthcare woes. You can go into emergency rooms now and get seen by the doctor of your choice without a hassle.   You will be able to keep your doctor, especially specialty doctors as in the OB/GYN, osteoporosis, pain, or fertility fields. That is a bold-faced lie!  There is an arbitrary board of non-medical representatives, that will decide if you need this care and if it is cost-effective under Obamacare if it is not repealed.  You were promised that your premiums will not go up.  As a woman, you have seen your premiums double as you see your family’s quality of life suffer. This will not end under another Obama Presidency but will get worse as he gets his “flexibility” in a second term.

Once independents and women look at the reality of Barack Obama and not the facade that he puts on for gullible voters, you must choose for your family to vote positively for their future and the future of this country. Many GOP candidates for the next couple of months will present a desperate, narrow-minded and finally vindictive character as Rick Santorum has recently shown.  Newt Gingrich who has lived his life largely on the government dole and has immersed himself with lobbyists and special interests throughout his career, holds on to his last chance of taking Obama’s place, and that is exactly what he envisions, just a change in the Oval Office, despite his anti-big government rhetoric.

Mitt Romney becomes the only true consistent, free enterprise, pro-American, pro-jobs and pro-women candidate. Take a look at this man’s personal life. His dedication to family, to his faith and his work ethic alone would qualify him over Barack Obama.  But his experience in the private sector, working through companies to make them stronger, building new companies along the way, is exactly the type of dedication that women need for a prosperous and happy future for themselves and their family.  Mitt’s promise to repeal a Federally-mandated Obamacare is real, his passion and love for this country are real. And his promise to cut spending, reduce the size of government which is currently 37% of our economy, and start balancing the budget are real.

I’ll ask you to step back and remember the time you made the most important decision of your life – your choice of a husband or life partner.  You didn’t choose the flashy guy that won you over with expensive dinners and cheap talk. You didn’t choose the man who spent everything and had no sense of personal responsibility. And you didn’t choose the man who promised you the world because that is what you wanted to hear.  You chose to share your life with a rock solid, hard-working fellow that was reliable, trustworthy, steady and caring about your future.

That is your choice in this election and you must use your head!  Mitt Romney is steady, consistent, hardworking, and singularly focused on restoring our economy and America’s standing in the world.  Unlike President Obama, to squander taxpayer money on frequent date nights,  frequent vacations and taking off to explore golf every week with his buddies, is beneath Mitt; he doesn’t need it to inflate his own ego and importance.  You also cannot find one instance in the last 2 years of exposure to the public in which Mitt Romney has said a personal negative word about someone – he only comments on policies and actions or inactions of others – truly a class act. He is not flashy; charisma is not important to him, but care he does.  Just look at his wife, Ann Romney, who has stood by him all these years, and you see the man behind Mitt Romney.

I hope women really consider carefully their votes this year because it will take women to make the difference in whether we keep slipping backwards or whether we go forward and restore our Country. I hope I don’t have to wake up November 7, 2012 and think “What were you thinking?”