When will the GOP learn?

Jayne D. Frank

After the 2008 Presidential Election, I did extensive research on the overwhelming number of independent young voters who had decided the 2008 Presidential Election in favor of Barack Obama.  That result hit me in the gut as I could not believe that voters would have voted for this most radical candidate with an Alinsky-inspired, Marxist-agenda for America; I needed to find out why.   The reasons and rationale are set forth in previous young voter articles on this blog,  but they can be summarized in a few lines:  1) The Generation Y grew up in peace time in America, mostly of 60s “free spirit” parents, and the Country was flourishing under a free enterprise system which basically asked nothing of this generation; they ended up asking “What is my purpose in life?”  2) Then the rock star Barack Obama appeared out of nowhere to give them their purpose – environmental and social justice.

Barack Obama’s path to victory had been long-planned and surreptitiously laid out by the likes of Alinsky and George Soros-funded Progressive and socialist groups such as Latino Justice, Young Voter Alliance, Rock the Vote, Assn. of Community Organizations for Reform Now, Campaign for  America’s Future, Campus Progressives, Center for Community Change and the Institute for America’s Future, to name a few.  These organizations then and now are funding entertainment and social media events, blogs, voter registration drives and campus activism, all to assure that the “One” will be re-elected in 2012.  One need only look at history to remember how Hitler rallied his Young Corp to walk on foot to attend all his rallies and show support for him.

For the two years that followed the election, I tried in my own town and Conservative patriot organizations to have people recognize this phenomenon and to help me reach out to young voters 18-29 so that this debacle did not happen again in the 2012 election.  I was able to obtain a major speaker from Young America’s Foundation and Human Events, Jason Mattera, to come and speak to the young voters in our Northwest Michigan area, which was no small feat, but I could not rally the support of the GOP and Conservative groups in my area to get behind these efforts.  Now I see that my local GOP women’s group, more than 2 years after the fact, is now interested in setting up a Young Republican’s Group.  This effort is very late, but commendable, and unless the focus is to educate those young minds in why the Progressive socialist path they are attracted to is “bad for America and their futures,” the GOP will remain a group mainly of middle-aged and senior members such as myself, unable to expand or reach out and be an effective entity for the 2012 elections and beyond.

This naivety also extends to the GOP Presidential candidates themselves.  Although I feel strongly that he can’t possibly win against Barack Obama, Ron Paul is the only candidate that attracts hoards of young people at his rallies to support him.  Much of this has to do with his anti-Big Government, Anti-War and most especially anti-authority vision that inspires the young people.  Unless the GOP candidates get off their social conservative bandwagon and starting hitting the young voters in this country with jobs numbers, job prospects, real consequences of a weakened foreign policy and talk about their futures in a socialist country, no GOP candidate will win.

I intend to keep my interest in reaching out to young voters alive because they are the future of this Country.  If we as seniors of this Country don’t do our very best before we leave this earth, to educate our young people in the history of this Country and why ignoring such history and the lessons we have learned from it will kill the America we love, then WE should be asking the question “What was our purpose in life?”

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