Union Members No Longer Have “Freedom of Speech”

In recent news, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and AFL-CIO, among others, have announced that they will usurp approximately $100,000 from each organization and use it to fund payments to community organizing efforts of having individuals go “door to door” to encourage (intimidate) prospective voters to vote for Barack Obama.  You would think that these “volunteers” would be made up of nothing but union members, but they will use Acorn-based activists, disenchanted young people who have no goals or vision in life other than the “adoration” of President Obama, and lastly SEIU thugs, to come to your door (remember the voter intimidation at polling places by this group).  Seniors make up a very substantial group of voters not impressed with the President’s policies and and who are angered by his secular Progressive agenda and failure as a President.  Imagine your mother and father being subjected to either phone calls or a knock on the door by this group of Obamaites!

Employees in this Country for years have joined the unions because they provided them a voice within their companies, for job, wage, and benefit negotations.  Further worthwhile goals of the unions were to assure that there are no discriminatory practices in those companies in hiring practices. Union dues for members were to go for those types of activities and to support union activities benefiting all members.   All well and good.

The subject of the deterioration and aggressiveness of unions in this Country, though, is the subject of another blog as it a huge topic.  The purpose of my blog is to bring to light the devious and corrupt way that Unions have permeated the landscape of our Country and taken away the voice of the individual union member and used it to further Union Management’s political Progressive agenda.  They no longer care about their workers or they would not take away the “voice” of each individual union member and make it their own.

Take a look at the indisputable figures for yourself in http://www.usnews.com/opinion/mzuckerman/articles/2011/02/11/the-great-jobs-recession-goes-on.  Of the 8.8 million jobs lost between 2007-2009, we have only recovered 900,000 of those jobs because of seasonal, census and other temporary jobs.  Millions have left the workforce and are in the ranks of the permanently unemployed which the current monthly jobs and unemployment charts never reflect, and on average 350,000 new workers hit the streets unemployed every week.  The answer to “why” is complicated yet very simple.  We have a pro-union, pro-regulation, pro-Big Government President and Administration who, along with their Union buddies, have fought constantly against “right to work” laws being legislated in many states; have fought companies trying to negotiate concessions from unions that are bankrupting their companies, and who refuse to acknowledge that their “wages and benefits” packages, which are more than double the average non-union benefit package, cannot be sustained.  This is true especially for government unions, both Federally and in the states.

Those are the types of voices and arguments that you will hear as they knock on your door this election season.  Not ones of prosperity and a chance for all Americans to see a true recovery start in this Country through expansion and de-regulation of private enterprise, but instead, you will will hear divisive arguments for continuation of the greatest entitlement and nanny state government that we have ever had, anti-business rhetoric, and a promise to keep things as they are under Obama.

Remember the real facts as you open your door this Summer and Fall……


Who will President Obama blame when Iran acquires nuclear weapons?

by Richard H. Frank

In case it may have slipped by without you noticing, our President Barack Obama, always manages to place the blame for  America’s problems on someone or something other than himself.  For instance:

  • The War in Afghanistan, the “good war,” now not so good, is all the fault of George W. Bush.
  • The collapse of the financial institutions has been solely the responsibility of Wall Street not having enough regulation.
  • The $878 billion dollar bailouts  – largely a failure to stimulate our economy is because the problems went much deeper than we realized.
  • Job creation has failed largely due to the private sector’s reluctance to invest as they hoard massive profits for their greedy investors
  • Failure to implement and proceed with his socialist, progressive agenda is the fault of the Republicans in Congress, even though he held the majority in both houses during the first two years of his administration.
  • His latest rejection of the Keystone Pipeline was caused by the Republicans in Congress imposing an unrealistic timeline for his Administration to study the projet.  Three years for his State Department to do so is apparently not enough.

The pattern is all too apparent and I could go on and on with additional examples.

This week, however, events in the Middle East may expose Obama for the Master of Insulation and Diversion that he really is.

On  Sunday, March 4, 2012 he stood before the AIPAC convention in Washington and pledged America’s unconditional support of Israel and their attempt to keep Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.  He insisted “all options are on the table.”  From his words you might expect he was including “military force” if necessary.  He only stressed, however, diplomatic initiatives and sanctions specifically and went on to claim that he “had Israel’s back!”

On Monday, March 5, 2012 Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, met with Obama to discuss the Iranian nuclear program and to seek assurances of the U.S. support for his Country.

Following that meeting, remarks made to the news media indicated the President was convinced pursuing diplomatic negotiations and continuing sanctions was the appropriate course of action in light of the present situation and Iranian advances made toward acquisition of nukes according to intelligence sources.

The same evening, March 5, 2012, Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed AIPAC, and in my estimation sent an emphatic and timely message to Barack Obama.

The message wa delivered as follows:

“Some commentators would have you believe that stopping Iran from getting the bomb is more dangerous than letting Iran have the bomb.  They say that a military confrontation with Iran would undermine the efforts already underway; that it would be ineffective; and that it would provoke an even more vindictive response by Iran.

I’ve heard theses arguments before.  In fact, I’ve read them before – In my desk, I have copies of an exchange of letters between the World Jewish Congress and the United States War Department.

Here are the letters:

The year was 1944.  The world Jewish Congress implored the American government to bomb Auschwitz.  The reply came five days later.  I want to read it to you.

Such an operation could be executed only by diverting considerable air support essential to the success of our force elsewhere, and in any case, it would be of such doubtful efficacy that it would not warrant the use of our resources…

And, my friends, here’s the most remarkable sentence of all, and I quote:

Such an effort might provide even more vindictive action by the Germans.

Think about that – “even more vindictive action” – than the Holocaust.

My friends – 2012 is not 1944.  The American government today is different.  You heard it in President Obama’s speech yesterday.

But here is my point:  The Jewish people are also different.  Today we have a state of our own.  And the purpose of the Jewish state is to defend Jewish lives and to secure the Jewish future.

Never again will we not be masters of the fate of our very survival.  Never again!

That is why Israel must always have the ability to defend itself, by itself, and against any threat.

We deeply appreciate the great alliance between our two countries.  But when it comes to Israel’s survival, we must always remain the masters of our fate.

His message to Obama is quite clear.  In 1944 America was fighting WWII on two opposite sides of the world and resources were scarce.  Also, history now leads us to believe our government thought the atrocities by the Nazis against the Jews was exaggerated and mostly propaganda much of which came from Russia.

One year later, we learned the truth as our troops entered concentration camps like Auschwitz and saw the horror of the Nazi effort to exterminate a race of people from the face of the earth.

Today, the leaders in Iran have vowed to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, and unlike 1944, America has the means to prevent this action.  Benjamin Netanyahu questions whether Barack Obama possesses the resolve to stand behind Israel as he asserted in his speech to AIPAC.

On Tuesday, March 6, during a news conference, Barack Obama was asked to define his commitment to “have the back of Israel.”  The President responded that having Israel’s back entails diplomatic negotiations, crippling sanctions and sharing of intelligence and our surveillance capabilities.  “All options being on the table” apparently means  he no longer includes military support, just a few days after making his speech.

Benjamin Netanyahu is a very astute, intelligent and courageous leader who recognizes political doublespeak when he hears it.  He certainly recognizes it whenever Obama opens his mouth and said as much to AIPAC when he stated: “For the last decade, the international community has tried diplomacy.  It hasn’t worked.  For six years, the international community has applied sanctions.  That hasn’t worked either.  Israel has waited patiently for the international community to resolve this issue.  We’ve asked for diplomacy to work.  We’ve waited for sanctions to work.  None of us can afford to wait much longer.”

Today, March 8, 2012 we got a further look at how the Obama Administration conducts foreign affairs with one of our closest allies as newspapers in Israel are reporting that the Obama Administration agreed to supply “bunker buster” bombs and refueling support to Israel aircraft if they agreed NOT to attack Iran until after the 2012 Presidential election.

Coincidence, I think not.  Political extortion, of course.  Provable, probably not; however, not beyond the realm of possibility within the Obama inner circle.

Obama himself would never propose such a deal. Although he is not above having someone else do it for him.  That will give him “plausible deniability” or the means to blame someone else.

So in the interim, should Israel not take military action, and Iran acquires nuclear weapons, who will Obama have to blame then?

When will the GOP learn?

Jayne D. Frank

After the 2008 Presidential Election, I did extensive research on the overwhelming number of independent young voters who had decided the 2008 Presidential Election in favor of Barack Obama.  That result hit me in the gut as I could not believe that voters would have voted for this most radical candidate with an Alinsky-inspired, Marxist-agenda for America; I needed to find out why.   The reasons and rationale are set forth in previous young voter articles on this blog,  but they can be summarized in a few lines:  1) The Generation Y grew up in peace time in America, mostly of 60s “free spirit” parents, and the Country was flourishing under a free enterprise system which basically asked nothing of this generation; they ended up asking “What is my purpose in life?”  2) Then the rock star Barack Obama appeared out of nowhere to give them their purpose – environmental and social justice.

Barack Obama’s path to victory had been long-planned and surreptitiously laid out by the likes of Alinsky and George Soros-funded Progressive and socialist groups such as Latino Justice, Young Voter Alliance, Rock the Vote, Assn. of Community Organizations for Reform Now, Campaign for  America’s Future, Campus Progressives, Center for Community Change and the Institute for America’s Future, to name a few.  These organizations then and now are funding entertainment and social media events, blogs, voter registration drives and campus activism, all to assure that the “One” will be re-elected in 2012.  One need only look at history to remember how Hitler rallied his Young Corp to walk on foot to attend all his rallies and show support for him.

For the two years that followed the election, I tried in my own town and Conservative patriot organizations to have people recognize this phenomenon and to help me reach out to young voters 18-29 so that this debacle did not happen again in the 2012 election.  I was able to obtain a major speaker from Young America’s Foundation and Human Events, Jason Mattera, to come and speak to the young voters in our Northwest Michigan area, which was no small feat, but I could not rally the support of the GOP and Conservative groups in my area to get behind these efforts.  Now I see that my local GOP women’s group, more than 2 years after the fact, is now interested in setting up a Young Republican’s Group.  This effort is very late, but commendable, and unless the focus is to educate those young minds in why the Progressive socialist path they are attracted to is “bad for America and their futures,” the GOP will remain a group mainly of middle-aged and senior members such as myself, unable to expand or reach out and be an effective entity for the 2012 elections and beyond.

This naivety also extends to the GOP Presidential candidates themselves.  Although I feel strongly that he can’t possibly win against Barack Obama, Ron Paul is the only candidate that attracts hoards of young people at his rallies to support him.  Much of this has to do with his anti-Big Government, Anti-War and most especially anti-authority vision that inspires the young people.  Unless the GOP candidates get off their social conservative bandwagon and starting hitting the young voters in this country with jobs numbers, job prospects, real consequences of a weakened foreign policy and talk about their futures in a socialist country, no GOP candidate will win.

I intend to keep my interest in reaching out to young voters alive because they are the future of this Country.  If we as seniors of this Country don’t do our very best before we leave this earth, to educate our young people in the history of this Country and why ignoring such history and the lessons we have learned from it will kill the America we love, then WE should be asking the question “What was our purpose in life?”

Obama Panders for the Jewish Vote!

by Richard H. Frank

On Sunday March 4, 2011 our Campaigner-in-Chief, Barack Obama, gave a 20-minute address at AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) a Jewish lobbying group that advocates pro-Israel policies to Congress.  The speech did little if anything to address pro-Israel policies of this Administration but instead was a blatant attempt for Obama to convince AIPAC members of his unflinching support for Israel.

After five minutes listening to his usual rhetoric given in Obama oratorical style, I lost count of the number of times he used the pronouns “I” and “me.” as he attempted to convince the audience of his sincere admiration for Israel and its leaders.  The major portion of he speech focused on  how he supported Benjamin Netanyahu at every turn of events over the past three years.  The announcement that he will award Israeli President, Shimon Peres, the Metal Of Freedom later this year felt like a back-handed compliment and a bribe for Jewish votes in November. His attempt to convince Jewish voters of his unending support of Israel seemed to fall upon deaf ears and I am surprised there was no laughter when he said “Measure me not by my words but by my deeds.”  All the bluster and bravado contained in his speech became hollow when measured against his deeds.

Washington “double speak” permeated his address as he attempted to convince the audience that diplomatic solutions, sanctions and “all options are on the table” were the answer to dealing with Iran. Thus far Iran has rebuffed his overtures for a diplomatic solution and even Obama’s closest advisers tell him the current sanctions imposed have done nothing to impede Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon.

When push comes to shove and Israel is forced to take action against Iran where will President Obama stand?  I believe Obama has given us the answer in his book “Audacity of Hope” when he wrote:  “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

The last time I looked there are not very many Muslims in Israel.  Thus, in addition to his writings, his actions have tended to support the Muslim factions over Israel.

The meeting between Obama and Netanyahu today, scheduled for all of one hour according to the White House, appeared icy at best with Obama insisting he has Israel’s back and was continuing to pursue diplomatic solutions while acknowledging Israel’s right to defend itself.  I think Netanyahu was sceptical to say the least. It will be interesting to see if he addressed congress again during this visit so we can get the straight story about the meeting.

Hopefully, whomever the Republican candidate is to run against Obama, must expose his lies and outright bias against Israel for exactly what it is stating clearly that  he has “pledged to stand with the Palestinian Muslims.” His speech on Sunday was “Words, just Words” to borrow a phrase from Obama himself. Deeds not words are the mark of a true leader. I know a true leader when I see one and Barack Obama is no leader!

UPDATE: The evening of March 5, 2011 Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the AIPAC with a sobering speech where he said, “I will never let my people live in the shadow of annihilation.” “That is why Israel must always have the ability to defend itself, by itself, against any threat.”

His address was marked with thunderous applause from the audience and his passion was evident in every word. He exemplified the characteristics found in a true leader dedicated to his country and people.

First Amendment to the Constitution or Corinthians 6:19-20 – Take Your Pick and Defend Freedom!

by Jayne D. Frank

The secular agenda of some Americans, supported and encouraged by President Obama’s vision of his America, has brought about the latest affront to the Constitution of the United States and to God’s own word’s in the Bible.  I am speaking of the attack on institutions and churches whose religious and moral beliefs do not support either providing contraceptives or abortive medications.  The Catholic Church is dead center in the middle of this controversy but it is not alone in its attack from the Obama Administration.  Every Christian and God-loving individual in America should be incensed and outraged by this assault on their religious beliefs and should be motivated to defend either the Constitution and/or the Bible, especially as is set forth in Corinthians 6:19-20 “…Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.”

The Constitution, written by our Founders, to be adhered to by all Governments and individuals, specifically states in the First Amendment that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

Obviously, this First Amendment has been distorted and confused by the ongoing judicial activism of the courts over the years which has ruled illegitimately that this matter belongs to the states and should be governed and administered by each individual state.  The courts have routinely ruled since 1925 on religious issues, in direct violation of the original meaning of the First Amendment, thus becoming the “law of the land” as encouraged by this President.  

After loud protests from Cardinals and Bishops in the church, President Obama indicates that he has made a “compromise” with the Catholic Church which says that the Church and the institutions affiliated with it, do not have to provide contraception and abortion medications or procedures to its followers and university students.  However, this compromise is empty and ineffectual as the Catholic Church and other religious organizations that do not condone contraceptive and abortion medications and procedures still have to pay their insurance carriers to provide such services.  

Once again, President Obama has pitted another group of Americans against another.  This time, it is those with a profound religious belief, often described as Conservatives, against the secular Progressive Left in this Country.

We cannot stand by as Americans and permit this atrocity to happen to our Churches and religious educational institutions.  Whether you believe as the Bible says that our bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, provided by God, or you understand that this Country was founded on the principle that Government should not prohibit the free exercise of religion by all Americans, we must stand united as a Country and fight along with the Catholic Church to defend our rights not to have the Federal Government force us to violate our beliefs and have these insurance provisions once again stuffed down our throats.