What Makes Mitt Run?

by Richard H. Frank

Following the Michigan and Arizona Republican Primary elections and listening to the marked differences between the speech given by Rich Santorum and Mitt Romney gave rise to the question posed in this blog.

Once again Rick Santorum recited the litany of his family history with special emphasis on the role played by his mother.  He could not help himself as he took the occasion to throw barbs at the primary winner, Mitt Romney.  Then, as scripted, he recited the self-indulgent history of his 20 years as a Washington insider in Congress and the list of initiatives, some failed, that made him the only candidate that can defeat Barack Obama in November of 2012.

Compare Santorum’s speech to Mitt Romney’s for focus and substance and the differences are glaring.  Romney talked about the challenges facing our nation including the massive deficit, real unemployment, energy policy and the path to achieving a brighter future for our children and grandchildren.  The focus  of his speech was on solutions to our nation’s problems and not on disparaging his opponents in the race to secure the Republican Presidential nomination.

As I listened to both men speak and thought about why Mitt Romney was pursuing the nomination the question in my mind was “What makes Mitt run?”

First, let’s look at what it is not:

  • Not Money.  Mitt Romney could retire and never work another day in his life yet earn over 25 times the President’s salary annually without lifting a finger.
  • Not Power.  Mitt Romney accepts the  premise that the “Constitution” is the ultimate law of the law and imposes specific limits upon the Executive Branch of our Government.  Additionally, his spiritual beliefs stemming from his Mormon upbringing place the ultimate power with God Almighty and not with a mere mortal.
  • Not Ego.  Mitt Romney has never placed himself among the Aristocracy or the political elite in our  Country.  He has answered the call to service when necessary for his Church and for his Country.  He is criticized for having achieved success and wealth, not through inheritance but through possessing a brilliant intellect and a good old-fashioned hard work ethic.

Those people that know Mitt Romney personally and have dealt with him on a personal level describe him as down to earth and not possessing an egotistical bone in his body.

That brings me to consider “What  is it that makes Mitt run?”  The answer came to me in the form of an inspirational plaque that adorned my office for many years.  The plaque defined “winners and losers.”  I believe Mitt Romney to be a “winner” that possesses the qualities that exemplify a true leader.

Consider the following when assessing Mitt Romney:

  • The winner is always part of he answer; the loser is always part of the problem.
  • The winner always has a program and plan; the loser always has an excuse.
  • The winner says “Let me do it for you;” the loser says “That’s not my job.”
  • The winner sees an answer for every problem; the loser sees a problem for every answer.
  • The winner says “It may be difficult but it is possible; the loser says “It may be possible but it is too difficult.”
  • When a winner makes a mistake, he says “I was wrong.”; When a loser makes a mistake , he says, “It wasn’t my fault.”
  • A winner makes commitments and keeps them; a loser makes promises
  • Winners have dreams; losers have schemes
  • Winners say “I must do something;” losers say “something must be done.”
  • Winners are a part of the team; losers are apart from the team
  • Winners see possibilities; losers see problems
  • Winners believe in win-win; losers believe for them to win someone must lose.
  • Winners choose what they say; losers say what they choose.
  • Winners make it happen; losers let it happen.

And probably the most important characteristic when arguing which candidate is either the most conservative or the most electable to consider is:

  • Winners stand firm on values but compromise on petty things; losers stand firm on petty things but compromise on values.

Mitt Romney possesses a genuine love for this Country and an abiding respect for the values and principles upon which it was founded.  He certainly has no materialistic or egocentric need to become President of the United States of America.  One may wonder why anyone would endure the scrutiny and abuse they and their families are put through in pursuit of the Office.

I believe by any measure Mitt Romney to be a “winner” whose DNA has been engraved with an abiding love for God and Country.  He is a man who sees a nation in decline due to false ideology and therefore must instinctively rise to confront and solve the problems that menace our Republic.

He is not by nature a “political animal” that goes along to get along.  As President I believe he will bring a breath of fresh air to the White House and begin to resolve the hateful ideological divide that exists in Washington, D.C. for the good of the nation.

“Winners and losers” is a metric we should use when assessing every candidate seeking to represent us and our individual views in our Representative Republic.”  He is not cool, possesses no “rock star” qualities, sings about as good as the rest of us, and obviously is not the best speech maker in the world, but he is as good as it gets for a candidate to become my President.