The Tea Party Has This One Wrong!

by Jayne D. Frank

When we joined the Tea Party and the 912 Group in March of 2009, we did so because we knew the Marxist/socialist agenda of Barack Obama would lead to moral decline and become an economic disaster for this Country.  We fought hard for fiscal conservatives to win in the House and we helped accomplish this goal.  This Presidential Campaign has changed the Tea Party focus from the real issues of this Country to the “red meat” proclamations of  Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul.

There is a group of Paulbots in the Tea Party that feel that adhering strictly to the Constitution, despite Ron Paul’s very naive foreign policy, is where America has to go.  There is yet another group, reinforced by a Cain endorsement, that absolutely loves Newt Gingrich’s snarky comments about Barack Obama and the other Republican candidates, especially Mitt Romney.  This is where I believe the Tea Party has it all wrong this time around.

Those of us who are old enough to remember Newt Gingrich’s rise through the ranks of the Republican party, also remember his divisiveness and testiness concerning anyone in the Party or in Congress that did not agree with his “lofty” positions.  He did many good things as a Speaker of the House, but we are in a different time because of how Barack Obama has divided this country into “classes” and has pitted one group against the other, all to the detriment of our People and our Country.  We can no longer can afford someone who only gets attention for the nasty things he says, some of which are outright lies, such as “Mitt Romney is a anti-life candidate,”  or some of his eccentric goals to grow Government such a moon colonies.  Also many forget the dozens of times that Newt Gingrich has flipped on conservative views of global warming, illegal immigration and energy independence.  His stripes won’t change with an election to President.

To the bigger point, this is a time in our Country, where if we are not to go down the same path as Greece, we must elect someone who can govern, who did not spend his whole life in Government, and who can debate Barack Obama on the issues with facts and not wisecracks. As a man, we should also realize Mitt Romney is very stable and focused, does not go around patting himself on the back, and is not easy to anger and nasty remarks.  As well, his faith rules his life and the way he treats other people.  He has been a success in life, both financially and as a family man, generous to a fault with his success to benefit his community.  And most of all he loves his Country.

Are we in it to win it fellow Republicans, or are you more interested in a war of words in our Presidential Debates.

2 Responses

  1. There is a true conservative alternative to Romney, Gingrich, and Paul. He is a decent person and is on the right side of most things while paying attention to our national security.

    What’s wrong with Santorum?

    • I, probably like you, am extremely pro-life and religious. However, knowing that if we get the right person in office who is a faith-based person with no big government experience and has the experience to encourage job creation in this country, that the rest will come. My deep concern for Santorum is that is has always been as arrogant as either Obama or Gingrich and if you listen carefully he always talks about what “I” did, not what he is going to do for the country. Last of all, it is virtually impossible for him to win against Obama.

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